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September 14, July 30, 2016, I entered into a contract with M&M Home Remodeling Services, located at *** *** *** **., Crete, IL The contract was to provide me with a new roof including a tear off Prior to me calling this company I had water coming into my house damaging my ceilings in several rooms including the kitchen The water damaged my cabinets and countertops The salesperson from M&M came to my home and went up top for an inspection prior to quoting me a price I was pleased that he took pictures to show me the damage and explain why I needed a tear-off and completely new roof My hesitation was because that roof was only years old Unfortunately, the company that installed it is no longer in business and I could not locate them So I searched for a company this time that had some longevity and great rating That’s how I came up with M&M Home Remodeling Services I ran into two problems with the company Because I signed the contract on a Saturday and I had a three day window to change my mind, I posted dated by check for half of the cost for August 3, That was also the day my funds would be available and I told the salesman thatThe company deposited the check immediately anyway and it was returned to them They immediately contacted me in an effort to collect the funds in addition to a NSF fee When I explained the situation, I was told that the fee would waivedr but I had to at that point get a cashier check for them to move forward with the project Once that issue was resolved the project began on Friday, August 5, Problem resolved and I was beginning to feel secure and renewed faith in the companySecond problem….When the salesman David *** came down from my roof with pictures He showed me the damaged areas I was told that from what he could see I need two sections of roofing wooden board replaced He included that into my price However, he did let me know if any addition wood was needed to be replaced I would be informed on the day of installation and I would be billed upon completion and with my final billingIn the event I am not home on the day of installation, they would replace the wood as well I ran a brief errand the morning of the installation during most of the tear off but I returned home and remained there the duration of the day I spoke with the project supervisor, Pedro ***, a couple of times during the course of that day He informed me of a broken vent on my roof It was him who told me that the vent was a source of water coming into my homeHe also informed me that M&M Home Remodeling do not repair vents and I would need a plumber for that jobNow the salesman never mentioned that fact Now I am wondering if all I needed was to repair the vent pipe During the installation process and once they were finished, I was never informed of any additions needed like extra wood M&M Home Remodeling completed the job in one day as they said and the supervisor came back for me to sign off on the job within a few days Being told of no other problems I trusted and respected what I was being told, so I signed off on the satisfied completion agreementMeanwhile, on August 8, **’S Plumbing came to my home to address the broken vent pipe I was told he would have to have access to the attic When he went into my attic he casually told me he saw two places where the wooden boards were replaced and he saw a metal sheet that the previous roofer put there That metal sheet was to have been replaced according to my M&M salesman The plumber was pretty much confirming most of what I had signed off on in my roofing contract, which was prepared by my salesmanThe plumber did not see evidence of any additional new boarding on my roofNow the problem with M&M Home Remodeling Services is when I got my invoice on or about, August 17, I was asked to pay an additional $for 1XWood replacement @ $per foot The invoice said boards were used I am a female senior citizen I have to have faith that the companies I am doing business with are honest and not taking advantage of me I certainly will not be climbing on a roof or into an attic to check out what was or was not done Whereas, the $may not be a lot in comparison to the total cost of the job ($6,117), but for a senior on a limited income, every dollar countsI just do not feel that there was full disclosure on behalf of M&M Remodeling There were too many miscommunications between agents within the company and the consumerBut the consumer should never be left in the dark as to what services are being provided and the cost associated with those repairsI feel there was no merit to the additional charge of $ I called the salesman, David *** who promised to get me some answers I have not heard from the company or him I paid the extra $noting on my check and the returned invoice that I dispute the charge And yet it is nearly a month later and I have been ignoredRespectfully but Feeling Completely Violated

I want people to know that if you have any thing done by M&M ROOFING, god forbid you miss a payment. They will take you to court and sue you for attorneys fees, court costs and intrest. They are unwilling to work with anyone.

They are professional, reliable and do what they say!

M&M Home Remodeling Services has completed the work as contracted with Mrs. [redacted]. This week our sales manager made sure to get together by phone to discuss the invoice issue and new invoices are prepared. There were just a few minor details that kept the invoices from matching the customers...

expectations. One example would be at time of payment the customer presented a $100 M&M gift card. It clearly states that this must be presented at time of sale and can't be used with any other discounts. Our sales rep gave a discount at the time of sale and this card was not presented at that time. M&M would not normally talk the card because the discount given was worth more. However in this case, we have accepted it as an additional discount. The disputed amount at this time is for approximately $1,600.00 that Mrs. [redacted] claims is owed for cleaning of her deck. The claim is that we damaged the deck. Mrs. [redacted] wants this amount reflected on her invoice and she wants to be able to pay her bill less this amount. M&M is not willing to do that. During installation this was not brought to management attention. We had a project manager on site at all times, two superintendents visited this home, of which one stood on the deck with Mrs. [redacted] and there was never any mention of damage. Had M&M been made aware of the damages, our team would have documented it in writing and with pictures. We then would have determined if we had any part in the damages and if so we would have taken the proper measures to get the situation fixed. Mrs. [redacted] had a company come out and do the work and then notified us of the damages. 
I do apologize if Mrs. [redacted] feels her experience with us was not what she had expected, but we have completed the work as we contracted to do and now payment for that work is due and the balance is outstanding. This outstanding balance is what has prompted the certified mailings. Our sales manager has tried to be in touch with Mrs. [redacted] throughout this process. We would like this claim to be closed out and full payment to be made at this time. 
Vice-President of Operations

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/04/15) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
M&M was contracted to do the work on the property, but it was the associations responsibility to provide the new lights to be installed....

The association did not have their order in early enough so the lights were on backorder. To reach a temporary solution M&M has installed temporary lighting per the homeowners request.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/04/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
M&M was repeatedly instructed to reinstall the old lighting if the new lighting was unavailable. Further, construction at [redacted] at the corner of [redacted] and [redacted] Road began after construction on [redacted] was nesrly complete and it had all of the lighting installed. The buildings across the street had at least new fixtures on the garage nearest the entrance installed. You also neglected to respond to a homeowner request to have their patio light reinstalled for 3 weeks. I got fed up and decided to reinstall it myself only to find your crew had broken the fixture and bulb. It took the threat of litigation to get you to install the requested lighting.
Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 16, 2015/05/01) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Glad it was taken care of after months of being instructed again and again that this is a safety issue for our community.
Final Business Response /* (4000, 14, 2015/05/01) */
Every building in the complex has at least one working light per the management companies instructions. Many of the buildings have issues with the breaker box which is being addressed by the associations own electrician.

We hired M&M to put new insullation in my attic.
The man who did the estimate / proposal was professional and helpful in answering all our questions.
The actual installation of the insulation material started at 8 a.m. and finished before noon--just as promised. They were careful & quiet when doing their work. They covered the rugs / floors to keep them soil-free and did a good job cleaning up after themselves.
We used M&M many years ago to do our roofing. I would hire them again!

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The response provided by M&M is an attempt to simplify the original complaint submitted on 10/13/16 to a billing dispute.  The original complaint was not about a billing dispute as described in the response.  A billing dispute over charges and credits does not warrant a complaint to the  On 10/13/16 we filed a complaint due to M&M's unlawful act of attempting to intentionally coerce and frighten our family into paying an incorrect balance by threatening a lien on our home.  It is terrifying for a family to be the victim of such threats by a company.  Prior to filing the complaint on 10/13/16 all of our attempts to receive an updated and corrected invoice were ignored. There was no communication from M&M other than threats over an incorrect bill.  It was only after filing the complaint with the Bureau that we received attention to this matter and corrected invoices were generated. 
It took 7 months for M&M to complete the work outlined in the contract signed in March of 2016.  Throughout this 7 month project there were many problems and complications.  The work was finished the first few days of September.  After the work was completed, we received a bill for services and a request for payment.  The total amount owed was incorrect for several reasons.  In September we provided what we believed to be final payment for all work and documentation to support our understanding.  The checks we submitted were cashed and the dates they cleared the bank are proof that we presented them with our documentation in September.  We did not hear from M&M in regards to our request.  On October 4th we did receive a letter in the mail asking for a payment of #3,462.00.  We still believed this was incorrect.  We contacted M&M on 10/4 and requested an updated invoice so we could understand the charges.  We did not hear from M&M or receive an updated invoice until 10/13. On 10/13 we received a letter threatening a lien on our home via certified mail.  
On 10/17/16, after filing this complaint with the Bureau we finally received contact from M&M.  They agreed that there were mistakes in the billing and corrected the invoice to reflect a credit of $1862.00.  It was our right to receive an updated bill and it is a reflection of M&M's business that we had to file a complaint to get one.  To state that M&M's management has been in continual contact with our family is false.  Management from M&M spoke to or communicated with us once in June due to their inability to begin the project and once again on 10/17/16.  Two times over the course of 8 months does not reflect continual communication.
In regards to the current billing dispute with M&M;
- The 100 gift card was presented in March when the contract was signed.  The sales representative teased us by saying, "Are you really worried about $100 when the total amount for this project is so big?  If you are, I can bring you 10 more of these if you want."  The sales representative did not take the card with him.  2 days after signing the contract, on April 2, 2016 we have a documented email to the sales representative where we stated that the gift card was not taken. 
-The damage done to our property after this 7 month process is visible.  The crew knows where it plugged in the machine and where they dripped paint on their way to the water faucet.  This damage was not visible until all of the furniture and equipment was back in place. In the letter that was submitted in September, this damage was clearly noted and referred to.  Due to the challenges of dealing with M&M over this 7 month process, we knew that we needed to document all concerns and communication in writing.  Therefore, when standing on the deck with the project manager, we did not verbally discuss the damage.  The damage is visible and we will continue to pursue our right to compensation. 
M&M continues to threaten our family.  We are victims of their incompetent business practices.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/11/14) */
Contact Name and Title: [redacted]
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: [redacted]
We called Mr. [redacted] to discuss the problem and asked if it would be ok to stop out at the house for further inspection. Upon inspection it...

was determined that Mr. [redacted] has a cathedral area of his home that is not getting proper intake ventilation. M&M has agreed to remove some of the necessary roofing in an effort to install baffles and intake venting along the eave of the home. This was not part of the original contract but we have agreed to do this at no charge. Mr. [redacted] was agreeable to this solution.

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