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Henderson Villa Custom Homes

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I will keep our response to *** *** rebuttal brief
We are an *** *** Certified Installer I have attached the paperwork from *** *** We were formerly known as *** ***, and we are now Provident PlumbingBoth names are listed on our accounts
2. *** *** still has a balance due with our company
3. *** *** hired Provident Plumbing to install a boiler We did The boiler did not work once installed We called *** *** technical support The boiler tested that is was installed properly. *** *** identified that there was an electrical problem We advised *** *** that he needed to hire an electrician We had completed the job we came to do We installed the boiler Per *** ***, an electrician was required in order for the unit to function
At that point, *** *** had hot water The two older boilers were working and the new one was not working due to an electrical issue. *** *** decided to start moving wires in the electrical panel After he moves the wires, none of the boilers would work Provident Plumbing turned off the water to all the boilers and advised him that he needed an electrician This is how we left the job All of the problems that occurred from that point forward were caused by *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.
*** ***
His answer is far from realityI paid all amount as per contract I have proof of paymentAttachment is not a certificate for Authorized installer or technician it is a just welcome letter for his application to *** ***Was the Technician that worked on my project , trained by *** Thank you***

Mr. [redacted] is correct on several items in the beginning of his complaint.  He did call and request we assist him with his boiler.  He is also correct in stating we are an [redacted] certified installer.  He is also correct in stating that that we ordered the...

boiler and supplies on his behalf.  Installations of this nature usually take 8-12 hours.  This is why most businesses chose to complete them during non-peak hours, which we did. 
Mr. [redacted] is incorrect in stating that our technician’s lack of knowledge of electrical circuitry that lead to the problem.  Our technician installed the boiler per manufacturer specifications.  When the boiler did not function as it should, he called [redacted] technical support.  [redacted] informed our technician that there was an electrical issue not related to the boiler or the installation.  [redacted] instructed us to notify the business owner that he needed to have an electrician out to look at his electrical system. [redacted] has a record of this call.  We informed Mr. [redacted] what [redacted] had informed us.  Mr. [redacted] stated he did not want an electrician to the hotel due to his electrical wiring not being up to code.  Please note: At this point, Mr. [redacted]’s other two boilers where functioning and his hotel had hot water.  Mr. [redacted] then started to take electrical panels off of boxes to remove and reconnect wiring himself.  Our technician tried to examine the boiler that we had just installed and discovered that Mr. [redacted] had overloaded the circuit and shorted the recirculating pump on the new boiler.  Because Mr. [redacted] had no working boiler at this point, we left his building with the water to the boilers turned off.  We instructed him he needed to have an electrician come to his property before the water could be turned back on.  Mr. [redacted] refused to pay the balance due on his bill, even though[redacted] confirmed that we installed the boiler properly, and that an electrician was needed.  Again, we left the property with the water off.  Mr. [redacted] turned the water back on himself.
On Friday, Mr. [redacted] called asking us to come back to help him.  We agreed, only if he would pay the balance of his bill and have an electrician out to the property.  When we arrived, an electrician wired the heaters correctly and they were all running properly.  Also, please note that it was raining on Friday, and the roof was leaking onto the boilers.  When we were preparing to leave on Friday, we noticed one of his temperature and pressure relief valves on one of his other, older boilers was bad.  He agreed to pay us to fix it.  However, it was after 5 pm, and we were unable to obtain the part at this time.
On Saturday, Mr. [redacted] called us to to ask what time we would be out to service the old boiler by replacing the temperature and pressure relief valve.  We told him we would call around to our suppliers to try to locate the part, as the supply houses had just opened.  During this time, Mr. [redacted] called back and stated he found another plumbing company to replace the part.
In his letter, Mr. [redacted] mentions that he believes our technician installed the wrong temperature and pressure relief valve.  His complaint is not clear and difficult to follow, but if he is referring to the temperature and pressure relief valve on the new boiler unit, we installed the one that came with the commercial unit from [redacted]. 
Finally, there was mention of our license.  We ordered parts on Mr. [redacted]'s behalf.  The boiler and supplies to install the boiler totaled $5497.75.  I have receipts for the materials/equipment.  The total cost of the job (labor + materials) was $9304.10.  This leaves us well below our allowed amount at $3806.35 in labor.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. 
Business Reply is far from reality . let me me explain step by step
          After examining the existing boiler, plumbing connection, and electric connection and the power supply Provident plumbing quoted $9304.10 for replacing existing first boiler and installing the new boiler with the same model including all the labor needed for wiring the electric connections and other required necessary parts. I paid $5000.0 by check as advance payment and  they agree to collect remaining $ 4304.10 after satisfactory completion of work. Provident Plumbing ordered the new boiler and on the next day of boiler arrival at the hotel, provident plumbing's technician Mr. [redacted] and one his colleague came to install boiler at 8.30 am and he said we will discontinue other running boiler maximum 2 hour and both boiler will up and running before 5 pm.
        They took out the old boiler and put new boiler in it's place, did necessary pipe connection and install a 50 PSI pressure relief valve instead of recommended 125 PST pressure relief valve recommended by boiler manufacturer[redacted], this PSI was also stated on the boiler. The new 50 psi pressure relief valve outlet was not connected with the sewer pipe. They kept the pressure relief valve outlet open not connected to the sewer pipe so it would drain inside the building. he wired boiler connection and tried to start but it did not start . At 8.30 pm he informed that there is no ground wire so I have to established new ground wire from main panel. Before he took out old boiler all connection is there from last 15 year. At this time the old running boiler which was wired together with the new installed boiler did not turn on. My hotel was out of hot water and [redacted] and colleague said we can not do any thing if you don't provide new ground wire from main panel. At this time I came from my house to the hotel and I showed him ground wire is in junction box which is situated just behind boiler on wall. I doubted his skill and I realized that he cheated me by saying that he is approved technician from manufacturer at the time of contract. He said I can not run ground wire from box to boiler and will not connect that ground wire to boiler and you have to call electrician and provide new ground wire line. he said we will come back in the morning. I request him to provide one copper wire so I can connect it. He gave me copper wire and I connected that with ground wire in junction box then he connected other end to the boiler. Still the boiler did not start. He examined all of the connection again at that time I was present at the hotel. I noticed that he had connected one of wire pair to boiler whose other end was outside of the junction box and not connected to anything. Which means it was non use pair without electric current and not connected to any devices. He also realized this and He disconnected that pair so I pulled it out of the junction box and conduit so again he did not make the same mistake. He rewired boiler connection on both boiler by following diagram on boiler label. At this time he was not aware that if he wants to connect two boiler he has to follow a different circuit diagram and he did not have the correct diagram, and it is not in Manuel provided with boiler. Boiler was still not working.
     He disconnected other boiler and rewired new boiler as a single boiler. Boiler fired up but pump did not start . He said pump is bad and not working so he took out pump from the other boiler and put it on new boiler. During replacing the pump he broke gasket of pump and he didn’t have any gasket in his truck. He tried to make a replacement gasket but that gasket did not work. Boiler is firing and pump is running but water was leaking from the joint. At 2.00 am I had gone to the store to get gasket material or alternate gasket and told them to wait for 20 minute, I will be back with gasket or gasket material so we can at-least start one boiler so the guest in the hotel will have hot water. When I came back they had left leaving a message to the front desk that he will be back soon. When No one come back until 7.30 am the next morning. I realized that they will not come back to finish the job. I refunded $1830.00 to guest because of outage of hot water.
   After 7.30am I traveled to [redacted] and bought a new gasket .No one from provident plumbing came back till noon time, in the mean time I called several time and they said if you pay remaining$ 4304.10 in advance now then they will come back and finish, other wise no one will come to complete the job. Now I strongly doubted his intention and skill. So I said if you don't come I will call other plumbing company because I have to keep running my hotel. I called other company and they all informed me that they will not come due to another companies unfinished job. Now I was in big problem and tension so I replaced gasket by my self and powered on the boiler. Boiler fired, pump was running and hot water started in the rooms at 2.00 pm . Boiler was running but making a whistle noise because of lower capacity flexible gas pipe connection installed by Provident Plumbing. I felt relaxed and I ordered new pump with over night delivery so that pump could be used on the second boiler.
after 2 hours at 4.00pm Pressure valve which was newly installed by[redacted](50 PSI capacity) Popped up. Since He did not connect the Pressure relief valve outlet to sewer pipe all of the water start flowing inside the boiler room which is on second floor and water started dropping in the room below the boiler room. The room on the first floor below the boiler room has telephone panel, internet and Wi-Fi panel, Fire alarm panel and sprinkler system control panel. at 4 pm the  Fire alarm started , fire brigade came and fire marshal shut down all power to hotel because of lot off water flowing on floor he wanted to avoid the risk of shock to others. I had to vacant my hotel because of power shut off and lack of hot water. My hotel remain shut down for 2 days. I lost $9000.00 in revenue I called the telephone technician, Fire panel technician,Sprinkler technician, and the Electric technician . The other technicians all did their job and replaced the damaged panels and parts and systems were working. Still Non of boiler were working correctly.
  I called provident plumbing to come and fix this problem because it was his mistake. he said until I don't pay remaining amount in advance by credit card he will not come. I had to literally beg him, pray him to come and gave my personal credit card as guaranty and he agreed to come. Before he came he charged my credit card $4304.10 . He came and replaced the Pressure relief valve and connected it to the sewer pipe. I requested him to replace other old relief valve at additional cost but he did not find part for old valve so he did not replace it. I asked MR [redacted] that did you find out why the pressure relief valve popped up and he said it will not happen again. He install second new pump on the second boiler. This time I downloaded electric circuit diagram for two boiler connection from the [redacted] web site and gave it to him since he did not have this with him. I told him I wast a technical person so before he follows this diagram he should consult with manufacturer or ask for two boiler two pump connection electric circuit diagram. Provident plumbing called the electrician and their electrician wired both boilers. Both boilers were up and running by 1.00 pm and started heating water . At 10.00 Pm at night again the pressure relief valve which was installed for the second time popped up. This pressure relief valve was also 50 PSI capacity Instead of 125 PSI capacity recommended by manufacturer ( I have that damaged 50 PSI capacity valve with me.) I shut down my hotel again I refunded $1650.00 To guest and lost $2200 in revenue.
   I informed provident plumbing about this accident and they said we can not do any thing in the night because we don't have proper parts. In the mean time I called [redacted] supply and paid them over time to open the store in the middle of the night at [redacted] location. I traveled to [redacted] at night and got the 150 PSI capacity pressure relief valve. At 8.00 am I called provident plumbing they informed me there supplier will open at 9.00 am and once they get the part from the supplier they will come back. I informed the technician that I already have the pressure relief valve so please come and just replace it . At 9.15 am I received a call saying there supplier didn’t have the part and they will not come. so I called [redacted] to replace the pressure release valve , He replaced the valve and I paid $800.00 to them.
   Because of the faulty electric connection still boiler was not controlling temperature and not shutting down until the water reached 160 Fahrenheit. We operated this newly installed boiler manually by constantly looking water temperature and manually shutting it down at 126 Fahrenheit and starting it at 110 Fahrenheit for 3 days and night. In the Mean time I called[redacted] about this problem he recommend [redacted] accurate company to solve the problem. I hired them and they came to the hotel. The technician from[redacted] found the electric wiring was wrong and he corrected the mistake. He also found that the Flow control switch was positioned at the wrong place in the piping . Due to weekend, the technician brought new flow switch on Monday and installed it. This was supposed to be done by provident plumbing. At this point on Monday Still the boiler was not controlling water temperature. I called [redacted] again and now they informed me that you have wrong piping and he can not help if I don't change entire piping in the boiler room. Existing piping has been untouched for the last 15 years. The old boiler was running perfectly on the existing piping before installing the new boiler. I explained to[redacted] this also but they weren’t interested in helping. Reader can understand how manufacturer,and installer black mail customer by making syndicate.
I called[redacted] technician based in [redacted], NC .Their technician came and figured out the problem . He fixed all of the problem. He also re piped the gas connection which was not installed correctly by provident plumbing. Now boiler is running smoothly at controlled temperature without a whistle blowing when it is running.
Due to cheating nature of the company, Non skill Technician, and bad intention of black mailing customer by creating a bigger problem for there customers .I lost additional $22000.00 due to fixing and repairing the faults of provident plumbing on there unfinished job, refunding to customers and loss of revenue.
So please remove this company from your list and help me to recover this amount from a fraudulent company who do not finish their job correctly. Please guide me on the appropriate licensing authorities I can inform and complain about their job skill and intentions.

We installed  a 1/2 horse power garbage disposal for this customer on 1/28/14. The work was completed under their home warranty with [redacted] Warranty. In the customers contract with [redacted] Warranty the...

warranty period for repairs or replacement is 30 calender days.  The warranty  on this service expired on 2/28/14. We informed the customer that his warranty through [redacted] Warranty had expired. The disposer has a two year warranty through the manufacturer. We informed the customer that he would need to contact them in order to have his garbage disposal serviced. We purchase our disposer from multiple vendors. We could not identify which vendor his disposer was purchased from. We did provide him with 3 vendors that we purchased items from during that time. We again informed him that he needed to call the manufacturer as the vendor would not be able to help him considering how much time had past since the garbage disposal had been installed. We did return the customers phone call as we promised to inform him that he needed to call the manufacturer. At that time their was no further assistance that we could provide for this customer.  The customers complaint should be with [redacted] Warranty seeing as they are the company that he had a contract with. Provident Plumbing is a plumbing contractor for [redacted] Warranty. We serviced this customer with in the standards and requirements of their contract with [redacted] Warranty.

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