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Herb Chambers Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge of Millbury

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False advertising and misleading consumersI completed and inquiry form online regarding a vehicle listed under the dealer's inventory.I was contacted by the dealership, [redacted] who said the vehicle was available and when we could come in to take a test drive and review the vehicle. My husband stopped at the dealership later that same day, 8/8 . He took the vehicle for a test drive and put a $3,000 deposit on the purchase of this vehicle. He was told the vehicle would be put through servicing and if anything needed to be fixed on the vehicle, it would be fixed and it was included in the purchase price. We received a phone call from the dealership that following Monday, 8/11. I returned their call and spoke with [redacted] again. She informed me that they looked at the truck and it was "falling apart" and that it was no longer for sale. We are now left without a vehicle and my husband was subjected to a potentially dangerous situation since he was allowed to take this vehicle for a test drive. Why would a dealership offer a vehicle for sale if it is not? We believe they may have sold this vehicle to another consumer without our knowledge as [redacted] stated it was "not worth it" to sell to us. We are truly dissatisified with the service and lack of service we received.Desired SettlementAcknowledgement of faulty advertising and that they subject interested consumers into situations that could be potentially dangerous. They should be required to inspect all vehicles before offering them for sale. Business Response the only reason we did not deliver the truck, was the service department informed me that the vehicle will not meet our standards for delivery. We do not want to sell a vehicle to our customers that do not meet our standards. That vehicle went to auction for sale.

We have been trying to have a repair done since [redacted]. They never return our calls, and in general have not lived up to their responsibility to fix it.My husband and I bought a 2012 [redacted] (convertible) in [redacted] of 2013 from [redacted] 2 [redacted] XXXXX. The car was new and had a standard 50,000 mile warranty. We drive this car only in the summer and take it off the road and store it inside through the winter. This spring it had a little over 48,000 miles and was still under warranty. At the end of the driving season the previous year, when we stored the car, the seat release latch on the passenger [redacted] of the car had stopped working. We decided, rather than waiting to take the car off the road, to have the repair done in the spring. This is a two-door vehicle, so getting into the back seat is made very difficult when this seat release is not working, as the other seat release lever is on the side of the seat away from the door. Releasing it involves leaning into the car, grasping an awkward release and then having the seat release onto your head and upper body as you lean across it to access the lever. It is clearly a design flaw that [redacted] "fixed" by installing a seat release lever in the upper top right of the seat back. It is this lever on the upper right of the seat back that no longer operated.When we put the car back on the road in [redacted] of this year, we brought the car in for servicing and mentioned the problem with the seat release. We were told they could not fix it that day, but would order the part and call us. After two weeks went by without a call, we called them. They said they were not sure what was going on or why we had not been called, but they would order the part and call us. That was in the beginning of [redacted] We have called seven times since without getting any help with this issue. No one in the service department seems to know what is going on, what part we need, why we haven't gotten a call, or any other professional reply to our repeated tries to get this problem fixed. Of course, after driving all summer, we are well over warranty - which we were assured at the time we tried to have it fixed would not make any difference, as we had reported the problem before the warranty expired. We were again assured that the warranty would apply when the repair was done, but since it appears that they are not willing to do anything or take any steps to make it possible for the repair to be done, their reassurances mean little.Yesterday I called and spoke to yet another person, who put me on hold and then came back and said the part was ordered, it would be in today and to book an appointment for this afternoon. I booked for three, but before leaving for my appointment, I called to make sure the part was in before making the two hour drive to the dealership and was told, no the part was not in, it would not be in for several weeks, and that they would "call me." Well, since this is what I have been hearing for more than four months now, I told them I was contacting the and reporting them. This has gone on since we bought the car. Some kind of shield on the car broke the first month we had the car, they said they would order one, they never did. I tried to order some touch-up paint, as the "protection" they sold me for [redacted] dollars when I bought the car somehow was not supposed to protect the paint - although that was what I was told when we purchased said "protective coating," but they never ordered the paint. Every time they tell me they are going to do something, they never do it. This issue with the seat latch is pretty much the last straw, as getting into the back seat, where I frequently carry my grandchildren, is almost impossible from the passenger side. I wondered if I had any recourse. I don't want to hire a lawyer and sue them, but that is how I am feeling. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can get them to comply with their promises of getting in a part and fixing a problem? At the very least, I would love to have it noted that they do not carry through on their service.Desired SettlementI just want the seat fixed. Obviously, we are going to have to take the car off the road soon - we usually do this by [redacted] so I doubt they will do it before this. I want assurance that they will honor our warranty in the spring and fix the car in [redacted] when we put the car back on the road without making a million excuses and leading us on any more.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]I first learned of the seat issue on a referral from my follow-up dept. on [redacted] I did some research and found there was an issue with the order originally. Unfortunately when the call center tried to help , they didn't have enough information and the wrong part got ordered. I intervened and spoke with [redacted] on that day to get more detail. I ordered the correct part and had it air freight sent. We installed it on [redacted] while she waited and resolved the issue. our invoice [redacted] if she has any other issues she can contact me directly at attached email address. My apologies for any delays in getting it resolved sooner.

Complaint1) Found the 2011 [redacted] online and took time off of work to go check it out. Set an appt through email (have proof) and then tried to switch for an earlier time. Responsed the [redacted] was actually at a different location. Since I was near the dealership regardless I checked the place out and found the [redacted] I had saw online right at the location. Called the dealership to set up a test drive 2) Took the [redacted] for a test drive while my cat at the time was being looked at. Had a [redacted] that was previously offered [redacted] at a dealership the previous week. Was interested in the [redacted] since it was standard and said I would like to purchase the [redacted] Noticed the driver side turn signal had water inside and the brakes were squelling. Was told this would be fixed. Also requested a spare key, heated seats and sunroof. All in which was added DESPITE the fact I had to put more money down [redacted] because they only offered [redacted] for my car even though I was trying to add more to the price to assist with the dealership. 3)Day I got my car the heated seat on the driver side was installed incorrectly as the switch was not fully installed in the seat. The turn signal still hardly worked and the brakes were still squelling. They took the [redacted] back in the dealership and gave me a rental car in the process.4) A week went by and got my [redacted] back. The brakes, heated seat and turn signal worked at the time. After a week or a little after the turn signal would not work from time to time and a month later the brakes started to squel again. Due to kids, wife and my schedule I wasn't able to set an appy until [redacted] In which they offered to do a free oil change in the process. 5) On [redacted] I left work early to get to the dealership at 11am. I was there for 3 1/2 hours. My turn signal still didn't work, noticed my back wind sheild wiper seemed to not wipe the hole back window and the brakes were still squelling. The next day the OIL CHANGE light came on. This has been HORRIBLE SERVICEDesired SettlementRefund or replacment. I have emails that prove the times I have contacted the dealership and proof they have NOT done anything to resolve this matter. I would either like my [redacted] down payment refunded in which will NOT change the monthly payment or recieve a replacemnt with LOWER value. This has been a nightmare of service and I have done everything to work with this dealership. To make me WAIT 3 1/2 hours and do nothing!!!! My [redacted] is currently at the dealership now to fix the problems. [redacted]Business Response Sorry for any delay in response. My name Is [redacted] and [redacted] at Herb Chambers of [redacted] Mr. [redacted] referred this to me to review and respond.Overview: Mr. [redacted] finalized his deal on the 2011 patriot on [redacted] with XXXXX miles. There seems to be no complaint regarding his deal agreementMr. [redacted] indicated that this occurred during his inquiry about the vehicle. On [redacted] my service department received the vehicle for some "Punch List Items" as follows:See attached invoice #XXXXX3 new tiresReplaced front brake pads and resurfaced the rotorsReplaced the front park/turn signal lamp that had moisture in it.Replaced the outer driver seat panel that got cracked during installation of the heated seats.Please note that these items are listed by Mr. [redacted] as "NOTHING" was done.Also noted that a rental was provided for 8 days and the bill was [redacted] cost to Mr.[redacted])My service department did not see this vehicle until [redacted] with XXXXX miles.SEE attached invoice XXXXXWe changed the oil for free as promised.Provided a second key as promised.Checked his brakes and found only minor rust ridge common for the mileage and cleaned it up at n/c.We did not experience any malfunction with his turn signals (he admits it was an intermittent issue).Although Mr. [redacted] takes issue with the time spent working on his vehicle while he waited(3 .5 hrs.)It is a reasonable time frame to complete the work requested (including a courtesy car wash)I might add that he call all of this "NOTHING"Mr. [redacted] returned the vehicle on [redacted] and was provided a loaner vehicle while we further investigated his intermittent turn signal issue. See attached invoice [redacted] (current miles XXXXX)(Continued on page 2)Page 2We were able to reproduce the intermittent problem and replaced a connector for the turn signals.We reset his oil reminder lightInspected for any loose heat shields and found nothing out of order.WE inspected his brakes and the front pads were like new at 7mm thick and the rears about 50% at 4mm thick. The vehicle had some minor squeaking from the rear brakes and it is a common occurrence in damp /overnight flash rust in the first few miles of operation. , we performed a courtesy scuffing of the drum surfaces, noting that under some conditions, some squeaking is considered normal for the design.We completed his vehicle on [redacted] and I personally called Mr. [redacted] on The 18th & 19th and left messages that I wished to go over the vehicle with him and road test together so that we can be assured that all his concerns were addressed. He never returned my calls and kept our loaner vehicle until [redacted] returning it after the service dept. was closed. (Copy of the loaner agreement attached)Upon reading his complaint to you and going over the attached invoices, It is clear that we addressed his every issue and beyond. As well as providing alternate transportation in the process.We would like to point out that even though the used vehicle warranty was 3 months or 3,000 miles,We continued to work out his issues for 5 months and over 8,000 miles!I'm sure that after reviewing the attached documents that you will agree that we have met EVERY legal and moral commitment and responsibility in this matter. In fact you can literally use the attached invoices as a checklist that addresses his every concern. He got a great car, guaranteed!Respectfully[redacted]Herb Chambers of [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)They were calling my wifes phone number not mine!!!! I indicated at the beginning of the time I purchased the vehicle of my busy schedule. I then was informed all would be FIXED when I first baught the vehicle only to have it to be repaired on more AFTER it was originally supposed to be FIXED!!! You have the nerve to say We would like to point out that even though the used vehicle warranty was 3 months or 3,000 miles, "We continued to work out his issues for 5 months and over 8,000 miles!" You NEVER fixed my problems originally and would half [redacted] every thing else there after. My brakes still squeel like a SCREETCH louder then a scream. It's horrible! I respectfully asked why I was only getting [redacted] for my trade in when a few days before I was offered more. I decided to just go with it because I was probably not going to find another standard and need a new car. After being half [redacted] by thhis dealership, reading the horrible reviews of this Dealership and now reviewing the actual response from this dealership I DEMAND somwething is done let this dealership know the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. You had me wait over 4 hours when I brought my [redacted] in only after FINALLY getting a schedule figured out. Remind you this was ALL supposed to be fixed before hand and I had to FORCE to at least get a free oil change. And to me that is a slap on the wrist compared to [redacted] service you were offering. Again my brakes STILL squeel like a a loud annoying scream other drivers look at me in the mirror. IT'S HORRIBLE!! Oh yeah [redacted] you did a wonderful job. You called my wife not me SEVERAL times despite the fact I told you[redacted] SEVERAL TIMES my actual number was another number. You attched paperwork but didn;t mention the fact the several emails I had to send to complain that my [redacted] STILL NEEDED TO BE WORKED ON. YOu have the nerve to say you allowed me the rental for 8 days despite the fact you were DEMANDING to reschedule the repiars because you guys ran out of cars to rent to other customers!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a joke [redacted] and your company sold me a [redacted] that needed further repair. I even added mroe parts to make the [redacted] worth more and you hald [redacted] even adding the heated seat and sunroof! deserves to hear my side of this and I truly hope something is done about this!!!!!!! Thank you for adding further anger on my end and truly showing the patheic service you guys even did. Lets recap.... You sucked at lowering my costs, you half [redacted] every repair, gave a free oil change in which you failed to even do correctly, you STILL failed correcting the brakes and have the wonderful excuse of saying "well it happens in some models, like even my repair man says it happens in his truck???" Provided a second key after I had to repeat over and over and over, lets not include the fact I needed a manual as well to that and had to fix my driver side signal SEVERAL times because you had to magically take over 4 hours the same day you changed my oil and I had to STILL bring the [redacted] back again (which I had emails to prove I had to send back). Please let me know what else I missed because you seem to do a wonderful job making your customer feel happy he went Herb Chambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you [redacted] here's my phone number again! XXX XXX XXXX Final Business Response We went above and beyond in service for Mr.[redacted].If he is not happy with his vehicle,we would be happy to help trade him into another vehicle.Any questions please call.Thanks,[redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)We went above and beyond? You don't even have my correct phone number on your PDF files you showed Herb Chambers didn't even install my heated seats correctly and yet STILL charged me the extra amount. Now all I get is a "Hey buddy will trade your car in". I ask to look up Herb Chambers and see the review from other customers. They gave me HORRIBLE service and as a custromer I have every right to indicate my opinion. I asked over and over for help and they half [redacted] every thing. You never called my number, tried saying I came after the miles were over and just had excuse after excuse to the squeeling of my brakes. Gross disregard of duty.

Overall experience not in interest of customer, clearly they only care about getting money. Reached out to ** and have not heard anything back still. Went to [redacted] to buy a car. [redacted] was great. Finance threw me into a loan without my approval for interest... etc. Didn't try to get a better rate. Went to get a tire pressure sensor replaced, was quoted $175/180 MAX as part didn't cost much, it was labor. Got the service done, went to pay and was charged $220 as my car had "died in the process" so they needed to charge me for the labor to jump my car... which of course cost $50.00. Ridiculous, it takes not even 2 seconds. The [redacted] pulled the bill and there was no breakdown so he straight up basically said I was lying because they didn't write "jump car" on the bill, which why they would is beyond me since they shouldn't charge to jump a car, nonetheless charge $50.00. Had another tire pressure sensor do the exact same thing, went to NTB and was told it would be about $85.00. I went, they performed the same EXACT service and charged me $86.00. I called to cancel my appointment with [redacted] and the [redacted] was rude, she told me I didn't know what I was talking about that they didn't do the same service, which they did. She said that the [redacted] would contact me. I waited a month and never heard anything. I called him, he was literally one of the rudest human beings I have ever met. Wouldn't tell me his name, didn't ask me my name. Told me that there is two sides to every story so he wouldn't accept my word without a thorough investigation of the bill and talking to the employees, and he didn't have time for pity nonsense so he wouldn't look into it. Didn't apologize for the rudeness, was laughing the entire time, quick and snappy comments... made the conversation extremely uncomfortable. I'm younger so clearly they took advantage of my age, and the fact I'm a girl who doesn't know much about cars. At the end of the conversation I asked his name and he said [redacted]. I said really? and he said Yup.... needless to say his name was [redacted]. I don't appreciate the way that they handled the situation, or the way I was treated. It's disgraceful. I emailed the [redacted], [redacted] on April 25th. I told him if I had not heard back within ample time I would file a complaint, I haven't heard back so here it is. Desired SettlementI would like to have my money fully refunded back. I demand my name be removed from everything you have. I will never associate with [redacted] again, [redacted]. Business Response We have sent a check mailed 5/14/2014 #XXXXX for the amount of $38.14 which represents the difference quoted cost of repair and amount charged.Name file in dealer computer file is being flagged to "opt out" of communications.submitted by [redacted] / [redacted] of MillburyConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)As mentioned to the [redacted], I request the rest of the refund. I was disrespected as a customer, a person and a woman. Final Business Response The refund sent to the customer represents the overage the customer stated was beyond the quoted and agreed upon repair costs. The customer wants additional monies for perceived unacceptable treatment. This establishment wishes to be paid for parts and labor services provided as agreed upon.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I understand they would like to be paid for parts and labor, and I wouldn't mind if I was given an apology, or was treated with respect. Neither was given. With that being said, I would like to be refunded for the entire service of $230.00. This is absolutely unacceptable. You overcharged me to begin with, which was clearly figured out since you sent me a check for almost the amount overcharged, yet still short $11. I was treated unfairly, this should have never been an issue as you are supposed to be a professional company. I was NEVER offered my used parts back, which I should have been. If I'm not refunded my money, I will take this to the attorney general. Again, I have the conversations recorded and will be taking further action if I do not receive the rest of my money.

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Description: Auto Dealers-New Cars, Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 2 Latti Farm Rd, Rt 20, Millbury, Massachusetts, United States, 01527-2131


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