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Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough, Inc.

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Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough, Inc. Reviews (6)

My salesman, Paul [redacted] was a great person. I have followed Paul were ever he has been a salesman. He when from [redacted] and now at Herb Chambers Ford at Westboro,mass. I have know him for over 30 years of business. I would do business with him anytime. There was done salesmen that would have like my business but I say with Paul all the wa.

I was charged $500 to hold a vehicle less then 24 hours after numerous assurances this was just routine. I was assured no charges would be appliedOn or about 1/17/2014 I test drove a 2014 Ford Fusion through [redacted] of Westboro. When I left I informed the dealer I had several other vehicles to test drive. I was asked to place a credit card to hold the vehicle but no charges would be applied by sales rep Ed Connors. I left my credit card info and less then 24 hours later I called the dealer to have the vehicle taken off hold. I was told that the managers don't like doing this and they would be happy to hold it a few more days. When I strongly stated I didn't want my Credit card held up any longer or want charges applied I was again assured that no charges would apply and this was routine. When I informed the dealer 1 week later I was buying a vehicle through another dealer they charged me $500.00 and now refuse to return my calls to surrender my credit card info or provide a written receipt. Desired SettlementI would like my credit card reimbursed the $500.00 for no services rendered. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@HERBCHAMBERS.COMTHE REFUND WAS GIVEN TO HIM WITHIN 30 MINUTES OF HIS CALL

My salesman, Paul [redacted] was a great person. I have followed Paul were ever he has been a salesman. He when from [redacted] and now at Herb Chambers Ford at Westboro,mass. I have know him for over 30 years of business. I would do business with him anytime. There was done salesmen that would have like my business but I say with Paul all the wa.

False advertisement and sale of Vehicles ready for deliveryHerb Chambers Ford sold me a vehicle claiming that it was ready for delivery. After agreeing on the purchase price based on their SmartPrice advertisement claiming that there's no room for negotiation, the salesman comes back with the use car manager to tell me that the car is actually not available delivery. They claim that within 7-10 days they will receive the title from the RMV. The risk seems low so I gave the [redacted] deposit requested by them. In the meantime, I made arrangements to purchase the boat that will be towed with this truck. On [redacted] they come back with me stating that they cannot sale the truck as there's too much work required by their techs in order for them to sell the truck. They wanted to refund me the deposit.The bottom line is now I have no more truck to tow the boat that I made an offer on as the car dealer backed off from the offer.They may have sold the truck to somebody else, employee, etc ... but I don't have visibility to that.Desired SettlementThey should fine me a similar car at the same cost + refund cost encountered to tow the boatBusiness Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] gmContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]We must safety check every vehicle before sale when we put this through the service department we noticed the vehicle had been altered which meant it was not safe to sell the vehicle will be sold at a dealers only auction. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)By publically advertising the vehicle as ready for delivery along with using pressure sales tactics claiming that the vehicle was priced wright using Herb Chambers "SMART Pricing" practice, then the vehicle should have been through all the required inspection checks (including safety...). Apparently it was not the case. The bottom line is that both the salesman and the sales manager were lying about the delivery status of the vehicle claiming that the delay was due to the title not being available from the RMV which the vehicle hadn't been inspected yet but still using pressure sales tactics to not wanting to negotiate the sales price. Other instances of lying and using wrong sales tactics can be found on [redacted]. Thus SMART Pricing from Herb Chambers is a scam and they've used false advertisement on this vehicle.

Salesman ( [redacted] ) did not follow up with me or my husband on what he promised, when I purchased my vehicle.On [redacted] I purchased a 2014 [redacted] convertible ( rental ) from Herb Chambers Ford of Westborough. The salesman [redacted] said that it was a great car and I would save money by buying a rental because it has already been titled. When my husband saw the car he asked if it was ever in an accident, because the front end had some markes all along the bottom. Also the front end shield piece on the underneath driver side was hanging a liitle. [redacted] told us that it was just wear and tear and said he would order some touch up paint right away, and when that comes in he would then have one of the mechanics tighten the bolts on the sheild. needless to say I would text him for over a month on when the touch up paint would be in and he would always have an excuse, either he was on vaction or he was out of the office and he would call when he got back. Yet I never did recieve any phone calls. When I had gone to work [redacted] there was a bad rain storm, I was in [redacted] on my way to work, when I had no choice but to go through a puddle. Thank god I was 1 min away from my office because the whole shield was wedged under my car. The next day I called HERB CHAMBERS left a message for the generally manager [redacted], never got a response. I was leaving [redacted] on vacation with my family, so I just parked my car for that week. when I returned I made another phone call to [redacted], at this point I got a call back from him on sat the [redacted] I went through everything with him and he told me, " bring it in lets het it fixed " when my husband brought it down on that following Monday [redacted] put it on the lift and said sorry this is your problem now theres too much damage. He then said after me complaining, take it to another body shop and if they say that this damage could happen because they did not fix what they should of in a timely matter they would fix it. My husband then took it to three different body shops and they all said absolutely [redacted] is at fault. Because the shield was gone something could have come up and hit the a/c condencer. I then took those documents to [redacted] and he then said that wasn't good enough. He then told me to take it to his place at [redacted] collision center in [redacted] I took there that weds. The man that I spoke with and that looked at my car [redacted] also said the same thing they should fix it. I went to see [redacted] and he was mad that I didn't see the right person, he had a different guy he wanted me to see. so the next thing was to leave my car there so an insurance adjuster can take pictures and look at it. Again I do what he asks and leave my car there overnight so it's there first thing in the morning. I tried calling him all day and I never heard anything back, I finally went there around 6;00 that night and asked for my car, [redacted] was not there and they had to call different people to find were it was. I did finally get my car after waiting about an hour. The excuse was [redacted] had got called out for a meeting, which is fine but that still is no excuse for me not getting a phone call from him or someone about my car. I finally got in touch with [redacted] After a week of me calling him on what the next step was on getting my car fixed, he proceeds to tell me that its my problem not there's after I did everything they asked and also I had to hunt them down for answers.Desired SettlementAll I would like is for them to fix my car or take the car back and I will take my business elsewhere.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]The customer explained to me that she had been on Rt.9 during the flooding when she hit the water the vehicle was damaged we looked at the vehicle for her and explained that her insurance company needs to be involved in repairing the collision damage.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all, I did not hit anything. I went through a puddle, if they would of fixed the shield in the first place there would of been no other damage to my car, by me going through that puddle. I was advised by my salesman that my car was fine to drive with it being the way it was when I picked it up. They are trying to pass it off on me, and I do not think that is fair.Final Business Response The vehicle has been in an accident maybe somebody backed into her when the vehicle was parked this is an insurance issue the vehicle has sustained severe impact!

My less than one year old Edge now squeaks daily. The squeaks have increased in frequency to almost every time I start the car after my last visit.I bought a brand new Ford Edge 2013. My car squeaks daily. This began after a routine oil change and tire rotation. It squeaks daily and the noise has increased in frequency to almost every time I start the car and put it in drive/reverse since my visit last week to the service department. I have been told that the daily squeak was "normal" and that if I was a more aggressive driver I would probably not have this problem. I have brought my car back a number of times to try to get the squeaking to stop, but so far nothing has worked. The old [redacted] was willing to do whatever it took to get rid of the squeak. The new [redacted] is unwilling to help and has told me that I am stuck with this problem. This squeak is both loud and long enough to be noticeable, annoying, and embarrassing. They believe that it is the brakes and rotors, however even if I change the brakes and rotors (meaning I pay for new out of my own pocket) there is only a 50% chance the squeak would go away. I am still trying to solve this problem with minimal (if any) help from the people at [redacted] Ford. I have asked for phone numbers, extensions, and was told that I will be contacted by a Ford representative by 10/5/13 and have not. Desired SettlementI would like my car to stop squeaking.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@HERBCHAMBERS.COMTHE FORD MOTOR SERVICE DIRECTOR HAS ASSURED ME THE REPAIRS WERE DONE UNDER HER SUPERVISION TO THE CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION!

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Description: Auto Dealers-New Cars, Auto Services, Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 310 Turnpike Rd, Rt. 9, Westborough, Massachusetts, United States, 01581-2812


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