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Hero Gear Studios

PO Box 26, Creola, Alabama, United States, 36525-0026

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I ordered from this online site at the end of February and never received an item. They keep telling me I'll get a refund, but it's been three months.
Around 02/25/20, I ordered shoes from this online site. After some PayPal technical difficulties, I was told I'd get my product within a two-week period. This turned into a month, and then lockdown due to Covid happened, so I asked for a refund. The person I spoke to agreed, but I have been fighting with them to send me my money back since a little after mid-March. I message them at least once every other day and have since I didn't receive my money. They have all of my info: my address, my email, my PayPal, and my CashApp. I tried requesting the money and starting a dispute on PayPal, but those emails cannot be located anymore.

Desired Outcome

I told this person that I'd like a partial refund if the item had been shipped like they claimed, but I was never provided with tracking. I would like a full refund.

2 orders were never received (because they were probably never sent) and a refund was NEVER issued because they're scammers!!!
I made 2 orders on 4/1/2020 for myself and a family member. Never got a shipping email, so I emailed and messaged them on their instagram page. Finally got a response through Instagram and was told to communicate through that platform. For about 2-3 weeks they kept giving me different shipping ETAs, but could never provide me with an actual USPS tracking number. Kept telling me USPS tracking was down. It got to the point where I finally told them I didn't want the orders anymore, so I was told they would intercept the package and send me a refund. Waited a week, no refund. Messaged them multiple times, kept getting the run around "oh you'll have it in this many days". When you purchase, they make you use CashApp or PayPal, I used PayPal and they won't credit it. Kept going back and forth with the sellers. They told me to make a CashApp and they would send it there. Finally they sent a $5 "test payment". I received that and they told me I would have the rest ($117) later that day. STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANYTHING!! Then they became a lot quieter when I would message them, only replying when I threatened to file a complaint. They're total scammers and it's disgusting that they would do this to people already hurting due to the pandemic. All we wanted were some masks to protect us. And they're stealing from EVERYONE! Their website and Instagram where they advertise to their 40K followers need to be shut down and they need to be arrested!

Desired Outcome

I want my refund of $117!!!!

Item ordered never shipped. Almost impossible to get a hold of. Have been communicating for 3 days about refund to no avail
I ordered the cyber oni mask that is listed on their website I was directed to pay with paypal which I did. I waited two weeks for shipping info and never received any. I emailed the person listed as a contact for an update and got no response almost a full week later I was finally able to get a hold of a person who could direct me to the person that would be responsible for my refund. It has been 3 days of communication and I still have not received the refund for the item

Desired Outcome

I would like a full refund for the product I never recieved

I ordered a mask on or about 27 Apr. Shipped on the 29th of April. It is now 24th of may and still no mask. No tracking number given either.
I ordered a mask on for about the 27th of April. It shipped on the 29th of April and shown it would be at my destination on the 13th of May. I have tried to contact the company numerous times with little success. Just a few times. And each time I asked for a tracking number, they would always tell me, one minute. But they never got back to me. This has been going on all month. My last 2 texts from them, included; "If no delivery by Friday, we will refund you and do a pay on arrival for your case". I'm overseas, and our mail doesn't do that. And the last text was, "I'm forwarding tracking over. We just received sheets in a few moments ago. I'm also going to fully credit you back today."
That was the last text I received from them.No tracking number ever given. I have all the texts. They sent a photo of something that was sent usps, but it did not contain a tracking number. I have never been given a tracking number and they seem to tap dance around the request. I was also promised another mask since I have been dealing with this issue. That texts is saved as well. 2 masks for 1 price.
As a side note, they have various masks on their site; with people posting comments. But when you look to see what people say, the comments are blocked or filtered. I wonder why. I also saw another customer inquiring about his purchase. And my comments were filtered. I wonder why? All I asked was, I'm waiting for my order as well". This leads me to question the validity of this company.

Desired Outcome

I'd like to know where my product is so they can finish the job - if services that were agreed upon were not completed. Where is my tracking number? I'd like to have my masks if possible.

I asked for a refund and never received it. ive only been getting a run around about the refund and no action has been done
I placed an order with this company and never got any information about my order I asked for a refund but never revived one. i've talked to multiple people on there online website and its a different person each time. I just want my money back but they arent willing to nor has a refund been issued

Desired Outcome

a refund of $50

I ordered a few items from them. They took a tad longer than expected but I did receive them and extra for the wait time. They were very apologetic and I would order from them again.

Product was paid for and expected to be delivered in 7-10 days. No product has come. No refund has been issued. Barely any communication. Angry
I placed an order on their site on December 20th, Order #***. Expected to ship in 7-10 days. Paid $87.30 using Amazon Pay. After two weeks I reached out via email inquiring where the package is. No response. They do not list a phone number or address on their website. Only a gmail account. I reached out again a week later. They said the package is en route and an eta of a few days was given. After the package had not been delivered then, I reached out on January 29th, 2020 stating that I'm asking for a refund and at the least a response, or I would take "legal action." They responded immediately to that email - stating that a partial refund would be initiated and that the package would arrive on January 31st. It did not arrive, nor a refund been issued. I reached out to them on February 1st stating that I had neither received the package or the refund and that I would go to my credit card issuer to take back my payment and file a compliant. A week later they've stated that they refunded the order (on Feb 5th) for the full amount and that they have sent the package with an eta of February 7th. Neither the funds nor the package have been received. A week later I've reached out to them - today February 11th. They haven't refunded me, haven't delivered my package, have been avoiding communication with me, only respond if I sound threatening or would issue a complaint about their business, and have been constantly lying to me about funds issued and packages sent. I'm sick of it honestly and they need to be shut down. The whole business is a scam.

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund and the product that was purchased. Through the email chain attached - they've agreed to provide me with both. However it's been weeks and I've yet to see action on their end. They've been lying to me and stringing me along - all for a Christmas gift I wanted to get for my brother. It's ridiculous.

I ordered items from his website order *** I paid for my items and I never received my items and never got my refund back for $110.00 .I places the order December 12
Product_Or_Service: Mandlorian helmet

Desired Outcome

Refund I would like my money refunded back to me

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Address: PO Box 26, Creola, Alabama, United States, 36525-0026


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