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Hertrich Nissan/Jeep Eagle

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Review: I purchased a Nissan Sentra 2013 in April. As part of the warranty, a service called the "Guardian" was suppose to be applied onto the vehicle in order to ensure protection from damage such as scratches. It was an additional product/service that could be added onto the vehicle upon applying for the warranty, therefore, not making it a requirement to be purchased. I was told upon purchase to schedule a later date to get this additional service done. I scheduled a date with the sales rep [who is a nice guy] to get the Guardian placed on my car on a Wednesday at 6:00p.m perhaps a week or so after I purchased the vehicle. Having a hectic schedule this was one of the only available times in which I could get the guardian applied to my vehicle. When I showed at the time that the sales rep and I had designated I was told that the servicing department was closed and that they could not place it on the vehicle. What made me upset is that I left work when I could have done overtime, drove 40 miles out of my way to get service done on my car, and wasted time because of poor servicing. Since then, there have been no attempts to reach out to me in order to reschedule an appointment or to honor the service of applying the Guardian to my car. Several months later I received a scratch/dent on my car which I feel could have been avoided, or at least minimized if the Guardian was applied to my car. I recently refinanced the car with another dealer, and in doing so, received a considerable smaller amount than what I should have received because of the damage to the car. When I decided to call Hertrich in order to see if they would compensate me for a refund for a service that I never received even though I paid extra and showed up to a scheduled appointment; I was denied. Not only was I denied, but the man named Randy who worked in the finance department was very rude. He would continuously cut me off mid sentence every time I spoke saying that the Guardian was part of the warranty and that it had already been applied, and it had to be reapplied. After continuously cutting me off each sentence he hung up the phone on me without even saying he would terminate the call. This is just a symbol of extremely poor customer service and a failure to follow up with a promise.Desired Settlement: I would hope to receive a refund for the additional money that I paid for a service that I didn't receive. If that cannot be honored for any particular reason, I would like to receive an apology from this man who's attitude and service was terrible.

Review: I purchased at 2012 Hyundai Sonata on Monday evening, January 20 - MLK jr day. the purchase price was $13,907. A road test of the vehicle with the sales person reflected a sound in the rear of the car. On return to the dealer, The sales person [redacted] took the car to the service area "he said" and was told that I needed to have the tire changed, that I would need to come back to have that addressed.

I informed the salesman and the finance officer that I intended to pay off the vehicle in full in April 2014 and was not interested in extended warranties, or gap insurance. I advised them that I travel approximately 30,000 miles per year and would outdrive any warranty they have. They continued with the computer display of products for sale - which I declined. while processing the paperwork the Finance person [redacted] then said "oh, I found some coupons that will decrease your monthly payment to $292. I stated that I did not want to pay more at the end of this loan as I would have it paid off in full in April 2014. I went to work Tuesday as I am a registered nurse and we prepared for the coming snowstorm - I did not return to the dealer until Wednesday 1-22-14 at 230pm. When I arrived, the trade in car was transferred off the lot with my garage door opener still inside, the sales said he was sorry the car was gone before he could check for my personal belongings. I went to question the error in my loan documentation and Mr. [redacted] was not available, I was advised to call him back. I tried on several occasions with no return call.

There is roughly $3,400 in additional charges on my loan $900 for Gap Insurance (I won't need it) and a service contract at $2500.00 ( I won't need it). My $13,907 used car now costs 18,044 the price of a brand new car. This is a very deceptive practice and should be reversed as soon as possible.

Thank you.Desired Settlement: I wish the loan to be reworked minus the 900.00 in Gap insurance and $2,500 service contract or a refund of $3400 plus interest @5.9% over 72 months.

Review: I purchased a 2010 Nissan Rogue in 2012 at Hertrich Nissan with services contact refund agreement which I don't know what it's by then but they told me it's part of the agreement of buying a vehicle which it was my first the agreement it says 60 days after the service expires which was March 10 2015. So I called them and said am going through some family issues so can I send the letter now they yes that was Jun 21 2015, till June 26 I called they said you have to come and sing the letter so I went to sing the letter then the lady said you have to mail it ,so I did after a week they send me a letter saying am not qualify for my refund. I call them they said they can't do anything for me. I call the manager to talk him about my refund he if am getting other vehicle he can put towards that vehicle if not he can't do anything about that for me. I think that is not right it's my money and they have to give back. The contract says the above name Dealer agrees to refund up to 400.00 of VSC purchase price to the original purchase name above onlyDesired Settlement: Please please I need my refund



Thank you for you r recent inquiring regarding our customer, Ms. [redacted] dated July 15, 2015.Our customer purchased a 2010 Nissan Rogue with an Extended Service Contract April 11, 2012. This contract is administered by Commonwealth and states that the customer must request a refund within 60 days of the expiration date which was March 10, 2015. Ms. [redacted] contacted us prior to the expiration date and was given instructions on how to request her refund. Unfortunately, Ms. [redacted] did not request the refund from Commonwealth until June 5, 2015.Upon contacting us in reference to being declined for her refund, we offered Ms. [redacted] a $1900 cred it towards the purchase of another vehicle as we are unable to change the processes/guidelines associated with the contract administered by Commonwealth . She declined this offer stating she was out of the country and was unable to send the letter.If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at [redacted]

Review: Bought used vehicle, failed inspection. When picked up to have fixed & reinspected returned car with broken console & refuse to repair. After returning to ask if they would fix the console they found that the wheel bearing needs to be replaced. And expect us to pay for the wheel bearing. Just two weeks after inspected car has started to have electronic issues. Have currently had the car for about a month and a half. Have spoken to GM ([redacted]) and have refused to help with any of our issues.Desired Settlement: I would like the console fixed, the front right wheel bearing fixed and whatever electrical issue we are now having problems with fixed as well. My husband and I bought this car to replace a car we were having to sink money into for repairs. We didn't think ithis would happen with this vehicle this soon after having purchased it.

Review: HERTRICH NISSAN SCAMMED AN US NAVY SERVICE MEMBER DURING MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND - Purchased a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for our son who is in the Navy Reserve and attending a US Service Academy (US Merchant Marine). It was a cash sale and we paid a premium price. During the test drive with the salesman ([redacted]) everything was perfect. The sale seemed to go just fine. On the way home the vehicle’s safety sensor light for the tires went on. The car came with a 30 day/1000 mile warranty from Hertrich so our first thought was to bring it back so they could fix it since the safety light turned on literally within 45 minutes of leaving the lot. When we brought it back to Hertrich Nissan less than 17 hours after we bought it, their response was that it was because the Jeep has a small lift kit, larger tires and rims. They told us we could pay to upgrade the sensor package to fix the issue. We then escalated to the dealership manager ([redacted]) who again told me it was our problem due to the aftermarket tires and rims. The issue is we bought it this way with the lift kit, tires and rims from Hertrich Nissan and when we test drove it for almost one hour on RT13 and side roads the tire alarm never went off. The manager ([redacted]) said he knew about the failed safety system because he was considering buying the Jeep himself, so I asked why the failed tire safety system was not disclosed anywhere on documents or verbally during the sale. He had no response. The end result was we were told it is our problem although they sold us a vehicle with a failed safety system. Not only did Hertrich know there was an issue and chose not to disclose it, they allowed us to make a service appointment and have our son drive 1 hour back to the dealership. When he arrived the service manager told him that they had made the salesman aware that there was an issue before we ever signed our paperwork. Our son who is serving our country in the US Navy must now drive back and forth from Delaware to Long Island, New York with a vehicle with a failed safety system and Hertrich Nissan doesn’t care. VETERANS BEWARE - NEVER BUY FROM HERTRICH – YOU CAN’T TRUST THEM.Desired Settlement: We would like Hertrich to fix the tire pressure sensors so they work properly as well as reimburse our son for the two round trips of gas and tolls in order to get this issue fixed since per the Hertrich Service Manager and the Sales Manager ([redacted]) this was a known issue they chose to not disclose. Last we would like Hertrich to change their sales practices and stop scamming our country's service members like they attempted in this complaint.



This letter serves as a response to the complaint filed with your company. This matter was successfully resolved and our customer satisfied. The tire sensors were replaced as well as the tire speed sensors at no charge to the customer. Thank you.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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Address: 1378 S. DuPont Highway, Dover, Delaware, United States, 19901


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