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High Class Motorsports

1124 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, Florida, United States, 32904-4056

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High Class did a repair on my car that required the entire rear to be disassembled but failed to do it correct.They left my car in an unsafe condition
This shop does NOT do quality work & they don't care.

My experience started over 4months ago with a simple issue of trying to find the right HIDs for my car. They scheduled me on days they weren't open & then it took them a long time to finally get them in working condition.

So I was on my way to high class to have HIDs installed at the time and I find out that my sway bar had broken. When I got there I made the owner (Angel) aware and he told me he could get me a good price on the part ($140 paid with cash) & would give me a good deal on the labor ($60) and even have it done the very next day. So I took them on the offer. That was the WORST MISTAKE EVER!

On December 19th, 2018 they gave me the same price for labor. I sat in the waiting room for 4 & 1/2 Hours! I come out to ask how much longer and the owner tells me "it's much more difficult than anticipated". By then the mechanics had already taken apart my entire rear assembly and now he wants to charge me more then double what he quoted me. I tell him he should have told me PRIOR to doing the work and his excuse was "I tried to reach you but couldn't get a hold of you". I WAS IN THEIR WAITING ROOM LESS THEN 10FT AWAY THE ENTIRE TIME WITH NO MISSED CALLS!! He gets upset at me because I refuse to pay double what I was already quoted. He rolls his eyes at me and then dismisses me with a nasty attitude. Eventually the car gets done, I pay $60 cash and I leave. Once I leave I start hearing a weird metal on metal sound. Come to find out when they did the repair somehow my exhaust was completely readjusted in an uncomfortable position that now resulted in my exhaust directly sitting on top of my hitch. So when I drove, the two parts would bang against each other. Mind you, the hitch had been on for an entire year and never once given me an issue but all of a sudden after leaving high class it was. I brought my car back to voice my concern and all they could do was say that "they didn't do it." They did very minimal to help except refer me to go to an exhaust shop to have it repaired. They made it clear that they didn't care.

In the meantime I was having several alignment issues and my tires were going bad but I couldn't figure out why. On February 7th Pep boys told me that this alignment issue was causing too much wear on my tires & also on my hub assemblies. So pep boys replaced my tires and I had to spend $560 on new tires & labor.

On February 8th 2019 I went to Dynamic Muffler to get the repair done that high class recommended and spent $128. The exhaust shop repaired the exhaust and I was left paying for High Class' mistake. But as I left the sound is still there and now I'm becoming beyond frustrated.

As a last attempt on February 12 2019 I took my car to a highly recommended mechanic. He asked me to stand by as he inspected the vehicle because he's heard of how terrible High Class is. THANK GOD this great mechanic found the problem. High Class had left BOTH Camber Arms COMPLETELY loose & shaking, the sway bar link was so loose on the driver side that he was able to unscrew the bolt with just his pinky, AND the subframe bolt was completely loose! He & I were both at total disbelief that such a "reputable shop" could have done such a Half as job! My car could have given up at anytime if this mechanic had not found the problem.

The mechanic confirmed that driving around with the loose camber had put a strain on all my suspension and wheel hubs needed to be replaced. Those parts costed me $300 and labor was $275!

In the end the reason all these issues came to be was due to lack of workmanship that High Class provided. By them leaving all these parts loose my car was at a VERY DANGEROUS state that could have costed my life!

That same day I sent a message to the owners wife (also an owner - Liz) explaining this inappropriate & unacceptable work and she read the message but chose not to respond.

I have reciepts for everything and video proof.

Desired Outcome

I should be reimbursed for all the repairs that I had to make due to high class mistakes.

High Class Motorsports Response • Mar 27, 2019

First to begin with the HID issue that Mr. claims he waited for 4 months for. Mr. came in and asked if we had LED for his car and was told do to the fact that he had projectors the LED would not work and he needed HID. We did not have his lights in stock and was advised that they would have to be special ordered. He asked us if we knew how long before they came in and we could not give him a date, because they were not in stock. We advise him that we would call him when they arrived. Unfortunately we dont make the lights so it was not our fault that they took this long and Mr. himself said he really wanted them and was willing to wait. As per the repairs done to Mr. vehicle, as I recall the vehicle was brought in because it was making a noise, after inspecting the vehicle he was advised that he needed a swaybar. He was given an estimate for part and do to the fact that we took in consideration the time frame he waited for HID, we told him to just pay*** ticket exact amount that we were billed for (this had to be paid cash, because it was getting paid directly to them) in turn the mechanic thought it would be an easy fix, which yes turned out to be a 5 hour job, he was advised of why it was taking longer and he did not seem to be bothered by it. He was never told he had to pay more. Angel just just made a comment that the extent of the job should of cost more and not that the customer had to pay more. When the job was completed Mr. paid the mechanic directly the $60 and left. He did return not sure if it was the next day or couple days later and said he heard a noise, the vehicle was put on lift and inspected and the only thing that they saw loose was exaust end and this was taken care of at no charge. (if nothing was wrong with exaust why did he take it to muffler shop and pay?) Mr. left. and did return a couple times back to shop do to bulb issues but never ever mentioned anything to us about the vehicle having any problems mechanically. If he would of said anything to us I personally would make sure he was taken care of. As per him leaving me a *** message, I have not had that account activated since December, so if a message was sent, yes it was left ignored. I would rather deal with problems face to face and not via computers. Mr. knows that each time he came to do the store with any issues that I made it a priority to get him taken care of. Him saying that the other shop said he heard we are terrible is only an opinion. We stand by our jobs and always make sure that for any reason they do return that they still get same treatment. We value and respect our customers.

Customer Response • Mar 27, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
For starters let me correct the first statement they made. I did NOT come in for LEDs what so ever because I ALREADY knew that LEDs did not work with my car because I was told by several other impala owners which I was friends with. I specifically came in for HIDs because I had ALREADY called in ADVANCE for HIDs and was told that they DID have them in stock. It wasn't til I came in for my "appointment" that they suddenly realized the bulbs they had would not fit my car model. Then that is when they told me I would have to wait and yes I did wait patiently but I never received a call. I was not made aware that they were back in stock until I physically drove to the location again. But Either way that's not why this complaint was started that was merely an example of their poor customer service and communication skills.

Secondly, I did NOT ask for an inspection of my car because I ALREADY knew my sway bar was broken. I even showed Angel the photo of what it looked like broken beneath my car. With out even inspecting my vehicle he took my word and ordered the part for me which is correct I did pay cash for the part directly and yes I paid the mechanic $60 directly because it's what I was quoted and told to do. But YES I was told I would have to pay more for all the extra work and YES I was given an attitude when I told the owner that I would not pay more then quoted but I guess that is only he said she said for now.

Third, I did go to a muffler shop and pay because as I stated ALREADY the exhaust had been readjusted and damaged by their mechanic. But it wasn't until that issue was resolved that I had then found out that there were so many more issues they had caused which I did state in my initial complaint as well.

Another correction, my vehicle was ONLY put on a lift one time which was the first initial time that they "repaired" my vehicle.

What they did when I complained about the noise was bend over and try to push the exhaust back into the opposite direction to stop the noise. That DIDNT correct the problem so of course I was not charged I was only advised to visit the muffler shop. (If I'm wrong then I'm requesting them to pull their video footage of the day that they so called "lifted, inspected, & repaired" my vehicle. Note: It won't be found.)

Lastly, I NEVER once said anything about messaging a non active account. Anyone who went to the high class page could see right away that that page was not kept up with at all. But I specifically said that I messaged Liz G (Owners wife) on *** messenger because she has always been my point of contact and she & I always spoke via phone or via *** messenger (I do have photo Evidence to prove that) Although I sent her TWO messages AND a video of proof all she did was read the messages and ignore them. Not even an apology was given.

So NO, nobody cared even after the fact that I did bring it to their attention. I have photo evidence to submit that shows I messaged her and that she did see the message.

And yes the last statement from other customers IS IN FACT an opinion but it's odd if you ask me that so many people have the SAME opinion.

If you need anymore photo evidence from me feel free to ask I have it all saved.

High Class Motorsports Response • Apr 03, 2019

In response to Mr., I can see this is going to go back and forth with he said she said. The service he was requested was given, noone ever spoke rude or direspected noone, we are not in business to treat people unfair. We stand by our work and can assure you that his job was done accurately. I can also assure you that if he would of spoken to us about this situation, we would not be responding via computer back and forth. Like I said previously, Mr. came about 3 times after to take care of lighting issues and never ever did he mention this situation. I guarantee you that this matter would of been addressedat that point if indeed it was our fault. Also to request for us to submit video footage is not something easily retained, since we dont do in store monitoring and it is only available for up to 30 days.

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