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Holey Moley Tattoo

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Review: I put a deposit of $120 cash for a tattoo for my daugter at "Holey Moley she made an appoiment for February 8th 2013 but we had a falling out and she moved to Florida, before that she did go into shop to say she would be making an appointment soon. However she never returned. I went into shop to say she left to Florida and the I would appreciate a refund or a tattoo for mysef. I was told thay I lost the $120 because I did not go back right away. When I signed sheet of paper, it wasn't a contract or legal document, it only statded my name, want work we wanted done, and date of tattoo. It never said that if we didn't show up that day or didn't get it done right away I would lose my $120. I was told that [redacted] an employee told me that if we missed appoinment thay I would lose my $120, and my daughter was a wittnes. So now I spoke to owners husband and wife that I didn't want refund since they were adanent about giving me my money back, that I would a tattoo instead. I was told that they would do it, but I had to tip owner. So I wasn't getting myddeposit back, and if I wanted work done I had to tip.Desired Settlement: I would appreciate my entire deposit back because I don't believe since there was no mention or contract stating I would lose my $120. I don't have money for tip, and I would still be l loosing my $120. So i'm afraid they may ruin my tattoo oyt of spite. Both owners husband and wife refuse to reimbrust me, and agrued with me.



This letter is to inform you about a complaint that was done on 10/31/13, from Holey Moley tattoos, a customer by the name of [redacted] had left a deposit $120.00 on February 2013, for herself and daughter. There was a lot of confusion with this customer cause first daughter comes in says dep is for her tattoo .....mother is not coming ...then mother comes says deposit.... that daughter is not going to use dep she is.going to use it..([redacted]). Through this whole time they gave us the run around from one person to another person about the deposit..then mother comes in again says daughter is not getting tattoo that mother will use it for her tattoo and still no show no call.....then after many months passed she come in on

Oct,31 2013 @ 1:30 pm stating we never told her she can't get her deposit cause it's not in writing many many times we do tell our customers what the policy is....cause of her we now have our policy of our deposits in writing... So on Oct31 I told her she can come in on Nov,2 @ 2pm to get the tattoo done for the price of her dep. which is $120.00 she said it was fine in front of my store manager and the owner and myself she even stated she would be here by 1pm....once again no show no call... Till I got your letter today... And I'm still willing to giver her a tattoo... I'm giving her an appointment for Nov 19 @ 2pm to get her tatttoo...we gave her more then enough numerous times to gett her tattoo something we usually don't do...but since I don't want to see anyone upset I'm still giving a chance to get the tattooed and I don't appreciate her thinking I'm going to do my work bad cause of this situation she only lives few blocks away from the tattoo shop...she could come anytime to talk to us but she waits so long to come speak to us.... I'm a business person and I keep my. Clients happy been doing this for 13years and this is the first time I've had someone complaint about the deposit .... Any questions please feel free to call me [redacted] thank you.



I am rejecting this response because: I had gone to this establesment twice prior to making this complaint. The owners employee told me after first mentioning I wanted to find out about deposit, right from the very first try I was told before even talking to shop owner that I was not getting my deposit back. Then I went back and was told by this employee that I wasn't getting my deposit back but that I could speak the owner. When I spoke to the female owner she was rude, unprofessional, and hostile. I explained that, yes the tattoo wad a gift to my daughter. My daughter and I had a falling out and she left my home. When she was still in my home I told her several times to call or syop by and make some type of arrangement, because it was a $120 deposit. Unfortunatly she did not but it was still my $120. I explained to the owner and her husband who was equally as rude that there was bo legal document that stated I would lose my deposit it I didn't get a tattoo in any specific period time. I was finally told by the female owner that I could get a tattoo but I would have to tip her. I consulted with a childhood friend the situation who told me that the tattoo I wanted was not going to be worth $120 tattoo is 3 words (even in death), then she told me that tipping was NOT mandatory. So my childhood friend who has been a tattoo artist for 20 years [redacted]. I don't feel comfortable or reassured that Holey Moley and its owner will provide me with a tattoo now or ever. And I am most definitely not going to pay $120 for 3 small words and I will definitely not tip for any services that I have no obligation to do so. Oh and both owners told me that the artist that was going to do my tattoo lost money, when in fact my tattoo artist friend also told me that any tattoo place will give you 45 minutes then they will take the next customer. So I down want anything but my $120 deposit back period.


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Description: Tattoos

Address: 518 Central Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, United States, 07307


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