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Holmen Marine LTD.

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*** ***-
Response: Case # ***
First of
all let me clarify this is not a boat or motor that we sold to Mr***
relationship with Mr *** started with him stopping into Holmen Marine to
purchase parts for his Ranger boat and he would ask for maintenance and service
advise on his Ranger boatIn October of Mr*** explained to Holmen
Marine that he had a problem with his Yamaha motor surging between 1,000-2,
RPM, he explained he took the boat to another service center and had the engine
hooked to the scan tool and was informed there were no problems or faults found
on the motorA scan tool is a computerized test of the motor which tells if
there are any faults found in the motor
Marine told Mr*** they would try to find the problem, however it would
take some time and digging because of the fact the computer did not recognize
any faults or problems with the motor
dropped his boat off on 10/30/2014, the boat was pulled into the shop, scanned
and no faults were found, we then proceeded to call Yamaha Tech Line on
11/06/for professional help from the Yamaha service staff, after lengthy
discussions with Mr*** & Yamaha, we came to the agreement that the
fuel system should be servicedMr*** was then given an estimate of
$1,to review and approve, which he did
2/02/Mr *** dropped his boat off for the fuel system service, parts
where ordered and the fuel system was serviced as agreed by both partiesMr
***, Yamaha, and Holmen Marine were in agreement that the fuel system was
the most likely area of the run ability problemMr***’s repairs were done
by Holmen Marine in Febuary, there was no means for Holmen Marine to load test
the engine with an on water test to confirm repairs because of the time of
year, so Mr*** was credited $for the non-river test, because the
river was frozen on 2/11/the repair bill for Mr*** was $1,
5/27/Mr*** brought his boat to Holmen Marine because it would not
stay runningIt was found to have a broken oil psi sender, the scanner now
showed engine had two faults, one was the oil psi sensor and the second was the
air intake sensor. Oil pressure sensor
was broken in two pieces and replaced.
He also stated that the running condition between 1000-RPM, has not
improved but the problem is now intermittentHolmen Marine called Yamaha on
6/09/to confirm fuel system repairYamaha stated that they wanted to know
voltage values on throttle position sensor and cam sensor
When taking
the boat for the second trip to the river we found the starting battery to be
dead, we then switched the trolling motor battery the starting battery and
continued with the on water testThe scan tool found that the old battery to
be below eight volts which is not enough to allow the engine to run properly
With the new battery the scan tool read which is in operating range and
the serge disappeared for the remainder of the on water testMr*** was informed
of the results of the on water test and at that time informed us he had an on
going problem with starting batteries and he was currently on his fourth
starting battery even though he said he had battery maintainers on at all
seemed very upset when we informed him we felt his surging problem was due to a
faulty batteryA new battery was installed and Mr*** was called to pick
up his boatOn 6/16/Mr*** came and hooked his boat up and wanted to
leave without paying for his billHe felt he should not have to pay for any of
the repairs done on his motor and became very conversationalAfter a heated
conversation, the new battery was removed and Mr*** paid his bill in
protest and left Holmen Marine very disgruntled
Respectfully Yours,
*** ***
Holmen Marine LTD
N Holmen Dr
Holmen, Wi
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]I strongly do not accept the response first of all our relationship began well over years ago when we purchased a brand new 22' Misty Harbor Pontoon from Holmen MarineWeather or not we purchased the Ranger Boat in Question is irrelevantYes I conferred several times with the shop Technicians for advice to try and avoid labor cost for chasing this problematic gremlinSimply to avoid the very juncture that we are currently atTo be as mechanically inclined as myself who wouldn't try to avoid such unnecessary expense? On Octof we were charged $for the diagnoses that it needed a fuel pump not just my word from some other shop using a scan tool, and given the estimate of $1,by Holmen Marine and agreed to return in the off season after the boat show in Feb. I agreed to that estimate per their diagnoses and when the work was preformed it was paid in full on 2/11/Minus the river testing, while questioning about that We asked what about when the time comes to pull the boat out in the spring it this was not the problem and the issue is still present what then? The answer I was provide by Holmen Marine was "We will make it right with you then." Keep in mind that after the boat show in Febtheir business would be slower and therefore we patronized bringing them the business on that reason and the diagnoses of Holmen Marine back in Oct On 5/27/we took the boat out of storage for the first outing in the spring and now the motor would not stay running after the replacement of the fuel pumpWhen we returned the boat to Holmen Marine I was immediately informed by Holmen Marine that this would take some considerable time, As if the fuel pump repair not being the problem was now some inconvenience to the shopSo if the scanner at this time now showed it needed a Oil psi sensor how come it did not show that in Octwhen they had it to diagnose the fuel pump? The boat was put away for winter storage a the time of the diagnoses in Octand not used any further for the rest of the season and returned to storage after replacement of the fuel pumpNow in May of it mysteriously need an Oil Psi sensor according to the scanner which they state was used by them not some other shopWhat then on the voltage test values on the throttle position sensor and the variable Cam sensor as well? Also if a second trip to the river to river test was preformed and it revealed a dead Battery how could have been over looked before going to the river before testing, again what about Voltage Values? The battery on board having only volts would not even light up the electronic ignition Key Pad which Holmen Marine Replaced on 9/6/by Holmen Marine paid in full as well as the Water Pump which I have copies of the Work OrdersHow could the Voltage of the Battery have been over looked in May or Octof 2015? I never was informed of any Battery Problems nor any problem with the Oil PsisensorI stated that the Battery I have was under Warranty and that I would return it to the place of purchaseHolmen Marine never offered me the chance to replace it or the Oil Psisensorof which I would have been very capable of doing to have saved any hourly charge that has nothing to do with the low idle surge problem which is confirmed after replacing the Battery the problem still exists that was present before replacing the Fuel Pump.They just went ahead and did the Oil Psisensor and battery without any phone calls to me in days while in possession of the boat when it was returned on May 27, Until I received the first phone call on 6/16/to come and pick up the boat, any other phone contact was initiated by my self or my Wife in that days. Further more I never Refused to pay my Bill they refused to allow me to leave with the Boat until thenI believed I had an agreement with the service Mgr*** on my behalf to have a conversation with the Owner (*** Holly) because he was out of town at the time, when he returned to have a conversation about some kind of compensation on the Labor Charge for the wrongful diagnoses of the fuel Pump that evidently wasn't needed due to the fact the current problem still exists as when the boat was brought to Holmen Marine back in Octof and the current unauthorized Repairs I was Intimidated and was forcefully informed by the Owners Son Whom I did not know who he was at that time and when I asked him to Identify him self he refused on several times of asking him who he wasI identified myself when he asked who I was as he was on the phone I asked him to talk with the service Mgr*** about our agreement to settle the bill later, he would notThe Owners Son then Persuasively informed me that Per the Owner on the phone that the boat was not leaving without paying the billWhich at this time is now an additional $which I reluctantly agreed to at the time to cool down the situationLeaving me with no leverage or recourse but these steps to try and recover our costs At that time I removed the Battery they installed I never attempted to leave or act as if I was leaving I was attempting to Have the shop Mgr*** to talk with the Owner upon his return as to how to "Make it Right" as I was Assured of in the Winter in Feb. As I mentioned Earlier we have had a long standing relationship for many years, I thought we my wife and I were valued Customers at Holmen Marine having gone back well more that years ago with the purchase of the brand new 22' Misty Harbor Pontoon as well as the many repairs that have been done to the Ranger Boat at question weather or not it was purchased from Holmen Marine, They are supposed to be the Professional Yamaha Certified TechniciansI have receipts to show that work historyMy Wife and I have never nor do we have any outstanding debt or unpaid bills any where is the community or at any business' for that matterWe were hoping to come to an understanding and compromise before paying the final billThere was never a Refusal to pay the BillI fear that their lack of any talk of compromise has brought this to where they are unwilling to arbitrate any mannerIt seem to me that some how We have become nothing more than an inconvenience
*** ***

Second response from
Holmen Marine to complaint # [redacted]
I agree
with Mr[redacted] that we have had an ongoing and satisfactory relationship over
many yearsWe have been very happy to accommodate the [redacted]'s needs which
have allowed them to experience a very positive and happy boating experience
until nowIt seems Mr[redacted]'s main problems started after his purchase of
his Ranger boat
I want to verify that our technicians have been factory trained both
online and in the class room at Yamaha Technical University as well as both
[redacted] and Mercury Technical Schools
The four main things an outboard
motor requires to run are compression, spark, fuel and lubrication, Mr
[redacted]'s motor presently meets all these qualificationsIt starts, ideals, accelerates
and runs fine except for a low ideal surge between 1,and 2,RPM'sThe
next step in diagnosing the problem would be to hook the scanner (computer) to
the motor looking for any major faults (problems)No major faults were noted
by the computerNo electrical warnings, no shortage of oil, no over heating,
no alarms going off nothing telling us what would cause the surge in 1,to
Oh Oh, the gremlin as Mr[redacted]
calls it has arrived the search for the mysterious unidentified problem begins,
What to do next?
Called Yamaha's technical support line, and
asked for advice on how to remedy this problem they suggested starting with the
fuel system, could be a weak fuel pump or plug filtersDiscussed remedy with
Mr[redacted], he agreed we should start there, parts ordered and work completed,
motor ran fine in shopMr[redacted] paid as agreed and picked up his boat and
was told to let us know how this were in the spring when the boat was run on
the water
Boat was returned in May, he said
the boat was ran and the surge was still present but now it would not stay
runningThe motor was hooked to the scan tool, codes- oil pressure, oil PSI
sensor and air intake sensor. We
repaired the broken oil sensor, hooked back onto scanner and all codes were
goodTook boat to water, found the surge to still be present, called Yamaha
again, they said check voltage values on throttle sensor and the CAM sensor
Took boat back to water, found that the battery was deadSwitched batteries,
ran on water, no surgeThen called [redacted]s and told them that the battery was
bad, this is when the problems beganMr[redacted] informed us this was his
fourth bad battery, it would have been nice if Mr[redacted] would have informed
us he was having electrical problems at the begging of the hunt for the
mysterious gremlinWe could have then put more focus on the electrical
Mr[redacted] came to our shop, hooked
up his boat and removed it from our fenced in lot without permission, proceeded
to the service counter and wanted to leave without payingOur store policy is
no boat leaves the lot without full paymentHe said he wanted to try the boat
before he would payHe then became very angry and confrontational; with the
employees, there was swearing from Mr[redacted] and voicetrous yelling but he did
pay the bill in full as agreed
A few days later I spoke with Mrs
[redacted], I offered to get a factory tech from Yamaha to help chase down this
allusive gremlin at no labor charge to them, there has been no responseI
later spoke with Mrs[redacted] and suggested Mr[redacted], seeing he is so
mechanically inclined, could disconnect all the cables except the two motor
cables from the battery, take the boat to the water, and see if the surge goes
awayThis would eliminate any possible electrical problems caused by the boat
and not the motor; again we have not gotten a response
As far as the work performed by
Holmen Marine I can not understand how he feels we should not be compensated
for the work we have completed to dateAs Mr[redacted] has said it is very
difficult when chasing a problem gremlin when there are no obvious causes to
the problemIt becomes a matter of eliminating suspect causes one at a time
until you find the culpritMr.[redacted] must have thought his surging problem was
corrected when he was told that his motor didn't act up again after we used his
trolling motor battery on the waterI feel that is why he came to get his boat
before he was notified testing was completedOur intent was to install a new
battery, take the boat back to the water for a final test run to see if the
problem was corrected and notify him when we were sure the problem was
corrected, his removing the boat from our shop did not allow us to conclude the
testing of the problem
That being said we are still interested in
trying to solve the problem with his motor and I am again offering to bring in
a factory tech from Yamaha to help trouble shoot the problem at no labor cost
to the [redacted]'s

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