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We went there to look at a rental unit based on an ad that had Pet Friendly and Dogs Welcome plastered all over it. You walk into their office and they have big signs saying Pet Friendly everywhere! Great right! Oh, only if you purchase, if you rent you can't have pets. Oh, and if you rent you must sign an addendum that you will be responsible for all the upkeep, plumbing, heating, cooling, everything. So basically the "rental" ads are just a bait and switch to get you to come in an buy a mobile home. What a SCAM!

Review: I purchased a trailer from home source one one october 29 2013 before I purchased the house I requested a list of all of the damages that needed to be repaired to the house. I was informed that the only isues were the flooring and a couple windows needed replacing. I asked about the condition of the roof and the informed me the roof was fine and that there were no other major issues with the house. when I finaly got into the house and was able to look at it thuroly after the purchase I found that not only was the flooring destroyed but there were many other issues that they did not dis**ose I found 11 spots in the roof that leaked and will requier a new roof to be put on and because of it never being taken care of the walls are filled with mold. I brought that isue to thee parks attention and they told me it is not there isue since I already purchased it. I then requested the title for the house so that I could find out what could be done and it has now been 1 year and they have failed to produce a title. I got my tax form for the property and the sn# of the house that was on my purchasing contract dose not match the sn# of the house that they filed with the state therefor I am un able to get house insurence because I aparently do not own the house that is on my contract of sales. I went to replace one of the windows that needed to be replaced and found that it is inposable to replace it because the main wall suprt beams are rotted do to the roof leaking and never being taken care of. I informed the managment before purchasing the house that I could not affored to undergo a compleat remodle because I have a baby due in a couple of months but minor repairs would be fine and that I could have them done before he was boren. they told me that this house would be a safe resadince for me to have my family in but I later found out from the neighbors that had looked at the house that it was supposed to have been toren down and not sold because of the condition it was in. after I purchased the house I got to **eaning and found a dead cat under the bed in one of the rooms and found that the park had never taken any care to make it a sanitary place but instead had used it as a place to store trash. I feel that the park has done me extreamly wrong in the sale of this property and not to mention the fact that the hud tage that is supposed to be in every trailer house is missing with that tage being gone the house was illegal to sell and was never even supposed to be on a trailer park lot.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of every dime that I have had to put into the house and a full refund of the original cost of the house plus a split fee of cost of moving grand total everything would come to aproxemently 7000 dollars if a desision cant be aggread on I will persue other legal actions.



I actually talked to this guy at ** when he was looking for a place

to live. He asked about this house. Both [redacted] and I advised him

that it was a product of a Sheriff sale and was not in the best of

condition. He told me that they were in dire need of housing and he could

make repairs to anything. I emphasized to him that this house was in bad

shape but he pleaded with me to sell it to him as they were being ousted from

where they lived and needed a place immediately. He inspected the

house and reviewed the condition with [redacted] and [redacted]. He purchased the

house for $1000 with an AS/IS Condition. Mr. [redacted] is not being truthful

when he stated that he requested a list of repairs and that we advised

him that the only issues were flooring and a couple windows. Mr. [redacted]

inspected the house before he purchased it and was well aware of

deficiencies. We were not aware of any title issue until seeing this

complaint. We even accommodated Mr. [redacted] with two months free rent so he

would be able to make repairs so they could move in. e is



The sale of this house was in AS/IS condition. There were no

provisions for repairs or status of condition of the house. Mr. [redacted]

bought the house AS/IS. If we had made repairs to it, the purchase price

would have been a lot higher. Mr. [redacted] stood out in front of the

**overleaf Office and discussed this sale with me. Attached is a copy of the purchase contract. We are investigating the title issue. [redacted]Home Source One/Asset Development###-###-####



Review: Who it may concern I was dealing on a 2008 liberty mobile home in the [redacted] area the picture on home source one [redacted] web sight doies not match up with the home that I wanted to buy they have a picture on that website and a serial number that doies not match up with the picture of the mobile home that I was going to buy parent went out of there way to look at this mobile home that they have on this picture and when parents arrived at the mobile home was not the mobile home that was on this picture on this site they say its a picture of the liberty site and I doint think that's the correct information they are giving me and my parents and also they said we could have this mobile home on this picture for 21,000 cash and now they say its way up to 25,000 I think there is a lot of false information on this mobile home I wanted to buy for one the carpet they said was in good condition and it all trashed the flooring in the mobile home is also in bad condition that's for the issue that I do not trust them and plus thinking we are dealing on this mobile home that was in this picture and is not get there and its not even the right one false information and I want something done about this thanks [redacted]Desired Settlement: We would like a to get paid back for our time and gas that we had paid to come and look at this place and its not even the right mobile home



My husband and I had purchased a mobile home here at Rockvale oh about a years ago now. Well when we had purchased we were told that everything was up to date but when moving in we found out that we were lied too. We were told that the roof was fixed but not true, told that the windows were new but not true, and we have weak floors etc... With the amount of our mortgage you would think we were paying for a well managed mobile home but not exactly. We feel that we were taken advantage of. We have three children plus two adults living in a home that has black mold and is falling apart. We were lied too by Home Source one sales manager. If we knew about the issues we wouldn't have bought this mobile home.

Review: I purchased a home from Home Source One on 12/12/14. At that time, we were told by [redacted], a representative who is employed by them, that once we were in the home, make note of any mechanical issues we found and they would fix it for us. A week later, I emailed [redacted] to let him know that there were several issues. He said he would send maintenance over. After a month went by I had to contact him again because the maintenance never showed up. Finally in Mid January a maintenance guy showed up. They fixed most of the items. However, the furnace cover was damaged beyond repair and the maintenance man said he would order a new one to replace it. He also claimed the heat was fixed. The front bedroom, where my step daughter sleeps, receives no heat at all and the furnace does not run properly. I sent another email to [redacted] explaining the heat was never fixed. He said he would send maintenance back to fix it. After numerous emails from myself to [redacted] we are still without heat in the front bedroom and the furnace still does not run properly. We have given them 4 months to resolve the problem and nothing has happened. I replace the thermostat thinking that the old one was malfunctioning. It did not work. I bought the home with the verbal and written agreement from [redacted] that any issue would be resolved. I believe the furnace all together is bad and they knew about it ahead of time. They did not disclose that information to us before we bought the home. I would not have bought a home with a bad furnace knowing to replace a furnace is at least $2000. I do not know what else to do to resolve this problem. We went all winter with fighting with the heater to turn off when it hit the proper temperature. We had to manually turn it off and on. When we left, we had to shut off the heater all together, otherwise it doesn't shut off on its own. My step daughter had to sleep on the couch all winter long due to the below freezing temperature in her room alone. [redacted] was aware that a child was using that room and still nothing was done. These are the dates of email sent to [redacted]: 12/13/15, 12/15/14, 12/17/14, 12/21/14, 12/29/14, 1/31/15, 2/9/15 and on 3/2/15 and 3/11/15 in person.Desired Settlement: I want a new furnace all together. We were promised that the furnace was in working order and it clearly is not. We also want the duct work inspected due to the fact that heat flows through every other room except the one bedroom. There is obviously a blocked duct or disconnected duct.



Hello [redacted],

I do apologize for the delay. I have discussed the complaint

made by Ms. [redacted] with our [redacted] Ottow. He informed me

that this home was being rehabbed before it was sold to Ms. [redacted] and at the

time it was checked by our staff, the furnace did work and a new thermostat was

installed. Per our maintenance employee who went to Ms. [redacted]’s home to make

repairs, the furnace was working when he left and the furnace cover would be

ordered. It was only later that he found that he could not order a new cover.

However, we do have a cover to replace the damaged one and that will be installed

at time of appointment – to be scheduled.

It is our understanding that there is not a problem with the

furnace itself, but is a problem with the duct work underneath the home –

running to the room indicated in the complaint. If Ms. [redacted] has not already

been contacted by our staff to set up an appointment to conclude repairs, she

will be shortly. Our maintenance staff would like to schedule this appointment

before the end of the week.

Thank you,



[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me as long as they actually do the work. There was never a new thermostat in place, the one on their doesn't even show up. You cannot see what temperature it is set at. We have to manually turn it on and off. We also tried turning the air on and it made horrible noises and will not work. There is a problem with the furnace that needs to be addressed. As long as we are contacted in a timely fashion and the duct work is fixed, new cover installed, the air and heat work properly, and the thermostat reads as it should I have no problem with closing the issue with satisfactory terms. However, I want this to remain open until the work is done as it is suppose to be. Thank you.

Almost 4 years ago, our regular house was in the process of foreclosure, and we were looking for an alternative place to live, though we had bad credit, and unresolved issues. We were referred to a property by a friend in the Monroe Estates Mobile Home Park, under Home Source One, and Asset Development. Their main office is in Janesville, WI. The property is in Monroe, WI. At the time, the mobile home on the property was in need of repair. The furnace and water heater, as well as electric and plumbing all seemed to be in working order. There was damage to nearly all of the structure but no roof leaks in the house, a few damaged windows, and some rotting areas in the floor and walls. The bathroom had a hole in the floor, and leak stains present. We agreed to put 1000 dollars down and pay 300 a month on top of the lot rent until the home was paid off. We made the agreement in November, but did not move into the residence until April of the same year. During that time, we made rennovations to the home. We redid the entire floor adding new plywood, a double layer, and carpet padding. We added vinyl on top of that to the bathroom. We took down all of the paneling on the walls and put up new drywall and replaced any damaged or lack of insulation in the walls. At that time the front deck and entry had grey old wood on it. There were 2 foot high railings with no extra beams that were shakey and would fall down if any pressure was applied. Some areas of the deck had loose/rotted lumber so you had to be careful not to fall. THe screen door was broken, and the main door uninstalled. There was no back door steps. We added back door steps, and an entire covered porch to the front deck, adding new wood completely and using some old beams for the roof. We also put in new tub, bathroom and kitchen sink in. We added new skirting and insulation behind the skirting. We added new cupboards,and replaced all but one of the broken windows, including new wood around the entire bay window as that was rotting. In total so far, we have spent at least 10,000.00 in repairs, also including some plumbing replacements. We were told the trailer was to be sold "as is", so we were okay with this. We were also told that anything that could be "moved" on the lot was our responsibility to take care of. Prior to receiving the title after full payment of the loan was made, there were no problems. Anything we asked for was done in good time, the managers were cooperative and nice, and the company was efficient in sending paperwork, etc. During that time also, we found a leak in the water main which is planted in the ground of the lot. We also had to get a new electric meter. The manager brought a plumber and had the public electrician from the electric company come and make repairs right away. Upon looking over these repairs, we saw that they had "caulked" the water main and covered it with plastic, not actually replaced it. We were told by neighbors the water main was the parks responsibility as are the sewer lines because if you move a trailer you can not take those things with you. Again, prior to paying off the title, we never had any problems with receiving these repairs, billing, or anything.
Once we paid the title, there was again a small leak in the water main,but the manager then said we would have to get it fixed. We did what they did, applying tar and caulk and a few new fixtures to the line. The water could be shut off by a valve present past the water main to our trailer, not from the water main to the ground. We found 2 other valves, one off, that clearly were not identified, so we made sure to have them on as needed. We also covered the pipe area with heat tape, and wrapped insulation. That winter, the water began to freeze constantly (25 degrees or below weather). We fought with trying to keep the water main from once again leaking, trying to heat the pipes with ceramic space heaters, insulation, blow dryer, keeping the faucet running at a drip, etc. That whole winter other then the water freezing, our waterbill stayed no more then 50-75 dollars a month, which I have proof of. That summer as the watermain once again carried a larger growing leak, we were told to get a plumber and that the last time the manager had a plumber come it costed them over 400 dollars which they covered (no paper documents ever confirmed this). We asked for a plumbing referral as it was very difficult to find a plumber to work on a mobile home system. The plumber they refereed was retired, and to have a non local plumber come would be almost a thousand dollars with the repair. We again began to remind the company that the water main is part of the lot not the trailer. We again talked to places such as farm and fleet to obtain better fixtures and such, used a saw daring iron and such to repair instead of caulk or tar, and did the best we could. The leak was okay until the winter came. All winter again we fought with frozen pipes despite all of the constant attempts to resolve the matter. We got to the point that the manager told us to try using a propane heater, but we did not as the other neighbor who had recently tried that melted his own pvc piping. Instead we bought a large industrial space heater which took karosine to run. We had the water main covered with a thin wooden box and insulation. Then, our toilet completely overflowed due to unexplained issues which we assumed were frozen pipes, or a frozen sewer that the park had not emptied in at least 6 months. That winter many apartments and other such companies sharing sewers also had problems. Our main issue was, that ther eis no shut off valve to our toilet, so we had to completely shut off all water, thereby making things freeze more easily. THe overflow fromthe sewer ruined and weakend the entire new floor, and we had no toilet, nor money or a plumber to come fix this. On top of that, our water bill was going up. We were past due almost 400 dollars and then were billed an additional 500 for the month of January which we thought was due to the new leak in the water main. We found out the company would often take up any residents over due water bills, pay them themselves, and then charge residents with out notification other then a sudden "5 day eviction" notice in the mail due to lack of rent payment which we never knew was late due to the added charges w/out notification. Also, they never send a receipt each month upon receiving your rent payment, nor did they send one for our added water payment, they simply tell you after its too late and add late fees. So, we were holding back funds to try tosave for a plumber as this had now become an emergency. we emtied as much of the sewer water in the pipeunder the toilet as we could, added boiling water attempting to unthaw it, as well as antifreeze used in trailers. We used a 25 foot snake which went all the way down the sewer with no blocking to no avail which meant it was frozen way beyond our reach. Our sewer line from our trailer runs no more then 10 feet before it goes underground, once again becoming the lots responsibility. We notified the manager. He stated there was nothing he could do, and that we should shut off the water but since it was frozen too far down, we would have to have not only our, but other peoples trailer water shut off in order to keep our bathroom from sewage overflow. So, we used a bucket, purchased water, etc. for nearly two weeks and ran the karosine heater trying desperately to get water back.
Sadly, we never got to find out how well that would work because the karosine started a fire under the trailer. We put most of it out with an extinguisher but still had called the fire department. They did a full water flush under the entire trailer to be sure there was no sparks left, thus freezing the pipes even more then they already were, we also still had the water off, and they damaged the water meter during that excursion. We immediately notified the manager of the fire and meter, he later said he was able to fix the meter for only 5 bux because it was just one wire. For the next two months we recieved larger water bills even though in total our water was actually off for over an entire month. Our bill was now over 2000.00 for 3 months. We finally did unthaw the pipes using a propane heater aimed to the ground for several hours near the sewer line. Then replaced bathroom floor, etc in early spring. I Immediately called the water company after seeing this disgustingly impossible large water bill. I told them that the meter reading was impossible because it said the exact same amount charged twice and did not show that long span of time where our water was off. They said that all they do is read the meters and cannot be held responsible for the bill, and that I should call Home Source one as they are responsible for maintaining the meters. I did call, and the woman on the phone began to clearly harass me about a late paid water bill, also stating she saw for a long time the sudden increase. I ended up hanging up on her because of her harassment and inability to give any resolution to the matter. I called the manager telling him that the water meter possibly was not fixed and he agreed to check it. It ended up costing us 250 added to our rent even though its on the lot, not part of the trailer. He clearly stated that the water bill price was not abnormal, however upon research, I found that if we had used that much water it would be equivalent to the amount of water used in a large 3 bathroom home with a sprinkler system, dishwasher, and other added water use. We had no sign of an ice skating rink in our yard due to main leaking, so clearly we were not using that much water but I did not argue with him and we went on to pay the ridiculous bill anyway.
Now we have most of the water issues managed as they have switched to a different water company, and did pay 175 dollars themselves toward our bill stating that was a "general reading obvservation" to cover our costs (not even 10 percent).
I did report the issue as well as a few other issues (too long to describe) to the local sherif who said to go to the consumer protection agency. I did and after long investigation the company still indicates taht the water meter leak was the cause, and that they did resolve it. Also, the manager had shut off our watervalves several times with out telling us, and leaving threatening notes stating to fix the leak or they would charge us. I do not expect any back payment as many others have pursued trying to get money back from this company. A full petition was placed on the manager signed by several residents (over 25) and turned into the main office. They never did anything about that either, the manager is still present. They continue to rip people off and I am upset because I have sent many referrals to this company prior to all these issues, and gained them support. 2 of my friends have purchased mobile homes. I am now worried that they maybe unwilling to sign a new lease this year for us, but we will see. I feel something more could be done, but complaints continue to go unnoticed.

If you are a victim of Identity Theft, or even had your credit cards stolen. I know you will hear and feel the same in that all situations you do not want to give out your Social Security number. You are extremely leery of giving your Social Security out to anyone even if it is for a job that is paying your social security tax for you don't know will they steal your identity too. However, most of us will give it for a job for we know they absolutely must have it, however for landlords and other business that absolutely can do business without the need of it, well should work with you to allow you to keep your wishes. However this company (Asset Development Group Inc.) owns numerous trailer parks in Wisconsin, and normally I would not write a review on a company for discriminating against those who have had identity theft or credit cards stolen and wish to not give their social security out to anyone, but this company has leased out to two of my family members and one has lived in park now owned by this company for almost two decades. People this company has told me that they will not do business with me unless you provide your Social Security number. I feel this is wrong and normally I wouldn't write about it for I would just locate another place to live that is willing to NOT discriminate towards victims of these events. However, in this case I cannot due to family owning property in one of their many parks and I want people who have had their Identity Stolen to especially find other places to live. DO NOT even waste your time applying for an apartment, house or trailer with this company, or HOME SOURCE ONE. They have made it clear for victims of Identity Theft your not welcome, sorry you much rather protect yourself from the pain of Identity Theft. So to those of you who have spent the four years of pain of talking to Lawyers, collection agencies, etc... because some @$$hole stole your identity, trust me I know the pain it creates for I had an ex-girlfriend go through it. You can never gain confidence back to be willing to give out any personal identification to anyone. Identity Theft Victims again I say to you DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY or it's sister company HOME SOURCE ONE, for they will are not going to work with you, especially with sensitive information like you not willing to provide your social security number. I have been a victim of credit card theft, my ex-girlfriend a victim of Identity Theft, and people like us know of other ways to show who someone is without the means of a Social Security Number.

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