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• 6 h ago

Code Dtc
I have worked with them for months. They have been good for the most part but now I got this code and can’t accept new clients or stay with my old ones. That’s kind of crazy. I got nothing but 5 star remarks every week. I was the top earner Some lady asked me to clean out her house because she had dog fur everywhere clutter. I mean if I didn’t feel bad I would have went home to unsanitary conditions. I stayed and helped the lady throw a rug and other things out because she said could not bend due to back issues. Then she calls and says I took her fan duster and something to a vaccum that I don’t even have. I mean is this for real. I have made several attempts to clear the air and let homeaglow know that this lady is not being honest and I have my page and stars and compliments to show my good work. I would like someone to contact me asap. I have put In several tickets and no call. I want that code off my page and it reactivated. This is nonsense!

• Nov 15, 2023

Homeaglow is a scam
I had cleaned 1 house with Homeaglow women just had a baby and need very little help. I did extra just because I was done early. She was very happy. I could and check my account and it says DTC and will not let me book anymore clients. This was well before I finished the only job I did. Can I please have my account reactivated

Shirell Williams
Thank you

• Sep 26, 2023

They do not care for us workers
This company is a scam I completed a job on July 1st it is now September 25th I still have NOT got paid and when I email them they say the pay maintenance is down. I am pursing a lawsuit against them.
They do not care for us workers
They do not care for us workers

• Aug 27, 2023

I cancelled/rescheduled an appointment per client request and was deactivated
I had an appointment for August 26, 2023 .
[Regarding my deactivation:] I submitted appeals because my client asked me to cancel/reschedule the appointment I have documented proof of client asking me to do so because he couldn’t do it because it was already in the 24 hour period . So I had to do it on my end . I feel I was wrongly punished and want to speak with someone regarding this issue . My cell phone is 3035648973 . I would like a rep to reach out to me regarding this issue so I can file a formal complaint because I did not violate policy , I simply tried to accommodate my client to the best of my ability.
I cancelled/rescheduled an appointment per client request and was deactivated

• Aug 22, 2023

Code DTC
Client reported me as a “no show” and I was there cleaning his home. But he wasn’t there. Why he reported me ? The job was for 3 hours. A lady was there when I got there and that’s who let me in. The house was so clean I was confused on why I was even there. I did what I could and finished within like an hour or so then left. He called me 5 mins later asking why I left. He said “no way you cleaned , you were supposed to be there for 3 hours”. I told him when was the last time you been home? Seems to me the lady there has already cleaned because there was literally nothing to clean. Plus I’m saving you money because you won’t be billed for 3 hours. Homeaglow then contacts me and lets me know my account has been deactivated for an no show and I can’t use their platforms anymore. I’m so confused because I literally showed up and did what I could. They asked me to send gps time stamps. I’m like this not even possible with Apple Maps anymore. They want proof I was there but somehow don’t need proof from the client as to how I was a no show. Ridiculous. I did nothing wrong. Did nothing but a positive and somehow still ended up in a negative outcome.
Code DTC
Code DTC

• Aug 09, 2023

Homeaglow Scam
Be careful with this company. It is a scam. They do give the first cleaning for $19 but you have to sign up for 6 months at $49 plus the cleaners fees. Most all the cleaners can be hired direct for the same fees. SAVE the $49 * 6 months = $294. I promise you there is no real value.


Only for the clients not the employees
They take your money back when a client cancels and they lie so they don’t have to pay we are allowed to have at least one person if client agree to you being late sometimes you might have another job and that job is a hour away from other job this place is a joke to work employees are treated like crap now they think I’m giving somebody a refund when I know I cleaned the house I have pics to prove I did her home

• Jul 26, 2023

Don’t do this !!! Homeaglow is not worth your sanity!!
Red Flags! Homeaglow, “24 support”, lying cheap clients! This company does not respect their workers! POINT BLANK PERIOD! $20 refund for a lockout fee, or last minute cancellation! Is bull! If you do a lockout charge! The company will pay the $20 but then they will charge u each hour u were supposed to complete by taking from ur next payments! I had three clients rescheduled or cancel last minute this week and got nothing for my time being wasted! Also If you do a good job by cleaning a clients house, let’s say that client wants a free clean instead. They’ll easily report something stolen or misplaced, or even try to say you bad mouthed them or they house! Just to get back $38! That will make you lose your mind. You will be ready to pull back up to that client just for lying to get your job tooken away, over $38! My love this company is wack ! I made over 700 dollars. My account have been falsely deactivated 4 times just so I can pay a $15 fee. I am pregnant and I am young! Tell me if you think I have time to be playing, or time to be wasted! I’m preparing for a family for crying out loud! HOMEAGLOW DONT CARE! About nothing but a good review from a horrible client! 😑☝️ I am still currently working BUT under deactivation for “CODE DTC”! Only still working because I’m still applying for new jobs! Once I get a REAL JOB! It’s GOODBYE HOMEAGLOW!

• Jul 19, 2023

They're ok. They're learning. You just gotta be kinda stern with them sometimes or you'll be screwed

• Apr 06, 2023

Instant pay down for maintenance
My name is Katie OConnell. I had a job this morning April 6th at 11-2pm in Newburgh. Just did my first job. Definitely should’ve have been told before hand that instant pay was down for maintenance. I realize not every job is eligible but most jobs are and that isn’t the reason it wasn’t available regardless. I haven’t received a response back at all and I’ve sent 3 messages. I was excited to continue jobs with this site but if instant pay is always down for maintenance than I will absolutely be deactivating my account. Ridiculous. Someone should get back to me with a time frame of when it will be back up immediately please. Thank you

• Jun 15, 2023

Hey. Can you give us some update on how long it took for Instant Pay to come back online. Currently dealing with that now. From the bad reviews I read, it seems they do that intentionally, but jot for ko

• Jan 21, 2023

Code dtc
I excepted a job the client canceled or rescheduled when I went to the dashboard it would not let me because of a code DTC now I haven’t even started working this would have been my first clean why is my account doing this

• Aug 06, 2023

Homeaglow got jokes right now. Because you can NEVER get ahold of a person about anything. Instant pay is always down for something and now the CODE DTC. Mine has the same code on it right now. Smh. They got to do better then this and I'm sorry you goin thru this already and haven't even started the job part yet. I hope they fix everything or they goin to lose plenty of workers. Which I didn't think they really care at this point.

• Jul 19, 2023

It's because the client cancelled without telling you. They do that so they don't have to pay a cancellation fee. You need to keep texting the client until they change it and put that they cancelled and that you're going to report it to hg. Then email hg and sternly tell them to put your stuff back the way it was because you didn't cancel anything

• Jun 04, 2023

Mine to what happened

• Dec 24, 2022

I'm a current contractor
So far I have had gotten good clients a few have been a real pain in the butt, I'm not happy with the issues with deactivating my account so many times, can't get new clients due to a DTC code and not getting paid for over a week and half.. I've sent email after email in the past 2 day's with no response back from homeaglow.. I think that I will soon just cancel everything with them and just look elsewhere for housekeeping gig's..

• Jul 19, 2023

That's a good idea. I responded to this issue on here. Look for it if you like. Best of blessings

A Cleaner
After the past few jobs with Instant pay always under maintenance, I will be deactivating my my account after I finish the last jobs I'm done. Worst company ever.


I will deactivate my page!
I just finished a job today and was not allowed to get instant pay over a issue that I already resolved with them and I desperately needed the money today! F[censored] them I will deactivate my page! This job is a scam! You can't speak to anyone personally on the phone so that is my biggest problem with them!


Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: This IS the company I dealt withThe are emails and one phone call that I still have in my computer as well as the time and date of the phone call I would like to pursue this until I get my money back from Homeaglow Sincerely, [redacted] ***


To [redacted] : After reading this complaint, it does look like, without our intervention, you successfully cancelled all upcoming appointments on your accountLet me know if you have any other questions! To Admin: This customer was able to cancel the account

+1 have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Thank you ( very much for the help! Thanks to the business that applied the credit to my next appointment I will pay the current charge 29.79$ (my calculation should be 29.80$---so I was charged cent less) Sincerely, [redacted] *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I am sure you are aware that there are many many complaints against you on this same issue on your yelp pageIt took me the better part of three hours "rescheduling" appointments until somehow my account was NOT closed, as I requested, but appointments didn't appear any moreThere is NO way on your website to cancel appointments or cancel accounts entirely-this has obviously happened to dozens and dozens of people Sincerely, [redacted] ***


To Ms***: Unfortunately, I believe that you have mistaken us with another cleaning companyOur registered address is in San Francisco (though we do operate in Seattle and New York), not New York, and we also do not provide phone support for booking, nor do we provide estimatesWhile we did receive a request from you (which [redacted] declined) and we re-matched another cleaner to you, we have record of correspondence (provided in documentation) leading up to the date of the appointmentI believe that you do have us mistaken for a different cleaning company (that you may have made arrangements with prior to booking with us To admin: Ms [redacted] seems to have been booking with several cleaning companies at oncePlease see attached correspondence to see our record of communications with Ms [redacted] (starting with the booking of the appointment and leading up to her initial complaint to our support email) and aid us in getting this review removed

Hi ***, This is [redacted] , Ops Manager with Homeaglow I just took a look, and, as I was prepared to issue a refund, we were unable to, as you have disputed the chargeThus, we would be unable to apply the charge to a future appointment We are happy to resolve should you withdraw your dispute, and refund the charge [redacted]

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