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Review: I took my 1986 Chevy Pace Arrow in to be corrected to pass smog and the motor being starved of gas as it would not drive over 35 miles an hour on 6-23-14. I was verbally quoted $700 dollars as it was thought to be the carb due to the fact that they had diagnosed that on a previous visit a few years back when they gave it a tune up for $800 dollars. I was told on site on 6-23-14 that the vehicle had one fuel pump as I questioned that there may be an issue in the gas tank (debris) that may have contributed to the failure, I was told by [redacted] the owner that the only fuel pump was on the motor, there were debris socks, filters and so forth in the tank that would catch debris, and that there should be no problem with debris getting to the fuel pump. I was called the next day and told the fuel pump was not working and needed changing. I heard nothing for a week, called them and was told that there were other issues that needed replaced, ...they needed to drop the tank,..change lines, change filters, re install tank and replace the fuel relay switch. I was quoted then $1100. They did the work, had the vehicle smogged and had me pick it up on 7-9-14 at completion in which I paid $1,170 in full...they had the vehicle for 18 days.

I took the vehicle out July 20th for the first time since the repair, drove it about 50 miles to Lake Don Pedro when the same problem occurred, the motor was starved of gas and the vehicle would only go 30 miles an hour. I brought it directly back to Honest Automotive that day. I called them Monday, July 21st and was told they would take care of it by the desk man [redacted],..the owner [redacted] was out on vacation. A few days later the desk man [redacted] called me and told me that the fuel pump was bad and that the new relay switch they put in melted, it would be an additional $900 dollars to get it fixed...also the starter had failed ( The starter worked fine when I dropped it off.) I was upset and drove over to talk to [redacted] personally. When I arrived he told me that they put a new starter in already, that they had missed that there was a fuel pump in the gas tank, so there really was 2 fuel pumps, not one as first thought..( strange as they had dropped the tank on the first visit) and that the new relay switch they put in had melted. I asked him why this was not covered under warranty and he said that it was not there fault.....I said,....even the new switch you put which he said he would ask [redacted] if he would work on the price for me. On the paperwork dated 7-21-14 he quoted me $900. On Tuesday July 29th I called them to see what was going on......They said it would be ready Wednesday July 30th, they had put [redacted] in the gas tank, they had found varnish in the fuel filters and this would clean it out. The called me at 4:51 PM July 30th just before closing and said it was done,... it was running good. I went to pick it up and [redacted] the owner was there, I asked him how it was going with the RV and he stated, I'm not sure, I'm on the tail end of this thing. He said he drove it home the day before and it ran great.,... there was varnish in the tank and filters, however the [redacted] would clear it out...bring it back in 50 miles and he would change the fuel filter and they were giving me a $100 dollar credit. My new estimate was $950 due, goodwill minus $100 that now has the bill at $868.83 in which I paid in full. Please remember that my first estimate that I have a copy of is $900. I drove the RV to the gas station and put fresh gas in it, with in two miles it would only go 30 miles an hour again. I called and spoke with [redacted] the next day, July 31, ....he said that maybe they messed something up when they put the air cleaner on. I told him I was contacting the, and he said ...OK.Desired Settlement: I have paid to Honest Automotive a total of $2,039.03 and my vehicle still does not run correctly.....same as it was brought in the first time.

I would like a full refund of the second visit for $868.83....And my vehicle repaired correctly,... as they have told me twice that it was. Please help. Thank you...



On June 23, 2014 [redacted] brought in an RV he wanted to pass a smog test. The RV was barely running as he stated in his letter. Honest Automotive called [redacted]a to advise him that we would have to get the RV running correctly before we can check the emissions. We tested and found the fuel pump had low pressure (running out of gas). Honest Automotive advised [redacted] we had to replace the mechanical fuel pump, filter, leaking lines, regulator and repair wiring to electrical fuel pump. We adjusted the carburetor to pass emission test. (Excessive time complaint due to electric pump relay was unavailable, we wired in an updated relay.)

On July 21, 2014 [redacted] dropped off the RV stating that he had no power. He parked RV in front of the doors to shop blocking entry. The RV would not crank over, we replaced the starter. We tested and found the electrical pump had frozen up with debris and burnt out wiring. (RV was previously siting for a long time)

Honest Automotive advised [redacted] that we replace electrical fuel pump, wiring, replay and fuel filter. We added sea foam to break down debris. We advised [redacted] that we would have to clean out the tank if RV lost power again. He would only have to pay the tank boil out fee.

On July 31, 2014 [redacted] called and stated he lost power again. We asked him to bring the RV in so we could check the fuel filter for debris, if so we can remove tank and send out to be cleaned in which [redacted] Declined.


CEO/ Honest Automotive Inc.



I am rejecting this response because: Vehicle runs the same after being diagnosed twice,.me paying twice and being told to pick it up twice... being told " it runs good now- twice". I would like my second payment of 868.83 back and the vehicle fixed as it was supposed to be completed with the 12 month warranty on the first repair for $1,170. If the tank would have been cleaned out as I suggested, we would not be here right now. All the guessing game parts put on the vehicle were failed attempts ( VEHICLE STILL RUNS EXACTLY THE SAME ), and bad practice costing my family grief. I am out over $2000 dollars, have not been able to us my RV this season,.... and now they want to clean the tank at my cost, change the filters at my cost. I actually told [redacted] there was debris in the tank to begin with and [redacted] knows this to be true. I was patient with them as they had the vehicle for almost a month, ,...I have been great with them and they have been poor to me. If in fact Honest Automotive does not wish to correct the issues in good business practice, I am moving forward with the next step as I have no other choice. Thank you.



Company states that the when the customer brought the RV back the second time after about a month because it has been sitting. We had to replace the booster pump and relay to the booster pump. He told us that their were debris in the tank and we offered him to clean the tank and do all the labor. All he has to do is pay for the labor. I wanted to resolve this before our company closed but he refused to bring it back in.

Honest worked on my 95 s 10. Electrical . Fast :-). January 2013

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Address: 1121 Anne St, Griffin, Georgia, United States, 30224-4709


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