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Honey Farms, Inc.

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I have been having issues with the quality of service being received from Honey Farms In Rutland Massachusetts.I am a very frequent shopper at Honey Farms in Rutland considering how close it is to my home and how friendly the service used to beI am a seventeen year old boy who as most seventeen year old do, I run errands for there momWith this often my mother will have me go to the store with her credit card to purchase milk, toilet paper, and other house hold groceriesSince I was thirteen years old I have been doing this and no one has ever given me an issue and neither has this Honey FarmsUntil very recently I went in to this store where a woman with the name of [redacted] was working who usually this would be fine with asked me if I could get my mom and gave me a very hard time about using the card I ALWAYS use in thereFinally and reluctantly she let me use it only because I knew the pin number for using the "credit" optionEven with this first bit of service I received [redacted] it did not seem to fit the common friendly criteria most cashiers withholdI had just entered there establishment thirty minutes ago and today's date is October 13, I tried to buy three rolls of toilet paper for my mother where she told me I couldn't use my moms card even though I did know the pin number and she let me last time, but I could walk less than five feet over to there ATM and take out as much money as I wanted to buy from there store and she wouldn't careIf you didn't know, the same pin number I would have to give her for the "credit" option is the same pin number I could use to withdraw cash from the ATMI came back to the counter after withdrawing the cash and proceeded to tell her that I was fairly sure its just as illegal for her to know and allow me committing the same "honey farms crime." And that if it was really such an issue I would consult her manager and see what he felt about the situationAt that moment [redacted] instantly started raising her voice with me speaking in a disrespectful manner telling me that I would have to leave the storeWith the way she spoke to me I have never felt more disrespected and if not discriminated for her making it appear as if I had stolen the card and was using it illegally, from any store or business in my lifeWith that I honestly do not ever want to step foot in this particular business again knowing that Employees like this can get hired and work there without getting in trouble, I can't even imagine the way she treats other people every day with the way I was treated when simply trying to purchase toilet paper in this establishmentI would honestly like some sort of compensation and formal apology at the least for the horrific experience I had.Desired SettlementI would like some sort of small compensation for the terrible experience I received considering I am such a frequent shopper at Honey Farms(every other day, if not every day.)And a formal apology from [redacted] would be very appreciative, because I know being not a legal adult If I treated anyone this way I would be more than forced to do the same.Business Response Please be advised that on 11/3/I received this complaint via US Mail and I'm requesting extended time to investigate this complaint due to we do not take complaints lightly and we conduct a full investigation with all parties involveWe do have Policies and Procedures regarding the use of credit cards to protect our customers and the companyWe also have online training regarding Customer Service and we make that our number priorityI would appreciate the opportunity to review this complaint with the appropriate personnelWe would also like to ask what compensation is Mr[redacted] referring toAgain, I appreciate your understanding to allow approximately days to complete an investiagation.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I am not 100% sure on what form of compensation I would like but would like to make it fair on both endsCould you please continue your investigation and in seven days we can discuss the compensation and formal apology.Thank you!-[redacted]Final Business Response In the best interest of our company and our customers our policy and procedure is followed in accordance with the credit card agreement which states that if someone other than the owner presents a credit card, even with your knowledge, it voids the credit card agreement and the issuer does not have to honor the chargeWithout your knowledge, it is a fraudulent transactionWe will continue to follow this practice and request IDs for verification and if it does not match the card presented the sale will be refused.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)You guys can stick by those rules and regulations all you want but that was not the main concern of contacting the over this caseI told you I feel as if I was degraded as a customer with the way I was treated by the cashier and I refuse to let yelling and unnecessary rude remarks be used in today's worldI can understand if you would not like to provide the compensation for the incident that had happened, but I would still like a formal written apology from that cashier whose name I forget because of how long this case has gone on forAlso you should look into the way that particular cashier is doing business because she would not take the card from me which is within her rules and regulationsUnderstandable, but she gave me 100% permission and specifically told me to go take cash out of the ATM in that store right in front of her no questions askedI believe that is a problem if your enforcing one rule but theirs a loophole around it that the cashier can tell you to do

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Description: Convenience Stores

Address: 800 South St Ste 500, South Waltham, Massachusetts, United States, 02453-1439


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