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Hoosier Broadband, LLC

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This is the second time they went out for no reason they really suck in my opinion they should close there doors

HBB is a joke. I was out of internet for 17 days out of 28. They send a tech out on 3 diff occasions. First time the guys could find nothing wrong but HBB's end told them I had a wire issue and I had to pay $10 for them to drive out. A couple months later a tech came, replaced all equipment. He was here for 3 hrs. At 9:30 that night....No internet. Another guy came 3 days later after I called them daily and left a message. He moved my equipment to the top of my roof. Never asked to move it, now I have more holes in my rood that of course they arent responsible for! I have called numerous time to get a credit of some sort but when they do decide to answer the phone they tell me it will be a couple more days they are working on it. Well, I decided I wasn't paying them another dime. Called the bank, stopped payments and yesterday called them to make sure they got the memo I was no longer paying them for something Im not getting and they need to make sure they call me before they come to get their equipment. OF course I haven't heard from them yet. Its worthless internet people.

You are very correct it snowed and the internet just randomly went out it ducks and it is worthless plus they don't update it when they are out so I agree

Technical services is terrible. I called over 24 hours ago and have no communication since. I had to go through the billing department to get anyone to answer the phone yet my problem was still not resolved.

In my opinion worst service I have had from any company. I requested in the beginning of August to have service ended. It is Now November and they still have not come to pick up their equipment and are still billing for it. Finally got in contact with the states attorney to have them see if they could settle it. Meanwhile house is for sale. Going to end up having to have someone else come take it down and take it to the Sheriff's office so I don't still have the equipment. Horrible customer service.

Review: We have had issues with the internet service provided by Hoosier Broadband. They have come to our home several times to repair. It will work for a few days and then stop again. We always have to leave messages and never receive calls back from them. They say they are coming on "Saturday" and we have stayed home all day, to finally call at 2:00 pm to find out if they are coming and to be told they are not. This has happened several times. We finally decided to cancel service in January 2015, because we had new service hooked up. We requested a final bill to be sent to us and for them to come pick up there equipment. We just rec'vd a bill this month, and called to find out what it was for. Once again we had to leave a message to be called back. [redacted] called us back stating we owe over $400.00 and that they will continue billing us and refuse to pick up their equipment until this bill it paid. When we would call with technical issues we were always promised that credits would be posted to our account for the trouble. The will not provide us with an itemized statement showing us the credits and payments. We have not used this equipment since our new internet was hooked up in January 2015. It is impossible for them to show us using their data, when the equipment has been unplugged. Per [redacted], we are expected to pay for service even though the equipment is not operating. They refuse to let us speak to a supervisor and hang up on us. They continue to tell us that because we live in a rural area that is the kind of internet we have to have. Untrue, we have had our new internet since January 2015 and have not had 1 problem. They were advised to pick up the equipment in January 2015, and now this is April 2015 and they have not picked up the equipment. We have not received anything or heard anything from them until now. This company's employees are very rude and this company is clearly very unorganized.Desired Settlement: We would like for the equipment to be picked up. A final itemized billing statement, for us to submit final payment with. (including promised credits) We do not owe them $400.00 plus !!!! And an APOLOGY would be nice.

Review: We had virtually no internet service for 2 weeks in October And were charged for a full month. I called and spoke To the billing department and I was told they would Get back to me after doing some research. I have been calling regularly for 3 weeks now And they will not answer the phone or return my Calls when I leave messages. Our service is still problematic but I can deal With that as no other providers give service Out here. However, I feel I should be given A credit for the two weeks we were without service Completely. I would visit the Company personally But they do not publish a physical address anywhere. I also would like to receive a statement for what They deduct from my credit card monthly but I never do. If you can assist me to reach them I would be grateful. Thank you (Apologies for the excess caps, I had to type this On my phone and I am not sure why it is doing this!)Desired Settlement: Billing adjustment

HHB service was constantly in and out. If you call they won't answer the phone. They want to send a bill on the 1st and expect payment by the 7th, or charge a $5.00 late fee. They charge additional $2.00 per month to receive payment by check. For a 5 month period they admitted to having a glitch in their billings and refused to take off late fees for bills that were received AFTER the due date. Their customer service is non existent. When I raised this with the customer service dept they said "I don't know, I don't care, I get paid!" When I had finally had enough of the what I hate to call "service", and I cancelled, I was told it would be impossible to let me know when they would be able to collect their equipment and that if it went passed the 30 days into the next billing cycle, I would be responsible for month as well, even though I had changed my provider. I would strongly advise against using this company. I have since gone with my satellite TV provider, got a much faster service that has not been interrupted and for $15.00 a month cheaper.

Review: I agreed to have this internet company install internet in my home. The Internet was installed July. Immediately we noticed the Internet cutting in and out, lagging, rebooting. I called multiple times in order to resolve the issue. No return call. Upon signing the contract HUB co. Made me put a credit card on file, my husband lost his wallet and we had to close all account. One of the cards closed was the one HUB had on file. I attempted to call repeatedly on multiple attempts, leaving voice males; no return call. I never once received a bill. We thought the service was canceled or the place went out of business because we could not get service, a bill, or return call. Recently HB contacted me back and I tried to explain that I have been calling non stop for 5 months to get the service cancelled due to it not working as agreed to. The man I spoke with kept telling me I was "special" and said I never called them until that day. I repeatedly explained to him that I have left multiple messages. All he could say is I never called and I was "special". I was completely offended by his snide, demeaning comments. I asked him to send me a copy of my contract and asked why I have never received a bill, he stated they failed us on that part by not billing us. I explained I wanted to cancel my contract and he stated I had to pay for the past 5 months. 5 months that has not been working. 5 months that I have tried to reach anyone in their facility. I asked him how he could charge for months of service that was not provided, his response, your "special". I am appalled that a place that seeks out customers offers this kind of service! After arguing with this man about his customer service he states look lady I fully expected you to be crazy today, I woke up this morning waiting for your call. I said so you just admitted that you have been getting my phone calls. He once again said I was "special" and hung up on me. This was 11 days ago and I still have not received a copy if my contract or a bill. I would NEVER recommend this company! Worst customer service I have ever encountered!Desired Settlement: I want my contract cancelled and the outstanding balance credited or settled due to the company not returning phone calls because I would have had my service cancelled within my 30 day trial period had they returned my calls.

Review: Our service has been out since Fri.10th we have called, left messages on our problems with no reply. Our dish has two green lights a red light a yellow light and the rest are green. We would like for this problem to be resolved.Desired Settlement: A simple phone call and repair

Review: On August 21,2014, I called to cancel service. I was told the equipment would be picked up within 30 days. The pre-conversation recording stated all calls are recorded. As per contract I was billed for 1 addl. month of service, which was paid in September. On November 18, 2014, I left a message, and call was returned. I indicated the equipment had not been picked up and I had been billed for October and November service. I was told there was no record of my cancellation, but the matter would be looked into. On December 8, 2014, I left a message, and call was returned. I indicated the equipment had not been picked up and I had been billed for December service. I was told the person I spoke with in August was not available and that the recorded phone conversation was not currently available. There was no effort to resolve the billing errors.Desired Settlement: I want billing to cease and a credit for Oct., Nov., and Dec. They can pick up the equipment, or I will deliver it if they would give an address, otherwise I can dispose it.

This company is horrible to deal with. Our Internet was out more than it worked. When we tried to get repairs, they would take forever to send someone out. Once, it took almost a month before repairs were done. It went out again, we called every department and got voice mail in every department. We finally cancel our service, and told us they would be out in 30 days to get equipment. It took 2 months.

This company insisted on automatic deduction payments and then they failed to do the deducts and want to charge me late charges. They were unaware until I called them to ask why they not deducting. They were suppose to call me back, but instead sent me multiple invoices with late charges!. regarding service, as I have had them a long time, it is down a lot. (as weekly).

Imagine it is 1992 and you are on a dial up connection that drops every half hour. That is the equivalent of this "broadband" service. At least you could dial back out and get connected again. Once this service is out, it almost requires a tech visit that is usually three days away. The install includes such services as dangling unsecured wires and an array of excuses. In closing, if you want the most intermittent connection possibly known to man, this is the overpriced service for you!!

HBB has always answered their phones when I call for technical support and we haven't had to have a single tech sent to our home because they're able to talk me through troubleshooting. Perhaps that speaks highly of my level of understanding and comprehension; however, I have always found their techs to be friendly and helpful. Our intermittent connection problems haven't stemmed from HBB but from our aged wireless router. Replacing that has fixed our issues.

Review: Trying to disconntinue internet services due to being over charged for a total of 3 months of service. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a supervisor to call me regarding the unauthorized charges on my debit card, which total to $234.85. I have made several phone calls to speak to a supervisor and the 2 guys I speak to say, they are unable to transfer to a supervisor. They have to return my call. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for the equipment to be picked up from my home. The service they do offer isn't the best during peek time. They state that they are a small company and I have only spoke to 2 different people out of the 50 times I have called. I am very frustrated with this company. I will NEVER recommend them to another person. I have left 2 message today to give them one more chance to make this right. I cannot get anyone to answer the phone. The billing cycle for this company to bill me is on the 1st. I was charged 2 separate $69.95 charges on Feb 12th. When I called to inquire they could not explain why I was billed this amount, in the middle of the month.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund for $69.95 x 3 = $209.85 plus I was over charged for the month of Feb. Charge should have been $44.95 and my card was charged $ $209.85 + $25.00 = $234.85..

This business insisted on using my debit card to make monthly withdrawals to pay for my internet service. The card expired in 12/15 and I did not notice that my account had not been debited until April. I immediately called them and informed them. You would have thought they would have picked up the phone and called me when they tried to run it through and it didn't go. Instead, I was informed that I would be charged late charges for every month since January and that it was my responsibility to call them when my card expired.

In addition, the customer service is lousy and my internet service has been down many times, some day for days at a time. Most of the representatives are very rude (when you can finally give a live person on the phone instead of voicemail) and act like you're bothering them. When my contact with them expires in September, you can bet that I will be seeking a new internet service provider or do without.

Review: Hoosier Broadband had been our home internet provider for years. In early November, 2013, we terminated our service due to “consistently less than acceptable internet speeds”. They informed me that there was a 30 day cancellation window and that we would have to pay for November's usage. I agreed. They had been automatically charging our credit card $74.94 every month for this service. December 2013; Hoosier Broadband had charged our credit card for another’s month’s service. I contacted their billing department [[redacted] who said “it was their policy to continue billing the customer until the equipment (a dish mounted on our roof) was collected by one of their technicians. Once it was collected, they would refund our card.” I asked when someone would be out to get the dish. “I don’t know – they set up their own schedules” was the response. January 2014; another charge showed up (and the equipment is still on the roof). I called during their regular business hours, but this time the call rolled to voicemail. I left a message to pick up their equipment and to please stop charging my credit card. I received no response or update from Hoosier Broadband. I called back a week or so later and again got their voicemail. I left a message that I was very disappointed and asked that someone contact me to resolve. I never received any communication. February 2014, yet another charge appeared on our credit card (and the equipment is still on the roof). Furious, I called and again, got their voicemail. I hung up and called again, this time selecting another option and being routed to a technician. I asked the technician to please transfer me to someone in billing as I didn't want to leave another message. He transferred my call to [redacted], who was of no assistance. He restated it was policy to charge the account until the equipment was picked up. I asked, no begged, him to tell me when that would occur as this had gone on far too long. He did not know. I contacted my credit card company in the hopes they would block any further charges by Hoosier Broadband. They said they cannot block a business but I could dispute it, which I did – though they said this is not a fast process. It is now March; the equipment is still perched on my roof and our credit card got another unauthorized charge. Too this date, they have never once made any effort to contact me, either by phone or letter, even after I made repeated calls and left numerous messages. This has gone on far too long and I don’t know what else I can do. They are continuing to charge me for a service that was cancelled back in November and show no signs of action. Not only are they charging me the $74.94, but we are incurring monthly fees and interest on the amount. Companies should not be allowed to continue this type of practice and the consumer needs to be better protected.Desired Settlement: The desired outcome would be at a minimum of being refunded the full amount for all unauthorized charges plus any related interest that was incurred. What I would prefer is some invocation of punitive damages against Hoosier Broadband. To prevent other customers from being victimized like this, Hoosier Broadband must be taught a lesson.

Review: Hoosier Broadband was unable to provide internet service. Service declined after the first 6 months. We made several calls to customer service, many were not answered. We sent emails, emails were not answered. When we were able to connect with customer serivce, Technicians were dispatched multiple times. Some never came. some came but were not able to resolve the issue. For the months of July 2011 - May 2012 we were charged for service that we did not recieve in full. The internet was only available at random times and not depenable. We sent a certified letter to Hoosier brandband on June 2, 2012. We requested refund for the service period they did not provide ($549.34)along with 1/2 of the initial fee they charged ($174.46), a total of $723.80. Hoosier Broadband did not respond. On June 2nd, We also called and discussed the situation. Hoosier broadband agreed to cancel service since they could not resolve the coverage issue. Hoosier broadband came and removed their equipment from our roof in June 2012. After over a year of no communication, our credit card was charged on June 21, 2013 without our knowledge by Hoosier broad band in the amount of $249.94. Hoosier broadband continues to charge fees without providing service. The amount we request returned to us for non delivery of service is now $973.74 plus interest.Desired Settlement: We are requesting assistance to recover $973.74 plus interest for services charged but not provided. We appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. This company has very poor customer service response, we tried to resolve directly. However, it is evident from the charge on June 21, 2013 this company charges customers without communication or just cause.

Review: Discountinued service with Hoosier Broadband after multiple years with this internet provider. Upon the removal of equipment, the Hossier Broadband employee caused damage to my home and cut cat. 5 and phone lines upon removal of equipment. This was the end of June, 2013. Immediately communicated this issue with Hossier Broadband and have repeatedly requested they repair the damage. Hossier Broadband initally sent out a technitial to investigate the situation. Hossier Broadband communicated they would repair the problem, they created. It is now December 2013, and after multiple communications with Hossier Broadband, the damage has not been repaired. I have left multiple phone messages, e-mails, and Hoosier Broadband will not return a phone call and avoiding all communications. I have talked with [redacted], and felt we had an agreement for Hoosier Broadband to correct the damage. [redacted] communicated he would talk with his technitial and call me back. I never received a call back from anyone at Hoosier Broadband. Upon attempting to contact this business, the geneal phone number is never answered by a live person and routinely sent into a voice message. It is now 5 plus months and this company is avoiding all attempts to simply correct an issue they created. My main complaint is, Hoosier Broadband caused damage to my home. They obviously refuse to answer any of my communications or simply return a phone call.Desired Settlement: I have two desired outcomes. One, I would request that this business please contact me in order to resolve this issue. Second, I would request that Hoosier Broadband take responsibility for the damage they caused, and fix the problem. Would ask the damage be corrected back to the state it was in, prior to Hoosier Broadband installing their service.

I have struggled with this service/company for a year and half. Service is spotty and their telephone basically never gets answered. I have a $10 charge on my credit card (automatic payment) without explanation. multiple calls never get returned. but they sure don't miss hitting my credit card. I suggest trying another service provider.

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