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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2016/08/12) */
On July 6th, the customer entered our facility in Salisbury, NC seeking repair of an air hoseWe performed the repair for a total cost of around $Upon completion, the customer informed us that she only had $and could not pay for the
services renderedWe informed the customer that we could not release the vehicle without payment, so the customer waited several hours at our location for us to forgive the balance owedWe did not release the vehicle, so eventually the customer remitted full payment for the service, but did so under protestAfter some time passed, the customer then contacted our Charlotte, NC office stating that the customer was broken down on the side of the road and that the customer's assumption was that the breakdown was related to our last air hose repair workSince it was after 5pm, we did not have any mobile technicians available at that timeHowever, our location manager and location supervisor went above and beyond protocol and drove to the breakdown site to assist the stranded customerAfter inspecting, it was determined that some separate wiring unrelated to our previous work was loose and had made contact with the air hose that we had installed, causing the air hose to failThe manager and supervisor made a repair to the vehicle, and although unrelated to our prior work, they did not charge the customer for the services since the customer maintained the belief that the breakdown was caused by our prior workAfter some additional time passed, the customer contacted our company again informing us that the customer was broken down on the interstate in Gastonia, NCWe dispatched a technician to assist with the breakdownUpon arrival and inspection, our technician determined that our previous repair work was intact and functioningAfter further inspection, it was determined by the technician that the customer's vehicle was low on fuel and parked on an incline, which was preventing the vehicle from operatingHowever, the customer rebutted this diagnosis and again refused to pay for services rendered for the emergency roadside assistanceOnce this was communicated by customer, our technician was instructed to leave the breakdown site, as there was nothing more that we could do for the customerAt that point, the customer contacted the regional manager responsible for Western North Carolina and informed him of the prior interactions with the companyDuring that conversation, the customer informed the manager that the customer had parked the vehicle on an incline all night to sleep, and during that time, kept the engine running in order to keep the air conditioner on all nightThis information provided by the customer corroborated the information provided by the technician, claiming the breakdown was not a repair issue, but an issue of lack of fuel in the vehicleHowever, the customer again insisted that there was a repair issue that was caused by our companyIn order to obtain a second opinion on the matter, the regional manager dispatched the local manager in Gastonia, NC to the breakdown site to investigateIt was then confirmed for a second time that all the repairs were intact and that the issue was likely a low fuel issueRegardless, the customer insisted more diagnosis was necessaryThe customer was informed that the only way to perform any further diagnostic testing was to have the vehicle towed into our fixed base location in Gastonia, NCThere was no additional diagnostic work that could be performed roadsideThe customer demanded that we cover all charges associated with towing the vehicle to our location, which we declined because our position remained that the breakdown was unrelated to our prior repair work and the vehicle was most likely out of fuelOnce we declined to cover the charges, the manager left the breakdown site, as no further service work was authorized by the customerSubsequently, the customer then began a series of harassing and threatening phone calls and text messages to the company and its employeesThe phone calls were placed to our location at first, then later phone calls were made to the corporate office, as well as the mobile phones of our employeesWe experienced as many as twenty phone calls per day from the customerThe customer continued to use our internal directory and direct dial into various departments of the organization, including human resources and accounting, each time making threats to the individuals when they unknowingly answered their desk phonesThe content of the messages included, but were not limited to, threats to contact local media, civil rights organizations, national social movement groups, and the Department of TransportationAfter several days of continuous and nonstop phone calls to the corporate office, the President/CEO of the company accepted a call from the customerAfter a brief discussion, a final attempt to satisfy the customer was made, and it was agreed upon that we would cover the cost to tow the vehicle to any repair shop of the customer's choiceThe customer accepted the offer and chose a local repair shop, so we scheduled and paid the cost to tow the vehicle to that destinationOnce this was completed, the customer contacted us again asking that we agree to reimburse the customer's lost opportunity cost for the time period that the customer's truck was out of service, which the customer estimated at $per dayWe declined such request, as this was in excess of the already agreed upon resolution between the customer and the President/CEOAdditionally, we had already performed two emergency roadside breakdown services at no charge to the customerAfter several days passed, on July 12th we received confirmation from the repair shop in possession of the vehicle that our prior repairs were not the cause of the breakdownIn fact, we also were informed that the customer's vehicle needed new batteries and a new alternator, which was a contributing factor to the breakdownThe repair shop further informed us that after the customer was made aware of the diagnosis, the customer refused to make any payment to the repair shop and became agitated and refused to leave, which was the same behavior the customer displayed at our first encounter with the customer on July 6thThe customer has since contacted us claiming that our company and the local repair shop that she selected are jointly liable for the issues with the customer's vehicle and the customer refuses to remit payment to either company for any services renderedWe have explained to the customer on multiple occasions that our repair work was intact and functioning and was not related to the issues the customer experiencedFurthermore, it is highly probable that many of the customer's issues are related to the age and condition of the vehicle, and not due to any negligent workmanship by our companyThe customer continues to call our corporate office and our employees, each time communicating the same demands and threatsOur company has tried to assist the customer as much as possible on multiple occasions, but at some point, we must part ways, as we cannot continue to perform services at no chargeIn addition, the continual threats have become a distraction and a safety concern for the employees at our company and we believe it's in everyone's best interest to part waysWe wish the customer the best of luck in the customer's future business endeavors
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 9, 2016/08/16) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
first of ALL I never threatened anyoneWhen I called the corporate office, the people hangup the phone on youHow do you threaten a dailtonePhone records don't lie and you are more then welcome to see minesIts a lieI did not sleep on an incline, I asked the nightshift lady could I sleep at the circle K, THey just lyingGotta say something, even if they don't know what they are talking aboutSecond, notice how he nevers speaks about the wire, He makes statements how they have tried and did everything they could, But my truck is still not fixedThen fix what you messed upNow the wire, they want everyone to believe that the wire only goes to the lights, What they aren't telling is that the wire also connects to the fire wall of my truckBasic electricity You have a hot electrical wire,(hot enough to burn a hole in a brand new air hose, they are not thin ,) and shortens out the wireWhere does these people think that electrical current went to? It does not just evaporateIt went right back to the firewall from where it came and does what a backlash of electricity does, creates a messPeriodPlease see the enclosed documents on 7/I had my truck pm (serviced in sc) nothing was wrong with my truckThe invoice from ***It states that when they tried to hook the ecm to the laptop they did not communicateIf the ecm does not work nothing will workreason why I sat on the side of the highway for daysThese people didn't offer a crust of bread, sip of water or chip of icein over degree heatAlso I will send the pictrues and copies of the complaint against *** with the in charlotte, And yes, I have contacted the DOT in the Atlanta regional office, THe NC attorney Generals office , they have the pictures and documents as well.As far as civil rights organizationsI"ll speak with whomever, I want toNAACP, SCLC,Black lives Matter, Nation of Islam, If I want to and do no like treatment given to my business..Its my right and If I choose to exercise it SO WHAT????? THey paid *** for the repairs of the wireBY law they are responsible for the damages caused by the wireYou make a mess, clean it up, Oh well, that's what the legal systems is forAnother African American women owned business is in the trash, thanks to business practices like thisThey mess up my equipment, I didn't mess up theirsTHey will pay for damages done to my truck and for all downtimes since this happened, I'M entitled to it
Final Business Response /* (4000, 18, 2016/11/22) */
In response to the customer's continued position, there are two important items to noteFirst, the original work performed on July 16th in Salisbury, NC was related to the repair of an air hoseThat work is the only work where the customer entered our facility, engaged our services, and received service in which the customer paid for the services renderedAfter the completion of that work, there were no other issues with the air hose and a third party has not shown any evidence of poor workmanship by our company relating to the work performed on July 16thIn addition, no evidence has been shown that would display where the work performed on July 16th was a contributing factor to any of the additional issues the customer has experienced with her vehicleSecond, the wiring repair that is referenced is a completely separate and unrelated issue from the air hose repair performed on July 16thThe customer requested the assistance of the company for a breakdown some time later for what the customer believed was an event related to the work performed on July 16thIt has been clearly shown that these two events are unrelatedHowever, despite the absence of causation between the two events, the company offered to help the customer in distress by sending a manager to inspect the vehicle since the breakdown occurred after business hours and the customer was experiencing an unfortunate series of events with her vehicleNormally, this type of after hour's emergency roadside service would cost approximately $to $However, the company performed this service for the customer at no chargeDuring the time the manager was onsite, the customer was informed that the vehicle needed to be towed to a repair shop for a proper repair and only a temporary repair/patch job could be performed on the side of the roadHowever, the customer did not want to pay for towing services and the manager was instructed to proceed with a temporary repair to the wiring in order to get the vehicle moving again until it could reach a repair shop for a permanent repairThe customer was fully aware of the status of the repair but unfortunately the customer chose not to take the vehicle to a repair shop after the breakdown, which likely lead to more issues arising with the vehicleAfter the passage of some time, the customer's vehicle eventually broke down again, and that is when the company was contactedThis is referenced in the first response with regards to the vehicle being low on fuelAfter several disagreements in cause, the company and customer agreed to a resolution, in which the company would cover the cost of towing the vehicle to a truck dealer repair shop of the customer's choiceIt was agreed that this would resolve any dispute or misunderstanding between both partiesThe company covered the cost of the tow bill which was around $If any subsequent repair shop has noted that the temporary roadside wiring repair was not performed correctly or in a permanent manner, then that would align with the customer's instructions to the company to make a temporary repair to get the vehicle movingIt was fully explained to the customer that a permanent repair would need to be performed at a repair shop immediatelyBy failing to immediately take the vehicle to a repair shop and have a full repair made, the customer exacerbated the issueIn total, the company has covered in excess of $worth of service costs that are not connected to the services rendered on July 16thIt is important to note that in fleet maintenance, there are two types of repairs; preventative maintenance and emergency breakdown maintenanceIt is unfortunate the customer has allowed her vehicle's condition to move from a proactive maintenance position to a reactive maintenance positionAs noted in the prior response, the overall age and condition of the vehicle is also a contributing factor to the continual maintenance issuesOur company would like to help in any way possible, but we believe we have gone above and beyond in this matterIn the event the customer decides her business needs dictate a more reliable and mechanically sound vehicle, we do offer a used truck sales division and we would be more than willing to help match her in a vehicle that fits her needs at a reduced sale price in order to help get her going in the right direction and to help support small business growth

We certainly apolgize for the frustation. Apparently the customer had an address change from the time the vehicle was purchased to now. So there was some confusion and delay in processing. The title work was overnighted to the customers current address this afternoon

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 8, 2015/12/02) */
I have just seen this for the first time today (12/2/15). I am investigating internally and we will respond further no later than Friday, 12/4.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 13, 2015/12/09) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED...

the response from the business.)
I will accept the offer Snider has proposed. Please Contact [redacted] in the bodyshop @ [redacted] (XXX-XXX-XXXX) and they will accept payment.

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