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I needed a special order door and [redacted] said it would take up to 3 weeks to get so I call House of Doors. I spoke to Jeff who gave me a quote and said he would call me when it came in. A day later he said my door was in and I picked it up. After arriving home with it I measured it to find it was the wrong size. The next day I spoke with Jeff again who gave me a hard time and blamed me for the mix up. He was not courteous and didn't care that I would have been a repeat client with 7 more doors to replace. It's unfortunate that local businesses fall short.

Review: I coordinated the remodeling of my elderly father's bathroom and ordered a new door and frame, a single french door with privacy glass, from House of Doors in Cheshire. The door I ordered for my father's bathroom door arrived warped. Unfortunately this was not discovered until after it was installed and beadboard/moulding etc. was also installed. [redacted] at The House of Doors recommended that they order a new door, sans the integrated frame, to replace the warped door. When I picked up the new door and brought it home, my carpenter quickly ascertained that the hinges did not line up with those in the previous House of Doors door frame. The reason we were given was that the machines at the House of Doors had recently been serviced and the alignment door the hinge routers were off as much as a 1/4 inch from their previous settings. Another door was ordered-- same thing: hinges didn't align. This time they sent a service person to the house to measure the hinge alignment. He came back about a week later-- same thing. Hinges did not align. The final solution was to order an entirely new unit & replace the whole nightmare. [redacted] agreed to have his service man assist my carpenter in replacing it, as well as giving me a 50% refund for all our trouble. The serviceman merely delivered the new door and left-- no installation assistance was provided. After several months of calling House of Doors and leaving messages for [redacted] about not receiving a partial refund, I finally was able to reach him today. He disagreed with me and told me he only agreed to a partial refund if we accepted the last door (before the corrected, last door) as-is, which is completely inaccurate. I attempted to refresh his memory to the facts-- that he agreed to the refund because if the weeks and weeks of inconvenience, as well as to the entire day I had to pay my carpenter to uninstall the old door & re-install the new one. Once again, he completely denied the verbal agreement we made, hence this complaint.

Product_Or_Service: door & frame

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would the House of Doors to issue me a 50% refund, as agreed, which does not even come close to making me whole for all of my time, expenses as well as professional labor-- for a problem that commenced with the sale of a defective product.



Business Response /* (1000, 11, 2013/05/09) */

Mr.[redacted] is accurate in his account of the difficulties we encountered in our attempts to replace his warped door.

He, in fact, contacted me and, sounding very reasonable, expressed his view that the door presently hanging in his doorway, though not perfect, was "as good as it was going to get." He suggested that we credit him 50% of the purchase price and leave it as is,rather than continue our failed efforts trying to make it perfect. I thought this reasonable and agreed.

Several days later, however, he called again, spoke to one of my associates, and requested that we start over and make him a new door and frame. This also sounded reasonable, and I took it that he had changed his mind about the 50% "as is" offer,and we supplied him with a new door and frame.

I was surprised and dismayed when Mr. [redacted] called and demanded a 50% credit in addition to the new materials which we had provided. It was his choice to incur the expense to remove and replace the original door frame, which never had been installed correctly. We provide brand new materials at our own expense, and the time and materials we have invested in our efforts to satisfy Mr [redacted] already far, far exceed the original purchase price. We therefore will under no circumstances offer any additional credits.

Consumer Response /* (3000, 13, 2013/05/20) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT ACCEPT the response from the business.)

The House of Doors is either having amnesia about the course of events surrounding what occurred, or they're simply confabulating their story altogether. As they began their reply, by their own admission, all this started with the fact that they sold me defective product. A warped door, from the folks who do nothing but sell doors. Through no fault of my own, I was in receipt of said warped door. Although they mentioned later in their reply that it's their opinion it was installed incorrectly, that is not true. Stating that one could improperly, or properly for that matter, install a warped door is in and of itself, ridiculously absurd. The initial door they sold me was warped, after it was completely and thoroughly properly installed. Furthermore the hinges on every, subsequent replacement door were mis-aligned. Due to the fact that the vendor who services the machines for The House of Doors improperly aligned their machinery that guides them where to properly install hinges and door hardware. Meaning, subsequent replacement doors did not align with the frame that came with the first door, which had been installed by a qualified, licensed contractor in the now-finished master bath-- surrounded by expensive waterproof bead board wainscoting and door trim. In other words, the removal of the original House of Doors door frame was not cost effective. Hence several failed attempts by The House of Doors to rectify the situation, by sending their technician out several times. Who STILL couldn't manage to properly measure where the new hinges and hardware should go. In the end, my contractor had to remove the originally installed House of Doors door frame and install the new unit in its entirety. At great cost to me, both financially, in time and most certainly in frayed nerves and disruption to my 86 year old Dad's household. It remains my contention that I negotiated a 50% refund out of fairness-- that most people would have demanded a full refund. How The House of Doors in any way thinks this ridiculous mess was not completely and thoroughly their fault is astounding to me. Especially after admitting that they in fact, sold me a WARPED DOOR to begin with. As well as the fact they're incorrectly recalling the course of events that led to this complaint. They agreed that I should be compensated 50% for all my trouble. NOT because I would settle for the next to the last door they sent in an attempt to find a fit-- ridiculous. I'm sure they're out more than this door cost them, however, this door cost me nearly $2000 in just labor to finally get the fit I should have received from the start. Once again, how any of this is supposed to be MY fault is simply ridiculous, as well as thoroughly insulting from a consumer's standpoint.

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Description: Doors, Doors - Repair

Address: 9038 Ogden Ave, Brookfield, Illinois, United States, 60513-2041


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