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HR Solutions Reviews (2) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] First off the house was and is in my name, and I have paper work to prove that it is in my name, my dad give him the money on my behalf because I was out of town, [redacted] is lying about how many times he was he after the install, he was here several times after install, this is the first I have ever heard of a pressure line being bad ir fixed, the only thing he did was tear off a piece of metal yo the a-coil which never fixed the problem, he is stating the unit worked for all of July of last year, the unit was not even purchased until July so again he is w***gThe unit never worked right for more then a few daysAs far as him saying he told me to contact the manufacturer about the problem, the reason this had to take place was because he had came out here so many times he said he was washing his hands of it because he did not know what else to do for the unit to make it work rightThe manufacturer was the one who told me that the fe [redacted] should have never been low in the first place because that was not the problem, he also advised me that a lot if not all the problem was because the unit was not install properly, he advised the case that heals the a- coil had been tore up and it was not sealed right, there was gaskets missing, and the over all job was very poorAll this came from the person he told me to call [redacted] was advised also advised that the tpx value could also be bad, he never once offered to fix itSo I had to pay the manufacturer to do his job correctly, because he would or did not know how to do it his selfThe unit was never right from the get go, and [redacted] knows he was out here more then he will ever admit, he also knows he is the one who made me get another AC guy because he did not know or wanted to fix it right, as far as a day warrenty, you would have fix and install the unit right the first time and make sure it works correctly before you can say it is passed warrenty, this unit NEVER worked right more more then a week or so [redacted] can try to work every angle he can to keep from being responsible for his work, like even trying to act like the work was for my dadJust because my dad was here does not make him the owner of the homeJust another fact he not remembering correctlyI am not asking for anything that I don't deserve, the deal was I would pay him for a AC unit that works correctly, which it never did unit I had to pay someone to do the job correctly

Per [redacted] Ingle|Owner of Ingle Heating & Cooling & Air Duct Cleaning [redacted] The Heil air conditioning unit was installed July for the father of [redacted] ***, as he was the original purchaser of the unit After much negotiation with the father of ** [redacted] over the price of the unit, the father of [redacted] purchased the air conditioning unit for $ Shortly after the install, there was a malfunction in the system and one service call was made to the unitIt was diagnosed there was a leak in the pressure line, repairs were made under warranty and completed at no charge** [redacted] was able to use his air conditioning unit the remainder of the hottest months of July, August and September The first I heard of ** [redacted] for was in June I received a service call from [redacted] that the unit was freezing upI went out installed Freon, left as the unit was performing and cooling wellI did not charge for a service run, charged for the installation only of the FreonA couple of days later I received another call from ***, stating the unit wasn’t working still just rightAt that point, I turned it over to the manufacturer of the air conditioning unit, Heil, therefore fulfilling my obligation to ** [redacted] and the manufacturer of the unit From my understating, Heil instructed ** [redacted] to contact [redacted] the HVAC guy to go look at their unit It was determined the TXV value was bad; [redacted] replaced and charged ** [redacted] his labor rate to repair I don’t feel I should have to pay $for someone else’s labor because I didn’t charge him anything to come out and check the unit outThe $charge in July was for Freon only ** [redacted] would have had to pay somebody a labor rate because there is no warranty on labor from the manufacturer Typically manufacturers will offer a day labor warrantyI fulfilled my obligation as ** [redacted] was turned over to the manufacturer of the unit Regards, [redacted] Ingle

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