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To Whom it may concern: Please find supportive documentation regarding this "complaint", attached. Mr& Mrs*** were customers of Hard Rock Concrete (HRCC, Inc.)They contracted with us for new concrete patios with a decorative finist is important to note that throughout the
entire process ; start to finish, it grew difficult working with Mr***We of course, were very accommodating- being patient through his many changes and requestsIn hindsight, we should have taken note of his actions and halted the work altogether as to avoid circumstances such as thisIt is now we believe Mr*** is one of the few customers that cannot be pleasedHe shared with us on multiple occasions, he felt that (with no prior knowledge) he could get out and do work just as well himself- referencing what he had "read" or "researched" online. I assure you that as a contractor in this industry with over 30+ years of experience, that would be doubtfulWe completed his project and fulfilled our contract with him as agreed uponMr*** remitted his final credit card payment (of $3,044) several days after completion, via phone to *** (our office manager) expressing his satisfaction with the workIt was several weeks later, we heard back from Mr*** stating he had concerns regarding one of the patiosMind you, this was 3-weeks following his final payment and a conversation over the phone where he shared he was pleased with the workIt is important to note that we do offer a year warranty on our product and workmanship as stated in our contract and do stand behind such workWe have since offered him multiple solutions regarding his concerns to which none of them has he acceptedInstead, Mr*** has chosen to dispute the credit cards transactions for payment (both of his down payment & final payment) for the project Hard Rock completed for himA project, he committed & agreed to and upon completion was a satisfied customerMay I add that one of the patios completed under this contract he was 100% pleased withMr*** has threatened us verbally with actions of creating a website if we did not give his money back, as well as slandered the owner, ***, insulting his experience and intelligence ( I do have email documentation to support this)It is disheartening at this point but we now feel concerned that he is only doing this to get money backWe have been happy to work with him to resolve this matter, however, he has not beenIt is unfortunate that he is unwilling to accept our willingness to ensure his satisfaction by working with him on potential changes to a project that are due to his own indecision or mis informationWe certainly hope that this information as well as the attached documents will help in resolving this matterPlease do not hesitate to reach out to us if further information is neededThank you! --

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: There is no offer to accept.Dear *** *** , Thank you for your help with this matter.There are several errors in
their letterThe worst of which (in my opinion) are the following:----------------------------------------------------------------------... remitted
his final credit card payment (of $3,044) several days after completion"This is simply not true!
They finished August 1st in the eveningI called August 2nd from the airport
and was told *** was out of the office and she would get in touch the next
day*** emailed about 4pm August 3rd with final invoiceI called from San
Diego and paid in fullI received a Paid in full email by 5:that dayI paid as soon as it was
possible to so.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... was several
weeks later, we heard back from Mr*** stating he had concerns
regarding one of the patiosMind you, this was 3-weeks following his
final payment and a conversation over the phone where he shared he was
pleased with the work"Again, not true! I was out
of town and they knew itIn fact that is why they finished on August 1stThey
didn't want to wait until August 14th when I would be backOur dog sitter lost our dog
and we had to come home earlyAfter finding our dog, I contacted *** via
phone to ask him to come by on the 9thEight(8) days after completion on
August 1st , seven(7) of which I was unavailableSix days after final payment
(not 3-weeks) One day after finding
our dogAnd, the first day I had the opportunity to walk the project after
completion.Furthermore, I told *** it
was not as I envisionedHowever, I was NOT going to risk stressing out a woman
who was due to give birth in a matter of days with something she had no control
over and wasn't at fault forIt seems to me like they should appreciate that,
not hold it against me.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------... /> Their statements appear to me to be liesIt is my opinion that this is a
deliberate attempt to mislead you to believe that I am a deadbeat customer that
wants something for nothing. I assure
you that is NOT the caseI just want what was agreed upon or to be made whole
I will refute the rest of
their non-sense letter if you wish I have compiled a timeline
for your review using the email threads between myself and HRCC IncPlease
find the timeline and the supporting email thread attachments(ref: All
attachments that start with “Email” The following numbers are the dates they
containe.g“Email8-21to8-30” is from Aug to Aug 30) These documents will help you to understand
the sequence of events and discover the truth of what actually occurred.I have also included several
pictures to help you better understand the situation and a letter named
“Pictures” that gives an explanation of what I sent to youPlease don’t
hesitate to contact me for any additional information or pictures you may need.I have learned quite a bit
about stamped concrete over the past few monthsOne thing that stands out is,
stamped concrete is as much an art as it is a scienceA three( 3) dimensional
artA two(2) dimensional picture rarely does it justice in both its beauty and
its flawsWhat may look good from a far is often far from goodHowever,
because we can see 3D, it’s easy to tell a good job from a bad one when you are
standing on itPlease find pictures
GoodDepth, BadDepthand BadDepthHere you will see the one(1) good
impression (GoodDepth) compared to the rest of the patioe.g BadDepth&
BadDepth2.I have shown this patio to
several professionals both in person and through picturesOther than HRCC Inc,
every one of them has been able to pick out the obvious flawsNone of them
believe a poorly stamped patio such as this one can be “fixed” by any method
HRCC Inc has suggested. *** *** , head of sales for Chem Systems Inc says:“Conclusion - the issues identified are install
issues. In my opinion this stamp was not rotated as the crew worked across
the patio resulting in a repeating pattern. The edges were hammered harder than the body
of the stamp creating the outside perimeter ridge that
is very noticeable. The body of the stamp was not imprinted properly, due
to lack of experience with this pattern in regard to how deep the imprint
needs to be. This pattern is supposed to mimic large flag stones with small
stones set in the grout joints.
The large flag stones have deep texture, and the small stones have rounded tops.
This patio has minimal texture on the large stones and flat tops on the small stones. In my
opinion I would not consider this an acceptable installation. If you don't believe me, Google "garden stone stamp
pattern" and look at the finished projects and compare. “ And *** *** from the
stamp manufacturer says,“Like I said there are flaws for sure on the
texture and the alignment on some areas no doubt but I don’t know how you guys
can fix the situation between the two of you.” Since HRCC Inc cannot or
will not acknowledge the flaws it’s unlikely they can correct themWe must
first acknowledge a problem before we can begin to correct it In conclusion I would like
to add that I am convinced that it is not possible to add texture and depth to
existing concreteIt is also not possible to add color without removing the
sealerEven then it would look like a patch jobAnd it is certainly not
possible to eliminate excessive repetitionThe raised seams could possibly be
ground down but there are a lot of tight corners to cutIt would take a real
artist and a whole lot of timeIt is truly not fixableThat is why when
something can’t be changed we say ,”It’s in concrete.” or “Set in stone.”. The only solution is removal of this failed
experiment and I believe HRCC Inc knows thatI have tried to convince
them to keep this issue out of the public eye for their benefit but they
refuseI don’t believe *** stands
behind his productI think he just stands behind his wallet and his ego.He seems to lack integrity
to meIntegrity is the shield to greed and vanity.Thank you again for your
time. Sincerely,*** ***p.s.In the pictures you will find the image from the HRCC INC website of the
pattern I choose (ref: What_I_Paid4.jpg )
and the colors I selected when I said, "the same color as on your
website" on July You will also find pictures of the finished product
(ref: What_I_Got.jpg) Other than the
base color gray, there is no resemblance1: There are no visible seams in the
website picture although it has parts of three stampsI added red lines in a
copy of “What_I_Paid4.jpg “ so you could see the separation of the stamps .Whereas my patio has severalIn fact most of the seams are quite visible
to the extent that you can easily make out the shape of the RSstampYou
should NOT see that at ALL! (ref: Seams1.jpg )2: The website picture shows contour, detail and texture of all the stones
including the small ones.Whereas my patio has only one(1) impression out of the over that has
that detailMost of the 40+ impressions have very little texture and some have
no texture at all in places(ref: GoodDepth.jpg, BadDepth)3: The website picture shows three(3) stamp impressions together without
pattern repetition.Whereas my patio has several areas of pattern repetition with as many as
six(6) in a row without a single rotation of the stamp4: The website picture has several colorsShades of yellow, some soft red
and many shades grayThere is no black to speak ofCertainly no BLack lines
everywhere(ref: What_I_Paid4.jpg ) Whereas mine has only gray and blackThat's it! There are no additional
colorsI asked *** where all the colors where before they finishedHe
assured me that they will be "drawn out" by the sealerThey were
notPlease note the black throughout the patioIn all the seams, between all
the stones and anywhere there is the slightest texture, nothing but black(ref:
Any picture of my patio.)5: There is even two impressions that are double stamped(ref:

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