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H&S Motorsports

1222 S Hillcrest Dr, Washington, Utah, United States, 84780-1371

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On 2/11/2019 I purchased H&S part #*** on Amazon for $274.19. The product is advertised as having a 1 year warranty. The part developed a crack, causing air and oil to leak. On 1/27/2020 I emailed H&S to request a replacement part. Dallas at H&S immediately responded, requesting a picture of the cracked tube. I responded with the picture on 2/8/2020. On 2/10/2020 Dallas responded, requesting my address so that he can "get a hose coming". I replied the same day with my address. On 2/26/2020, I followed up with Dallas having not received the tube. He replied the same day indicating that I would have to pay for a replacement, as in his opinion the crack in the tube was not a "self-induced failure", but that he would "split the cost" for $55 shipped. I replied by email, as well as left a voice message for Dallas, but have heard nothing since, and still have not received a replacement tube.

H&S Motorsports Response • Mar 13, 2020

Below is the email correspondence between the customer and myself. I never deemed the part to be warrant-able in any of our emails. I specifically had the customer check his coolant level to see if it was low as that is the number cause for part failure. He checked it and said that it was low, confirming the reason why our part failed. The part did not fail on it's own. It failed because the coolant level was low.

Warranty request - ***Customer-Hello, I am requesting warranty replacement of the silicone tube portion of the pipe purchased on 2/11/19 on Amazon (receipt attached). The tube on my vehicle has cracked, with only 25k miles and less than 1 year since installation. Please advise the procedure for replacement.Thank you!***

H&S MotorsportsCan you send me some pictures of the crack?Thanks,H&S Motorsports

Customer-Hi ---------, thanks for the quick reply! I will have the truck back here tomorrow and will get a picture over to you ASAP.Thanks!***

Customer-Hi Dallas, sorry for the delay, here is a picture.***

H&S Motorsports-***, That looks like a heat crack. Double check and make sure that your secondary coolant reservoir (in the front by the radiator) is full. I see this happen a lot with these trucks when the coolant gets low. A lot of the time, the intercoolers leak coolant and the levels drop. Let me know what you find. What's your shipping address so I can get you a hose coming?

Customer-Hi Dallas, the secondary reservoir is indeed just a tad low. Would this indicate an issue with the intercooler causing the charged air to not be cooled appropriately? I had 2 failures with factory CAC pipes before I put the H&S pipe on, both times replaced under warranty by the dealer.My shipping address is ***

H&S Motorsports-***,As crazy as it sounds, we did some testing and found that being just one quart low on coolant caused a huge difference in the coolant temps. There's not a ton of fluid in that system anyway, so being slightly low is a good chunk out of the system. I actually tell people to fill it clear to the top of the reservoir and keep an eye on it.

Customer-I appreciate the info!One more question, I have another truck ordered, a 2020 with the 6.7. Do you see the 2017+ trucks having the same issues with the CAC pipe blowing apart? Wondering if I should be prepared on the new truck from the get-go.Thanks!***

H&S Motorsports-

***,I apologize. Somehow, I missed your previous email. As I suspected, the low coolant seems to bite more people than I can even tell you. It's unfortunate because it seems to be a fairly common issue that most people don't know about. Keep an eye on the coolant level. If it continues to consume coolant, it's most likely a leaking intercooler, however, it can also be a variety of hoses and other parts including the thermostat housing near the valley of the motor. Take a look over all of that and see if you can find anything that would indicate an external leak. If you have questions about it, don't hesitate to hit me up. I've seen just about every imaginable scenario. Technically, I need to have you pay for a replacement hose as it was not a self induced failure of the hose. I will split the cost of the hose with you for $55 shipped. Customer-Hi Dallas, that's an acceptable compromise to me. Still cheaper and more reliable than putting a factory pipe back on it.Do you send me an invoice, or how do I pay the $55?H&S Motorsports-You can call with a card or we can do PayPal. Either way works for me.

As you can see in the above email conversations, the customer clearly confirmed that the truck was low on coolant, the part failed because the truck was low on coolant and the customer agreed to split the cost of the replacement part with H&S Motorsports (generous on our end as the failure was not our fault).

After some missed phone calls between the two of us, the customer contacted us on March 11th demanding that we owed him a replacement part and that he would "be filing a complaint on amazon,, as well as with my bank, in an effort to return the money spent on the defective part, that was supposed to be replaced under warranty, and purchase a different/any other brand than H&S, as well as ensuring that neither I, or anyone I know, ever purchases any of your products ever again due to the poor service I've received."

This was our response immediately after receiving his email-

***,I'm sorry you feel the way you do. At no time did I ever say that you would receive a free part under warranty. I specifically said it looked like the hose had failed from a heat issue and asked that you verify my suspicion by checking the coolant level, which you did. You specifically stated that the coolant level was low which, as I told you, is the number one cause of failure of those hoses. We cannot be held responsible for failures due to outside sources. I told you that I would split the cost of the hose with you (generous on our part as, again, it was not our parts' fault). You agreed that was fair.I did get your voicemail as I was out of the office at the time you called. I called back in an attempt to reach you and had no luck in doing so. I can verify this with our phone records. Again, I'm sorry that we missed each other. I should have followed up with an email. We both could have reached out again I guess. I have made an attempt to help you figure out any potential issues with your truck beyond what your immediate thought was. I have tried to help you avoid future failures by providing information and asking you to check additional items that I commonly see. I care about my customers and don't want to see things like this happen regardless of the cause. That is why I spend extra time finding the root problem. What would you like me to do at this point? I am willing to help in any reasonable way.

The customer never responded to this email and immediately contacted the

I feel like we have dealt with the customer in very professional way. We helped him find the root issue with his truck and offered to spit the cost of the replacement part. Again, we never deemed the part to be covered under warranty and, after receiving the pictures and info the customer provided, deemed it to be NOT covered under warranty. At which time the customer agreed with our assessment and agreed to pay the $55 to get a replacement.

Thank you

Customer Response • Mar 13, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

Dallas conveniently left out the dates of the correspondence in his message below. As demonstrated in my initial complaint, Dallas said "what's your shipping address so I can get a hose coming" after receiving pictures of the crack. I responded the same day with my shipping address, Dallas's reply was "As crazy as it sounds, we did some testing and found that being just one quart low on coolant caused a huge difference in the coolant temps. There's not a ton of fluid in that system anyway, so being slightly low is a good chunk out of the system. I actually tell people to fill it clear to the top of the reservoir and keep an eye on it." Never once stating that he needed payment, or that the warranty request was denied. Asking for my shipping address so they can "get a hose coming" was taken to mean that the replacement was on it's way. I waited over 2 weeks for the tube to arrive before following up. It was only at that time that I was told they wanted $55. I called and emailed the same day, and didn't receive a reply again until my follow-up on 3/11/2020.

This company clearly has a lack of customer service skills, implying to a customer that a hose is coming, when in fact it is not. Then not doing anything for weeks at a time, even when the customer is continuing to request a replacement.

At this point, I'm not paying $55 for a part that I was led to believe was on it's way over a month ago. As a matter of principal, I will not be spending $55 with a company that does not respond to customer requests in a timely fashion and misleads the customer.

The business can step up, and take care of the customer, and provide the replacement part, free of charge, and rectify their poor, untimely, and misleading communication. That is the only resolution I will accept. If the company does not step up and make this right, I will continue on my quest to ensure other consumers are not misled, purchase faulty products from this company, or have the misfortune of having to deal with their "customer service" team.


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Address: 1222 S Hillcrest Dr, Washington, Utah, United States, 84780-1371


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