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HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A.

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Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: I know with out a doubt that the damage to my vehicle happen while in the care of Crowley Chrysler. The dealership worked on my *** twice in the same week; I brought my *** to the dealership originally on Saturday 8/15/2015, because I needed to have my alternator replaced. As always, I walked around my vehicle to note that there were no damages before and after the repair, and there was notThe second time the vehicle was brought in to repair a recall on Saturday 8/22/2015, I did as I always; walked around my *** to note if there were any damages prior to the vehicle being repaired, and there were not. However when I arrived back to the dealership that afternoon after the repair was complete to recover my vehicle; I did my customary inspection and notice that the front bumper was damaged; it had two small embedded marks(scratches)on the front bumper. I went back inside to speak with the team manager *** *** about the damages and he said that he spoke to the technician who worked on my vehicle, and he said he did not notice the damage. I request that *** *** note the service invoice for the damages being reported that day before I left the dealershipOn Monday 8/24/I returned to the dealership to speak with *** *** about the damages; he said there is no way of indicating that the damages happen while in the care of dealership and that he was not going to repair it, because basically there was no proof to confirm my complaint and further more the dealership was not responsible for any damages that may happen to your vehicle while in the dealership for repairI strongly disagree, because I entrusted the care of my vehicle to the dealership; to repair my vehicle and in such a case any reasonable person would deduce that the dealership would be a good steward over my investment ( my vehicle) and not have such a calculated and callous response to my complaint.
*** ***

The customer picked up and paid for rims without any incident. Two weeks later he contacted us and said that one of the rims was damaged. We examined it and it appears to have been hit by something. It is quite noticeable. He never would have left the Dealership if it had been damaged here We cannot be held responsible for something brought to our attention after weeks of driving. The matter is closed as far as we are concerned. Regards Tom M***General Manager

The vehicle came in to us with the check engine light onThat was the customers primary concernWe performed diagnostic testing and a road testThe diagnostic testing showed faults for a bad speed sensor, we noted on the road test that the rear differential was very noisy and would need an
overhaulThe customer was charged for the electrical diagnostic testing only$+ tax for the check engine light on, and declined any repairsNo further action will be taken by Crowley Chrysler Jeep Dodge

As I stated in the complaint Crowley park the car close to another on the side the rims were replaced so only standing from front & Back you could see the rimsThe Rim in question with the mark really can't be seen from standing near itI found it when cleaning after returning from a trip on Columbus DayThe Service Manager told me he take pictures and send to Dodge to review which was a complete lie because I received a call the next day by 11:saying the found no fault on their endI'd like to see proof that on 10/that photo's were sent to dodge, if never done then why did he LIE
I found from other complaints on that it appears this is pattern of blaming the customer
Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** ***

Deposit was refunded to the customer as soon as the customer provided credit card information as required
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

When Mr*** picked up the vehicle, The scratch on the front bumper was reviewed with the team manager and the technician who work on the vehicleit is our determination that the vehicle was not damaged by usAlso our repair orders clearly states that any damages that occur to vehicles in our
lot that is beyond our control is not the responsibility of the dealershipIf we had damaged the vehicle we would simply repair it at no cost to the customerThat is not the case*** *** Service Manager, Crowley Chrysler

I received a call from Chryslers customer call center. I explained to the rep from Chrysler that the damage was reported 2 weeks after the vehicle left our store. The rep understood, however, They told me they were going to do a good will purchase of a new rim to replace the damaged rim and assign the customer to a different dealer. If Chrysler follows through with what they told me, This would be a dead issue, and again we can't take responsibility for damage on a vehicle 2 weeks after it left our  store. Tim S[redacted],  Crowley Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

[redacted] purchased a "used" [redacted] that had no floor mats in it.  He negotiated all weather mats into the purchase which he received.  "After" the purchase Mr. [redacted] found the original factory window sticker in the vehicle which listed the carpeted mats when the truck was...

new which it was not.  This had nothing to do with [redacted] purchase. Crowley does not owe [redacted] further.  We are sorry that he is upset but the matter is closed as far as Crowley CJD is concerned.  Thank you.[redacted]Operations Manager

Crowley RV service Manger [redacted] will be contacting the customer today to schedule the vehicle before the warranty expires.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and find that this resolution is satisfactory...

to me.
They called Friday not Thursday  Gal that called said we were not operating it properly.  When we took camper in two of their service people went out and tried slideouts.  The first one went about two inches and stopped.  They determined one of two motors was not working.  The other slideout they found that the awning was putting weight on the slideout and that was why it didn't always work.  I also pointed out that a leak we had just paid them to repair was still leaking.  They still have the camper.

We had Mr. [redacted] come to the dealership so I could inspect the rims. If found there was a defect they would be under warranty, We found the rim had damage, approx. 2 weeks after we installed the rims. Crowley Chrysler can not take responsibility for damage to a vehicle 2 weeks after it left our...

dealership. Tim S[redacted], Service Manager.

Unfortunately we received an inaccurate payoff on customer's previous loan. We are sorry for the misunderstanding but it still does not change the customers obligation.   We deposit all checks and have a company policy of 10 business days to return any deposit given by check.  However we...

encouraged the customer to stop payment on her check if she could and we would reimburse her the charge.  She fails to mention that in her complaint.  The matter is closed as far as Crowley is concerned. Tom M[redacted]General Manager


Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Hi [redacted],           I clearly know Crowley isn't going to do anything for me (If fact Chrysler Corp. is looking into this for me and was very            concerned with the individuals involved).           Anyway, I'd like to add a reply to Tom M[redacted] comment so the public has a clear understand and not to have Crowley have the            last word to try and switch the blame on me the consumer."First of all the Manager Tom M[redacted] never saw the vehicle and is calling it noticeable because he looked at a photo taken by he Service manager from less then 1/2 inch from the dent which I had to point out. It's not noticeable and any photo taken that close would be noticeable taken in that contexts.  If Fact I did some tests on my own and depending on the routine of the wheel, it's almost impossible to see the dent/mark.  If the wheel is position with the dent/mark on top you'd be able to find it easier, if the positioned on the bottom it's impossible without getting on you knees and searching for it (with the knowledge it exist).Also Mr. M[redacted] never addressed the fact the service manager told me he was going to send the photos to Chrysler for review (which never happened)"Please let me know if you can add the reply above.Thanks,[redacted]

The customer made an appointment for the check engine light on to be diagnosed. We performed the diagnostics and that was the only service he was charged for. We will not refund for diagnostic charges based on the customer doing his own repairs after the diagnostics. [redacted]

At this time we feel this would be a matter for Mr. [redacted] insurance, and Crowley Chrysler insurance to sort out. We have no way to prove where and when the damage occurred. The technician that worked on the vehicle did not damage the vehicle. We do not know if it happened prior to the service visit, when parked out in the lot, We do not know. Again we feel this matter should be settled by the insurance companies for both. [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:
[redacted] I was told I needed a new differential for my car I had replace the speed sensor before taking my vehicle for service I place a new one and still have the same issue I don't know if its the wires but the information about speed sensor I already knew what I wanted was information on why the speed sensor dont work  i have receipt of the speed sensor I purchase a week before  and a week  after taking my car for service

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