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Hy-Tech Landscaping

PO Box 1252, New Lenox, Illinois, United States, 60451-6252

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Company is not professional. Steve a sales person for company makes promises and doesn't fill those promises. We have issues with our pergola and patio and they are not fixing them. Our pergola has lots of cracks and patio has standing puddles when it rains. We been trying to get them to make repairs since May and its now September and they are avoiding us, An email was even sent to the owner of the company and still no reply. Just can't believe you spend so much money and you get screwed. I would not recommend this company.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Oct 05, 2020

In response to this client we sent out the original architect and met with them two times to discuss all aspects of the repairs at hand . We then sent out two of the original crew members/ crew chiefs that were on site for the original build out to address the repairs . The techs were on site for 3-4 hours to complete warranties .All repairs were completed and reviewed with the homeowner Mrs. mother which she was in satisfactory with all aspects . No one avoid this client period , I believe there was a Lack or miscommunication with Mrs. and her mother . The puddling on the patio in a few areas was adjacent to the pergola posts which were repaired and the so called cracks on the pergola are normal distress that occurs on wood . Under the guidance of our head carpenter this client was advised last August 2019 to seal the wood structure within the first few months they chose not too. No one got screwed we actually received an award for the design on this project . We also have all emails and texts to back this up . I feel this client for whatever reason should not be able to state false statements. We have satisfied all aspects of the repairs on this project , and closed the file as satisfied.

Hi tech does not deserve an A review. On June 3, 2019 they pressure washed , sanded and sealed our paver driveway. Within a week the sand was gone from portions of the driveway. We called steve to apply more sand. Nothing was done, Lisa *** from the company responded that they didn’t guarantee sand and the rainy weather caused the problem.
If it was sealed correctly would have the sand washed away??
Our driveway now is covered in weeds coming through the cracks. It is going to cost us $2,000. to to have it redone, in less than a year.
I sent an email to the owner Mr.Slyliano *** , with pictures, but got no answer.
The only resolution I see is $2000. paid to the company we now hired to repair the damage.
I have pictures that I can email to you.

Buyer beware. This company does not guarantee their work. I had issue with my paver patio the following year after installation. I called several times. They promised they would come out and do the repairs. Never showed up to do them. I am very disappointed with their work and professionalism.
Sylvia C

In June of 2017 I had a concrete sidewalk and pad installed. Over the winter of 2017-2018 the concrete began to crumble. I contacted the company in February of 2018. They replace 2 of the sections of the concrete. The rest of the sidewalk looked like it was also not right, but they only replaced the 2 worst sections. Over the winter of 20018-2019 the rest of the sidewalk started to crumble. I contacted my sales rep Steve in March of 2019 and at first he responded to me. After several request for someone to come out he stated that they didn't think they would replace it pro bono, but he would try and work with the office to get me some sort of credit since there was an underlying issue. The last I heard from him in July of 2019. I have called him, the company and emailed the company and there has been no response. I am looking to have the rest of the sidewalk replaced. It is obvious that the initial materials used were defective.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Oct 18, 2019

In Regards to the concrete walkway the customer advised us in 2018 that a small section of the concrete started to crumble . We immediately replaced the sections as needed . There was no other damage or crumbling to any other sections as the customer stated . This year we were notified that another section of the concrete started to look bad ,and possibly would need to be repaired or replaced . We looked at it and advised the customer there’s nothing we can do at this point . All concrete warranties are exactly one year just as most other concrete installers . We feel there could be an underlying problem that is contributing to the damage of the concrete . Our tech tried to explain to the customer there is nothing we can do as it’s over the warranty .If the customer is willing to pay for the repair/replacement we’d be happy to help at a discounted rate . Our main goal is to try and help clients if possible even when warranties expire .

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Oct 18, 2019

Our position in this matter is as we specified on the previous message . We unfortunately can’t do anything further , nor can we extend warranties past the one year period on concrete . We would open to offering this customer a discount next season on replacement or repair as needed .

Customer Response • Oct 27, 2019

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I believe we are at a stalemate. You will not replace the sidewalk and are sticking by the one year warranty. I believe that this should be covered since the concrete was showing signs of degradation last year and you did not address it then. I realize that I should have pushed harder last year when I knew that concrete would not last. I guess this is a lesson for myself. I would also like to point out that during this entire process a representative from Hy-Tech has never reached out to me to offer a quote on how much it would be to replace the concrete. I am very disappointed in the customer service that Hy-Tech has provided (or rather failed to provide).



Terrific experience with HyTech Landscaping. We live in a condominium community that has restrictions on external improvements of the units. In 2016 we contacted HyTech and worked with Steve to craft an HOA approved patio improvement that included considerable pavers, steps and a chair wall. In the summer of 2019 we noticed that the char wall had started to lean approximately 5 degrees toward the house. Very noticeable. We contacted HyTech, Steve came out in short order with a crew. They disassembled the wall, reinforced the foundation and completely fixed the leaning wall in less than a day. With the harsh 2018/2019 winter and the heavy spring rains the ground had become unstable under the wall. Steve also worked with HyTech's technicians to install drain holes in the base of the wall to move more water off of the patio to ensure that heavy rains don't flood the foundation of the patio and wall. We are very pleased with the solution we received from Steve and the HyTech crews. We have asked Steve for estimates on additional patio and chair wall work.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Oct 10, 2019

Thank you so much for your kind positive review . Yes the record breaking rains definitely has an impact on the retaining wall . Rest assure we take care of any issues on our warranties. Thanks for being patient as well it’s been rough this year with rains and scheduling. Also thanks for the new project we will be attending to fall if 2019.

I'd recommend looking elsewhere. Hy-Tech is very unprofessional, have absolutely no respect for your time, and are horrible with communication. We scheduled Steve for an estimate and he never showed up. Called the front office that night who said they'd look into it and never returned my call. Emailed them the next day and Lisa explained that they had the appointment for the next day. Steve never showed up for that one either. There are tons of great landscaping companies out there, don't waste your time with this one

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Oct 10, 2019

This person mixed up the date of our consultation, we tried to reach out and left a message to come out the next day . They never responded back but then we get a review stating we should of just shown up unannounced. Sorry we don’t do that mixup happened on your end , but don’t blame us and Deface our company. Very not ethically correct

Steve was responsive to all questions and requests.. The workmanship was excellent. We were very pleased with the end result.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Jun 25, 2019

We thank you so much for the positive review , I’m glad Steve and the crew at your project did a great job.

I had brick billets put around my patio landscaping and a small island in the front of my house. I am very pleased with the work done. It made such a beautiful addition. The workers were friendly and cleaned up everything. I would highly recommend Hy-tech landscaping.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • Jun 20, 2019

It was our pleasure to create and build your new landscaping.

High quality work. All employees from beginning to end were the best we ever worked with. They went beyond our expectations. The final product was so great many neighbors stopped to check it out. And our architecture committee made a point of coming to look at it. I think they may be getting more jobs in Carrilon Lakes. Our thanks to all for the professional job that was done.

Hy-Tech Landscaping Response • May 15, 2019

It was our pleasure to work with you ,Steve K and crew commented how nice your were to them as well.

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Address: PO Box 1252, New Lenox, Illinois, United States, 60451-6252


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