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Hydroswing North America Inc

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Monday, May 07, 2018

There is a a warrant out for the arrest of Marshal Parker. The UK citizen who owned Hydroswing.

Heard a rumor he's absconded to Spain where his mother lives, as apposed to returning to the UK where he's supposedly lost his home and upset some fairly ruthless gangsters.

Keep your eyes on the following websites for progress:,_Inc_v_... />


If you are looking for Marshal Parker, he is living at the Rancho Santa Fe Inn...the nicest hotel in San Diego. He is living the good life - swimming, hot tubbing, and drinking in the bar every evening. Go look him up - he has been there all month!,_Inc_v_...

Interesting reading. We came close to doing business in Europe with hydro swing some time ago. Even spoke with a company called main road sheet metal in England who might build their doors for them. We finally chose company called Jewers Hangar Doors to help us.


Stay away from this company! Your chances of being burned are very high. The man that owns this company , Marshal J. Parker, is a con man and has been scamming innocent people for many years now. He has a history of taking your deposit and not delivering anything. He has had approx. 12 lawsuits against him in San Diego county in the last 2 years alone. ! STAY AWAY !


His long term girlfriend finally left him.
He has no hanger company left.
The man is a fraud and a bum.


I write this review from a very different angle. I am the founder and chairman of a UK manufacturing company making 28volt DC ground power equipment and and 115volt 400Hz AC converters in use world wide and at major airports such as London Heathrow.
I have known the owner of Hydro-swing -Marshal Parker for more than 15 years.

He inherited his father's firework business and had I believe a major contract to store Explosives for the UK MOD --and with this and other assets, enjoyed a lavish lifestyle with his own MD500 Helicopter. He is a man with an enormous ego -- charming ,and in many respects highly competent regarding marketing . In seeking to sort a door for his hangar at his UK home, he found the original Hydroswing company based in (coincidentally) Marshall ,Minnesota. He liked the product and somehow bought the company from its founder .--Marshal owning a company in Marshall.- was too good a coincidence to let go I suspect.

I visited the plant with Marshal some time after he had purchased it. Clearly, this was his first venture into the real world of manufacturing with what by comparison with our own highly advanced solid state GPUs, is simple iron work and basic hydraulics . Marshal, from his US home in CA , would fly into to the local airport in a private rented lear jet and with his entourage of a couple of "advisers" would hold court conveying the impression of the busy executive and super successful businessman .The nuances of running a tough production plant with local labour was clearly never understood.

When the business failed and went bankrupt, Marshall blamed the workforce claiming they played around as soon as he left and productivity was appalling .The evidence is that the work force took huge advantage of the lack of effective management.
While this is very possibly true,I told him several times that He was to blame for not sorting out the supervision and for trying to run a serious manufacturing business remotely and with no production skills.

Marshal ,never accepted in my view that like so many people who have inherited wealth and a lavish lifestyle--that it can only be maintained out of positive cash flow. Marshal lost the highly lucrative MOD explosive storage contract.He still continued with his UK home and his California home and I am told even maxed the credit card of the sister of one of his employees before the original hydroswing folded causing severe hardship.

In his defence, Marshal claims he poured a lot of hisown money into the original Hydro-swing operation --but while blaming everyone at the plant, the truth which Marshal will not accept is that it was his responsibility as the CEO to run the business-not simply blame the team.
As an aside, I saw his sales force at the Florida Sun and Fun air show one year with their impressive trailer and semi-rig -driven all the way from Minnesota--- Truly appalling. We deliberately went up to the trailer and looked "interested " in the product. --No response at all, The sales persons simply didn't care . They were there for the fun and the team simply carried on drinking beer!. I reported this total waste of money and resources to Marshal-. All too late, the rot was there from the work force in Marshall to the sales force. --All drinking from the well that was not being replenished by invoiced sales due to lack of controls and ineffective management.

It seems to me that all these Hydro-swing let down customers are the victim of Marshal's ego, his life style and his lack of proper production management experience.

When Hydroswing first went into bankruptcy, Marshal tried to hive off his MD500 to a third party so as to remove the asset from the reach of the liquidator. This failed badly when the UK company that was "storing " the machine accepted a bid from a US person and sold it . There was a major disagreement ,but the sale was considered clean and thus Marshal lost his Helicopter. Thus Marshal lost his key status toy.
Whenever I spoke to Marshal, He always blamed other people for the bad publicity. It was never his fault. His ego is huge , his charm excellent --and we have spent many hours over the years discussing various matters as friends. However, If I had a success, or major contract or even a black cat , Marshal, had a bigger success or a blacker cat,such is his ego.
In my view, his need to prove himself along side his refusal to cut his coat according to the cloth, has driven him to try at all costs to maintain his Hydroswing operation as the business that will extradite him from his current situation both in financial terms and business credibility terms .
I warned him that cutting and welding bits of steel and shipping them from Mexico across the US and then assembling them is a tough game which I would never entertain. Sadly, He has failed to understand that the key to success is superb customer support and total ethics. However, as with my business, the path to obtain this is along slow one over 24 years--but wow, does it pay dividends eventually.
Sadly, Marshal has crossed the divide and his need for cash via deposit has ruined his credibility. one might coin the phrase Ponzi scheme In stock market terms except that was never the intention . To me,Marshal would not and never will admit his failings. The negative comments regarding Hydro-swing say it all--but I can guarantee ,Marshal will blame others. For a man of his ego, He is not capable of admitting he lacks the skill and man management experience required to see the pitfalls of the original Hydroswing operation.
He is not alone , but alas in desperately trying to keep his business afloat, he has let down numerous people. I can point a finger at many people,both in the UK and the US that are verging on pure dishonesty-driven by the need to maintain their extravagant lifestyle.
With many smaller manufacturers, the desperate need to pay suppliers have many times forced the collection of deposits which instead of being placed in a deposit account , were used in a manner similar to a ponzi scheme in that they were their funding previous clients orders.

I can guarantee Marshal was not a dishonest person . The events and situations that the various internet comments and threads have exposed suggest there has been a change. desperate me do desperate things . Sadly, I suspect Marshal's life style -minus MD500 Helicopter ,remains generally the same and there in lies the problem. In a few words Marshal, don't let the Brits down. Get your jacket off and find someone to listen to for once who really understands production and the manufacturing process
In military terms ,you are an appalling leader. Spearheading the marketing advance superbly with your brochures and marketing --but completely forgetting about the logistics of feeding the machine and its cash flow requirements--and please don't blame the subcontractors again--

It was clear that


At KVLD we have 16 Hydroswing aircraft hangar doors and are trying to source parts for them. Do you or does anyone else know where we might find parts? Thanks, Jim USA 229-333-1833

Rancho I'm sorry to hear you were treated unfairly. Allegedly the attorneys Burkhardt And Larson never got paid either.

5 years ago he rented my CA home at a rent of $10k month on a 2 year lease. Stopped paying rent after a few months for no reason. Used a Rancho Santa Fe (Burkhardt) attorney at every turn to play games. Eviction procedure 3 times, each time he would come up with $ somehow. Then not pay the next month. In hindsight, he was obviously taking money from others to sustain his lifestyle with w woman and 2 kids in my home. They broke everything in my home and then took me to small claims court for the security deposit. He still drives around Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe in a new Porsche, smiling and waving at everybody. Ego?

I'm an ex employee of Marshal Parker and can tell you this character reference is on the money. Parker is an arrogant man with absolutely no understanding of how to run a business or turn a profit. He's all about giving things away because to him the sales make him feel good. To hell with the cash flow.

He's lost everything (that wasn't loaned or borrowed or hired to look good on his arm) yet he continues to tell people he's a "door entrepreneur". Talk about living in a bubble, the results don't lie and are out there for all to see.

Walk into the ocean Marshal, and don't look back.

We purchased the fancy show trailer . . . from the Bank , got at a cheap price, nice trailer ! Now we use it at trade shows to sell our product line and pass out literature !
A gentleman phone us and said did u know the trailer is for sale, we said we would call the bank that had the financing... sure enough they sold it on the spot, they wanted their money
The TV's were missing or removed, but the price was right !
Mike S

As a door manufacturer I can tell you that we have had people call us after purchasing doors from Hydroswing North America and they have not received the door, or parts, or the level of service expected.

I may consider directing burnt Hydroswing customers that I speak with to this website so they can share their views.


I have a 20 x 65 hydroswing It is used daily and has been opened and closed during 80 mph gusts.We have used it to tow through snow up the apron It has been trouble free! Difficult to get a return phone call for tech support for information


I paid for a hydroswing door 1 year ago and they have not delivered or even replied to my lawyers and I even filed suit against them with no response . classic con-man fraud ,big time. I would join with others to take him down via state and federal fraud complaints. This guy is latent and must be stopped. Contact me if you want to help take them on and maybe get a refund.


The address of Mr Marshal Parker of Hydroswing is available for free on Google if you wish to serve him.

Here it is...
167 13th St Del Mar, CA 92014

Marshal Parker is your man. He lives in Del Mar, CA. Spends his morning at the Starbucks if you need to serve him. He is a fraud.


Please contact me. We have had similar experience.

Hydroswing did the same to us. Took a hefty deposit from us and did not deliver. After repeated calls/messages from us and over lawyer he did not deliver. But he tried his best to delay us of filing the lawsuit. Which we have done now. Marshal Parker seems to be a crook. He needs to be stopped. It is sad that people like him are abusing the system and taking advantage of peoples hard earned money. Seems like his activity are criminal in nature. I would not mind joining hands with other to try him in court so he does not continue to do this... I just found out there is Hydroswing Canada. Which he is running also. I hope some authority over here and in Canada look into their practice.


Review: We have paid a deposit on the delivery and installation of a Hydroswing door. The company does not respond to requests for a delivery date.

Major Milestones:

2/10/2016 -2/22/2016: Multiple emails between [redacted], MKL Construction and [redacted], President, Hydroswing requesting delivery date – None provided

11/24/2015 -2/3/2016: Multiple emails between [redacted], MKL Construction, Project Manager & [redacted] requesting delivery date – None provided

11/18/2015: [redacted] emailed signed drawings (by [redacted], President MKL Construction) giving approval for production to [redacted], Hydroswing.

10/1/2015: Change Order [redacted]/CO-2 issued by Hydroswing – for Aluminum Threshold Plate, Weather Seals, and Glass Stops.

8/26/2015: Lien Wavier signed by [redacted] for $8,900.00 payment. Check #[redacted]

8/25/2015: Deposit paid to Hydroswing $8,900.00, check #[redacted], remaining $8,900.00 payable on delivery.

7/13/2015: Updated Quote #[redacted] (Door) and [redacted]-1 (installation) were issued by Hydroswing – [redacted]

6/15/2015: Quote #[redacted] (Door) and [redacted]-1 (installation) were issued by Hydroswing – [redacted].Desired Settlement: Deliver and install the door that was ordered immediately.


Please contact me. We had a similar experience.

Review: Beginning in July 2015 our hangar expansion project began. At the very beginning of the project Hydroswing was engaged and was to have their engineer make the door specific to our project specs. We had problems with anyone responding in a timely manner with the engineering piece. After a lengthy time of non-responsiveness we thought we had resolved all issues and the door was being manufactured. As the final step to our building completion we were to have the door delivered and installed in February 2016. After many, many phone calls and emails to multiple people at the Hydroswing company we were left with no responses or any word on when we would have a door or even if they had started to manufacture the door. We finally spoke to someone at the company that informed us that they were delayed and that it would be 6-8 weeks before they would deliver the door. We have tried to contact them again so that we can get a firm delivery date and again with absolutely no response. We are not even sure if they are telling us the truth, have they even started building our door? It would be understandable if they had a delay and we could not get the door right away but they refuse to even give us any sort of delivery date. We are now stuck with a giant building that holds airplanes as big as 737's and we cannot use it until we have the door installed. Can someone please tell us when we will have our door? We were required to pay them 50% down in July 2015 when we began the project and they wont return our deposit otherwise we would go somewhere else and buy a completely different door system.Desired Settlement: We need communication about door delivery. We need a delivery date and someone from the company to give us clear communication.



Hi [redacted],


Review: Hydroswing has fail to deliver 2 Hangar doors per the written contract. Even after agreeing to deliver doors per written amended agreement and receiving additional funds to do so. They have been unresponsive and have ignored all corespondence and have failed to resprDesired Settlement: immediate delivery of complete product per written agreement


In 27 years of business in the construction industry we have never dealt with a company like Hydroswing North America. They have 100% of our money for our Hydroswing door and they refuse to ship our components. They will not call us back or answer emails as to why my components have not shipped. My job is 3 months past the promised completion date and the delays are wholly because of Hydroswing and have cost a small fortune in penalties. I hired a private investigator and have learned that Hydroswing is involved in multiple lawsuits from companies suffering the same problems. The owner of Hydroswing, Marshal Parker, has filed bankruptcy 4 times under different Hydroswing names. Then continues to do business and take peoples money and not provide them their product after they have paid him in full. His blog defends all the bad press about him by saying that his volume of sales is higher than what he can handle when actually the problem is that he doesn't pay his suppliers and it is they that won't ship the equipment. We have found many websites with complaints about Hydroswing and every complaint sounds like we wrote it. This man needs to be stopped!!! He is here from another country taking advantage of hard working business people to line his own pockets. He's a crook and before I let him get away with screwing my company I will see him in court and make him spend what money he has stolen from us on attorney fees. Beware of this company! DO NOT use Hydroswing North America or any rendition using the word Hydroswing.


Review: We ordered a hangar door from Hydroswing in February, 2015, to be installed on our new hangar house we were in the process of building. The door supposedly went into production the middle of March, and the total amount of the door plus installation charge was paid at that time by our contractors. The lead time for production we were told, was 6 weeks. We should have had the door by the end of April.

As time went on, and we did not receive a door, we and our builders continued to try to contact the company, first of all our sales representative, [redacted], then the vice president of sales, [redacted], and finally the president of the company, [redacted]. Most of the time our calls were not returned, emails ignored. Finally we were getting response via email mostly, that our door frame was on the truck ready to ship to us from Monterrey, MX. We were beginning to realize that we were getting the run around, but finally received the frame by the end of July. By now our house was virtually completed, except for the hangar door. We then went to work to try to get the rest of the door, which is the hydraulic parts, etc. These parts are made in Minnesota I believe, and should have been here waiting for the frame to come from Mexico. To this date, we have still not received the rest of our door, or a refund on at least the money paid for installation (around $3000). We finally had to order a door from another company and pay another $16,000. We are now being completely ignored again. We have hired a lawyer to send them a letter asking them to supply us with the rest of the parts and a refund for the installation. We can then try to sell the door to someone else and regain some of our loss.Desired Settlement: The best outcome would be to be refunded the total amount paid to Hydroswing. Since we have the frame, which is useless without the rest of the parts, we would like to receive the rest of the parts or a refund for that part of the order, and a refund for the money paid for installation of the door, which obviously didn't occur.


We had a similar experience. Please contact me.

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