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• Jan 06, 2021

Company is a scam and they are somehow still operating
Wish I could leave no stars
I should’ve done my research, had I seen all of these reviews I never would’ve even thought about trusting them with thousands. I sold my ring back in July 2020. Now January I still have not received payment. They stopped responding to me back In October. By some miracle I was able to get someone from “customer service” to call me. He was extremely rude and told me I needed to be patient and that they have given me ample enough response for me not to complain. Their ample response: a computer generate auto reply email explaining there’s a pandemic involving covid 19
Yeah ok. I still get mail? I can order something online. It’s still delivered. I can go to the bank and manage transactions. They can still receive rings and “inspect them” and cash in their money? Covid doesn’t effect them then. It’s all a bs scam. I’m out of $10,000 now. Do not use this company and I urge everyone who has and they’re in the same boat as me to leave as many negative reviews and warn people as much as possible. Shut this circus down!

I was notified that my two rings were sold for $950 on August 5, 2020. I mailed the rings and mail was confirmed received Aug12, 2020.

it has been four months and I have still not seen the payment for $760 and very little communication and mostly dishonest About Covid and during the best they can etc. etc.I’m extremely disappointed because a well Respected jewelry store recommended them to me I will make sure to let them know that I would never use them again.
Jackie in MN

• Apr 09, 2020

Business is a scam
I sold a ring for $2000 in December 2019, the buyer paid for and received the ring in January 2020. I was told by a company rep that I would receive payment in February, but now in April, I have yet to see a check. I have reached out to them numerous times with no response. I have also reported them to the BBB where they have a D- rating. Many complaints have been filed there from sellers like myself who didn't get payments for their items. I am now forced to get my lawyer involved and, in the meantime, I will warn as many people as possible from doing business with this company. Check the BBB if you're still thinking about working with IDNID!

• Jan 29, 2020

I never write reviews on anything, but I am super unhappy with the way IDNID does business and other people need to be warned away. I'm currently never going to use this service again or recommend it to anyone I know because IDNID is seriously lacking in proper communication skills and customer service recovery. My ring sold in November, and they received it on November 13th. Inspection takes 8-14 days and then I was supposed to receive an email stating that the ring passed inspection and is being sent to the buyer. I never received that email. Also, items selling and passing inspection will be paid for in their payment process on the 15th of the following month. By the end of December I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent an email. Then I was told that I was on their January 15th payment schedule... ok, I guess? Some kind of update before I had to reach-out would have been nice. By January 25th, I STILL hadn't received my check and so I contacted them again. All I got was "We apologize, your check has not gone out yet, we are behind in getting checks processed and distributed. We have every intention of getting a check out to you as soon as we can. We ask that you please bear with us while we work through this. Your patience is greatly appreciated." I have tons of patience, but this is ridiculous. Instead of just blandly apologizing about being very late in sending me money I am owed, or replying to my second email where I asked that they waive their 20% service fee because they certainly haven't done anything to earn it. and stating my rightful unhappiness, with a snide: "we are working on having a check to you in the next week" (literally all the email said), they should be trying to figure out how to make it right and make it better. I understand that things happen and sometimes a ball is dropped somewhere, but in order to keep a "positive reputation", the communication and customer service needs to be improved upon by 100%. Really terrible experience.

Never got paid for ring that was sold August 18, 2019. It is NOW November 2, 2019. Customer service is lame and I am told someone will call me BUT No One Has! SIMILIAR reviews like mine on other sites. Probably the good reviews are written by them. Contacting my attorney, & Better Get Buquero. BEWARE!

Isold my double banded diamond engagement setting on August 18, 2019. I have emailed and called since I NEVER got my payment for the sale of my ring. No one has given me a date as to when I will receive payment. In fact the customer service treated this as a joke, since they always stated “someone would contact me regarding this matter” NO ONE HAS! They DO take your money but they DON’T pay the seller. I now have to contact my attorney, and BETTER GET BUQUERO. BEWARE! They probably submit their own 5 star reviews

I sold a bracelet via I Do Now I Don't in June of 2019. Payment for the item was promised mid-July per their policy. It is now the end of August and I have not received payment. I received confirmation that the item had passed inspection and had been shipped to they buyer. I have contacted customer service several times and have simply been told that the payment is in process. No apologies or expected date to receive the proceeds.

I learned a lot about how overpriced retail jewelry is when I decided to sell my engagement ring. I also learned how my beautiful diamond with an EGL cert was not as nice as I thought it was. After going to several local jewelry stores with my certification, I was told by everyone that the color and clarity of my diamond was much lower than stated. And their offers were well below what we paid for the ring. I was so upset. I heard about IDNID and submitted my ring to them. They actually gave me a really attractive preliminary estimate before seeing the ring in person, but just like everyone else, they gave me a price based on lower color/clarity grades. I was so over the whole process I just sold it to them directly (they're offer was actually higher than any of the offers I previously received). Looking back, I should have sold the ring through their marketplace to get more money, but I was ready for a check and to move on. I'm really glad I found IDNID - now I know never to buy full retail ever again!

I loved my experience with IDANID. My engagement ring was stolen, and it wasn't insured for enough, so my husband and I turned to this site. We found a gorgeous ring and paid $3500 for it. I got it very quickly. I took it to my jeweler and it was appraised at $7850! He cleaned it and it looked even more spectacular. That was 7 years ago. I'm still in love with my ring.

I would like to withdraw a complaint. There was a mix up about selling my ring and I decided not to. The people at I do now I don't were very nice and understood my problem. They took care of everything. Thank you

Just bought a great diamond for a price below the adiamor dot com price, but well above what some jewler would have paid the seller. The seller and I both walked away being thousands of dollars better off. This is a perfect private party diamond exchange. Way better than craigslist or some online auction house.
Best company to buy/sell used diamonds from, period. Super easy website search features and the diamond I purchased was exactly what they said it would be. The customer service people even went out of their way to rush my order to me so it would arrive the day before I flew out of the country!!! WOW!
The whole process made me feel very comfortable and safe. Can't say enough about this website. I will always buy/sell diamonds and jewelry with them going forward.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

 To whom it may concern
 Written rules are always set in stone, you wrote yours.  "[redacted]" It does mean exactly what is written. There is no courtesy when you returned what you are not supposed to take from me. Please understand one thing, this is never going to be resolved unless you returned $39.99 of my money that you overcharged. You understand that I have a copy of your rules before when you changed them on April * 2016. There are other ways ex. Texas has attorney general. 
Thank you
In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.

Customer was called and this item was already sent back to the company and I see the money was already returned to the buyer. We did have the item checked again by 3 different gemologists and had it sent to an independent diamond lab and all said the diamond was exactly as described and came back...

with the same results. Although this is resolved we do feel the buyer made this excuse just to return the item because he did not like it as the item was triple checked again after the return. The company has also sold over 45,000 pieces of jewelry with no issues.

To Whom it may concern,
As a business that deals with thousands of consumer annually, we take very serious the responsibility our clients place in us. We are in fact more proud of the fact that we are better known for our positive reputation, than for our business...

This doesn't mean that issues never arise, this is impossible when dealing with multitudes of people and transactions daily. However, they are extremely rare, and are almost always due to misunderstandings that are easily resolved. We do this through immediate and open communication, and because as a business, we do what needs to be done to make our clients happy. In all of our years in business we have never written an email of this kind. We are doing so for the first time because what has been stated is blatantly false and easily vetted as so in our Terms & Conditions and How it Works Page. Our businesses value is based on our brand, which is our reputation, and we need to aggressively defend our reputation, when what's being said isn't true. 
The persons statement is that she is unhappy because the disclaimer said that the commission is taken from the buyer and not the seller. The actual fact is that from the day we launched our business the commission we charged, has always been charged to the seller. Our Terms & Conditions clearly state that, and have always stated that, which is of course simple to prove. To prove the old axiom of no good deed going unpunished; when we learned of the clients unhappiness due to their misreading of our terms, we made the decision to reimburse her for the commission that she was supposed to pay. In fact we sent her $10 more, just to assuage her. The next thing we hear is this complaint to the, that she was also not supposed to be charged for shipping. Again, our Terms & Conditions CLEARLY state that sellers are responsible for shipping their item to us. The buyers shipping amount of $39.95 is standard cost for the buyer to receive their item from our offices. Please see the link to both our Terms & Conditions, as well as to our How it Works page on our site, which clearly states all i've outlined above. We are writing because we would like what is false and potentially damaging to our business to be taken down. We appreciate your effort and cooperation.
How it Works Page  [redacted]
T&C Page [redacted]

Review: On September *, 2015, I purchased a ring from the merchant I Do Now I Don’t ([redacted]) in the amount of $5,000. Per the advertisement on the website, the details for the diamond specifications are as follows:

Carat: 1.01 - 2.00 ct

Shape: Round

Color: F

Clarity: VS2

Cut: Very Good

On September **, 2015, I received the ring, which included an AGI Appraisal Report, dated September **, 2015, which contained two differences from the diamond specifications, as listed above:

Clarity: SI1

Color: D

Because I was out of town during the week after I received the ring, I was not able to meet with a jeweler until October *, 2015, in order to obtain an independent inspection. This jeweler advised that the diamond was not VS2 or SI2 in clarity but closer to I1 in clarity. This jeweler further advised that the diamond was not D or F in color but closer to G or H.

I immediately contacted the merchant who sold me the ring and spoke with an individual named Justin. I explained to Justin that an independent jeweler had advised me that the diamond did not meet the specifications listed on the website and in the appraisal report. Justin stated that he had personally inspected the diamond and acknowledged that the color of the diamond was probably G or H—not D or F. Justin further acknowledged that the diamond was probably not an SI1 but more of an SI2. I pointed out that his company policy clearly states the following:

“If we determine that the item is not as described we will contact the buyer and let them know the results. You then have the option to still take the item, receive a full refund or negotiate a different price.”

I told Justin that his company should have contacted me before sending the ring and notified me that the diamond was not as described. Therefore, I would have had the opportunity to refuse the purchase. However, the merchant created an official New York Accredited Gemological Institute appraisal report, which Justin admitted was not completely accurate, and sent me the diamond regardless. Justin advised that he would discuss this matter with his partner and provide me with an option for exchange or refund.

On October **, 2015, and individual named Mark called me from the company and asked about my concerns. I explained to him everything that I had explained to Justin, and Mark advised that he would work on a solution.

Since October **, 2015, no one from the company has returned any of my phone calls. I have called at least three times since October **, 2015, and left three messages for Mark but to no avail.

Recently, I received another evaluation of the diamond, and it was determined that the diamond is actually I2 in clarity. Therefore, I've had two independent evaluations, and both have determined that the diamond is not of the quality advertised by the merchant. Further, the merchant refuses to return any of my phone calls and will not allow me to return the ring.Desired Settlement: I want to return this ring for a full refund ($5,000), but I will not do so until the merchant states that I will receive the refund.



Customer was called and this item was already sent back to the company and I see the money was already returned to the buyer. We did have the item checked again by 3 different gemologists and had it sent to an independent diamond lab and all said the diamond was exactly as described and came back with the same results. Although this is resolved we do feel the buyer made this excuse just to return the item because he did not like it as the item was triple checked again after the return. The company has also sold over 45,000 pieces of jewelry with no issues.

They took 3 of my diamond rings and are not responding to my emails and phone calls. They are thieves. Do not send in your rings.

Review: I question the credibility of this company. I was referred to by a family member which was the ONLY reason I attempted to take the company's offer to appraise my engagement/wedding ring and see what they would offer (advertising that they offer up to 2X's what other places would). With hesitation, I followed the instructions to send them both my engagement ring and wedding, which the engagement ring alone was just appaised in August 2013 at a retail replacement value of $9,455. I sent them the rings on September **, 2013, with their pre-paid 2-day FedEx label, and receive no notification they even received the package (although I did check the FedEx tracking site to see if it was delivered and it was on September **, 2013). Then on September **, I receive an email with the subject of "Offer on Jewelry" and the body of the email: "Corner of the diamond by the prong is chipped which decreases the value. We can offer $1100 for the set if interested." Nothing else. No signature, no logo, just a generic email that stated that. I found that to be beyond unprofessional and rather daunting. I responded and told them that their offer is nowhere near what I was advised I could get just from a jewelry store after my discussions with the certified appraiser that looked at the rings in August. Advised that they do not follow their practices, appeared to be a scam and that I wanted my rings back asap by Tuesday, October * or I would file a complaint with the On September ** they sent me a cookie cutter response (that didn't exactly match what I was saying at all) that appeared copied and pasted and still no person signed the email so I didn't even have a contact name. After a couple more emails on the [redacted], I was advised that they would send my rings back and provide the tracking # on Monday, September **. I gave some leniency as I wanted my rings asap by the [redacted]. It is October * and I still have not received my fedex tracking information, my rings and I am very nervous as they have almost $10,000 worth of my jewelry. I feel they are a scam not only for a poor offer of $1100 for both rings (when I was advised a jewelry store would give me around $2500 just for the engagement ring, but they lack credibility. These are valued items they deal with and to send their "offer" in such a general and unprofessional manner of a one-sentence email that doesn't even include their logo or the name of a person or a "Dear [redacted]" or anything. In addition, they don't include contact names in their responses so you don't even know who to talk to.Desired Settlement: I want my rings back and this to be on their record for their unprofessionalism that represents a lack of credibility and screams "SCAM"



I Do Now I Don’t has been in business for 7 years with a proven track record. This is our first complaint ever. The entire foundation and growth of our business is built around safety and trustworthiness. It is because of this that we are so successful in what we do.

We have personally called [redacted] and spoke about her situation. We always want happy and satisfied buyers and sellers. After speaking with her, she is considering listing her ring on our website and we will assist her so that she receives the best price for it.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that appraised values are just an estimate of the retail replacement cost, NOT the actual resale value of the item. They are predominately used for insurance purposes in cases where items are stolen or lost. Appraisals can be marked up significantly and the true value of your item is typically 20%-50% of the appraised value. Unfortunately, these "appraised" values often set unrealistic expectations.

In addition, all packages sent to our offices are opened under video surveillance for precautionary measures. We did not cause the chip to [redacted]’s diamond ring.

In regards to the Customer Care department, we were unhappy to hear about her experience. We have been reviewing all of [redacted]’s email correspondences, and we plan on making the necessary adjustments to avoid any future unsatisfactory transactions.

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