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Review: Company promised to lower interests rates on credit cards to 0-3% and provide credit counselor. Couselor was supposed to contact me on Friday 10/25 at 1:30 pm. His name was [redacted]. When he did not call, I called telephone given to me. I was told to leave a message. I did. I called three times and left messages. My call was never returned. I paid $1, 998 for this service by credit card. When I tried to contact Monday, today, no one answered the phone. I called the in Jacksonville, FL. They had an open file for a complaint dated 10/10/13. I believe this to be a scam company.Desired Settlement: I want my money back,

This company does not stand by it's words. I decided not to continue with their program because they hadn't done anything to help. I was told my fee would be refunded "with no problem". Not only have they not reimbursed me they took out an additional fee that was not authorized. I have been talking to this company just about every day to see where my money is and when it will be returned to my credit card. I started these conversations on 11/8/2013. As of today (1/2/2014) I have not received any reimbursements - not even the money they took fraudulently. No one should ever use this company. All you get is the run around and broken promises.

Review: My 87 year old father had a charge of about 400 dollars on his credit card from this company. He did not know what it was for or what he had done to cause this charge. He does not have a lot of credit so he would not need credit or debt counseling. HE vaguely remembers talking to someone about this on the phone but did not understand what they were offering. I believe that he somehow unknowingly told them he wanted their product and was charged $400 for something he did not need or want. I tried for days to find out about the charge and what it was for. I went through the credit card company, bill processing company in California, and finally ILearning Foundation in Florida. When I finally spoke to someone at the company they were not interested in the fact that my father did not intend to make a purchase or that he could not pay for it. They were very rude and unconcerned. I would just like for this charge to be taken off. We need to look out for our elderly family members. the companies that make these calls can be very convincing and tricky.He could have agreed to what ever they were saying but did not want to purchase anything. Please show a little compassion!!I called my father and asked him to look around to see if any educational cd had come in the mail. His response was that if one had he just thought it was an ad and probably threw it away. When I asked the representative if they were a member of he said yes. But of course they are not and have an F rating!!!Desired Settlement: I would like for my fathers credit to be refunded $394.74 I would also like for this company to show compassion for elderly people that can easily be taken advantage of.

Review: My complaint and experience with this company is very similar to the last one posted on 11/5/2013. I am also dissatisfied with a service I paid for from I Learning Foundation. They mis-led me from the very beginning and promised things that they are not even authorize to do. I paid for this service on 9/4/2013 in the amount of $995.99 and they also assured me that they will lower my interest rate on the credit cards I currently have. If they didnt reduce my rate and save me a certain amount in interest charges that met their standards I would be refunded the amount that I paid. To this day my rates are currently the same!! They also told me that I would have to get another card that offered 0% (only for a promotional period) and transfer my balances off of the two cards I wanted them to reduce the rates on. I did not want another credit card but they assured me that if I didnt have a balance on my current cards this would give them more leverage to negotiate with my current credit card companies so I agreed. It would take 7-10days for the balances to be transferred and then they could start the negotiation process. When I called back after the transfers were completed it was like they had no idea who I was. They only had information on one of my cards (probably because that is the one they charged) and had no record of the second card that they were to reduce the rate on. If my file didnt have all this information how were they going to help me reduce my rates on those cards?! Many times I called I had to leave a message for the advisor I was working with and would never receive a call back. Several times I set up an appointment and the advisor would not call me on the date & time the appointment was made. When I finally got through to them they would say they either didnt have my phone # (which I always gave and should have been in my file) or that they called and something was wrong with MY phone and couldnt get through to me. Sometimes I would call and like mentioned in the previous complaint the phone would ring and ring and ring, no one would answer and the call would just end (like I was being hung up on). After getting through to someone they would ask what I needed and why I was calling and many times I called they would pull up my account and say that they have helped me transfer my balances to a 0% card so why did I need additional help from them at this point. Almost like that was the only thing they were supposed to do for me and their services to me were completed. I would tell them the advisor I was currently working with (it changed 3 times) and that they were supposed to be working on the negotiation process of reducing my current credit card rates and I was calling to get an update on that process. One guy I spoke with told me he would personally help me since my current advisor was not calling me back after leaving multiple messages. He said he would submit the paper work, right after our call, to my credit card companies and he should have an answer in 3-4 business days and I should call him back in a few days. When I called back he was on his lunch break so I left a message. I received no call after waiting for two days. In the meantime I was just curious if my credit card companies would have record of anybody contacting them for a rate reduction and learned that third parties do not even have authorization to do this without me on the phone with them. If that is the case why would I even need I-Learning Foundation services to help me when I would basically be negotiating a rate reduction myself? I-Learning Foundation mis-led me by claiming that they have more leverage to talk to the credit card companies because they have multiple clients asking for the same thing and they can submit the paper work all at once. I called them and mentioned this and asked them to refund my money as they were not providing me with the services that they promised and I was unhappy and tired of wasting my time calling over and over again and getting nowhere. I asked for the supervisor as the women I spoke with this time said she didnt have authorization to refund my money. When the supervisor came on the phone he would not refund my money as they already helped me transfer my balances to a card with 0%. Why would this even matter as is it not what was agreed upon and what they were supposed to help me with in the first place. He said he would contact the credit card companies himself and I would have to set an appointment with him. I was hesitant as I have already gone through this but decided to give them one last chance as it sounded like I was getting somewhere with him. He did actually call me on the day of our appointment (which I was pleasantly surprise) but all he did with me was call my credit card companies with me on the line and ask for a lower rateI could have just done this myself!! They do not provide any service that I couldnt do myself and they have no more leverage than I do if I called the credit card companies myself. I basically had to do all the speaking and ask questions while we were on the phone anyway. I could have just called the credit card company without the I-Learning rep on the line and had the same result. One other thing he mentioned to me was that while we were on the phone with the credit card companies that I should tell them that he was a close family friend and not an advisor from I-Learning Foundation who would be negotiating on my behave to reduce my rates. Why would he be trying to hide his identity if he was legitimately trying to help me reduce my rates? I believe they have no intention of ever helping me lower my rates. I would basically have to keep calling them and ask the status of my account and ask what they are doing to lower my rates and end up with another excuse why nothing has happened. This company is very disorganized, the employees have no idea what they are doing and they do not provide the services that they advertise.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund and credit to my credit card in the amount of $995.99 for the services I paid for which I did not receive.

Review: I am dissatisfied with a service I paid for from I LEARN Marketing Group on July 18, 2013. Their claim is that for $394.96 they will lower your interest rate and save you money in the long run with the credit card company you have. If they dont lower it to a minimum of 6%, they say that they have not done their best for you and the money will be refunded. They also then get you a 0% credit card with another company while they are working at lowering your interest rate with the current card. Over and over you are told that if the interest rate on your current card is not lowered to at least 6% they will refund the money. When they did not follow through after setting up calls with me time and time again to go over what they were doing to make good on their promise, I asked for my money to be refunded. One woman told me that since they got me a 0% with another company they had followed through. Their claim was that they do a lot of business with [redacted] and it shouldnt be a problem. They told me they had made contact with [redacted] but that they had delayed a decision as to whether my interest rate would be lowered and that meant they would call a manager next to discuss lowering my rate. Next thing I was told was that they were waiting for a list to come through with the names of all the people whose interest rates were lowered and then they would contact me once they saw the list. None of this ever happened. Again, they reiterated that if there was no lowering of the rate I had nothing to lose. My money would be refunded promptly. I have called and called and spoke with a number of people except for my account manager [redacted]. He refuses to return my calls. His co-workers set up times that they promise this is the time that they will make sure he calls back. They then claim if he doesnt call back, they personally will call back with the status of my account and what [redacted] is currently working on for me. It never happens. He never answers and you always get another rep. Sometimes the phone just rings and rings and no one answers it. I have been put on hold for well over 20 minutes and called back from different numbers at the same time waiting for someone to respond. I usually am still on hold on one number when someone else picks up the other line. By the time I hang up with the person who promises me I will get satisfaction this time, I am still on hold because that person who put me on hold doesnt know what to do with me. This last woman I spoke with told me when I asked her what I was supposed to do to get my money back said that [redacted] was her manager and she didnt know what she could do other than give him my message.Desired Settlement: I would like my $396.94 credited back to my credit card account.

Review: On July 2 2013 I Learning foundation contact me and told me how they can lower my interest rate, promise and guaranteed that I would save 2500.00 dollars and all my interest would be lower for the cost of $495.00. Well they could not help me because my debt to ratio was to high so they said that they would refund my money. It is now in November 2013 They do not answer the phone and they never return my call so I am going to get a lawyer involved. Today is Nov. 19 and [redacted] answer the phone. He told me that [redacted] would contact me after he get out of his meeting and I have been told that before, still NO PHONE call.Desired Settlement: Refund me back the $495.00 on my Sears card because there was no service rendered

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Description: Credit & Debt Counseling

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