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I had a broken screen on my phone and took it in to get it fixed. After I had gotten my phone back from iSupply it shut off every two or three minutes and restarted, making it impossible to use. I called and they assured me that it was a very simple fix and that they just screwed something in wrong. After taking it in again, they said it was fixed. Now my phone shut off continually as it was being charged and when it was uncharged, never showed that the battery was discharging. The condition of the phone worsened so that it would shut off without warning, unable to be turned on again until hooked up to the charger. I took it in again, and they were unsure of how to fix it. They had me come in again the following day to look at it again. They still could not figure it out, so I came in for a sixth time, to which they gave me back the phone without fixing it. Since I had paid $105 for them to fix the screen on my phone (the phone worked perfectly before their "repairs"), I asked if I could have some sort of refund for all of my trouble and for the fact that my phone no longer works properly. They refused any courtesy discount (or even an apology). Now my phone is unusable, won't even turn on. They have it indefinitely until they can replace whatever part is no longer working. I have been without any phone for days and will continue to be without one for over a week at least. I paid them $105, and have had an absolutely ridiculous experience. I was going to leave it alone, until I read the other complaint on here where they offered a customer a 50% discount for something they did not even screw up. They completely wrecked my phone and I received absolutely nothing in return. That customer was notably rude and malicious in her interactions with them, while I have made considerable effort to be as polite as possible with the staff. Apparently customers that don't raise hell are the customers that get screwed by iSupply. This company is crooked and I would never recommend anyone to go there.

By far, the most professional Apple repair company in the state of Wisconsin. These guys fixed 3 of my Apple devices with same day service. They did so well, that my company (which has over 1,000 apple devices) hired them on to service all of our devices. I would highly recommend to anyone! Their prices are a bit more than their competitors but it's well worth the quality of work and customer service they have provided! You guys are saviors! Thank you!

Review: Paid to have my wife's iPhone 5 screen replaced due to issues that arose after they replaced her battery and home button. When it was replaced, I was told there was a 1 year warranty when purchased through them opposed to buying a screen on eBay and having them install it.

Less then 3 months have passed and now her display begun malfunctioning so we went to have it replaced under warranty and was told no due to their being water damage. Apparently warranty doesn't apply to water damage however, we were never informed that there was water damage.

I asked them to prove the water damage by showing me the 3 indicators which none had any negative markings but, they insisted there was water damage to the screen without proof.Desired Settlement: I'd like a refund and written apology as they aren't honoring their warranty in time of need. Had I known their was water damage (as they claim) I surely wouldn't have had the phone screen replaced in the first place. Their employees are rude, unprofessional, and unknowledgeable to say the least.



On 5/17/14 Customer came in for a battery replacement on an iPhone 5 5/23/14 Customer came in for a home button replacement on an iPhone 5

My iPad stopped charging a couple months back and the Apple store wasn't going to do anything for me regarding my warrantee. The best they offered me was a $300 service fee. I was told it was my 30-pin connector. I consulted with friends and family on what I should do and my father told me about a place in Green Bay (I-Supply) that fixed iDevices. I called and talked to one of the service techs on the phone. The gentleman seemed very knowledgeable and was very polite. When he heard I lived a couple hours away he offered to have it fixed in one day so I didn't have to make the drive twice. I had a pretty good feeling about the company... my gut is usually accurate. But I decided to look them up on the site and check out the reviews. I was surprised and feeling a little cautious at first. I read the negative reviews and felt that they didn't jive with my initial feel on the phone. I reread the reviews... I honestly felt they were a little unfair. I think expectations were off. I proceeded with the repair. They were knowledgeable and accurate. They offered to keep it a couple days and run some tests. They kept me in the loop over those couple days as to what they were finding. They gave me their opinion on what they thought was wrong. They told me the cost, they made other suggestions and shared the risks with me. I chose to have the 30-pin connector replaced. They also informed me batteries were on sale and offered to replace it for a real low price. When the device was picked up they were polite, smiles all around. The device was clean and looked like it did when I dropped it off. I held off on this review to see how everything worked... it's been a few weeks now and the device is working as expected. I think this company is a top-notch company and worth using. Regarding the negative responses... Don't ever expect a repair company to give you a brand new device because your repair didn't go the way you expected... that's crazy. You came in with an old, broken device. Expecting a new one is [redacted] And if your underage kid comes in with a $1000 device and attempts to get it repaired... don't come complaining that they did what their service says... grab your kid by the ear and tell he didn't have the authority to get it fixed. Good Job I-Supply.

My experience with isupply was awful. I would recommend to stay away. My 13 year old son went to have his screen fixed by isupply. Only to have them completely destroy the speakers and the heating element. They refused to take responsibility and fed my son some lines that made him believe that it wasn't their fault.(They denied the knowledge of the law that a 13 year old cannot sign a contract or any agreement without an adult's consent). I then stepped in and said that this was not right and asked what they were going to do about to make this better. The only thing that was wrong with this phone was small crack before they touched. This persisted for over 5 weeks. Back and forth and getting a total run around from them. They finally said they would replace the phone, only to replace it with a refurbished phone with half of the gb on it. I then called and calmly said this wasn't acceptable. 4 days later, I receive a phone call from another "owner," saying he had a 32 gb phone there to replace "AGAIN." I went to pick it up only to be verbally harrassed by some man who said he didn't work there, then shouted that he owned the place. They tried to give me the original broken phone back. I stated that this was not what we agreed upon and this wasn't right of them. He then started cussing at me, calling me a [redacted] and that he is sick of my [redacted]. Then I asked to speak to the owner. They refused at first and said the owner's father died. They told me to call the manager from my own phone because they were sick of this. Another employee jumped in and called the "manager." This manager then told them where the 32 gb phone was. He refused to speak directly to me and completely denied our previous agreement on the replacement phone. The phone was another refurbished phone. This so called "owner" or "non-employee" person continued to swear in front of my son. I then grabbed the new replacement phone and the destroyed phone and walked out. This business should not be dealing with people and should be shut down. I still don't know who owns this place or who the manager really is. I had such a run around just over the phone and had about 5 different "owners" talking to me over the course of 5 weeks ([redacted]). Would never recommend this place to anyone.

I recently brought my phone in to get my button fixed to turn the screen off. The button was fixed but then my phone would start to power off when still 80% charged. It would show that battery needs to be charged. I would plug it in and after a minute it would work again for about 5 min. I thought it was just my phone but after reading reviews that someone had the same issue is making me second guess it. I spent $50 for no reason since I can't even use my phone anymore.

Review: On September 4, 2012 I brought 2 devices to the store to be serviced. I will start with Device A (an [redacted] 16GB). This phone was black and was switched to pink. I chose pink from the display they had to show color swatches. When I received this device back the pink was NOT the color shown in the display. I accepted the device making note that wasn't the color I had chosen. Device B (an [redacted] 16GB) was white and was switched to a transparent color. Within 24 hours the transparent was shattered after dropping it on the carpeting. I was never told by the technicians that this transparent casing didn't have the metal reinforcements that the other casings had. They did however, offer to replace the back of this (which was shattered) with a new glass. We chose to do dark blue at this point. They changed the back and left the front transparent. This lead to further problems with the sensor not working. The phone is supposed to shut off when you put it to your face. This wasn't happening, so calls were being dropped. I called the store and they told me to bring it in. I brought it in and they swapped this to a new front glass and said this would fix the problem. This didn't fix the problem and further sent me to contact both [redacted] and [redacted] the [redacted] of I-Supply via email. Within 12 hours both replied. I also made mention that my original casing was NOT damaged and I should have gotten that back, which they didn't give me back.

In the email reply from [redacted], he wanted to fix the problem. Change the casing to the correct pink (Device A, which they did and it is working fine). In regards to not giving me back the casing and me now needing my old casing to repair another phone I had, he offered to replace the casing on that device free (which they did and it is working fine). In regards to Device B that was having issues after issue, his offer was a replacement device to us. Later that week I went to pick up the device and found it was an [redacted] 4 8GB. I declined to take that device because it was LESS then the current device and since this wasn't my mistake I didn't feel like I should get something of lower value then I had. I was told by the employee at the time [redacted] that they would be getting me a 16GB device and call me.

In the email reply from [redacted], he also wanted to fix the problem. His offer was similar to [redacted], but included that Device B would be replaced with a BRAND NEW device. He also offered me a refund of 75% of my paid amount for the repairs.

On Monday, September 24, 2012, I called [redacted]. The refund was never given. I was told that a BRAND NEW [redacted] 16GB was at the store waiting for us. This was to replace Device B, which was less then 2 months old and was in perfect working order. Since the [redacted] 4 is no longer sold in 16GB they had done an upgrade for us. Device B was replaced, but it was replaced with a phone that was completely beat up and in VERY poor condition, clearly NOT new. The bezzle around the device is scratched and stained. The buttons on the device do not work properly. I've called multiple times to resolve this issue. I have left multiple messages regarding this issue. Both [redacted] and [redacted] are no longer taking my calls and they are not returning my calls to fix this situation.

They now have $300 of my money, I have a device that is broken down, with no resale value and they have my brand new, less then 2 month old device. I also have the documented emails, screen shots of the phone calls made to both [redacted] and [redacted] and pictures of the phone they claimed was "brand new".Desired Settlement: I am requesting a FULL refund, even though a 75% refund was offered but never given. I feel that the amount of trouble, the fact they are no longer taking my calls, they are not making any attempt to fix this situation, I should be entitled to a full refund. They have not given me back the perfect casings they took off both Device A or Device B, however since they did replace the casing on Device C after the fact, I am willing to let that go.

I am also requesting that I be given what is promised for a replacement on Device B. I want a BRAND NEW unopened device of equal or greater value to the one that they took from me.



Customer had legitimate reasons to be upset to begin with because of multiple issues not being appropriately reviewed by our technicians before giving back her device. We took responsibility for that.

Review: I had my [redacted] fixed 2 months later my screen cracked one I supply said they would fix it for half the price the guy that owns it called and said I dropped it.I did not drop it. The first guy told me it was a stress factor that caused it. I would never go there or recommend rh to anyone



On November 29th, 2012, Customer had come into our location to get her [redacted] screen replaced. She had purchased a protective style case along with the [redacted] screen replacement. There was a slight dent in the side of her back plate which was straightened out as much as it could be. Customer was advised of this, and was recommended to purchase a case to protect the device better. (notes are in service agreement checklist that customer had signed off on before & after the repair and is attached with this response).

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