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Review: When purchasing my [redacted] I had asked [redacted] the owner with my girlfriend, and his finance manager present if there was any known transmission problems with this car or this car type. He stated no that they go over the cars both mechanically and administratively with a fine tooth comb. He also stated that the car would go for another 200,000 thousand miles with no issues in the transmission. While in the finance office we requested the [redacted] and it was never produced for us and we still haven't received one from him. I also talked with [redacted] wife the business manager about getting traded back in and she said they would contact me, but yet to hear from them on the trade in offer.

At 14 months I took the car back to IAutohaus service team and had them diagnose the problems I was having with my transmission down shifting from 2-1-2-3. I was then informed that this car had an advisory bulletin about this transmission issue from [redacted] and that I needed to take it to [redacted] for a full diagnoses, which I did. [redacted] stated it did have that problem with the transmission and that it would be a complete rebuild varying in cost at $2978 for basic fix, $3878 for rebuilt without computer, $4878 for rebuilt for rebuilt with computer.

I feel that since I asked for information on the car pertaining to transmission history on car and model it should have been provided but was withheld. If I had knowledge of this problem with car I would have purchased another car from IAutohaus; however he withheld that information and he did not provide us with [redacted] as we and he stated he did on every car. This would have and does show up on the [redacted] for this car.

I would like to have IAutohaus do the following:

1). Provide me with [redacted].

2). pay for transmission repair

3) allow for current value of car trade in minus the transmission issue cost.Desired Settlement: I would like to have IAutohaus do the following:

1). Provide me with [redacted].

2). pay for transmission repair

3) allow for current value of car trade in minus the transmission issue cost.



This letter is in response the above mentioned complaint regarding the [redacted] purchased at iAUTOHAUS .

• This vehicle was purchased on 1/29/2013 by [redacted]; Mr. [redacted] was present at sale,•but his name does not appear on any sales, loan or registration documents. Mr. [redacted] has stated that he did not receive a requested [redacted] report. We do NOT hide [redacted] reports, all reports are clearly available online with each vehicle listing, before,during and after the sale. This was an honest oversight that the physical copy was not given to the buyer at the time of sale. The copy of the actual report has been included. This vehicle appears to have always been properly maintained at [redacted] and there were no issues upon our purchase and inspection of this vehicle from [redacted] .

• Vehicle was brought in to our Service Dept. for the fin t time after sale on 2/20/1013- the complaint was for a noise heard while turning and the sunroof would not close- no complaints of transmission issues.

• Vehicle was brought in on 3/26/2014 with complaints of "hard shifting"­ transmission issues- over one year after time of purchase.

• The AZ Implied Warranty of Merchantability is 15 day or 500 miles. The vehicle was sold with 65,575 miles,time of transmission complaint- miles were 93,260.

• When Mr. [redacted] was here on 3/26/2014, Ip ersonally spoke with him about the

vehicle. I informed him that I would have [redacted] contact him once he returned to the office. Mr. [redacted] went back over to the Service Dept. A few moments later, [redacted] had returned to the office and Iwalked over to Service with [redacted] to find Mr. [redacted], he was already in his car in the parking lot. Both [redacted] and

. I ran out to his car and spoke with Mr. [redacted]. He had stated that he had no time

and that [redacted] should call him. [redacted] did in fact call Mr. [redacted] twice and never heard back .

Again, since Mr. [redacted] was not the rightful owner of this vehicle we would have not been able to do a trade with him unless he could prove transfer of ownership or Ms. [redacted] was present. To this day, Ms. [redacted] has NOT contacted us regarding a trade, nor has she contacted us with complaints.

As far as the requested settlement ,we have included the [redacted] for Ms. [redacted]. iAUTOHAUS will NOT pay for any transmission repairs, nor will we accommodate the trade request.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

By far the best service I have ever had! My 2000 Vw Beetle had needed a replacement slave cylinder. After being highly dissapointed by the vw dealership in peoria I went searching for some place else. I called IAutohaus and spoke with [redacted]. He was very quick on getting back to me with a quote for the work I needed and it ended up being over $800 CHEAPER than the vw dealership! I was in shock! I had my vehicle towed out to [redacted] from Surprise, that's right Surprise to Tempe but it was so well worth it!!! [redacted] kept me updated on my vehicle and made sure I understood the work that was being done. I will now always use IAutohaus to service my vehicle. Thank you so much!

Review: When I broke down on the streets of Tempe one night, the next morning I was referred to iAUTOHAUS as my regular mechanics were busy. Upon towing the car to iAUTOHAUS it was assessed and found in need of several parts; however, all it really needed was a fuel pump. Their service representative told me that my fuel lines were "yellow" and "about to go" and that they all (all Cayenne's fuel lines) go bad and must be replaced. He also told me it was past time (He said "60,000 miles.")to replace my inline fuel filter when in fact Cayenne's have only a metal strainer that never needs replacing and is NOT even on Porsche's maintenance lists! Furthermore, he said the second fuel pump was "weak" and "would go at any time." In short, IAUTOHAUS escalated my repairs from a $317.97 fuel pump to $943.74 in parts; more than $600 of which were NOT necessary. Plus I had to pay for extra service installing parts that were not necessary as mine were good.When I mentioned my breakdown to my regular service rep at the dealership, I learned I had been scammed. The Porsche dealership has NEVER replaced fuel lines and those do not go bad. There was no need to replace a metal strainer nor is there a fuel filter that Porsche recommends replacing. The other fuel pump faces limited duty and does not go bad and need replacing.I called iAUTOHAUS on the phone and confronted their Service Manager. Immediately, he told me he did not have the old parts and he could not assess the need to replaced those. Later he told me I did not have the parts either. Indeed, these fellows have done this to others according to my informant and their Service Manager demonstrated an adeptness over the phone denying this in a manner which indicates they are seasoned at doing this.Later I received messages from their Service Manager alleging some bizarre threats. The Service Manager demanded a three-way phone call and promised a refund if I could prove to him that those parts did not need replacing.Desired Settlement: A refund on the parts that were not needed plus the unnecessary service to install those would be satisfactory and a corresponding amount for shop charges and sales taxes. I ask the to make a determination in part in my favor. A partial refund would satisfy me.My car (towing vehicle) broke down in inordinate hot weather and totally relied upon the honesty of iAUTOHAUS to make my repairs. My dog and my trailer with all my worldly belongings was stuck & stranded at their mercy.



In response to Mr. [redacted] complaint, please see the attached supporting documents. I have also attached a parts diagram from a factory parts catalogue showing the part with filter. Our Service Manager ([redacted]) made several attempts to explain things to Mr. [redacted], however a conversation was difficult since Mr. [redacted] would speak over [redacted] and tell him "don't give me your bt". Mr. [redacted] alleged a threat by saying "If you don't straighten up you act, ask Andrew (service advisor) what I have in the back of my truck"...the cargo space as well as floor of back seat in Mr. [redacted] Cayenne was full of ammunition- LOTS of ammunition, so much so, the tech had to move some in order to move the seat to access the area he needed to in order to do repairs. Perhaps Mr. [redacted] was referring to something else, but it seems fairly clear what he was alluding to when he made this statement. Not acceptable and will not be tolerated. iAUTOHAUS did NOT perform any unnecessary repairs, we did in fact do our best to explain in detail to Mr. [redacted] why these repairs were necessary and YES, our Service Manager did request a 3-way phone call with the "dealer" so we could all talk about their thoughts. We strongly believe there may have been some miscommunication or misunderstandings between Mr. [redacted] and the Porsche dealer and we were more than willing to explain the entire repair process. To summarize, iAUTOHAUS peformed the repairs correctly and we will not reimburse Mr. [redacted] for any repairs. Furthermore, we do take the statement Mr. [redacted] made VERY seriously and feel it would be in our best interest and safety, that Mr. [redacted] does not enter our premises in the future.Please feel free to contact me if you need more information.Thank you! [redacted]###-###-####



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Please reject this response of iAUTOHAUS and I request that the contact a reputable Porsche service expert and seek an opinion as to the following false claims that iAUTOHAUS used in defrauding me: Does the Cayenne fuel filter require regular servicing and or replacement? iAUTOHAUS claimed the fuel filter (more like a metal strainer) requires replacing every 60,000 miles. However, I have had extensive service done all over the country and in the 100,000 miles I have driven this car, not one service representative has told me such. And I have been to many professions seeking services for this particular car. Do the fuel lines of Cayenne’s “always crack” and require replacing? According to the local dealership, when servicing similar repairs it is not their practice to replace anything but the one bad fuel pump and they do not stock the other pump generally because it never needs replacing. That is another question for an expert in Porsche service. As far as the quotations attributed to me, I certainly did not say anything like that. After [redacted] told me basically that iAUTOHAUS had me beat because I did not have the old parts they removed (They never offered those to me and I was desperate to get back on the road and off the streets. The weather was inordinately hot and posed a health risk.), I said that their Service Representative knew exactly what parts he (they) had removed from my back seat because that was where they had worked on my car. To fabricate a threat and make a leap and attempt to negate my standing because I have small arms ammunition is not fair. It is neither honest nor proper. That small arms ammunition is completely legal and I carried it to sell it as it is quite valuable. iAUTOHAUS Service Manager [redacted] talked down to me and was extremely condescending. He talked over me and I finally was forced to give up on the conversation. Please hold iAUTOHAUS accountable. I have reason to believe that iAUTOHAUS has done this to others and iAUTOHAUS will continue to behave this way and defraud the public unless stopped by the When I received the two messages from [redacted] misconstruing what I had in fact said, I decided it best not to talk with them further and to turn to the Rest assured I will, however, post about this matter on the open internet. Unless iAUTOHAUS apologizes and promises not to conduct them selves this way and compensates me fairly, I reserve my right to make this matter public. I am hoping the parts they installed hold because I do not want to have to go back to iAUTOHAUS. After their (false) defamatory accusations, I am certain the will understand. I hope and pray the is not staffed with any who would take such outlandish accusations and disqualify my complaint because they are against our Second Amendment. Please ignore such things and please focus upon the substance of the fraudulent and deceptive practices of iAUTOHAUS. I await the response of the It would be preferable to settle this amicably. However, if the deems a hearing is in order and necessary I will be there.


Review: I have purchased a 2013 MBZ E350 coupe in the amount from Mr. [redacted], and before we made a deal I asked him SPECIFICALY abount any dent or damage to the car since its a preowned vehicle and I am in Los Angels and cannot see the car, and he assured me that nothing wrong with the vehicle. when I received the vehicle from his transporting agency, we (I and the delivery agent) noticed a dent on the rear lesft side pumber, and the agent acknowledged such on his receipt and didn't want to be responsible since it was not disclosed to him as well.

after taking the vehicle to a body shoy, they were asking for $400.00 to repair........after contacting Mr. [redacted], his assistant contacted me and stated that one of the pictures on their webpage did reflect such dent (not true).....there was no picture on their add that reflect such dent (it seem that they enlarge a picture to the size and then fax it to me as this is the original picture, which is not true), and when Mr. [redacted] was asked about any dent or damage, why it was not disclosed in writing of such, since the company were aware of it and were able to touched up, and they did not even disclosed it to the vehicle transporting agency, so the drive would not be liable of such damage???????, therefore, I am asking for a refund in the amount of $400.00.Desired Settlement: a refund in the amount of $400.00.



his email is in response to complaint #[redacted].

The vehicle sold to Mr. [redacted] is pre-owned, previously driven and was sold as such. We do our best to present these used vehicles in the best possible condition however some flaws or imperfections cannot be made perfect, nor every detail noted/disclosed...hence “used car”. The “dent” Mr. [redacted] is referring to is actually a scratch which was touched up by our touch-up vendor prior to it being offered for sale. The vehicle did not have any dents. Our obligation as a used car dealer is to disclose anything that will violate the Implied Warranty of Merchantability (driveablity). We post SEVERAL photos per vehicle (53 were posted for this vehicle) and customer always has the option to request a third party inspection of the vehicle. I have included the actual vehicle listing when advertised. All images can be enlarged when viewing.


I have also attached the actually image taken from the listing, which I emailed (not faxed) Mr. [redacted], including his signed Buyers Guide. It is also important to note that Mr. [redacted] did not pay our asking price for the vehicle, we gave him an additional $900 discount. Mr. [redacted] got a superb deal for a very clean, very nice PRE OWNED Mercedes- Benz!!!

Mr. [redacted] has also stated that we did not disclose the “dent” to the transport driver. Transportation companies are independent companies and it is their SOLE responsibility to inspect these cars upon pick up. We cannot tell them what to mark on their inspection sheets and this particular driver did not see the touched up bumper and failed to note it upon picking up the vehicle from our location. He noted the imperfection upon delivery. We have both Bill of Lading’s- one showing the bumper area NOT marked and signed by us, the other marked upon delivery, signed by Mr. [redacted].

I have included all pertinent information (attached)- email correspondence, image, Buyers Guide, Bill of Lading- one copy given to us by driver, second copy given to customer.

iAUTOHAUS will not reimburse Mr. [redacted] for the bumper. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions. Could you please confirm that you have received this email?

Thank you very much! | [redacted].com

iAUTOHAUS, [redacted], [redacted]

Business Director | ###-###-####

[redacted]. | [redacted], AZ [redacted]

In search of a Mercedes service shop, I came across iAutohaus on the internet. Glad I did! The service was excellent and no high pressure tactics to do work that was not necessary.

Andrew in the front office was excedingly professional and friendly.

Great job and a place where I will always take my cars!

I have purchased three cars from iAutohaus during the last ten years. Each of the vehicles have been great quality, low mileage and sold at a very competitive price. iAutohaus always has a very good selection of nearly new (2-5 years) Volvos, Mercedes, Porches, Jaguars, and other quality European luxury and sports cars. They also have a fair selection of older (5-10 years) of low mileage and high quality vehicles. If you are looking for a particular type of car that they do not have in stock, iAutohaus will find it for you. The management and staff have always gone out of their way to meet my needs; not just sell me a car. They have a great financing arrangement with a local credit union for Arizona residents that is hard to beat. I stop by regularly just to browse; and have never received any form of pressure to purchase. This is the type of dealership where you can feel free to go in, browse the inventory and, if you see something you like, take it for a test drive -- without any fear of being pressured to purchase. The corporate ethos is that iAutohaus treats its customers like friends and family because they seek the loyalty and repeat business that this type of relationship generates. I have also used their service shop for both warranty work and routine maintenance; and have gotten "dealership" quality of service at a reasonable cost for each of my Mercedes. The bottom line is that if you are in the market for a nearly new European sports or luxury car, iAutohaus should be your first stop.

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