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Ice Chest Radios

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• Jun 18, 2020

Shady business
I ordered an ice chest on 5/5/20 for my son's high school graduation. Over 2 weeks ago we received a damaged cooler that was not the one we originally ordered. The cooler was cracked and the compartment complainer the speaker was completely cracked and nothing worked. The owner keeps saying a new one will be shipped with a prepaid shipping label to return the damaged cooler...but nothing seems to happen. No tracking information and nasty, bullying replies to my request. So basically he has $1044.97 of my money and I have a damaged cooler that wasn't what I ordered in the first place and some very ugly emails from the owner accusing me of playing games. I have asked for a full refund and I'll pay the cost for the return shipping on the damaged item. After reading all of the other complaints I fear this could drag on for a long time. Desired settlement: I would like a refund in the amount I paid for the ice chest speaker. At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID Regards, [redacted] At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID Regards, [redacted] ***

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At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID
*** ***
At this time, my complaint, ID regarding Ice Chest Radios has been resolvedOnly because PayPal ruled in my favor and refunded my money without the sellers permissionOnly then did I receive an email from the companyThey have shady business practices and
consumers need to know that they will get a sub par item and contacting the business is ignored!
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*** ***
At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID 11552177.

This customer is a fine and decent woman. She is a good business person. We require 50% before starting any job. Because of her charisma we abandoned our policy of collecting 50% before starting the work and after we completely finished one job and were 90% completed on the other she then paid us...

the 50% deposit. She withheld the other 50% until the entire job was "completed". What she failed to include in her complaint was that we were prevented from completing the job because she was having part of her building remodeled and we did NOT have access to install the cameras because of her workman restricting access due to Drywall construction and painting. After waiting for them to finish their part we immediately finished our part. Now the only thing left to do was to give her remote access Another fact left out of this narrative was that she was having a new internet provider and her computer people were fighting a new computer virus which prevented us from configuring our equipment for her to have remote access. Now 99% of the work was done and she chose to hold back 50% of the total due because of things beyond our control. Out of frustration I sent her a text inviting her to find another Security Vendor. In hindsight I should not have let my emotions dictate my actions. I did apologize to her husband and I left her a voicemail stating that I should not have acted in that way and I wished to restore our relationship to the point where it began but she did not return my call. I made sure everything was done to her liking and she paid the balance owed to us.

At this time, I have been contacted directly by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID 10355757, however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:
we are in communication currently regarding a resolution to the matter.
At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID 11020808.

Review: Order#: 1699 placed on 07/03/15 and I left a comment to please have it by 7/15/15. Emailed for an order update on 7/7/15, No Response.

Product Promised Via Phone 07/13 to 7/15/15. Called 7/11/15 and was told it was being finished and would ship that day, Not True. Called again 7/13/15 and was told they just finished the ice chest radio and it would ship that day, Not True. I was told he was changing the delivery location to the UPS post so I could pick it up on the way to our vacation destination, Not True. Emailed 7/13/15 for the tracking number, No Response. Emailed 7/15/15 for the tracking number, No Response. Called and left several messages regarding my ice chest radio and my shipping information, No Response. On 7/16/15 I filed a fraud claim with my credit card company.

Shipped 07/28/15. Emailed to cancel my order I was disputing, immediately received a response there would be a $120 cancellation fee. I never would have contested the purchase or asked for a refund if I wasn't lied to on several occasions. I responded by saying I was disputing purchase with my credit card company due to lack of communication. Product delivered 7/30/15 to my home and sent back to sender via UPS.

Received 08/03/2015 and signed for by Perot. I expected a refund within a few days of them receiving the product. On 10/28/15 my credit card ruled in their favor due to the fact they shipped the product. Around this time I went to the bank to file another dispute since nothing has happened from Ice Chest Radios to refund my purchase.

On 11/02/2015 I asked, Where's my refund? On 11/9/15 I received a reply back that per their return policy that custom built products can only be refunded 50%. All of their products are custom built and this policy seems to be predatory to the costumer and places the customer in a take it or leave it situation. I told them the chargeback was cancelled and to do the right thing by either giving me a refund or the product.Desired Settlement: I would like a full $419.94 refund since I do not have the product or my money after 5 months since the purchase. They are not honest, hide behind predatory deceptive business practices and policies. They are hoping people like me give up so they can steal their money by trying to hide behind their policies. Anyone with any kind of Business Ethics would agree I deserve a full refund. Suspiciously my poor review is gone and I no longer have access to my account like others who complained.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID 11020808.


Review: I ordered a large charger on March 23rd they were paid on the 25th they sent me a tracking number and the product was sent back to the company. I contacted the company once again on April 6th and said it was resent to this day I have not received the product the will not answer my emails or answer the phone.Desired Settlement: I want the product and refund for the payment of a three day usps delivery for which I didn't get.

Review: I ordered a ice chest radio from With this order I paid a total of $1,203.88. For me to recieve this product I sent him my 65 quart yeti so that he could install the electronics to turn it into a ice chest radio. With this transaction I was given a 1 year warranty in case of any problems with the equipment. After receiving the equipment I noticed he had drilled in a spot were there was no type of equipment installed. Then I started having problems with the lights installed around the speakers. Not long after that the speakers in the ice chest began cutting in and out to eventually not work at all. As soon as this happened I continued to try to contact the provider about this issue to only be answered by the answer machine every time. I continued to leave messages after messages for him to call me back about this problem. Finally about a month later I get a call from telling me to send the ice chest radio to them for it to be fixed. I very quickly sent the package to him through UPS. Once the ice chest radio got to his area they continued for three days in a row to deliver the package and each time he was not present at the location to send. The day they were sending it back he contacted me and I explained to him the situation. He told me he was going to contact UPS and he would call me back and I have not heard from him since. It has know been close to a month since that phone call conversation and no reply from the company. I have continued to call and leave voice mails with no reply. He has not held up to his warranty and has continued to ignore every phone call I have made, and has avoided all types of communication I have tried to make.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a refund for this produce seeing as he has intentionally ignored every type of communication with me regarding my ice chest being fixed. Also seeing as he has not held up to the warranty stated with my purchase.

Review: I bought an ice chest radio from this company's website. It stopped working the first time I used it to it's advertised full potential. An apparent manufacturers defect was observed after it stopped working, by choice of material used and/or application of the material. This led to the eventual complete failure of the unit. Multiple attempts have been made to contact this company. The manufacturer attempted contact one time, leaving a voice mail message with additional contact information claiming to be personal contact information of, what is assumed, someone of a high position or in a customer support department. Multiple attempts of trying this contact the new number have been unsuccessful as well. It has now become apparent that this company has no intentions of trying to settle this issue, as this entity has deleted my review of them and has had me labelled as "spam" so that I cannot post any reviews on social media to describe my experience with them. The social media webpages of this company speaks for itself, with many people posting displeasure in the product, or the lack of communication that this company has with dealing with other customers. Other reviews expressing displeasure in this company are now not available, as reviewing has since been completely disabled. The lack of wear and weathering on this product, which is intended for outdoor use in the elements, demonstrates the lack of use, so it will remove any questions that this product has been used enough to cause any malfunction that was not caused by the manufacturer.Desired Settlement: After a documented agreement, the defective product, with all associated accessories (which I cannot use without the product in question) to be returned to Ice Chest Radios on the condition that it be refunded in the full amount paid for the product, in the amount of $475.96. The buyer accepts responsibility of shipping charges both when it was initially sent out, as well as charges to send it back to the manufacturer.



At this time, I have been contacted directly by Ice Chest Radios regarding complaint ID 10355757, however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

we are in communication currently regarding a resolution to the matter.


Review: I ordered an ice chest radio in August for my fiance. I called to make sure it would arrive by August 25th(his birthday). It did not. When it did arrive, it was the wrong item. I ordered a 100qt ice chest with 4 120watt speakers. I received a 60qt ice chest with 2 speakers. The sound quality was horrible and the volume would not go past 10 or it would shut off. I paid almost $500 for this ice chest radio! I returned it just like the website instructed within the 30 days with a note inside the ice chest explaining the return (I paid $72 to ship it back!). I have not been refunded. I called and left several messages on their voicemail and left several emails with no response.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund in the amount I paid for the ice chest radio.

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