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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/06/15) */
The restocking fee is more of a fee cover the overhead of on-boarding and training. We charge it so we are not out all of the time we spend bringing on and training all of our iTechs.

The warranty department did their best on evaluating this claim. Workmanship, in this industry if installation was done incorrectly, is something that is recognized by the customer usually within days or very soon thereafter. We do have a lifetime warranty for defective parts, but by our investigation and the timeframe that the consumer provides if not knowing a week or a year that this happened. We do not believe it boils down  to the installation by the iTech or it being a faulty part. After three years as stated, we do not know the daily use of this device or anything done to it that could have caused the tiniest opening. Being a third party installer an original manufacture will usually conclude that it was the part or installation if the device is brought back to them for their evaluation.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/07/17) */
We have been in contact with the customer and the tech and it sounds like the tech has been out there multiple times, each time the customer contacts [redacted] it seems like the damage is being caused by the customer. We have made multiple...

attempts to rectify this situation, but we can only do some much to repair a device.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2015/07/20) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I take care of my property and before [redacted] touched them they were in proper condition. Maybe you can get away with saying that about the iPhone but the iPad it's pretty clear that he screwed up because the screen it's fallen off. He said he had to file it down and it lifted the metal to the point that you have to cautious when using because you will cut yourself. I had my phone and iPad examined by another tech and they concluded that the screens were not properly installed. This doesn't surprise me since I sometimes had to remind [redacted] that he missed a screw.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/12/24) */
We have informed the customer that we do not use Apple OEM parts, we are sorry that assumption was made. As a third party vendor we do not advertise any where on our literature or website that we offer Apple OEM parts. We can not state that...

because we do not and can not, that would be illegal. According to the pre and post checklist,that the iTech completes on every repair, with the customers signature stating everything was working fine after the repair.
iCracked does not refund monies in these situations, the way the model works is the iTech, who is an independent licensed affiliate of iCracked, uses iCracked parts for repairs but receives full payment from the customer and iCracked does not.
Recently the customer stated on our internal ticket that he is disputing the charge with his credit card company. If his credit card company deducts the transaction from the iTechs account, the iTech would be notified of the chargeback directly and would have to deal with that credit card issuer going forward. After a repair is completed the iTech would recycle the broken part, if the customer requested it to be removed there would be no part to replace it with.
We are no trying to provide a massive runaround we are just stating who is the party that receives payment on the repair and that a new part on the device could have a different feel than the original that was used numerous times before.
Desired resolution: The one to provide that would be the iTech that received payment, if the iTech receives a chargeback as the customer has stated then the iTech ( if he were to agree) could not provide a refund because the funds have already been deducted. We can not provide any device to be returned to the condition when it was originally purchased, that is not possible and the device came to us damaged that is why iCracked was contacted in the first place.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 7, 2015/05/15) */
The reason that the warranty claim was denied by the technician was because the phone was quite severely bowed. We cannot place a screen on a device that is this damage with constantly going back and fixing it over and over again. This may...

have also contributed to why it took so long to fix the device in the first place.
As for the length of time that it took to address the customers warranty claim, she submitted the form after business hours on April 25th, was sent and email saying we received that claim promptly the next day, and then had a tech out to meet her the following day. She also didn't disclose to us that she was no longer in [redacted] but in **. A repair was performed to best of our techs ability, with the phone in the condition it was in. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. ICracked really stepped up to the plate, and I couldn't be happier with how they handled the situation! Sincerely, Ezra [redacted]

I have never been more disappointed with a customer service experience in my life.
In November, I had my iPhone screen replaced by iCracked. I chose them over local competitors, even though their pricing was more expensive, because of their "99 year/lifetime warranty." This warranty, as it was explained by the technician (there was no supporting paperwork) would cover my iPhone screen for replacement so long as I was not the cause of the [redacted].
In the very beginning of February, I was at a work training when my iPhone screen popped out at the top right corner. The screen was all the way off. Understandably, I tried to pop the screen back in to try to save the contents of my iPhone. The screen would not pop back in, so I contacted the warranty department.
It took the warranty department three days to get back to me, and then they only did because I contacted chat support.
In the meantime, yes, I put the screen back in to preserve my iPhone's inner components. That is when a small [redacted] appeared in the upper right corner where it had popped out.
I was told that I had to submit a picture of the damage. I informed the chat tech that my only camera was my iPhone, and that I could not take a picture of a broken device with the broken device itself. The chat tech told me they would escalate the situation. A few days later, I got an email again asking for a picture.
I used my webcam on my computer to shoot the best picture of the damage that I could. I was then told that apparently my picture showed my damage wasn't my fault. They would generously send a technician out.
Two weeks went by. I did not hear from a technician. I contacted the company again.
When the technician arrived, he asked if he could take off the plastic screen. I said, "yes," thinking that my iPhone was going to be fixed. Wrong.
After removing the plastic cover, he informed me that he still would not fix the [redacted], because I had attempted to put the screen in on my own. When I informed him that my iPhone would have no doubt been in far worse shape had I allowed the elements to rain and snow in on them, he said he was sorry, and would contact the company. As far as I know he never did. He pretty much just took the plastic cover off my phone screen, leaving the [redacted]ed part exposed to the elements, and then left.
Oh, but he could fix my screen for an additional fee. Just not, you know, fix it under the warranty that the warranty department had already approved him to come and perform.
I've never experienced such shoddy warranty care from a company. Not only have they failed to honor their contractual obligation -- I paid $150 for a lifetime warranty -- they've damaged my iPhone further as a result. I could have had this fixed sooner had it not been for them stringing me along, and their technician left me in a worse spot than I already was!
If you want to deal with team of a snake oil salesmen who will sell you the fix, and then try to sell you the "patch" later on, by all means, use iCracked. But if you expect to sign a contract for service, pay your end of the bargain, and have your technician come through with said service when it is needed, choose anyone, even your neighborhood [redacted] dealer, over iCracked. While I have no experience or point of reference, I feel safe in saying that your neighborhood [redacted] will do a far better job than the folks at i[redacted]DontWantToHonorYourWarranty.

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