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I'm Bryan [redacted], owner of I'm Board. The employee mentioned, [redacted], contacted me immediately after his encounter with Mr. [redacted], (yesterday, 7/27/14, at around noon) and had the good sense to snap a picture of the price tag in question. That picture is attached, and can also be viewed here:
The correct retail price of the item in question is $50.00, and you can see from the picture that this item was very clearly mislabeled as "$5..00" with two periods - technically not even a correct $5 price. The "." and the "0" are right next to one another in our price labelers. The item was correctly priced in our point of sale system. Items from this manufacturer are always 20% off at our store, which is way the final price quoted to Mr. [redacted] was $40 plus tax, or $42.20.
According to [redacted], Mr. [redacted] was not argumentative, nor did he "cause a scene," but he did immediately bring up legal claims as soon as we stated the final price. My [redacted] insisted that we must sell the item to him at that price, at which point [redacted] explained that the item was mislabeled. Mr. [redacted] did not accept that answer, and [redacted] refused to sell the item to Mr. [redacted]. The item in question never left our possession. The conversation culminated with [redacted] suggesting Mr. [redacted] contact the if he would like to submit a complaint, which Mr. [redacted] has done.
Mr. [redacted] attempted to purchase a book that is well-known to have a $50 price, sitting among several other books from the same manufacturer that all cost between $40-$60 (and we've confirmed were all priced accordingly). Here is the manufacturer's web page for the item in question:
Further, any fan of the game for which this book is associated will very likely know the true cost of these books.
According to our records, Mr. [redacted] has never purchased anything at I'm Board. His first attempt to purchase an item was clearly mistakenly marked, and immediately claimed legal rights when the correct price in our POS system was presented. He also never took the time to contact me about the matter.
As far as Mr. [redacted]'s accusation of attempted intimidation by [redacted], he is mistaken. [redacted] is indeed a Wisconsin-licensed attorney (State Bar #1092419) and responded to Mr. [redacted]'s legal claims with true legal facts. [redacted] was letting Mr. [redacted] know that his claims were incorrect, and qualified his response.
I welcome any followup conversation to this matter. You are welcome to call my cell phone at 608-609-7547 with questions.
Thank you for the opportunity to respond,
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I was never told to contact [redacted], the owner, as I was told by [redacted] if I had any issues I should take it up with the If he has asked me to talk to [redacted] about the issue I would have contacted him. Even if [redacted] had explained it was a mistake and ask me to understand I would have been willing to. The only reason I escalated to the is because [redacted] told me that was my only option. 
This was my first time in the store and knew that a new edition of 40k had come out. I sold all my 40k a long time ago and am not currently up to date with the game. I assumed that the old Codexes were being phased out and that the old books were marked for discount. The only reason I brought up the legal reason for selling the item was due to [redacted]'s handling on the manner. 
I feel like that the fact this is my first purchase shouldn't matter in this situation. I went to a local game store someone had told me about and this is how I was treated. I've been here before, liked you on FB, written positive reviews on Yelp, and other such things. I don't plan on changing my reviews because of this. I just feel like [redacted] handled this poorly and I'm following up the only way he told me I could.
I understand mistakes occur but when I saw the item which had been priced that way since Jan. I assumed that was the price and what I could buy it for. 
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
Andrew [redacted]

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