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Imo's Reviews (1)                                   ... case ID # [redacted]Dispute Resolution Department:       I want to give a brief layout of the situation [redacted] is employed by I believe [redacted]. [redacted] is contracted by [redacted] to provide security service for that company. [redacted] usually drives a pickup truck patrolling the parking lot of [redacted]. Imo's pizza delivers quite frequently to [redacted]. The occasion that happened with [redacted] was that he placed an order on-line for delivery. He then called the store to state that he had a 2 dollar credit off of his next order. The girl that answered the phone told him that there was nothing in the computer stating that he had a credit and then she could not give him a credit. (It is our policy that just because someone claims they have a credit we don’t just give it to them unless it’s in the computer. Otherwise everyone would just call up stating they have credits just to get money off or items for free). He then began cursing at the girl and that he wanted to cancel his order. She told him that he did not need to speak to her that way. A few minutes after that call the manager on duty called [redacted] back and was going to give him the 2 dollar credit anyway so that he wouldn't cancel his order, but [redacted] begin to get ignorant with her and said he doesn't want no [redacted] 2 dollars and doesn’t  [redacted] want anything from us. Within 5 minutes after the manager had spoken to [redacted] I arrived at the store and the two employees that [redacted] had cursed seemed upset and bothered by the way he spoke to them. I decided I needed to speak with someone at [redacted] as it was very inappropriate for [redacted] to treat my employees this way and to make sure [redacted] would not harass my delivery drivers when they have a delivery to [redacted]. I called and spoke to someone who would not give me their name or give me [redacted]'s supervisors name as if he was covering for [redacted], I then called on my Monday morning figuring I had a better chance to speak to a supervisor. I told her that I am not concerned about reprimanding [redacted] in and the way he spoke to my employees but I am more concerned about if he would harass my delivery drivers when they came to deliver. With [redacted] working as a security guard he is in a position of power and some people like to use their power to harass others.      The claim that [redacted] makes that his orders are always messed up is completely false if that was the case, why would you continue to order from someone that can’t get your order right? Especially the fact that there are plenty of other places to order from.     As far as harassment, I'm not sure what [redacted] constitutes as harassment but no one is calling [redacted] or his work I spoke to [redacted]’s supervisor 1 time the day after the incident took place. That is the only call I have had with anyone regarding this situation except for speaking to [redacted] after he spoke to [redacted]. If there is any harassment going on I feel it is from [redacted] with his fabricated claims and slander of Imo's pizza of how bad we are. My assumption is that this is nothing more than a ploy by [redacted] to criticize Imo's pizza because I called his supervisor reporting his treatment of my employees and my concern over whether or not he will harass my drivers.         [redacted] states that what he does on his personal time is not related to him doing his job, which is true. In this case though [redacted] was not on his personal time he was on the clock working at the time when he had cursed my employees. If he is going to treat my employees that way then why would I not think that he would hold a grudge and harass my delivery drivers when they arrive with a delivery.        As far as the 100 dollars [redacted] is claiming he is owed, that’s not going to happen. [redacted] has already spoke to [redacted], who is representative from Imo's pizza and has agreed on a settlement with him from what I understand he was to receive a $20 gift card to use at any Imo's location.       I would like for this case to be dropped as it is what I believe a lot of it to be a fabrication created by [redacted] in retaliation of me contacting his supervisor with my concerns on the way [redacted] treated my employees, and concern of how he would treat my drivers while he working.                                    ... Thank You,                                                                              ...

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Address: 1282 Camp Jackson Rd, E SAINT LOUIS, Illinois, United States, 62206


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