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Imperial Chrysler Dodge Jeep Corporation

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Imperial Chrysler Dodge Jeep Corporation Reviews (7)

I bought a buy back jeep cherokeewas told buy back was do to remote start not working started having transmission issues, come to find out the service manager pulled the VIP on the vehicle and found the motor was replacednever resolved my transmission issues either Had I known what the real reason of buy back was, I certainly would not have bought it This dealer ship will screw you any way they canfrom sales, finance all the way to serviceIF you are thinking of going here, DON'T do it

I test drove a car advertised for $26,877 on Cars.Com and their website (Red Tag Special) and now they want $31,900.Saturday 11/8/14 I test drove a Dodge Challenger R/T Plus. They offered me $16,500 for my 2009 F-150 Supercab XLT 4X4 and wanted $9,900 cash. Total $26400. I told them I would sell it to a friend and get back to them. Wednesday 11/12/14 I sold the truck and called them back to buy the car.They said it would be $1000 extra since I don't have a trade. Thursday 11/13/14 I decided to take the car for $27,400.All Cash !!! Saturday 11/15/14 I called to confirm with the salesman and manager and now they want $31,700 for a car that was advertised on their website as a "red tag special" and also advertised on Cars.Com for $26,877. This falls under the definition of deceptive business practice Chapter 39A under the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Agency.Desired SettlementI want them to honor their advertised prices when it comes to a specific vehicle. I drove over 100 miles to test drive the car.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] ManagerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@imperialcars.comOn 11/16/14 this customer purchased the vehicle in question for $ 27,400.00 which according to the complaint is the price that the customer wanted to pay. The vehicle is paid for in full and the customer will be taking retail delivery presently. This was handled internally with the customer prior to us recieving this complaint.

Service Plan sold to me does not cover what they told me it wouldI did not want to purchase service plan. They convinced me it was a great deal because I would be able to replace tires twice within the 100,000 mile warranty with preferred tire care option. I agreed to it with the preferred tire care option and left with both the warranty contract [redacted]XXXXXXXX and the pamphlet on [redacted] Called to get tires replaced, they say I don't have tire coverage. They sold me on it only because the tire replacement would make it worthwhile and now tell me I don't have the tire coverage. They also told me I had to purchase service warranty to get tire care, now they say they are completely seperate. They either made a mistake and did not complete the preferred tire care option or they used very bad misleading sales practices to sell ma a service plan I did not want and will not get anything for.Desired SettlementFirst choice would be to have the tire coverage I was told I would have. Without that, service plan should be refunded because I never wanted it. Business Response Mr. [redacted] did not purchase tire and wheel coverage as part of his contract. This coverage was offered to him by the business manager but he did not elect to purchase it. Mr. [redacted] did elect to purchase an Extended Service Contract along with [redacted] insurance as part of his contract. [redacted] insurance helps to cover any difference in a vehicles value and the remaining balance of the financing in the event of a total loss and is not in any way related to tires. I have attached a copy of the Extended Service Contract coverage (which Mr. [redacted] did purchase) and it clearly does not cover tires as like wiper blades and oil filters they are considered normal wear items and it is expected that one must replace them at given intervals as a cost of owning an automobile. I have also attached a copy of the Tire and Wheel Coverage (which Mr. [redacted] did not purchase) and while it does provide coverage for tires and wheels in the event of a road hazard it does not provide coverage against normal usage as again the replacement of tires is an expected cost of owning an automobile. Not only did Mr. [redacted] not purchase Tire and Wheel Coverage, but had he purchased it Tire and Wheel Coverage would still not cover replacement of tires for normal wear as that is not a covered item. That having been said in the interest of customer satisfaction as a one time courtesy to a valued customer, provided that Mr. [redacted] understands that from this point going forward the maintenence and replacement of his tires is his responsibility alone, Imperial will provide Mr. [redacted] with a set of replacement tires. This will be done one time and one time only.

Gap Insurance CancellationOn [redacted] 2015 I purchased my 2011 GMC [redacted] from Imperial Cars. Upon loan approval they had Gap Insurance added onto my loan due to being under in the vehicle I traded in(2009 [redacted] 120K mileage). I was exhausted after 6 hours of them negotiating and left with the new vehicle which I shouldn't of done as there was 2 recalls given to me by [redacted] After consulting with [redacted] Loan Servicer I cancelled the Gap Insurance (copy of form stating such effective [redacted] However, this was not done as I contacted Wells Fargo again yesterday and representative stated nothing was done in regards to this. They did not have a form, email, or letter stating it was cancelled. Therefore, I reached out to [redacted] and she stated it was not cancelled due to owing monies [redacted] (down payment) on vehicle on day of purchase. [redacted] was paid by Certified Bank Check & received in [redacted] on [redacted] as I have tracking confirmation. In addition, If I owed the money then it should have been collected prior to allowing me to take vehicle as I would been fine with taking mine home until it was rectified. Therefore, the confirmation from [redacted] stating it was cancelled as of [redacted] was invalid. As of today [redacted] she now claims it was sent out but never cashed. The stories continue to change upon all emails exchanged(have copies). I'm requesting this to be rectified immediately as I should not be charged [redacted] in negligence on other parties for failure to do so as promised in "Cancellation Request" that has passed almost a month now.Desired Settlement[redacted] refund to [redacted] for cancellation of GAP insurance which should not have been processed as it was within 24hrs.Business Response

Dealer has my drivers license, and fails to send it back to me, despite numerous calls and email attempts made.I visited this dealership on the morning of Saturday August 31st, and the salesman took my drivers license to make a copy. When the deal did not go, I left the dealership and when I got home I realized my license was never returned. I live nearly 2 hours away from this dealership, and immediately called the salesman. I got his voicemail, and left him a message asking to please return my license, I provided my full mailing address in the voicemail.I also emailed the salesman, the internet sales [redacted]), and the Imperial Cars Sales [redacted] I asked them to please send my license, and also to please respond with a confirmation that it was sent. I did not get a response to my phone call, voicemail, or email.On Sunday, I sent a follow up to the same 3 individuals. Again I asked for confirmation that my license was sent. Again no response. Monday was Labor Day. I did not contact, or expect contact from the dealer.On Tuesday, I sent yet another email to the same 3 individuals. No reponse. I received many emails from all 3 of these individuals leading up to the day I visited the dealer, but once the sell did not go through for them, contact from the dealer stopped. Desired SettlementI want my drivers license, and an explanation of why someone couldn't have sent my license out on Saturday with a message letting me know this was done.Business' Initial Response We regret this mistake, [redacted] did not know anything about this matter, as our team seems to have not forwarded the email to him. I have spoke to [redacted] who followed up with his team. We did mail the Drivers Lic out approximately a week ago.We sincerely do not have a good reason why our team failed to follow up on this issue.We are very sorry, and [redacted] has taken action to correct the matter going forward.Consumer's Final Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The license has yet to arrive. Can the dealer provide tracking info?Business' Final Response I believe that I stated that it was unfortunately sent regular mail and that there is no more information that we can provide.

I bought a buy back 2014 jeep cherokee. was told buy back was do to remote start not working. started having transmission issues, come to find out the service manager pulled the VIP on the vehicle and found the motor was replaced. never resolved my transmission issues either. Had I known what the real reason of buy back was, I certainly would not have bought it. This dealer ship will screw you any way they can. from sales, finance all the way to service. IF you are thinking of going here, DON'T do it

I paid for an inspection sticker as part of purchasing a new car. I was told I could have the car inspected closer to me, and a refund would be issuedI previously bought a new car from Imperial Cars (a 2012 Dodge Charger R/T) on September 27, 2014 in which I paid for an inspection sticker that I would not be able to perform until I received the new registration. The sales rep, [redacted] of Imperial told me since I live an hour and a half away that I can get the inspection sticker anywhere I want, closer to my home, and promised me a refund of the cost ($35.00 for an inspection sticker) with a valid inspection receipt from the car shop sent back to Imperial. I did this, emailing a copy of the inspection report, in which the car mechanically and visually passed, to [redacted] I followed up with him with another email making sure he received my email and receipt, and no responses. I then called Imperial Cars asking for [redacted] every time getting his voice-mail, and every time I would leave him a message. This has gone on for a couple weeks now in which I can not get in touch with [redacted] or a General Manager at Imperial Cars to explain my situation. I'm a very calm person, and I don't get angry often, I am just a little frustrated I can not get in touch with anyone there and [redacted] is not returning my phone calls or a simple email. It's just the principal of the matter.Desired SettlementRefund of inspection sticker, a total of only $35.00 from Imperial Cars.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] ManagerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@imperialcars.comRefund check has been issued this morning 11/24/14 and mailed to customer.Consumer Response Received via email: Complaint Case# XXXXXX has been resolved. Imperial Cars has refunded me the money.

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Description: Auto Dealers-New Cars

Address: 10 Uxbridge Road, Mendon, Massachusetts, United States, 01756


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