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Implix USA Reviews (11) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Best regards to all involved in seeing that fairness is due to meWhile getresponse is saying that I have accepted their offer, I have not! in fact I have not re-activated the get response account because how they plan to fix their problem does'nt make senseExample I paid them dollars on I believe the June 21st date- day of de-activation for upgrade in service and after the complaint with, they are telling me ok they will credit my account dollars and on day of re-activation I will pay them dollars for a "subscription fee" im like what is that ? and upon paying the dollars my next bill would be in august 27th I believe of dollarsWell if I give them dollars on day of re-activation that means I have paid dollars while everyone else has only paid dollars, make sense? All the while their system mal-funtioned causing me to be locked out of my account and then having no more confidence in their businessThanks bye

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in regard to the consumer complaint [redacted] We are sorry to learn about our customer's difficulties and the inconveniences encountered while using our serviceWe have verified the customer's account and noticed they decided to purchase an annual subscription without using a free trial firstClickMeeting offers 30-day trial accounts, that do not require any billing details and allow for extensive testing of all of the available features with no financial riskThe customer has the opportunity to decide whether the service is something that suits their needs and is something they would want to work in the futureIt is only natural that it may take a couple of days for new customers to start feeling comfortable with the available options and use them without any troubles, discovering new possibilities of the account's more advanced optionsWe would hence always recommend to try the free account firstThe option to create a trial account is available on our main webpageIt is, by no means, necessary to start with a paid account straight awayWe also are very proud of our recently updated Knowledge Base webpage, that contains numerous instructions, video tutorials, manuals and infographics that can be very helpful to our new customersAdditionally, we offer live chat and email support in case of any difficulties or questionsThe customer reached out to our live chat support complaining about certain service features after conducing only one live eventThey did receive a number of tips and advice, that would certainly allow them to conduct a successful webinarInstead, the customer threatened with black PR and demanded a full refundOur Terms of Service, that the customer accepts upon creating and account, indeed inform about the no-refund policyOur Knowledge Base also includes the information that we offer the no-risk free trials insteadWe feel it is important to note, in such case, that we are always happy to consider any complaints and provide assistance with any difficulties, especially to the inexperienced new users, so that the customers can use the potential of our service to the fullestWe are sorry that the provided assistance proved to be insufficient this time and that we were not able to convince the customer that the service we offer is top qualityWe are not able to provide a comment on the phone number issues the customer experienced, as we do not know which number has been used exactlyIt is important to notice, though, that Implix is a former name of the company called GetResponseClickMeeting is now a separate company (full company information available in the Terms of Service on our website)We have now issued a full refund of the consumer payment, hoping to be able to welcome them back as our customer in the future, should they decide to try the service againKind regards, ClickMeeting Team I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Regards,

Hello, As regards customer's recent remarks - customer upgraded their FREE TRIAL account to PAID version after all the issues caused by DDoS attack had been fully resolved We indeed offered extending customer's paid service for month entirely free of charge as well as activating a new version of additional featureUpon customer's request this compensation was cancelled Over last few years we have repelled many serious DDoS attacks using our infrastructure Unfortunately, the scale of last attacks was so huge that it overran our mitigation solution Within minutes we got in touch with world’s leading DDoS mitigation provider and introduced the most advanced type of protection available on the market Our company was not the only one that feel victim to the malicious attacksOver the last two months other companies have also been a target of the attacks, which out them offline These include Meetup, Shutterstock, MailChimp, Fotolia, Basecamp, oDesk, SurveyGizmo, MadMimi, OkCupid, HootSite, Typepad, Elance, Aweber and othersIt is unfortunate, but these types of attacks are becoming much more frequent in today’s environment [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with regards to the complaint ID [redacted] According to the standard procedures our Compliance Team conducted review of customer's account and unfortunately due to negative metrics such as high ratio of spam complaints they had to close it The negative metrics generated by customer's email marketing campaigns affected our other customers and their email deliverabilityThus, the account could not be reinstated We issued a partial refund (USD) for the unused payment of customer's annual purchase and informed the customer accordingly Thank you [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam, As regards the complaint [redacted] - customer's service was terminated according to the Terms of Service to which they agreed upon signing up Our Compliance Deptconducted the review of customer's account and unfortunately due to high ratio of spam complaints that customer's email marketing campaigns were generating over a period of time a decision was made to suspend the account and to revoke future access to the services The negative metrics generated by customer's campaigns have affected our other customers' and their email deliverability A full refund for customer's last payment (USD of July 25, 2014) was issued to customer's credit card Thank you! Kind regards, [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam, As regards the complaint # [redacted] - Customer signed up for a monthly account at USD on June 27, and they closed the account the same day Upon signing up the Customer was informed and agreed that in case of account cancellation payments already made are non-refundable or transferrable When the Customer contacted us with the information that they would like to reactivate the account on July 21, we came up with the following solution: we offered that upon account's reactivation we would apply a credit that would be equivalent to the time when the account was closedThat is to say USD: USD / days (length of a billing cycle) = USD USD [redacted] days (time when the account was closed - from June until July - when Customer wanted to re-open the account) = USD Since the Customer originally signed up on June next account renewal was scheduled for July Upon re-opening the account (July 21) the Customer would not pay anything and we would apply the offered credit of USD Then, on account's renewal (July 27) there would be a fee of USD charged (USD - subscription fee for Customer's payment plan minus the credit of USD)Upon the subsequent renewal (August 26) there would be a regular fee of USD charged Thank you! Kind regards, [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with regards to the complaint [redacted] On July the customer contacted us with a request to issue a refund for the remainder of their annual payment We asked the customer to close their account first so that no further charges follow and issued a refund of USD for the unused payment Refund confirmation was sent to customer's email address Thank you! Kind regards, [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam,We have already issued a refund of $to customer's credit card.This is $that customer paid in April minus $- cost of monthly 2,payment plan to which customer requested to havetheir account downgraded last month.Thank you for your consideration.Kind regards, [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam, As regards Complaint ID # [redacted] I have consulted our Email Marketing Team that were involved in Customer's account set up and provide support with [redacted] service and they advised the following : "Despite doing our very best to help our customers achieve their desired e-mail marketing results,we cannot be held responsible for the performance of their accounts The two most important factorscontributing to the mailing server reputation- subscriber base and the message content are beyond our control.The customer accepts responsibility for the aforementioned factors, which is clearly stated in the contract the customer has signedPlease find the corresponding excerpt below: The Customer understands and accepts that email deliverability is primarily dependent upon thereputation of the sending IP addressUpon receiving IP address(es) under this Agreement, the Customer willbegin to build their IP reputation with the help of their Implix consultantThe said reputation depends on thequality of Customer’s email lists and mailings; therefore, in order to gain a positive reputation for their IPaddress, the Customer should follow the instructions specified in the WaProcedure and those providedby the consultantThe Customer recognizes and accepts that they are solely responsible for the reputationof their IP address Following our guidelines does not guarantee that the emails will be delivered to their intended recipientsif the ISPs decide to block themFurthermore, the waprocedure described by the customer is necessary to gradually build good reputation and ensure proper deliverabilityThis is also clearly stated in the contract as per the excerpt quoted above Our data shows that we were able to deliver an average of 87.4% of the customer's emails over the course ofthe last monthsThey were opened 1,233,times, which translates to 18% average open rateThe links were clicked 178,times (2.41% OR)On top of that there were instances when deliverability exceeded 95% These numbers, while not perfect, show that our service has been utilised and delivered results that areclose to industry average when open rate is concerned To resolve the customer's claims in good faith we offered to waive one full invoice, but the offer has beenrejectedWe firmly believe that no further refunds are due to the customer as the service has been utilisedand we cannot be made responsible for their dissatisfaction with the results.” [redacted]

Dear Sir/Madam,The customer signed up for a monthly account at USDthru our website signing up they agreed to recurring billing policy:Paymentsh [redacted] Per customer's request recurring billing on their HyperTrackeraccount has been stopped and no further charges with regardsto this account will follow.A full refund for January payment (USD) has been issuedto customer's credit card.Thank you!Kind regards, [redacted]

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