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Import Minded, Inc.

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*** *** r.e*** *** had a Volkswagen Cabrio towed into our shop after hoursHe stated to *** the service manager that they had just installed a transmission and that he would like it reprogrammed Our service tech went out the following day to bring the vehicle inHe
found upon checking the vehicle that it would not even startHe and other technicians pushed the vehicle inIt took the tech several hours to start the vehicle and it ran very poorlyThe tech checked the transmission function and found it did not function due to a mechanically damaged transmission*** contacted *** *** and told him the transmission was mechanically not functioning correctly and that we could not reprogram the vehicleHe was not charged and eventually after a few days picked the vehicle upDo to the fact that the vehicle was towed in and did not start, and after getting it started it ran terrible and the transmission was not functioning mechanically we did not charge him and will not be responsible for poor workmanship and defective parts that *** installedUnfortunately this looks to me like a case of another business trying to cover for their inferior workmanship and shifting the blame

We have been trying to reach [redacted] about his issue to see if we can resolve it for him. However his voice mail box is full and he does not answer his phone after numerous calls. All we can do is wait for him to contact us so we can address his concern.

Regarding Mr. [redacted] :We had explained...

the situation about the issues he was having with his vehicle to him.  An agreement was reached to repair the issues and Mr. [redacted] said he would contact the to let them know that everything was taken care of. As of 2.9.2015 Mr [redacted] said he was happy with the repairs and was still intending to contact the to let them know that everything was taken care of. Unfortunately the vehicle has been repaired for two weeks already and no contact has been made to let the know that everything was taken care of.

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 

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I've been contacted by Import Minded. They ask me to bring the car and I brought it them. They took care about the problem and fixed it. Every thing seems working right at this moment. 

I have been a loyal customer for the past three years. I have found that their customer service is unparalleled. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. [redacted] is professional and easy to work with. I have and will continue to refer business to Import Minded each time I have an opportunity.
If you are looking for quality work at a fair price, you will find it here.

I have been a customer of Import Minded for about a year now and I absolutely love their service. This company is definitely one of the most underrated in the city of Milwaukee. Within the last year my Honda Civic has needed significant maintenance and the guys at Import Minded have always been more than helpful. Never have I ever felt swindled out of money, which is certainly a rarity in the automotive repair industry. Their front desk person [redacted] is always explains my complex car problems in a simplified manner, so I can understand. And I have never had a problem with a technician's work.

Also, they have a shuttle bus, which if you are like me and work 8-5 is extremely useful. Plus the shuttle driver [redacted] is a very friendly young man.

I am so grateful to be able to place my car in the hands of such a capable and positive shop that values their work.

Import Minded mechanics and management are the best! German Cheng did some fine work on my older model toyota and got it running again. I thank you for outstanding work and ethics Import Minded,Inc. you continue to raise the standard.

I recommend Import Minded to anyone who is looking for a FRIENDLY ,SINCERE ,HONEST ,FAIR,CLEAN, down-to -earth,,"straight shooting " garage. they always do all repairs at fair prices and in a quick, efficient manner. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, GENUINE KIND CARING PEOPLE AND HONEST FAIR PRICES. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Hi, this is my review about my experience with Import Minded. It was Horrible! I took my 2002 Subaru WRX there because the Check Engine Light was on. Before I wanted to fix anything, I wanted them to call me and let me know of any problems and fixes that they could do. They told me that they found the source, which were the vacuum lines. I had already checked the vacuum lines with another mechanic and it wasn't the problem. They said that they already fixed it before even letting me know about it. So I was charged for that. I paid them and drove my car home. Within driving just a few miles, the car's Check Engine Light came right back up! I went back to there shop and told them that they didn't do something right and had to fix it. The next day, I called in the morning to see how the progress was going on my car. The guy working on the car said he would call me back in 30 minutes. But he never did. I went to the shop and requested to know what was the problem and why things were going so bad. A mechanic by the name of [redacted] was very helpful though, he helped me and ensured that my car would start to be tested the next day. I went back the next day a little after noon and they were finally working on it. They said they ran many tests and said that there was no engine problem, it was the ECU. They said that they could replace it and give me a price drop because of the inconvenience. So I trusted them and they did it and I paid them. The next day, the Check Engine Light came right back up. I will not be going to Import Minded Again. I don't recommend them to anyone.

It is about time I found a car repair shop that I don't feel violated upon receiving my bill. I have a 20+ year old Mazda Miata - not only are their prices fair but then are very upfront about potential cost.

Review: We installed a used transmission on a customer's car and it needed to be reprogrammed. We contacted Import Minded who assured us that they have the capability to reprogram the transmission. Upon pickup, the car would not stay running nor would it perform as expected and told by management that transmission was stuck in gear and bad. We contacted a VW dealership and they said Import Minded did not set the correct code into the transmission and now it may be wrecked. We are going to take the car to the dealership to get fixed.Desired Settlement: Import Minded to pay for any repairs incurred from the dealership to fix this issue.



[redacted] r.e. [redacted]

Review: When my 2003 Audi A6 started blowing cool air intermittently (mostly while idling)while the heat was on, I brought the car into Import Minded to have them look at it. I originally waited approximately 3.5 hours for them to look at the car at which time they said they thought they could fix it by replacing some wires they thought had been chewed on by mice or the like. After waiting this time, they came and told me that they had to replace the thermostat and the water pump which controls the heating and air. they had to order the part so I took the car home and brought it back the next day. After being told the next day that the car was fixed, I went to pick it up and waited another 2 hours for them to try to "get the air pocket out". Finally they said it was done. I didn't drive the car very much for the next couple of weeks as my husband was off of work and I had larger items to pick up so I drove the mini-van. When I did drive the Audi A6, it was for short distances in town. The car never really got "hot" and I noticed, again, that the car would blow cooler air especially when I was idling. I called back to Import Minded, since they told me I had a 12 month warranty on the work they had previously done, and reported that cool air was blowing out when the heat was on. The service manager asked me to bring it in as it was probably an "air pocket" which was common in this vehicle. I brought the car in the next morning. The car remainded there for 5 days while they tried to get the "air pocket" out after doing the repairs. When they couldn't get the air pocket out after this amount of time, they then said I needed to have the main water pump now replaced. I feel that while they thought they had diagnosed the problem, it was infact another problem that caused the air to blow cold and that the original repairs they did to the tune of $1,200 were not necessary and did not fix the problem. My car still blows cold air and I lack confidence in them fixing the problem after having the car for this period of time.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my car fixed at no added expense or have a full refund of my costs which did not fix my initial car problem.



From: [redacted]

Sent: Monday, January 13, 2014 8:20 AM

To: [redacted]

Subject: recent complaint filed.

I've used this company for work on my car, and have always had a good experience. They will honestly tell you what your car needs and then make the repairs diligently.
They will also tell you when your car can't be fixed and why.

I am a HVAC Contractor and have had my personal, work and Performance vehicles, serviced @ Import Minded. Always pleasant to deal with. The owner and service manager have gone out of their way to insure I am well aware of all service needed before work is performed and any possible future issues to look for. Top notch work and quality. Import Minded has kept me on the road, both personal and work. Thanks Guys!! Keep up the great work!

I brought my Shelby GT500 from Chicago to Milwaukee to have my car worked on at Import Minded. A fellow GT500 owner highly recommended the shop for their expertise. That was 2 years ago, I since have brought my car to Import Minded countless times for High Performance work, maintenance, etc. I will never go anywhere else, I will make the trip from Chicago to Milwaukee if I ever need anything done on my prized possession. The owner [redacted] is one of the most knowledgeable Master Mechanics I have ever met. But one thing that sets this shop apart from other shops I have knows is their honesty, and professionalism. I can bring my car to a few select performance shops in Chicago, but why I keep coming back to Milwaukee to this shop is something you will need to see for yourself. Enough said, this shop is the only shop I will ever need. A+

Review: Hello

The issue stared when I found a leak in my car (Mini Cooper 2008 – 30k Miles). I took my car to the mechanic after I found good reviews about them over the internet. They were nice and welcoming. I described the problem to them to the best of my knowledge that there is water and/or oil leaking from the engine side and no matter how many times I fill it, it would empty very fast. And I notice that the heat is not working.

I have been told to leave the car and within 2 hours I got a call from them that the issue is oil leaking and it does need oil gas gate and oil hose replacement. And they said we did not find any water leaking.

I went back to them, and then they said we did find the leak now and they gave me a list of parts (cooling system as they told me) that needs to be replaced for the price of $900.00!!

The $900.00 was too much but based of the reviews I read and the professional service I am expecting I was fine with that.

Within less than a month!!, I called them that the issue is back and they asked me to bring the car back.

I took the car back to them and left it there. I was waiting for their call but they did not call me. I called them after 3 hours asking for updates. They told me the issue is different and this leak is from the water pump and it needs to be replaced for $600.00 !!

I said: I did pay $900.00 for the cooling system replacement and the water pump is a part of it and now you are asking me for another $600.00?!

They said yes because you missed pointing on the issue, while I am not a mechanic I told them I did explain what I have noticed and you are the one who did the diagnostic.

The first time you called me you’ve told me you did not find the water leak, then when I drove back to the shop you told me you have found it. And you asked for the $900.00 and I did pay that expecting professional service.

Then I have been told that is the deal you either want to fix it for $600.00 or you take your car. I took the car back to my home garage and not driving it.

What I need from them is: I need them to fix the car as I expected and as what I have paid for or getting my many back.

I am not responsible for misdiagnosing the car especially after I paid for that.




We have been trying to reach [redacted] about his issue to see if we can resolve it for him. However his voice mail box is full and he does not answer his phone after numerous calls. All we can do is wait for him to contact us so we can address his concern.



Regarding Mr. [redacted] :

I can't begin to describe how impressed and satisfied I am with this establishment! I've been taking my vehicle to a shop that a relative works at, and charges in my opinion too much. When I got to Import Minded I was greeted by a man by the name of Loren. I told him I needed an oil change and let him know about a noise I've been hearing for the past 6 months. I also asked for a quote for winter tires. Loren said no problem, and they took my car into the shop. He came back 20 minutes later and let me know that I had a problem that I needed to rectify quickly for safety reasons. Loren took the time to take me back into the shop and explained the issue with his mechanic so I could see the severity of the issue. I asked my family member to give me a quote for everything that Loren did. Import Minded was $400 less!!!! I will continue to get my car here! Thank you Loren for keeping my family safe!

Great service, honest and efficient. These guys are the best. I have had all the service on my cars done there for years. They will do their estimate, and without any pressure, explain to you what the issue is in terms you can understand, and let you know the cost (on the parts and on the labor). I would recommend them for all car types, and think Bernie knows German cars better than any one else in town.

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