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User Reviewer636396 time 07.01.2016

Review: After spending over $900 for 25 copies of a book, I have not received the books nor am I able to contact anyone at the business. I have left numerous messages with all my contact information and no one has contacted me. They did charge my credit card.Desired Settlement: I would like to know when I may expect delivery of the books and to confirm this business does indeed exist!



We have searched all of our records and systems. We have no record of this order, can we please have a copy of the credit card statements showing the charge?

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User Reviewer636400 time 06.01.2016

Review: I paid close to a thousand dollars to have a book published. Due to circumstances beyond my control and an inability to reach the original contact I decided I wanted my money back. Several weeks ago I finally found a working number and over the course of several days was told I would be recieving my refund once they cleared the transaction with thier CFO. Now several weeks later I keep getting the runaround. People not in and my calls forwarded to voicemail. I am currently running for statewide office in Ct and the money will be better suited towards my getting elected (not that that is any of their business). I hope this matter can be resolved immediately. Thank YouDesired Settlement: ASAP



A Refund check for the full amount was issued to *** *** on the 9th of July following a conversation with our VP.

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User peter v. time 01.01.2016

I'm a public speaker who speaks regularly at associations and conferences. At these events, I sell copies of my books. I also conducted workshops, and at these events. I use these books as actual content for the workshop participants.
A month ago I ordered copies of my book, knowing that, from past experience, is a three-week turnaround time. That turnaround time ended last week. I have conferences coming up in five days, and I need those books for my conferences. I wrote infinity publishing and ask them when my books for.
This is their reply:
"I have looked into this situation, as we have been running on-time for orders currently.
It seems that when the order was sent to the printer, the process was started, but somehow the order was overlooked. We have corrected the error with the printing facility. Please allow 1.5 weeks for the order to print and ship.
As an apology for the time you have lost, I am crediting your account for five free books on your next purchase."
Now, I have these events coming up and no books. Sales of these books is important to me as I'm a senior and live on a fixed income. I also need these books as "content" for workshops and have workshops coming up, and now have no content. This will certainly affect my reputation.
I spoke with a CSR today and there's nothing you can do. I don't want to credit, or free books. I want what I ordered, on-time.
Working with infinity publishing has been a nightmare ever since I started the process.
Buyer beware.

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User Reviewer636402 time 23.12.2015

Review: Infinity Publishing has failed me in several areas, including customer service and delivery of product. Buyer beware! The company was recommended by a friend several years ago, yet after spending $1000.00 to have my book published and distributed, I've received only 4 updated copies from ***. The book continues to be listed as "out of stock" although I recently paid $249 for "expanded distribution". No one will return my phone calls or emails... my messages go directly to voice mail. I've wondered if the company is still in business, yet I recently received an online advertisement for their company's services. They were certainly eager to have my business back in December 2013! I have family and friends waiting for copies and several book clubs who have asked me to speak. How can I promote a book that isn't available anywhere? Is this the usual way Infinity does business? If so, I'm very disappointed.Desired Settlement: I'd like Infinity to respond to my inquiries and print and publish *** *** ***. They promised to make my book readily available through ***.com and ***.com. It isn't. If the company can't provide these services, I'd like to have a refund of the payment for expanded distribution and a release of the manuscript, so I can find a reputable publisher who will provide the services I thought I was paying for. ** ***



*** *** ***

1:33 PM (6 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Revdex.com,

I was finally able to have contact with someone (Laura W***) at Infinity Publishing a few days ago. She agreed to contact *** Press and see what was the delay was. According to Laura, that agent had made an error and didn't designate my book as active after it was vetted. I don't know the process, but finally both ***.com and ***.com have listed the book as available rather than "out of stock" and I've been notified of a future delivery date of copies ordered.

I think Infinity Publishing could do better in the customer relations department, but I am satisfied with the outcome.

Thank you very much for considering my complaint.


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