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Infinity Van Lines, Inc

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Ok my move was a nightmare scenarioIt was gridlock traffic, puring rain and had stairs to deal with because the elevator had brokenI was thoroughly impressed by the effort and hardworkI liked the way they packed my TVs and wrapped my glass furniture table topsThey were professional and *** was a joy to work with he reminded me of my GrandsonThanks Infinity Van Lines

We selected All Over United for our move from FL to MI after speaking with over companiesWe chose them because we liked (and at the time) trusted the gentleman that estimated our move and handled our paperwork
We had an in-home estimate which we were told is supposed to provide the best pricingNot only was their price great, but the guy that came to our house was helpful and knowledgeableWe were quoted $for our move
Scheduling the move day went fairly well, there was a delay due to a bad rain storm but that was beyond the drivers controlWhen they did final make the move the final price came out to more than $above what we had a been quotedAt that point we knew we had been low-balled to secure the dealMany of the other (and we now know better) companies gave us estimate around the $4300, which would have been a much better choice
While we had now choice at that point but to pay the extra, we felt absolutely swindled by our sales person
We were alerted to the departure of our things on Monday 1/4/and were told to expect delivery 3-days laterWe understood that there would be slight variation on that, which is not the upsetting partThe upsetting part is the complete lack of communication on the part of All Over UnitedWe never heard from ANYONE regarding the progress of the deliveryWe called multiple times only to get an answering service
In addition, at the time of the call to let us know when shipment would take place, we were told we were paid in fullWe weren't sure that was correct but needed to check our account to see what the last draft was that they had collected
When the driver finally called on Saturday 1/(days later) around 5pm we were told that delivery would be the next day 1/between 10-12pmThe driver was very difficult to understand and let us know of a balance on the account that must be paid when he arrivedWe prepared a check and brought it with us
The load arrived by 4pm 1/10/due to snowWe understood the delay and preferred that they take their time to ensure their safety and the safety of our loadONCE they arrived we were informed that we could only pay by Certified Check or CashBeing Sunday, and being that we WERE NOT TOLD THIS prior to delivery this was an absolute shockWe were called by a customer service representative that was ABSOLUTELY RUDE AND COMPLETELY UNSYMPATHETICOf course, it was the driver that was the only one that could get someone on the phone, we hadn't been able to reach anyone since the previous Friday
We were told that we couldn't use their secure payment portal (as we had for all other payments) and that we would be charged $if the driver had to stay over nightWhile we understand their need for this type of payment to ensure the safety of the company, they need to make their customers awarethey also need to have a least a the tiniest bit of customer service and speak to everyone kindly during what is already a stressful situation
We were able to run out and get the cash necessary (which made us very uncomfortable to hand to the truck driver) but using our ATM cards to make cash withdraws
Our final complaint would be the care of our thingsWe had MULTIPLE items broken (lamps, a $desk to name a few)Our things were treated with NO CARE WHAT SO EVERThis was completely clear from the minute the doors of the truck open, the first thing you saw was a broken lamp
I can't say enough terrible things about the customer service, sales and delivery practices of this companyWe feel swindled and completely lied to

I just want to thank Infinity Van Lines and its enitre staff for a stress free and very affordable moving serviceSpecial Thanks tto *** and *** for working so closely with me throughout the move and storageI felt like I was being moved by friendsThe service was very warm , friendly and professionalGreat Movers! *** packed my china very well and I had no damages

Great packing and careful loading Infinity Van Lines did an excellent job regarding moving my family from Miami to AtlantaFive stars for sure

WARNING!!!!!! The ABSOLUTE WORST moving experience ever!!!!!! I would not recommend them to anyone! All of our unboxed items were never delivered to us (new quad, new large area rug, and brand new office chair, dog bed, and I haven't even gotten a chance too look inside all the boxes to see what else is missing/damaged). The worst business I have ever had to deal with. Most of my dishes are broken. All of our stuff was handled without care. Boxes are smashed. The service was very unprofessional!!! So much for 24 hr in advance call as promised. Even brand new bins were so damaged that it's not even usable anymore. I'm so disappointed in this company. I will most definitely do what I can to allow others to know how bad my moving experience was so that they don't make the same mistake I did (trusting this company or should I say "companies" with my belongings). Very unprofessional!!! It's no wonder they have to keep changing their business name. I would rate this place a BIG 0 if I had that option!! Do not go with infinity van lines or crown van lines. They have other names too!! Do your research!! Unless you want only 3/4 of your belongings and 1/2 of them damaged then go for it. But if you want more professional services then do your research people!!! DON'T GO WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

I want to thank these movers for a pleasant experience. I was apprehensive but they proved that there are still professional service companies that care about their clients. Great job [redacted] you are great at what you do.

I had a horrible experience with this moving company. From the get-go I was duped by their sales representative [redacted] who informed me that All Over United does not use any sub-contractors and that all of the trucks and movers are their own. Their representative informed me the driver would be there on time and that the delivery within the timeframe I requested would be done. Neither happened. The driver allegedly hit a construction crane and showed up over an hour late and the inter-state trip north (a 4 hour drive) took the driver nearly 9 hours. Mind you my wife did the drive at the same time and completed it in 4 hours and my mother-in-law drove along the very road the driver claimed there was traffic on and there was no traffic. At 6:10 PM I called the driver who noted he was only 10 minutes away, then he disappeared for over 2.5 hours and ignored all of my calls as well as my wife's. He showed up close to 9 PM claiming on the phone to me that my building had called him at 6 PM saying that it would be too late to drop the stuff off; I spoke with my building throughout this whole time and they said it would be fine if they started before 7 PM and that they never spoke with the Company, the sub-contractor (Economy Van Lines) that they claimed not to use, and that they don't even have the movers' phone numbers. I also pointed out to the driver that I spoke with him after the alleged call and told him it would be fine to come before 7. Telling this company the end-time was a mistake as they clearly and purposefully came when they knew things couldn't be delivered.
The next morning, the driver showed up over an hour and a half late again and told us he wouldn't let us have any of our stuff unless we paid $500 cash on the spot. I told the Company to just charge the extortion fee to my credit card as permitted by my contract, estimate and from their initial contact with me ([redacted]), yet [redacted] the general manager said customers "may" pay by credit card but that "they" (read: the sub-contractor they used) demand cash or money order. We had no choice but to pay.
A couple of days after the move I posted a negative review on the very site [redacted] had sent to me previously showcasing their positive reviews. The call ended with a man named [redacted] stating that "the internet works both ways..."
This company ignored the very items that are "guaranteed" on their website, in the emails sent to me, etc. and have lied nearly every step of the process. I spent hours on hold with them and have been yelled at by numerous "customer service representatives." Please do yourself a favor and do not use this company. I won't even start on the extra money we spent to receive same-day delivery.


Do not use this company it will be the biggest mistake of your life they are liars cannot reach them by phone. They have had our furniture for over two weeks now and we still have no idea when we're going to get it. They give you one excuse after another and keep raising the price.

This review is written concerning my family's experience from 7/27/2016 to 8/22/2016 moving from Norfolk, VA to New Mexico.

First, the company, Affordable Movers, LLC out of Raleigh, NC are absolutely moving brokers contrary to their website claims. Definitely oversell, under deliver. If you call them and [redacted] answers or returns your call, he may seem like the nicest guy in the world, but RUN. Once he has your deposit, you won't be able to contact him again versus deal with dispatch [redacted] and another gal I cannot recall her name) and they only return your call if you find leverage and threaten to canx. We didn't end up going with these folks, so that;'s the end of this review.

Second company All Over United Movers, Inc. as with any moving broker, their binding moving estimate no matter how much the word BINDING is emphasized, the moving company always says "that is what we hope will happen", while giving a status. They have absolutely NO, zero, zip, zippo control of when the driver that agrees to pick up your load will deliver it. These companies do not control the drivers and the drivers don't have moving crews. They hire them off of Craiglist or Labor Ready and sit in the cab of the truck while the poor hired laborers bust [redacted] in 97 degree heat.

We were told and legally committed to via legally binding email that our goods would arrive NLT than 5-7 business days from when we were picked up. We were supposed to be picked up on a Satur/Sun and were actually picked up on the following Wed (7/27) at 7p in the rain and the crew finished at midnight, then we got to drive the 1st leg of our drive West after this.

Our allegedly binding agreement stated no later and under no circumstances would it be "estimated" to take longer than 21 days to move our stuff. It took 28 days!! It only takes 3.5 days to drive from VA to NM. It took the driver that actually delivered our goods, from Wed 8/18 to Mon 8/22 to arrive. Of course! he had other household good shipments on his truck mixed in with ours, I saw that as they unloaded the truck and I had to repeatedly say, that is mine or that is NOT mine.

All Over United Movers will not return your calls unless you, as a client, find some sort of leverage as we did. Customer Service began to return our calls, only because they saw they were not holding all the cards, after thinking they might.

Also, [redacted] & [redacted] out of Atlanta, GA, could not be more shady. They answer the phone only after you might call them from a different number then they know for you thinking it might be new business and oh no! it's the customers that are waiting for us to deliver their goods.

Honestly, all of the companies above (3), should have told us our move was too small and we need to move ourselves, because they couldn't promise a quality and timely job.

There is a bad movers portal that generates a bad for business list available to federal employees as well as military families. If a moving company gets on this list, they are at that point barred from any new "sponsored" moves via SATO and military base movement offices. If a company gets on that list, they cannot be used for sponsored moves. Unfortunately for the above companies, my wife and I both work federal positions and have placed at least D&G Movers as well as All Over United Movers on this list.

Take some advice Moving families in the U.S., if it's not Mayflower, North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Wheaton Moving or another highly reputable large name don't DO it! The rest are simply brokers that contract moving jobs out to 1099 long haul moving truckers and the rest is a turkey shoot! :-(

Learn from us, Moving Brokers will take advantage of anyone willing to place any degree of trust in ANYTHING they might say. But they don't control squat once the client pays that deposit, dispatch does and dispatch doesn't care about you. If it's not the above large companies, don't even waste your time getting a quote.

That's all from the Western U.S.

My husband and I decided we wanted to move to Los Angeles, CA. We started researching moving companies, and looked at many different companies. We finally decided to go with All Over United Moving & Storage. I was assured that they had their own truckes and drivers, and that they would not farm our move out to another company. The dates were set for 11/1 - 11/3. I paid the deposit, and though we were all set. 11/1 came and went, 11/2 came and went, and we still had not heard anything from them. I contacted the movers on 11/3 after no calls from them, and found it very difficult to get in touch with anyone. When I finally contacted someone, I was told that there was a miscommunication between the drivers and dispatch and that they did not make any pick ups in the area until Thursday or Friday 11/5 or 11/6. I was reaasured that they was afluke, and that everything else was going to go as planed moving forward. Of course I was extremely upset as we had planned everything around 11/1 - 11/3. They promised that they could pick up on the new dates without any issues. They also stated that they would check with the owner for a possible discount. 11/5 came and went, and finally 11/6, and I still had not heard anything from them. Finally, I received a call from one of that employees stating that they had dates of 11/10 or 11/11 available for pickup or I could get a full refund. She said nothing about the dates of 11/10 or 11/11 or why they could not make that date. Of course I wanted a refund, and I would never recommend dealing with this company again. They were not honest in how they represented their services and were not very responsive to attempts to contact them.

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