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• May 10, 2021

Around 20 years with IC
I moved to my area, I want to say around 2002 with an old flip phone with a national service. My ranch and the home are partly located in a canyon which makes it hard for me to have a service like AT&t or other national brands because of reception to and from the towers. So I started searching around and found inland cellular. Amazing for something they have a tower at the top of my hill, the tower is not in sight but geographically it's very close to my home. So I called inland cellular and ask their representative to come out here to see if I could get good enough reception to buy one of their phones. So I was talking with Tony M. He informed me he would be out to my house that evening. He walked all around with his phone and check the reception even when in the basement where the power comes in and he showed me I would be getting reception in the canyon I lived in. So I bought a Motorola flip phone and a 2-year contract. The prices for both the phone and the service were very reasonable for those days. Tony probably wouldn't remember this but I do. He went over and above to give me personalized service and it meant a lot to me.

Fast forward around 15 years later and I'm still with inland cellular now with a smartphone. Again the price of the phone unlimited data in my area with the internet service all very reasonably priced, actually less than I would be paying for a nationally named brand. Again over the past year their technical support and service has been exceptional and shows me this company cares about the people they provide service to. Unlike a national brand where the operators you speak with look at you as a problem not an opportunity to solve the problem. So I just wanted to mention how good their customer service reps are. A couple of times there's been equipment issues with the tower I connect to or they've been doing testing which limited my reception. I contacted their technical support. I spoke with Benjamin V. over the phone. He wrote up a trouble ticket for me and dug into the issue and informed me of the problem with a return call. He followed up and didn't leave me hanging. He was very friendly explained the technical issue in layman's terms and even gave me his extension number for me to call him directly. Since then Benjamin has helped me with other technical issues and we're certainly on a first name basis (I call once a month to pay my bill.)

Again they're outstanding customer service and fair prices make this company the best in my area. I'm glad I found Inland Cellular 20 years ago when they were just a small one store company for cell service. If I could I would rate the company and it's employees much higher than five star.

Thanks IC

William M.

• Nov 16, 2020

It sucks!
Last August when I moved to just juliaette it was I can hardly send e-mails let alone stream anything.the have oversold there tower and now my unlimited plan is no good.


I have use Inland Caller for my cell phone service for several years and around the end of March this year I did receive a letter from that company that they were discontinuing service with me because I was using too much rooming and that I did not live in there service area. They stated that I have until April 30th of this year to find a new cell phone service.

I am still living in the same area as when I did sign up for their service several years ago and there was never any mention of my address as being out of their service until now.

Because of the above mentioned letter I did go to Verizon cell phone and signed up with that company for cellular service about the middle of April of this year. This did cancel out my service with Inland Cellular.

On April 17,2013 I received a bill from Inland Cellular for $119.48.

Not understanding this larger than normal amount of this bill I called Inland Cellular and attempted to inquire about the above normal charges. The person I talked to said that I had canceled my contract and I had to pay a penalty for that reason. I tried to explain that I did not cancel the service that Inland Cellular had canceled my service. The person from Inland Cellular I was talking to continued telling me that it did not matter that they canceled my service and that I should read my contract. Seeing that I was not getting anywhere by continuing this conversation I terminated the call and then contacted the in Spokane.

I do not believe that I should owe any early canceling fee because I did not cancel the service Inland Cellular canceled my service.

I no longer have the letter from Inland Cellular canceling my service but the person I did talk to did acknowledge that Inland Cellular did send me the

I will be grateful if you could assist me in resolving this dispute and please let me know if you do need further information. You can contact me at any of the above phone numbers of by mail at my address.

Enclosed is a copy of the bill that I did receive from Inland Cellular.



This letter is in response to complaint 9522829

To whom it may concern,

I have looked over [redacted]'s account and would like to resolve this matter. I have credited all fees related to an early termination penalty in an amount total of $165.53, this figure consists of a $135.00 contract early termination penalty, $10.53 in taxes and fees and $20.00 in administration fees. This leave's a credit balance that will be issued to [redacted] in the amount of $46.05. Inland Cellular would like to appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If there is anyhting further that needs to be addressed please let me know. Inland Cellular appreciates the oportunity to resolve this issue.

Inland Cellular Customer Support Supervisor

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Address: 1332 G St, Lewiston, Idaho, United States, 83501


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