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Review: My car got hit where it was parked and the front end of the vehicle was damaged. I duly reported this to my insurance company who approved my claim and issued a cheque for $6,000 for the repairs for both headlights, bumper and hood for my car.The repair shop finished the work and I got my car back which seemed satisfactory at that point. However, about 9 months later, I noticed the headlights were popping out of the casing and whenever it rains, it gets filled up. It has gotten so bad that the passenger side headlights has been damaged and even has water half filled inside of it. I have take the car several times to the repair shop and even though I have a lifetime guarantee from them, they have so so far refused to fix the car. I have reported them to the insurance company, but the insurance company claim they are powerless to make them repair the car again.This has been going on for about 4 months now.Desired Settlement: I just want my headlights fixed.



The Repairs to this vehicle, the 2009 Lexus IS 250 were completed to the insurance company standards, the date of this accident was 7/**/12. The customer came into the shop on or around October **2013. The headlights in question were bought from the location that the insurance company provided. Unfortunately the insurance company only paid for used lights, not after market or new from the dealer. We notified the customer that they needed to contact their insurance company so that they can replace the lights with new lights from the proper distributor. We do not dictate to the insurance company what they will and will not be paying for. Unfortunately most of these issues reflect poorly on us when the insurance company prefers to use used parts. If the customer can reach the insurance company and have them pay for the difference for the new lights we will gladly replace them.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Inner City Automotive regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: I got into an accident on July **, 2013 when a bicyclist side struck my vehicle causing damage on my right hand side including taking off my side view mirror. After calling the police, about 10 minutes later before emergency vehicles responded to the scene a man named "[redacted]" appeared introducing himself as the "Owner" of Inner City Auto on Blondell Avenue. He saw that I was visibly upset and shaken by what had just transpired and then handed me a business card. He stayed the whole time while I waited to see and speak to emergency officials. After everything was done paperwork wise he proceeded to tell me about his business. He told and promised me that if I decided to do the work with the shop he owned he wouldn't charge me the deductible my insurance required. Knowing that I would have to pay it else where I decided to take a chance. My mother the owner of the vehicle (name on the insurance and registration) spoke to him on the phone to verify who he was, where his shop was located if he and his shop was indeed an authorized all state shop and if he also promised not to charge the deductible. I was going to drive my vehicle there myself but he said he would tow it there for me since he was going back to the shop and could see I was shaken up, when he put it that way I agreed. Getting to Inner city auto I again reminded him that I am just a driver and at that point my name wasn’t on any of the necessary documents to sign off on anything. He told me not to worry just to give him my license and just sign (forge) my mothers signature and everything would be ok. I had a few little dings prior to the accident on both bumpers due to parallel parking and before we called my insurance he told me when the job was paid for by them he would throw that work in free of charge for me. I proceeded to fill out the required paper work giving them authority to show the car to the insurance adjuster, to receive the check and act as power of attorney in order to receive the funds in case I was unavailable and acknowledge that once the car was done they would charge me a $70 a day storage fee if not picked up. I proceeded to sign these documents in my mother’s name. Before leaving I again asked about the deductible and informed me that he would not charge me, he even indicated on the folder with my mom’s forged signature above the $500 deductable with a “S” circled that meant that amount was saved. A week later, total of 8 days while at work I received a phone call from my Insurance letting me know that he had just come from seeing the car, informing me of the damages he seen and that he left the check in my mothers name for them to begin work and that he would forward me a copy of the estimate for my viewing. Once receiving that phone call I called [redacted] to confirm that the check was indeed there and what day my car should be ready, he didn’t answer. Upon returning home the next afternoon, I looked over the estimate and while reading it several parts that I knew for sure wasn’t affected by the accident were on this estimate. I tried to call [redacted] again, no answer; at this point I go searching for his business card to call the main shop number. I got a person by the name of [redacted] on the phone, I told her my concerns and she tried to explain but at this point it wasn’t making much sense to me I told her I would come into the shop. At this point [redacted] finally called me back and I asked him what his text messages meant regarding a paint job down the line I was under the impression that the whole car was going to be painted. I get to Inner city auto and see [redacted] at the front desk, she pulls out my estimate and starts to go over it with me and some of my worries died down at that point, until she got to a line regarding my bumper. I let her know that it didn’t sound right and I would much rather see the car since at this point I haven’t seen it in over a week. I get outside and I am walking around the car, I notice that there is severe damage to the bumper that had nothing to do with my accident, and was indeed on my estimate. I go back inside to let them know my finding and the “owner” [redacted] proceeds to tell me that the insurance already took care of the cost and not to worry they will remove and replace. At this point my mind is going crazy, this guy is telling me he is the owner and that [redacted] is just a driver, then he proceeds to tell me that I brought the car in with that damage which isn’t true. And no one knows how the damage to the bumper happened. At this point there are too many conflicting stories I called my adjuster to let them know that they over charged me for damage that should have been taken care of by the shop and not my insurance. And I feel the best thing is to pull the car and search for another auto body shop. I let [redacted] know that I am no longer comfortable with my car to be worked on here and I would like to pull the car out. She proceeds to let me know that I will be charged a storage fee of $70 a day and 30% of the adjustment total and a towing fee equaling way over $1600. I asked to see my contact because these “fees” were on nothing that I signed when I agreed to have my repairs initially done. When they pulled my contact a woman by the name of “[redacted]” (which later down the line answers to the name of [redacted]) interrupts our conversations to inform me what her husband the “owner” meant. At this point im lost and said that several times. She proceeded to tell me she can charge me whatever she wants according to the DMV and NYS laws. I went home later that evening and looked up said DMV laws on auto body shops and It says on Part 82-Page 11 section 82.8 Charges that (c) (1) A customer may not be charged for storage unless notice in writing is given. Notice may be given by a statement on an estimate or other documents given to the customer, by letter or by other written means which gives the customer actual notice. (2) Storage may not be charged during the period from which the customer has authorized repairs to one business day after the repairs shop has notified the customer to pick up the repaired vehicle. I felt bullied to keep my car there when I wanted to remove it, they overcharged m y insurance and At this point I wasn’t happy. A week after this conversation I go to pick up my car and they inform me that I now have to pay a $500 deductible because I threaten to pull the car, even though they did the work. And that “[redacted]” the driver said he didn’t say anything about waiving the fee (which is clearly indicated on my paperwork that he did). I have [redacted] on a voice recording saying other wise. These people are crooks and no one is who they say they are!Desired Settlement: I would like them to honor the agreement of not charging me my deductible. they damaged my car and got more money out of my insurance that they should have, later I found out that it happened because of their tow truck.



At this time, I have not been contacted by INNER CITY AUTO regarding complaint ID [redacted].


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