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• Feb 23, 2021

No warranty for 2nd owners
We bought a five old Insight home from a friend. One of the windows had a broken seal. I called the builder to say the home has a 10 yr. warranty and could they send someone to look at the window. I was told that the warranty is not transferred to me as a second owner. The warranty was with the original owner...not the house.

Don't expect respect from the Corporate offices
I am not details and submit myself to potential issues.

Do Not Expect Insight Homes to care about you or any issues you may have.

• Aug 11, 2020

Insight home owner
Insight home are the worst homes ever developed.
many of us will make sure that the word gets out. There model homes are flawless but what they construct for you is garbage.

This is in response to the letter we received from your office concerning a complaint filed by [redacted] In her letter [redacted] makes a number of statements and I will endeavor to answer as best I can based upon the factual information that we have on file(copy of the letter attached) I would like to start with the time line 8-7-13- An agreement for sale for a property and home to be built known as a Whatley model on [redacted] in the community of Stonewater Creek, Millsboro, Delaware was written and later ratified by Insight Homes on August 13th, This was an agreement contingent upon the sale of an existing home by the Will ***The original contingency was for days and was verbally extended until they released their contingency on November 15th, This contingency guaranteed the reservation of the lot, lot pricing, home pricing and option pricingA deposit in the amount of$5,was paid to Insight at this time(Copy of contract attached) 11-16-13- [redacted] changed home type to an Elaine model 12-1-14- [redacted] visited the Insight Selection Center and met with our Selections Coordinator and finalized their structural and designer selections for the home and paid the additional $33,deposit due 2-4-14- Our Sales Manager [redacted] received a note from our Community Sales Manager [redacted] stating that the [redacted] s stopped by the model at Stonewater Creek and that they were upset because the home had not yet startedThey complained that they were due to move from their rental home in May [redacted] the CEO of Insight, had a discussion regarding their concerns and agreed to move [redacted] forward in the construction process and start the home earlier(Copy of e-mail attached) 2-5-14- [redacted] sent an e-mail stating that they wanted Insight to "cease & desist any further construction on the site." They requested a full refund and stated that they had contacted an attorney, and were fully prepared to move forward with litigationThey also stated further that they would involve the Attorney General's office and that others wou ld join them in litigation No actual reason for this action was given(Copy of E-mail attached) 2-10-14- [redacted] sent [redacted] an e-mail stating that she had tried to contact the Real Estate agent ( [redacted] Bay Coast Realty) and [redacted] multiple times to let them know that we would be willing to move them up in the construction schedule and also pay any additional rent and storage fees if they were not in their new home by the time the lease expired on their rental property Leah did not receive a response from either party .(Copy of e-mail attached) 2-12-14- Insight was informed th at [redacted] had purchased a home from another builder 2-18-14- Insight received a "Release From Agreement of Sale" form from their Realtor's office (Bay Coast Realty) This included a paragraph that stated all deposit moneys held wou ld be returned to the [redacted] (Copy attached) 2-18-14- [redacted] called [redacted] the Broker at Bay Coast Realty and explained that contractually Insight was not obligated to return the deposit and that we were prepared to start the home and deliver the home as contracted [redacted] also questioned [redacted] regarding the fact that [redacted] had purchased a home elsewhereBill replied to Don that he would have to check on it and would get back to him [redacted] never received a response 2-21-13- [redacted] spoke with an attorney representing [redacted] of Tunnel & Raysor [redacted] requested the return of the depositsHe was not aware that the [redacted] purchased another homeHe wanted Insight to send him a statement of costs associated with the purchase of the homeDon explained to John that Insight was not interested in returning the deposits and that we were prepared to proceed with the construction of their home and have it complete within the days allowed by the contract Concerning the delays in the construction start: The community ofStonewater Creek is owned by a development company Insight Homes purchases lots from this development company for resale to home purchasersOver the winter there were several"start" dates mentioned by the developerThese in turn were passed on to Insight's customers in good faithThe start dates were delayed for a number of reasons; mostly due to the develop er waiting for a bond issue to be resolvedAs soon as these issues were resolved February 18th, 2014- we started the actual construction process for the homes in this sectionInsight currently has ten homes in the building process in this particular section of Stonewater CreekThese range from the initial "foundation stage" to what is referred to as the "mechanicals stage." All of these homes will be finished well before the promised contractual date of days from permit [redacted] could have been part of the initial group of starts a nd completion would have been sometime in late April to early May Insight is extremely interested in starting and closing on hom es in a timely fashion to satisfy all of our customers Concerning the accusations: [redacted] make several accusations: Accusation # Business associates of Insight told them th at th e "The company is in financial trouble, slow to pay contractors and having difficulty meeting payroll" Insight Respons e: Insight has shown a profit from the building of new hom es for five straigh t yearsWe have ongoing contractual relationships with dozens of different vendors a nd we pay according to those obligationsInsight Homes does not have difficulty meeting pay roll Accu sation #2: They stated that they have had "No response from anyone above the sales agent in the business office since our contract signing in August." Insight Response: Insight's Community Sales Managers are committed to servicing their customers and any communication would start from that sourceThis is a complete contradiction to their statement made earlier in the same document, where they admit that they met with the Selections Coordinator and had spoken directly to the Sales Manager Accusation # [redacted] were told through the Community Sales Manager that In sight could not return deposits because supplies were purchased [redacted] states "We don't under stand how thi s could be done without a permitIf this was true these supplies could be used on any of the homes that are waiting to be built." Insights Response: Once a home is released in Insight's purchasing system, hundreds of purchase orders are issued to various vendorsMost of these purchase orders were issued I n [redacted] case, not only is this a huge undertaking for Insight's staff, but m any of the items ordered have to be either cancelled (a n other huge undertaking) or warehoused We can't arbitrarily use parts intend ed for on e house in the construction of anotherThere are hundreds of different colors, types, makes and finishes involved in each and every home In addition to this we have the expense of our time for writing and processing and servicing the contract, for managing the selections process, issuing the necessary purchase orders and for paying commission s to sales staff an d agentsAlso, the loss of the profit from the sale of the home To conclude; Insight is an award winning build er having garnered top design and construction award s from the state of DelawareWe built more than homes in and have close to people in our custom er familyWe str I ve to provide premier customer service and to stay in communication with our customers throughout the en tire process from first contact to well after the home is completed The delays in development construction were not a deliberate act by Insight Homes We were held to information provided to us by the developer and this information was passed to our customers in good faith Likewise the developer was acting in the best faith with Insight and circumstances changed over the course of the winter Some of this was caused by Sussex County requirements and other by developer financing requirements All of which were out of Insight's control Insight is still willing to abide by the legal contract agreement that we entered into with [redacted] and build the home a s purchased I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear belowI reached out to [redacted] on occasions in the last two months and he never respondedAlso, If there was no damage then why did you refer us to Sherman WilliamsMy last correspondence received was that Insight was resolving the issue jointly and would provide me with that solutionHard to lie when someone has copy of the emailsLie after lie, continuouslyThis was my last resort before filing suit and I guarantee you will lose Regards, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] I will contact our expert about meeting with Insight's "building scientist." I require clarification as to the purpose of the meeting, however Will it be to confirm that the sump pump installation was done incorrectly, and if so to reimburse us for the cost of having it done right? Also, the meeting must take place soon, as we are running out of time to take legal action if Insight refuses our request for reimbursement As for the vacuum brush, I forwarded an email regarding our incomplete punch list including the whole-house vacuum brush problem to Sunni in the Insight office during the summer I explained to her that Joe, production manager in 2010, said he had ordered it We haven't heard anything since Please ask them to send us a replacement brush

Insight Homes' company records indicate the customer's roofing issues occurred during the historic and record breaking blizzard that impacted Sussex County Delaware on Saturday January 23rd While to a much lesser degree than other builders, some of our homes sustained wind damage This includes the home in question Insight Homes' attempted to mobilize office and service teams to respond to these out of the ordinary weekend service calls, however a state of emergency was declared by Delaware Governor Markell which required all vehicles to remain parked We were fortunate to have only a handful of service calls compared to other area builders, however our staff is not sized to instantly handle such a rare eventTo make sure all customers knew we were aware of the potential for damage, a generic email was sent to allIn the email customers were informed that we will be setting up appointments to have our experts visit their home and assess the storm damage In the same email and in order to allow homeowners to minimize delays, we reminded homeowners of our warranty process and that acts of god are not covered and should be reported to their insurance company Homes were scheduled for a visit based on the severity of the issueThis particular customer's home was put on the schedule prior to this complaintWe have since been notified that the roof situation has been resolved and no further action is necessary Regarding the customer's concrete garage floor complaint...the floor has been assessed in person by our expertsIt has been determined that the concrete floor meets or exceeds all of the National Association of Home Builders GuidelinesWhat the customer is referring to as "cracks" are known as control joints and are defined in the National Association of Home Builders Guidelines as such: "Control joints are placed in concrete for the very purpose of encouraging cracking to take place at the joints instead of random places." Many builders do not spend the resources necessary to install control joints however we believe that in the Delaware climate of cold winters and hot summers it is an essential part of a quality installation We will be very happy to have one of our building scientists meet with this customer and their expert, providing their expert is accredited by the Revdex.comWe have been in regular communication with the customer and will contact him again to encourage a meeting with their expert

Insight homes have POOR customer service skills they will not return your call they just jerk you around so be aware of this company 1. they left nails in the road and we had 2 flat tires,2 they did not fence off the lot next to us until I left a message and 3. while clearing the lot next to us they dug up my comcast cable and no cable for 1 day . no customer service skills. I am very upset and we should compensated for their wrong doing would you agree?

Insight Homes does not have neighborhoods or houses where grinder pumps are used as a planned part of the home construction It is our understanding that grinder pumps are necessary when a home is at a lower elevation than the sewer line The neighborhood of Hawthorne was engineered for wastewater to flow via gravity as the houses' sewer line is the common/standard type where the sewer is lower than the houseThe customer mentions this occurred within days of signing the agreement. We have no reason to refute this claim and the lot was taken off the market for at least those ten days and considerable resources were spent readying the lot and materials for the house type to be built as agreed upon in the signed contract In other words, Insight Homes did everything we agreed to in the signed contract and executed the contract requirements without haste

Insight Homes takes all customer inquiries very seriously and in turn respond very quickly when an accusation is made. Our records indicate that the customer signed all paperwork associated with a new home purchase, it was processed accordingly and the lot was taken off the market in order to reserve the lot for the customer, per the signed contract. The customer was given every opportunity to review the documents before electing to initial and sign the 9-page construction agreement contractInsight Homes takes the signing of agreements/contracts by both parties very seriously and as legally binding. The customer chose to break the agreement. If the customer would like to apply their deposit towards another home purchase, Insight management has agreed to do so
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I did thoroughly review the paperwork. That is how I found out about the grinder pump which was not a part of the signed paperwork. I canceled the agreement within days of signing of the agreement, therefore, the lot was only held for days (in February)! *** ***
I am still seeking resolution and reimbursement for the $5,deposit made to Insight Homes. I did, in fact, sign all the paperwork to reserve the lot. However, there was no mention in the paperwork of a grinder pump to be installed on the lot and I was not verbally informed of any grinder pump on the lot. The paperwork was not signed by Insight Homes and I never received a completely signed copy. The agreement was broken because there was no mention of a grinder pump on my lot in the agreement. After receiving a "preliminary draft" of the HOA document the next day, it was stated in that document there would be a grinder pump installed on my lot. That was a surprise to me since it was not previously mentioned anywhere. I was told the salesman should not have sent me that document and that it belonged to a different development, even though Hawthorne was written on the top of the document. After much discussion going back and forth between myself and Insight Homes with no resolution, I canceled the agreement and requested my deposit be returned. This was within days of signing the agreement. I cancelled the agreement because we could not come to resolution regarding the grinder pump on the lot. The grinder pump was not disclosed in the paperwork and I did not want a grinder pump on my lot. I read through the agreement and there was no mention that deposits were not refundable. I feel that they are not a trustworthy company and they did not disclose the grinder pump and then tried to deny it. They have also been ignoring my requests for a deposit refund since February 2016.
*** ***

This home was completed in Insight Homes built a home on
the customer's lot that met or exceeded all codes The customer notes a plastic sump pump that it appears the customer believes was installed for the purpose of ejecting ground water This is not correct During the construction of the crawl space, a pump was designed to be in place to redirect water that drains from the HVAC mechanicals, such as condensation from the air conditioning/dehumidification system In other words, the pump that is in place was not designed to be used for "sump puming" below the polyethylene membrane If the pump failed or has become clogged, this would be considered a home owner repair
*** ***
*** *** ***
*** ***

could you let insight know problem resolved two emails its is under *** *** *** tell them its ok they are getting
nervous about mildew and porch 9*** ID *** hi they said they will resolve issues on this Tuesday could you let them know so they come to my house

Insight Homes is willing to have our building scientist meet with the customer's experts to discuss If the customer did not receive the stated vacuum brush, Insight Homes will contact our supplier to retrieve Please have the customer provide documentation showing the initial request for the vacuum brush

Please have the customer tell us if this is the head that they were expecting to get ***Central-Vacuum/MD/Powerheads/Stealth-14inch-Electric-Power-Brush-490.php
Regarding the contact to their expert We are willing to set up a meeting that is flexible to both the homeowner and their expert, however we need to know what their preferred times are after they coordinate with each other The customer should determine this with their expert as we have no standing for contacting their expert

Insight Homes is one of the largest builders in the country. The amount of complaints we have relative to the number of
homes we build is very small and industry leading. Unfortunately the information provided did not detail Mr***’s claims in any meaningful way. We are currently aware of no “Warranty Issue” with Mr***s home.
However, after the warranty period, we were made aware by Mr*** that he believed there was a problem with his flooring. Insight Homes had our flooring experts visit the home and determined that there is nothing warrantable with the floor
Insight Homes takes pride in the vendors we use and in turn use well-respected brands such as Sherwin Williams flooring. In an attempt to offer Mr*** extraordinary customer service, Insight Homes worked with Sherwin Williams to satisfy his concerns. As a result of our efforts, Sherwin Williams Representatives, despite having no obligation to do so, offered to correct the problem by repairing the floorThis, unfortunately, did not satisfy Mr*** and he rejected the solutionTherefore, in an agreement with Sherwin Williams, a decision was made to perform a total replacement of the flooring
It was our understanding that a Sherwin Williams representative would be in direct contact with the customer to set up the work and handle the situation from there. This did not occur due to a communication error which was not expected and we have since corrected Insight Homes will schedule the floor replacement at the customer's request if that is his desire Mr*** has implied by this complaint that he has other concernsWhatever they are, we are not aware of them, but welcome Mr*** to contact us directly so we can use standard processes to assess the concerns
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***. I will contact our expert about meeting with Insight's "building scientist." I require clarification as to the purpose of the meeting, however. Will it be to confirm that the sump pump installation was done incorrectly, and if so to reimburse us for the cost of having it done right? Also, the meeting must take place soon, as we are running out of time to take legal action if Insight refuses our request for reimbursement
As for the vacuum brush, I forwarded an email regarding our incomplete punch list including the whole-house vacuum brush problem to Sunni in the Insight office during the summer. I explained to her that Joe, production manager in 2010, said he had ordered it. We haven't heard anything since. Please ask them to send us a replacement brush.

Insight Homes holds itself to meet or exceed the National Home Builders Association Home Building GuidelinesInsight Homes had their building scientist and concrete contractor meet with the customer on 8/11/at 10:30am to measure for and illustrate the NAHB guidelines Due to
concern that portion of construction may have fallen below NAHB standards, Insight Homes' Vice President was also on the premises at that time to provide further verification that all guidelines were met or exceeded At that time the customer understood, agreed and the issue was closed out in our systems

Insight Homes has been working with this customer since settlement and as per an email from the customer on July 9th, all issues have been addressed except those that are part of the one year walk-through If this is not the case, we will continue to work to meet the customer's
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I need the porch fixed correctly  so the large puddles do not roll the water back into the house the water should roll out to front of house not back into house any building  engineer  would know I am  correct tell them to give me ten thousand dollars  I can  get it fixed  correctly

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Address: 16255 Sussex Highway, Bridgeville, Delaware, United States, 19933


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