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International Dairy Queen

8000 Tower Ste 700, Bloomington, Minnesota, United States, 55437

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• Jun 01, 2020

I went to Dairy Queen on 5/12/2020 at 4:57pm and I ordered 4 piece chicken meal and said no salt on the fries. Back up the week before there was SO much salt on my fries it was worst than McDonald’s and couldn’t eat them then my banana split had a rotted banana in it. I have a picture so gross. So anyways waited in a long line get through and loaded with salt. The only Dairy Queen that makes horrible fries. I messaged Dairy Queen for my refund because I was paying to throw out food prepared wrong and molded banana. They replied with we are sending your concerns to the business location and of course heard nothing. I replied back to Dairy Queen original message three times and they ignored my concerns. Then my niece convinced me to go back on 5/25/2020 against my better judegement waited awhile and I said twice you sure it’s all here and Correct they said yes. Mind you there’s a long line. I leave and there’s no queso for the pretzels I call them and they say walk in and I said no I have a kid with me and you guys should bring it out.
Well 5 minutes later they decided to and the ice cream melted. And I mentioned I would be filing with the and customer service ignored it.

International Dairy Queen Response time Jun 09, 2020

did contact the corporation and provide photographs. We did not receive the follow-up correspondence *** relays she sent. Email to *** sent today, apologizing that we did not receive the follow-up correspondence, and routed fan's concerns again to the independent franchise owner of the restaurant visited.

Extensive details have already been submitted on the DQ comment/complaint form as well as through the "tell us about your experience!" receipt-mentioned site. The short story is this:
My wife and I purchased two large Blizzards of the month at the end of June (at the Rexburg, ID location--it's not in the very short list I could select from, so I selected HQ). The order was to-go. When we arrived home, much later, we found that the wrong mix-ins had been used. It was late and we were unable to return for a few days. When we returned--at decent expense to us--to ask for the Blizzards to be remade, we were told by a confrontational manager that we would not receive replacements unless they were Minis. We felt pressured into accepting; when we received the replacements, they were also made wrong. When we brought this to the manager's attention, she got mad and said that we were wrong (as she obviously could never make a mistake). We asked for a refund and were told that that individual store had a policy not to give refunds if purchase was made on a different day. After respectful but firm pushback that lasted about 15 minutes total, the manager said that her "boss" would refund us the money and call us. That refund has not taken place (nor have we received any phone call) and it has been sufficiently long for the refund to post.

International Dairy Queen Response time Jul 12, 2019

We have updated the concerns forwarded by the fan to include the new expectations for resolution, we have responded to the fan by email and directed their concerns and requests for resolution to the independent franchise owner of the location the fan visited.

Customer Response time Jul 16, 2019

I am rejecting this response because:
The manager called several times despite being told I did not want any phone calls, and emailed me with false claims, harassment, and a threat. He refused to so much as offer a refund or an apology and has been told not to contact me again because of the severity of his email (the contents of which legally constitute harassment, and imply illegal slander by subordinates). I expect DQ corporate to resolve this issue now and to fulfill my request, sans Blizzard coupons (but with an additional $15 to make up for that loss). The franchisee can do what he wants with his store, treating his customers however he wants within legal limits (that's business--you refuse some service, you lose lots of future service), but it is not okay to refuse a refund or a replacement when you are responsible for a mistake. DQ corporate should not throw this on down to Boyd again since he has refused to do what he is reasonably expected to do and has ruined his own opportunities at repairing the issue directly, which means that it's corporate's job to fix it now.

All over face book said free ice cream today cause 1 St day of summer went there the women would not give me free ice cream. Said have to down load app on phone Discrimination cause people no phone to do that can't get free ice cream

International Dairy Queen Response time Jun 25, 2019

Fan also reached out to us directly. This was a one-day mobile app promotion and the deal was available on the mobile app only. we responded by email on 6/23 apologizing for the disappointment, explaining this was a mobile deal only, and suggesting that their local stores and restaurants may have specials they are running separate from those offered on the DQ Mobile App.

I had an incredibly poor experience at the location in hazlet New Jersey. I took the time to reach out to Dairy Queen corporate afterwards after noticing that my experience at this particular location was not an isolated incident but a repeated pattern of poor behavior. As someone who works in the headquarters in the food industry I know that this is not behavior that should be tolerated and, as a result, chose to reach out to corporate expected a certain level of response. The response was nothing short of embarrassing. It was a generic, cookie cutter response that goes out to everyone. Feedback is not being considered and the restaurant in question will not be dealt with. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and now what stated as an issue for many at a restaurant has blossomed to a policy that is endorsed by the brand. Disrespect to your consumers should not be tolerated and now that is all I will associate this brand with. Letter to corporate below for your understanding. This company should not be operating this way and needs to understand that awful owners represent their brand. After the response I got I now understand why this behavior is tolerated.
Hello, I came into your establishment at 3047 state route 35 today, may 11 with my family. The owner was incredibly rude. He barely filled our ice cream, lied to us, over charged us, was nasty, and just in general not a good person or experience. we saw your commercial, the advertisement worked, we came to the store and then this man tried to take advantage of us. It is embarrassing to have this man attached to the Dairy Queen name. This is an individual who should not be any sort of customer service role. I work in the corporate office in the food industry for confections and I am appalled by his behavior and it is not something that would ever be tolerated at our company and I am concerned to see it tolerated at yours. After coming home I located the location on yelp. You are operating at under 1.5 stars. I am not sure how this is not being considered or investigated by your corporate office but it is concerning and embarrassing. The many people who had the exact same experience and will not be returning to your store as a result should be considered and should be receiving your apology. This is not how headquarters handles situations. This man represents you. Your name. Your brand. And now, for so many people, all of those things are tainted and that is incredibly unfortuante. I highly suggest you take the time to look into this man, this particular establishment, and this situation.

International Dairy Queen Response time Aug 14, 2019

Followed up with fan by mail, letter sent 8/5/19, apologziing on behalf of the corporation for repeated frustration and disappointment.

I purchased a gift card for $25 and gave to my 2 yr. old granddaughter in a card at a birthday party. It was accidentally thrown in the garbage with the wrapping paper.
The card's value should be replaced yet when I called a dairy close to my house they said they couldn't refund it.

I finally found receipt (i forgot where I put it, im a senior) but the # is

International Dairy Queen Response time Jan 24, 2019

Fan Relations has reached out to fan by email and assisted with the gift card.

International Dairy Queen Response time Jan 24, 2019

Fan Relations has reached out to fan by email and assisted with the gift card.

Customer Response time Jan 25, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Customer Response time Jan 25, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

This is customer service & refund issue
On 8/25/18 @ 6:39:17 I ordered @ drive through, blizzards, 1 mini M&M, lg Oreo, md Butterfinger, child vanilla in cup. got an extra lg blizzard I did not order and a child cone I did not order. I said I ordered a child vanilla in cup. Then I saw a lg blizzard and asked what that was, told it was a cookie dough blizzard. I stated I did not order and was told it was read back, I stated I did not order again and clerk said it was read back. So not being happy, I decided to come in the next day to talk to a manager. I got to the location before opening the next day, Sunday, so I phoned and got the manager, Bianca. I explained to her what happened and she told me I should have asked for a manager, that the books were closed out and it was to late to get a refund. I told her the lady at the window should have gotten the manager, I said there was a long line behind me, did not want to hold up cars. Bianca told me getting the manager was my responsibility. Bianca said I should have come into the lobby. I told Bianca that the rest of the ice cream would have melted and did she want to replace the order? Bianca said yes she would have replaced the order. I was not happy, Bianca told me I was being aggressive, I said no I was just upset. I asked Bianca for the name and phone number of head office. She gave me both, but I did not catch the name. Bianca then said she would not refund me without the product. I told her I had the cookie dough blizzard in my freezer. She then said again that I was aggressive and that she was hanging up. I did not catch the head office name so I asked Bianca again, she said she had given it to me, asked 2 more times and finally got the name. I phoned the head office and left a message on Monday and Tuesday, no reply. I called the corporate office, lodged a complaint and asked for a call back, no call received. This was all not necessary and very sad. I still have the cookie dough blizzard in my freezer

International Dairy Queen Response time Sep 04, 2018

Member of Fan Relations Team reached out to fan by phone on 8.31.18; will follow-up again this week.

Customer Response time Sep 05, 2018

I am rejecting this response because: I did receive a phone message from Daury Queen Corporate with apology and offer of gift card. I appreciate the effort and time. Unfortunately this does not solve the issue. As of 9-4-18 I have still not heard from the local owners and all the Dairy Queen locations in Boise are owned by the same people. I contacted the local office by email and phone(3 calls, left 2 voice mails) and have been ignored. I would have to use a gift card at a location owned by the same people that are ignoring me, refusing to deal with this situation. I will speak with the corporate office, that being said, so far I am very disappointed in the local franchise owners and their employees

International Dairy Queen Response time Sep 28, 2018

The corporation has apologized repeatedly for fan's disappointment. Members from both the corporate fan relations team and the operations team have spoken to fan, and apologized. Fan relations sent out a $25 GC after per Operations team request and apologized on behalf of American Dairy Queen Corporation. All have relayed our apologies that the franchise owner has not responded, and relayed that we cannot compel the franchise owner to respond in any particular manner. We have again relayed fan's request for contact to the franchsie owner today, 9.28.18

Customer Response time Sep 28, 2018

I am rejecting this response because: I received a call from the District Manager for this area the end of August. After a long conversation, I told him I did not want the gift card and I had not received a refund or call from the local owner of the Dairy Queen I visited. I then received a letter dated 9/10/2018 with a gift card. I then phoned the Corporate Dairy Queen and expressed my disappointment in receiving the gift card I clearly did not want and did not hear back from either the local owner or the District Manager which is what I asked for. I still have not received a refund. Then I received a letter dated Sept 21st telling me that they not only gave me a gift card but I had also received a refund, which I did not. My issue is that I have been lied to, and somehow this is ok. It is not. I have to date not received a refund and this item is still in my freezer. In speaking with Dairy Queen Corporate Office, I was told that the District Manager is the one that said to send out the gift card and that I had received a refund. This is not ok with me. The issue here is not the band aid by giving me a gift card that I have no intention of using as I do not plan to ever enter a Dairy Queen again. It was a refund for product I did not order and apology from the local owner. The rude person at the drive through window and the Manager I spoke to on the phone that next day had no intention is making this right. A franchise owner should not be able to escape talking to their customers and resolving issues. The corporate office placing a band aid on the problem is not ok with me. I have not stepped foot on any Dairy Queen property since the Sunday I spoke to the local Dairy Queen Manager, location on Overland Road, Boise Idaho.

The DQ in Medford, NY, was an exciting addition to our restaurant selection. That has quickly changed. This location employs some of the most unethical, inconsiderate, incompetent, and rude people I have ever seen. I have now had the same issue at their drive-thru, 5 times! I have tried everything I can think of to help them do their jobs properly, aside from being hired as a management consultant. Nothing seems to work. A simple order of two burgers! That's it... that's all they have to get right. Each time, I ask them to repeat the order back to me, which they do. Great. By the time I get to the window though and pay, I get the receipt and the surprise of automatic upsells. I do not order 1/2 lb. grillburgers. I am not trying to be part of obese America. I order 1/4 lb. That's enough! They also add vegetables that I specifically say not to because of a food allergy. One of them being tomatoes. I end up having to throw away most of the burger because they put tomato on and it contaminates it. And, every time that I question them, I get told that there is nothing they can do once the order is complete. Are you kidding me? Tonight was the icing on the cake though. I order, they confirm the order, and I get to the window. This time, I ask them at the window to confirm the order before I pay. The girl once again tells me that it's a 1/2 lb. flamethrower grillburger and 1/4lb. cheese grillburger. WRONG. You just confirmed the two 1/4 lb. grillburgers at the speaker. A supervisor comes over and tells me that there is nothing that can be done, they are made. So, I don't want to make a scene and pay. When I hand my card to the girl, the supervisor looks at her and goes, "she's stupid." WHAT? You seriously train your supervisors to call the customers stupid? Obviously, business must be so good that you can treat your customers with the lowest of respect. I doubt many of my family and friends will be returning.

International Dairy Queen Response time Aug 17, 2018

responded to fan and forwarded concerns on to the indepdendent franchise owner of this location.

I have twice been disrespected and talk to in a very unprofessional manner from employees at the DQ Edinburgh Dr location. They laughed about a previous bad experience told me I was lieing..when why would I lie when I didnt want anything just wanted them to ensure the items were dome correctly. Terrible customer service! Is this a normal thing? Everytime I have gone there was mistakes with my order!.The disrespectful employees and unprofessional management have caysed me to not go back to that location!!

International Dairy Queen Response time May 24, 2018

Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to learn you have been repeatedly disappointed! We have relayed your concerns to the independent franchise owner of this restaurant.

My fiance and I got a chicken bacon ranch combo meal. The pepsi's we both got tasted like pure carbonated water. I asked if I could get a different drink and she said she would have to charge me for another so I told her to forget it. She did not know how to change the levels of the fountain machine. All of my fries were burnt and my grilled chicken was undercooked. I live all the way in grantsburg and I'm not happy! I ate half the chicken until I realized it was pink and really rubbery. My son who is 2 was taking a bite here and there and I pray he does not get sick or myself for that matter!

International Dairy Queen Response time May 24, 2018

We have responded to our fan and relayed that we have forwarded her concerns to the independent franchise owner of this restaurant.

On 3/4/18 at 3:41 p.m. I pulled up to the drive thru and the speaker phone said something which I assumed was my order. I explained that I wanted an order of pretzel sticks and waited. There was no response for five minutes, so I said hello and still no answer.
I then went up to the window since there was no vehicles in front of me.
When I got to the window, a lady answered the window and told me at 3:55 p.m. that I was not allowed to order anything PERIOD.
I asked for the supervisor in which I waited another five minutes. Another worker approached, she didn't have any identification or a name tag neither did the worker that would not take my order. I explained to the manager yet she did nothing either. I asked for the worker's name: Heaven and the manager said her name was Yvette.
I feel this is a disserve to the public not accepting orders and not allowing the customers to even place an order.

International Dairy Queen Response time Mar 20, 2018

Reached out to the fan on 3/6 to identify the location, forwarded to the independnet franchise owner of the restauraunt on 3/7; recieved resolution response from franchise owner on 3/8.

Yes I saw on facebook that dairy queen is doing a $9.99 cake for two for valentines day but when I go look for it online it doesnt pull up I asked them they said Most DQ restaurants throughout the United States and Canada are individually owned and operated franchises, so special promotions or coupons are decided by the store management or owner. Feel free to reach out to your local DQ store to ask them if they are running any promtions but on there facebook promtion it doesnt say your store near you might not do this promtion depends on them if they do I have a picture of the promtion its false they need to honor it I want this cake but its not showing up online for me they need to honor it since it doesnt show or saw not every store has this promotion thats flase what there saying

International Dairy Queen Response time Feb 09, 2018

Called Fan on 2/5 reviewed Fan's concerns, provided locations that offer the cake on and the contact information for the location closest to fan that did not list the cake on

Customer Response time Feb 12, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

The place is extremely dirty with odd smells radiating from the kitchen itself, food stains from ice cream and pop running down the walls, every single table unwashed with food left for days in the diner area where customers eat. Screaming and fighting going on at all hours from the Owners themself including foul language at the employees or each other over their divorce. Screaming included about one of the owners embezzling money from the company and unsure if legal action has been taken. None of the workers wear gloves when handling food and can be seen standing off to the side eating the food and handling it with bare fingers after putting said fingers in month to eat the company food. Rudeness to customers, degrading to employees and health hazards.

International Dairy Queen Response

Concerns cited involve independent franchsie owner of this restaurant. Responded to Fan by email, relayed concerns to ADQ operations team that works most closely with this restaurant, and relayed fan's concerns to franchise owner of this restaurant, withholding fan's concerns per request.

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Address: 8000 Tower Ste 700, Bloomington, Minnesota, United States, 55437


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