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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
I sought out *** *** because I was referred by *** ***. I made it clear from the start that I did not have "hard evidence". If I had had any "hard evidence", the police would have been able to help us. We hired *** *** because he assured us he could obtain our internet records from TDS. (However, it turned out my husband was the one who tried to obtain these records but was unsuccessful.) At the time of the harassment, we were unaware the e-mails could be traced or I would have saved everything. Also, I kept getting computer viruses which would wipe out the hard drive and, in those days, our TDS e-mail was not recoverable when this happened. I was also receiving these harassing e-mails (playback of events happening in bathroom/bedroom) to my hospital e-mail. During this time, I was a home transcriptionist but our computers were not connected to a printer for security reasons, so I was not able to print anything out from my hospital e-mail. I did give *** *** a folder with other things I felt could be investigated, but he did not return this folder to me. (See my recent e-mail to him which is attached.) *** *** did return my money after months of inactivity.
I feel like I was overcharged for services by International Investigators, and I was misled, as far as what would be provided for my money. During my initial meeting with *** ***, he sounded confident that he could help me find the person behind the harassment/voyeurism. I told him my budget of $2500. Yes, my husband is an attorney, but we are paying cash for college for of our children so money is tight. I had no idea that all he would do was provide a a background check on our neighbors. From what I see on the Internet (, this same background information (which International Investigators) provided to me could have been obtained from Internet background searches for much cheaper. When I signed the contract, I thought the background check was to provide *** *** with things he could further investigate (i.eask old neighbors if they had problems). I had no idea he would just mail me the background check and that was it... (Why would I want to obtain the social security numbers of my neighbors??) My husband and I are friends with police, so we know our neighbors are swingers, but *** *** used my money to investigate this fact that we already knew. My husband and I also knew that nothing of substance would turn up in a background check because we had contacted the sheriff's office and the state police about this harassment and I'm pretty sure they would have let us know if there was a history of voyeurism. I have to stress again that I believed the background check information, which the contract outlined, was for investigative purposes, to help *** *** investigate our neighbors further. Also, I didn't feel comfortable with the contract, so I added I added an addendum of other things that could have been investigated. I notice in *** response that he did not provide the actual contract. This is because I had the addendum on the contract. There were many other things that I feel could have been investigated to help us find who was behind the harassment. The last time I spoke with *** ***, he told me he felt that "people were being paid not to talk". He said there was something fishy going on
I am seeking a partial refund of my money. I feel that I was overcharged. There was no contact during this investigation. I did buy a trac phone and *** *** had that #. He could have contacted me if he had questions but I was never contacted; never asked any more questions to help with this investigation. After not hearing anything from them for weeks, I finally contacted them by e-mail and was told that they needed more money to continue with the investigation. That is the point I asked for a summary of what had been done and this itemized bill is attached
Thank you for your time
*** ***

First, we fully understand your stress factor of having what you call a voyeur residing next door to you and with being a police officer, you feel you are not receiving the proper response to your problemsHopefully, your husband, the attorney, can file something to keep their way of life from interfering into yoursNo amount of information obtained from us can make your neighbor change his lifestyle and maybe that is what you are frustrated withThis response is written to you personally and with a little thought on your behalf you will finally end this continuous complaintWe have also noted your complaint with Angie's ListI appreciate that you are sending your children to college, maybe the stress of the fact that you have not moved away from such a disgusting neighbor and have exposed your own children to this lifestyle has played a major part of why you seem so disgruntled
I do not want to repeat my previous response but must reiterate what you paid for us to investigateA copy of the investigation is below and that is what we focused our investigation uponIf you had wanted us to take this in a different direction, then you should have stated that and not SIGNED our agreement, but you did notAs good as we are in the investigation world, we cannot read our Client's minds, therefore we focus our cases on what the Client has requested and agreed to do
We are to develop *** and his *** *** Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth and then develop a Comprehensive Personal Profile on each oneWe are to conduct research in all the courthouse jurisdictions for any type of prior Criminal History or Civil Litigation as either plaintiff or defendantWe are to obtain Police Run / incident Reports from Subject's addressWe are to access both *** and *** Facebook accounts and any other Social Media in an attempt to determine the extent of their swinging groups and swinging activitiesUtilizing an extremely discreet and deep source, we are to attempt to determine if *** has had any serious complaints against him as a police officer, internal affairs investigations and if he is known to be astalker or voyer
We did obtain the ***'s SSN and DOB, we conducted the Comprehensive Profiles, we conducted research in all the courthouse jurisdictions for criminal and civil records, we obtained the police incident run reports, we accessed their facebook accounts and conducted a social media search for any type of swinging groups and activitiesWe conducted a search on behalf of ***'s police record within legal means
This is what you hired our company to do and this is what we didAgain, I stress the fact that you did obtain a report from us, unlike that of *** ***, which you complained aboutYou also complained about the organization that conducted a sweep of your residence, (see below in bold)
Client and husband, *** ***, have been married for approximately twenty-four (24) years and have four (4) children together; one is living at home and is a senior in high school*** is an attorney/partner with the law firm of *** * *** ***Client and husband have lived in the marital residence for approximately ten (10) years and approximately one to two (1- 2) years after moving in, Subject *** built a very large house next to ClientSubject's wife, ***, is described by *** as lesbian, hi-sexual and a swingerThey have two children; a girl *** *** and a boy *** *** *** is a lieutenant with the *** *** Department and drives an unmarked police carApproximately ***, Client observed a telescope in ***'s window pointed towards her bathroom at her residenceClient's husband, ***, confronted *** about suspicion of him being a voyeur and lie denied the accusation and moved the telescopeOn multiple occasions, *** has suggested joining his swingers group to Client and her husband and two other neighbors At one point he induced a neighbor to have sex with his wife and then that person's wife found out and left himThey subsequently reconciled and moved to *** *** has stated on several occasions that he can hear telephone conversations from Client's residence from his scanner, probably monitoring the cordless phonesSuspicious entails have been sent repeating intimate conversations in Client's bedroom with her husband and comments about Client in her bathroomOnce of ***'s children made a comment about his dad's "spy" equipment*** has bragged to Client and other neighbors that he can run a police file on anybody if they ask him toClient's husband engaged a private investigator from *** *** to do a sweep of the residence that brought out amateurish equipment which Client determined was not effective Approximately years ago, Client's husband engaged a retired state police detective, *** ***, to conduct a sweep who brought reasonably sophisticated equipment; however he found no types of electronic compromiseApproximately one (1) year ago, Client engaged the investigative services of *** *** to conduct an investigation on *** and paid him $2,and never heard back from himClient finally demanded her money back and threatened to report him*** then gave her the money backApproximately three to four (-4) years ago *** ***, an *** detective, conducted investigation on *** relating to voyeurism; however no results were obtained*** brags about having orgies in his swimming pool and participating in multiple swinging events
It is apparent that no matter who you hire, there is some form of dissatisfaction with their work productIn our case, we do not create information, nor will we ,falsely report information to our ClientsWe obtain the facts only and in this matter, it is apparent that the facts are of no concern to you
You have a credit balance of $and we are more than happy to refund that money upon your requestPlease let us know if you want us to mail a check to you or if you would like to pick it up in our officeOnce this money has been returned, we hope this matter is settled, as your attempts to report negative comments about our company which has been in business for over years and always in good standing is entirely unfounded
Thank you
* *** ***

I am writing this letter in response to the complaint made by Ms***She did contact our company and spoke with
Mr*** *** regarding issues of voyeurism and electronic harassment and an Agreement for Services contract was sent and received with signature from her on November 21,
The investigation to be accomplished which she requested and provided an authorization signature is below, also enclosed with this response is a signed copy
We are to develop *** and his wife *** Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth and then develop a Comprehensive Personal Profile an each aneWe are to conduct research in all the courthouse jurisdictions for any type of prior Criminal History or Civil Litigation as either plaintiff or defendantWe are to obtain Police Run/Incident Reports from Subject's addressWe are to access both *** and *** Facebaok accounts and any other Social Media in an attempt to determine the extent of their swinging groups and swinging activitiesUtilizing an extremely discreet and deep source, we are to attempt to determine if *** has had any serious complaints against him as a police officer, internal affairs investigations and if he is known to be a stalker or voyer
We did obtain the information from this section and forwarded the information to herIn the meantime, we received additional handwritten information from Ms***It was also noted she did not want her husband to know about this investigation; therefore contact with her was difficult as we were not allowed to call or send anything to her residential address
In her email complaint to our company, she informed us her husband could have obtained the information we did, if that were the case, why engage into a contract with our company if she had the resources to find the information she needed without our assistance Ms*** paid our company a retainer in the amount of $and we utilized $1,leaving her a retainer balance of $of which she stated she would review our results and then we could determine the next stage of the investigationHer initial contact was to review and decide if she wanted to pursue, before she made contact with our company she made the complaint with the leaving us with no opportunity to further assist her
We base our investigations on verified information, meaning there are times when we obtain information from one of our various databases, but before we provide that to our Client, we take an additional step to make sure the information was reported correctlyAll information sent to Ms*** is accurate according to our verification processWe were not engaged to conduct any type of electronic (forensic investigation)Ms*** also state she provided hard evidence, which she retained no hard copies to Mr***, who is an investigator for the Public Defender's office in Tippecanoe County, Indiana and that he did not send her any type of report or refund and that she did not want to make a complaint against hint as he worked for her husband's law firmWe insisted that she make contact with Mr*** and have him return the hard copies of the information she had previously sent so that we could further assist her, but again, we were informed this was not possibleWe do not understand how Ms*** could not be satisfied with her results and file a complaint, when prior engagement with Mr*** produced no results and no complaints
It is our belief Ms*** should not have filed a complaint solely based on not receiving the results she wanted, but did receive factual results from our searches and contacts
Should you need additional information from our company, we wilt gladly forward to you expeditiously
Thank you;
** *** ***

The most important factors in choosing a copier/printer company are reliability, dependability and trust Angie Greenway and Excel Business Systems embody all of those special business traits helping my company with breakthrough growth I've been doing business with Excel and Angie for decades and have never been disappointed in my decision

Best in the business Excel Business Systems has been my exclusive vendor for over years From the top-down and the bottom-up, Excel people know their business and my business As my business expanded...Excel Business Systems has been by my side for leasing, service and growth Excel is definitely my "copier company and a whole lot more"

Excel has been a tremendous help to us as our cloud server provider and also we switched to them to provide leased copierGreat customer support

has done business with Excel for quite some time and I have personally worked with Angie G***, our Acct rep, for the past several months The partnership we have to assist us to come up with the best business solutions has been very helpful Angie and their support team is very responsive I would recommend this company, and Angie, to others

We have been a Excel Business Systems customer for years They have always provided great service

We have been using Excel since when we were a much smaller company They take the time needed to find the correct product to fit your business Now that we have grown we use Excel for all of our office needs from Copiers to Computers to Security they have us covered in all areas They play an active role in the Middletown community and help to support the growth of small business and that is a company that we want to do business with

The service we received from Mike S[redacted] at Excel Business Systems was outstanding, and the product is terrific!

I have been working with Excel Business Systems for over 25 years. They handle all of my copier\scanner\fax needs as well as all of my computer and technology. They have always been responsive to my companies needs and have been able to solve any problems we may have.

In his letter to you he stated the purchase date was March 2, 2016, when in fact it was in the month of January 2016.  He came into the office on February 19th, 2016 and the last time was the...

beginning of March.  I am attaching his signed Agreement for Service which he electronically signed and then signed in person.
On January 15, 2016, we created an Agreement for Services on behalf of [redacted], who had been in our office several years past regarding security issues.  Mr. [redacted] wanted us to conduct a TSCM sweep of his room located at [redacted], Indianapolis, IN.  He stated he rented a room in a residence and that individuals unnamed had been inside his private quarters and they sometimes shined their truck lights into his window when he was performing certain activities, i.e. eating cereal or other things which he would not get into.
It was our understanding Mr. [redacted] was renting from a reputable source.  Upon arrival, a young female who appeared to be on some type of drugs allowed our investigator to enter the premises with over $75,000 worth of equipment.  Mr. [redacted] showed our investigator to his room which can be described as approximately 8 x 8, there was a mat on the floor used for a bed, various items on the floor and was in disarray and appeared to be a drug house..  It was then decided the safety of our Technician and our equipment could be in jeopardy, therefore our Technician left the premises soon after informing Mr. [redacted] he needed to contact the office.
Mr. [redacted] contacted the office and was upset that we did not complete the sweep upon his residence.  I informed Mr. [redacted] that we would not complete the sweep due to the fact that the Tech was very uncomfortable in the residence and that he could come to the office to discuss other areas of investigation that could assist him. 
Mr. [redacted] explained he was looking for another place to reside, as he had recently been an over the road truck driver and was currently a teacher’s assistant for handicapped kids.  He stated that no matter where he might reside, they (unknown) individuals would be able to hear through the walls, as they heard him when he had been residing in a motel.  I suggested that he rent a place that did not have any shared walls. He appears to be a delusional Paranoid and nothing would please him. 
Mr. [redacted] then came into our office and we discussed the possibility of moving.  He stated he could not trust his phone and I offered to take time to look for a single family resident but would have to charge for me time, which he agreed.  He stated his credit score was not very good at this time, but he was working on improving it.  I told him it would be hard to find a place to live if he had ever been evicted or owed rent to anyone, which he stated he had not.
I located several homes and when he stopped by one day, I told him about the homes and his budget we previously discussed of $400 to $500 a month.  I spent over 3.5 hours looking for a home in that price range and making calls to rental properties for credit and rental references and he decided that he just was going to move out of town. 
He informed me that he wanted to take a previous investigation he had been offered of $2,000 to conduct a sweep of his residence and to check his cell phone for spyware and that deal would include follow up sweeps.  I told him we do not offer that kind of a deal and he stated that we did.  He was at this time not rational. 
It was at that time I informed he I had spent my time looking for a place, taking over an hour on two separate occasions to work with him.  He agreed that he would pay for time spent working on his case.  He was at that time informed that his payment on January 18th, 2016 had been utilized to search for new housing, but not to travel to and from his location on [redacted].  He stated that was fine, but he would call later and speak with Tim [redacted], with whom he stated had offered him the $2,000 sweep estimate and that he would use the $500.00 he had paid us toward that.  We offered him a refund minus the hours involved in his investigation.  I informed him that it was not going to be possible to conduct a sweep at his residence and that Tim [redacted] was available to speak with him and he got up and left the office making a statement he would determine what to do and get back with us.  I asked if his telephone number was (317) [redacted] and he said he changed his number for privacy leaving no way to get in contact with him.  Based on all the time spent with him, there will be no refund.
Thank you
Brenda [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I would like to make the following points:
There was definitely a misunderstanding between [redacted] and myself.  During our one and only meeting (and the only communication ever between us until this complaint was filed), [redacted] sounded confident that he could prove who was behind the harassment/voyeurism within my budget of $2500.  Relying on verbal communication, I wrote a check out for $2500 (which I indicated was my budget) that he wanted up front.  Days later when I received an actual contract in the mail, I was disappointed with the wording because it didn't describe the same game plan that was verbally described to me during my consultation with [redacted].  Therefore, I put a star by my signature which said *see attachment -- and attached a whole page of things I felt would help in this investigation.  This included suspicious incidents and friends of ** who I felt may lead to the truth.  I thought I was paying for an actual investigation, not a background check.
Everything which I was billed for is the same stuff that is included in a background check (see  This is what you can get for under $100 per person from Intelius:
criminal background check
marriage/divorce records
property records
address search
phone numbers
relatives, neighbors
criminal records search
and more... (says the site)

I really don't believe that [redacted] did anything more than a detailed background check on **.  He never once contacted me.  In fact, he cut off contact from me altogether and assigned the case to his assistant [redacted].  The only time [redacted] contacted me was in the beginning, to tell me [redacted] had gone on vacation and to ask when I was returning the contract.  (I told her that I was adding an addendum with other things I wanted investigated.)  After not hearing anything from International Investigators again, I finally contacted them in January to see if they had been working on my case.  [redacted] told me that they had run out of money and she needed more money if I wanted to continue the investigation.  I asked her what had been done so far and that is when she mailed me the detailed bill (which I attached last time).

From the start, [redacted] has not listened clearly and has gotten the facts wrong.  This has made me question his sincerity about getting to the truth of the harassment. 

Besides contacting the sheriffs and State Police about this case (who said they did not have resources to investigate because, at the time, voyeurism was not a felony in Indiana; it was a misdemeanor.)  They advised us to hire a detective since I didn't have hard evidence.  This is when I hired [redacted], who had previously done some detective work for my husband.  Unfortunately [redacted] (after receiving my money) was not able to obtain our internet records (as promised) so he returned my money many months later.  He stalled the case from being investigated for over a year. 

The reason I was not satisfied with the sweeps that were done is because our neighbor (**) does surveillance on the side and I realized that he had the capability to install equipment in our house anytime he felt like it.  He had previously bragged about being able to break into any house no matter how secure.  He also bragged about installing a camera in his own home to spy on his wife and her lesbian lovers. 

I have always feared that this voyeurism was about my kids because all 4 of my children were living at home when this was happening and we all shared the same bathroom upstairs.  I don't understand why people like [redacted] take advantage and get in the way of finding out the truth.

What I would like:  [redacted], please agree to return half of my money ($1250) so I can hire somebody else who will go beyond a detailed background check.  There are a few things that can still be investigated that may help lead to some answers.  This still leaves you with $1250 which should more than cover the time it took you to do a background check on my neighbor.

Excel Business Systems is our Copier and IT solutions provider and has been for 15 years! They listen and professionally guide us through the decision making process that is right for our company.

Excel Business Systems has been providing Delmarva Broadcasting with their copier equipment since I can remember. (Decades!)
Why have we done business together for so long? Because of the high level of quality products, customer service and focus on customer satisfaction. Everyone at Excel keeps the lines of communication open and they make sure that everyone in our office knows how to use our copiers. They also make sure that we are getting the most economical product to service our needs with a full evaluation of what we actually use and need instead of having us "guestimate." I highly recommend Excel Business Systems. have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID[redacted], and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
1.  Most importantly there was no agreement verbal or otherwise regarding payment for a housing search between myself and Brenda [redacted].  While speaking with Miss [redacted] in her office I told her if  she knew of a place she could refer me to  that would be fine.  No money charges were ever discussed.  When I returned to her office she stated she had found a few places within my rental range but I would have to reference them online on my own.  When discussing this with her she did state she used to work in real estate.  
2. Perhaps equally as important when asked for a refund Brenda [redacted] replied as she did in her reply " there will be no refund"  There was never an offer of a partial refund of any kind.  Our agreement for a TSCM sweep which I signed via E signature was for a flat $500.00 fee.  I was never made aware of any additional charges.
3.I never stated I was "just going to move out of town".  When asked what side of town I was interested in living I said no place in particular.  I told her one of the reasons I rented rooms in addition to the fact of my being someone looking for over the road trucking opportunities was that since I was a recent college graduate I may want to relocate in order to complete grad school but that I wanted time to prepare first.
4. I never made any complaint regarding people "hearing me through walls".  Dan (the technician) informed me that infared light can be used to see through walls when asked if a camera needed to be in my room in order for my activity to be seen by others.  He replied no.  In addition I want to be clear that when Dan ( the technician) came to my room he never entered to investigate anything.
5. Regarding "the deal" with Mr. [redacted] she claims is never offered.  I had a verbal agreement with Mr. [redacted] with whom I had been in contact over the years.  I informed her of it before she was upset and decided I was impossible to please en route to speak with him.  I did not want her to waste her time because she was offering to perform the TSCM sweep after I moved to a house for additional money despite the fact that the first sweep I ordered was never completed without a refund.  In other words Mr. [redacted] offer was a much better deal, it was a more strategic; competent approach, though more expensive. 
6.  In my initial conversation with Miss [redacted] I informed her that I rented a room in a house with other REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS because in her efforts to qualify me as being certifiable she was just aching to know why I thought someone was eavesdropping or invading my privacy.

Excel is a great company to do business with. Very customer oriented.

Angie G[redacted] from Excel Business Systems has been one of the most helpful and professional sales reps we at CMI Solar Electric have ever had the pleasure of working with. When our equipment last came-up for renewal, we were able to get the latest, greatest equipment available, at an extremely reasonable price! We simply could not ask for better service from both Excel and Angie!!

We cannot say enough good things about Excel Business Systems! The service we have received is unparalleled. From the moment we contacted them to discuss our needs they have gone the extra mile to provide products and services that met our needs and our budget. The training we received was outstanding and we have the pleasure of knowing the equipment is reliable and the staff is accessible to answer any question which might arise.

Our office has had a truly awesome relationship so far with Steve and the team at Excel.
I met Steve when I was in the market for a copier. I will say that I am not a fan of sales people(except for the one I am married to). But with Steve, there was no pressure. He shared the details of the copiers that were available. We talked about my business needs and he made a recommendation based on his knowledge.
The copier is a perfect addition to my office equipment. Set up was simple, in fact, I didn't have to do anything. Excel did it all.
During my busy time, I ran out of toner(my fault, since I did not order extra). Steve was kind enough to bring me a new cartridge. Guess he heard the panic in my voice.
I did have an issue with my copier. I contacted Steve and he sent out a repair person. The repair person came out quickly, took the time to inspect my copier and didn't complain when he was fixing the problem that was caused directly by me. I was printing labels and one was stuck inside the copier.
Overall, I have had a great experience with Steve, and the rest of the staff at Excel.

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