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Isaac's Alterations

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I was getting married on August 24th of 2013. I got my dress from [redacted]. Me and 3 of my bridesmaids went to Isaacs Alterations to get our dresses fixed. We dropped them off on Friday July 2nd. We were told to pick them back up on Thursday the 8th of July. When I went to pick my wedding dress up, it was still the same way as it was the day I dropped it off. She never touched my dress. She preceded to tell me I lost weight and if It needed to be taken in anymore that she was going to have to charge me. Well it had never been touched. So I paid her to take it in again. My bridesmaids picked theirs up on Friday the 9th. Their dresses were never touched either. They brought them back once again. When I went back to pick up my wedding dress, it was pulled in at my waist but was never hemmed. So then it took her another 3 days to hem it. When I went back in to try it on, which I thought would be the last time, she told me she had to put a spot on the dress so I could hook my bussell up. Well she made the mark and it was perfect. When I put my dress on, on my wedding day, the bussell was way lower then it was at the alterations. My bridesmaids had to hook it to a button. And the train to the dress was all uneven and didn't match. My sons tux was never touched. The women who did our hair the day of the wedding had to sew my sons pants because they were falling off of him.Desired SettlementI want all my money back for her mistakesBusiness Response On the morning of July 17, 2013 the bride, [redacted], her mother, the maid of honor, and one of her bridesmaids, [redacted] came into my store, [redacted]'s Alteration, asking if we do alterations on bridal gownsand bridesmaids dresses and asked for the prices. I then told them that we do alter bridal gowns anddresses and I informed them that I could not give them a price unless I see the dress due to material and style of dresses. I also informed them that they must come in with the same bra, under garments and shoesthat they are going to wear at the wedding. They then came back later that day with their dresses. Only themother of the bride came in with the right shoes and under garments but asked for bra cups, so it was not necessary for her to bring a bra. [redacted] and [redacted] both came in with the wrong, shoes, under garmentsand bra. When the bridesmaid, [redacted] tried on her dress she said it only needed to be taken in at the bust and it needed to be pressed. The bride asked to put in bra cups, tighten the straps, put in a bustle and hem the dress. She did not have the right shoes to measure the correct hemming. Then I told them to come back on so the bride could have another fitting and pick up the bridesmaid dress. I then told them to tellthe third bridesmaid to come as soon as possible because we are very busy with other wedding parties' dresses. She did not show up until August 2. In the meantime, we fixed their dresses and did what theyasked to be done. Neither the bride nor the bridesmaid came on the correct day for their pick up andfitting, they both came separately. When Sherelle came in the morning, she once again did not have on the right bra, she wore a sports bra; she tried on her dress and loved it. She then came back in later thatday fighting for her money back and claiming that we did not touch her dress. I showed her what I did tothe dress by flipping it inside out and showing her the markings. I also asked her to try it on again so I can see what was wrong. When she tried it on again, the bust was perfect, and that was all that she wanted,also the waist was a little big. This was an additional service that we did not charge her for. She thenasked me to put in bra cups and we did all these services. When the other bridesmaid Amanda came in to drop off her dress she also did not have the right shoes, under garments and shoes. She came back a fewdays later to pick up her dress. Then on the 21" she came back complaining that the dress did not fit right.I suggested putting in bra cups so it will look better because at the fitting she had on a sports bra. [redacted]'s son tuxedo was brought and when he tried it on, the pants needed to be taken in and the sleeveson the jacket needed to be shortened. We the these services and when she came back to pick up her son'stuxedo I told her that he needed to try it on and if it needed anything else she can come back and we will fix it but she never came back regarding the tuxedo. When [redacted] came in for her second fitting, her mother told her that she had lost some weight and that was why the dress was not fitting correctly. Shethen asked me to take in the waist and hips; this was an extra service that we charged her for. When [redacted] came for the last time to pick up her gown, she tried it on and she loved it. At the end, everyone was happy with the results of their dress and we never heard from them again until a week after the wedding.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)She never touched my dress or the bridesmaids dress or my sons tuxedo. We had to have the dresses re-done. My mother never told me I lost weight. The alteration lady did. And I was 103 before the wedding and 103 after the wedding. She didn't even have the bussle of my dress done until 2 days before the wedding. And when she marked where the bussle would be, I had my shoes on. So she doesn't know what she's doing. We had to go back numerous times because she claimed she altered the dress but yet it fit the same way it did the day we dropped it off. And when my bridesmaid [redacted] went to pick up her dress. The owner wasn't even there. The owners mother was and she couldn't speak English. Her dress was supposed to be picked up Thursday and didn't pick it up till Friday. That gave them an extra day and when she got the dress, it was the same way it was when we dropped it off and it was never pressed. We spent over $500 gettin these dresses altered just to have them not fit on the wedding day and make our hair dresser sew what she could so they didn't look ridiclous. I want most of my money back. She can keep the money for my mother's dress but I want the money back for my dress and my 1 bridesmaids dress that I paid for.

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Description: Alterations-Clothing

Address: 706 Main St # C, Brockton, Massachusetts, United States, 02301


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