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1805 N Carson St, Carson City, Nevada, United States, 89701-1216

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Received a invoice for Hewlet packard laserjet 1606 with a Quantity of 2 for $1220.95 Total. Received a voicemail from Debora M [email protected] Phone number 800 6724161. We did not order this and have no connection with ITMGT

Same as below, Originally received a call from Karen at IT Mgmt looking for AP Dept.
Our Admin Asst gave her my name and email. Received an invoice for $1,220.96 for Ricoh
Toner at a office location that does NOT have a Printer. FAKE FAKE FAKE. We have our printer
serviced through one company as required from Ricoh. It is NOT IT Mgmt. Now we receive phone calls every day. I sent a letter and email back to "Karen" stating this is a SCAM have contacted our legal dept, FTC and We would not be paying this invoice. Unbelievable with this company. Their Caller ID shows SCAM too.

This business is not legitimate and just trying to get money for purchases that aren't real. They keep calling asking for payment status of a fraudulent invoice. When you ask them to send a copy of the invoice, they do but then when asked to provide proof of purchase, like who and when ordered the product, they fail to do so. The invoice lists products that were never ordered by our business and if you Google the company's name and number, it shows it as a scam. They never send any further proof of the order to verify.

I received a phone call requesting payment for an invoice. When I received a copy of the invoice it was for toner. We do not order toner at our business, we have a third party that takes care of our copiers and printers. I started checking into IT MGT and found them in many reports as a scam, I also found that there had been many reports filed for the same issue. I did email the company back to let them know that we would not be paying their invoice since it did not meet out purchasing criteria, but have not heard back from them.

As the others, we received an invoice for $1220.96 for 2 Sharp MX printer supplies with Shipping & Handling Fee. They shall get shut down!!

I really wonder how many people fall for this scam. As the others, I too received an invoice for $1220.96 for 2 "printer supplies" LOL plus freight charges. I hope they get shut down!!

I received an invoice dated 4/11/2018 - in the amount of $1,220.96. $1,197.98 for product of Kyocera ECOSYS M3550 IDN Supples. and $22.98 for premium freight charge. We have never ordered anything from this company and do not recognize them as a vendor. We lease all of our copiers and printers from a company that supplies everything needed for them. I sent them a certified letter letting them know we would not be paying the invoice and that we felt this was a fraudulent company, we also included a copy of their invoice and copies of the complaints and reviews. Be vary of this company.

Our health care facility has also received an invoice for $1,220.96. Looks very legit but DO NOT PAY.

For the past couple of years, our clinics have been targeted by a few pirating companies posing as our contracted vendor, Ricoh.
To name a few, Digital Supply, Global Business Solution and Pacific Imaging Services; now IT MGT.
These companies make sales calls to our locations or submits falsified invoices, posing as Ricoh; taking orders to replenish the clinic’s cartridge supply.
However, majority of our locations have lease and repair/maintenance contracts with Ricoh and only order supplies through Ricoh and no other vendor.
These pirating companies charge a significant amount more, for supplies, for our copiers.
Typically a supply charge, under contract, for a cartridge is $41-$47. The pirating company charges $500+…
If you have not utilized the cartridge supply at the time, send them back to the company/address indicated on the invoice to avoid being held to the charges.
The Legal department has been notified and they have submitted correspondence to IT MGT to cease the attacks. I will advise all targeted companies to do the same.

IT MGT is a fraudulent company. They called one department in our university claiming to be "Ben" from IT. This person had a member of our staff create a copy to see if the machine was working and in conversation received the make and model of our equipment along with the name of the department head. Soon after, the university received an invoice for $1,220.96 for toner and freight charges. We have not been shipped any items and the details are similar to other complaints on this page. This is a phishing scam in addition to fraudulent business practices. They need to be investigated and shut down immediately by the State of Nevada.

FALSE INVOICING - This business is fraudulent.
We were sent a "official looking" invoice for ~$1200 for printer supplies. We do not have a business relationship with the company and have never ordered from them.

Same as the other complaints. Our company was sent an invoice with charges for copier supplies and freight. We never ordered, nor received products from them. A few weeks later, I get a phone call from a woman who knew my name and position with the company. She requested payment status on the invoice. I told her to send it to me via email. She did. I responded to the email and told her we were aware of the scam. She calls me back and gives me a cancellation confirmation number. I asked her why they were cancelling the invoice. She said because of my email. She stated that they didn't want customers that think they're scammers.
I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and forwarded the confirmation to the lady.

I received a phone call from Debra M at IT MGT stating we have an invoice that has not been paid. She needed to know payment status and if payment could be made. I put her on hold while I tried to look up the information in my accounts payable system. I was unable to find such a vendor for that business and asked if I could call her back after some research. She offered to send a copy of the invoice via email and I said please do. When I received the email it stated to reply that the email had been received and any payment status information available. The email then states that she will update the account and process the rewards to my attention. The email contained an invoice, to a specific person and department in our company, for $1220.96 total due in Xerox Workcentre 3615 supplies and an attachment of $100 free gift card for preferred account rewards stating "just include your name and ext with payment of the attached invoice and we will ship your $100 Visa Gift Card direct to you overnight". After doing a little research, I was able to verify with other staff members that this order was not placed by us, and we have not received any products from this company. We have not ordered anything from this company.
I started an online research of this company and found 12 other complaints through the and many stating the exact same problem with the exact same $ amounts.

It MGT sent us an invoice in the mail. We have never contacted them for any services nor have we received any from them. The invoice stated supplies for our copy machine. The company that they invoice does not have a copy machine. It is in our sister company's name and the company we rent our copier from handles all our supplies within our contract terms. It MGT then called our accounting department looking for payment. Our accounting departed told them we were not paying the invoice.

We received a formal looking invoice for Canon Supplies that we never ordered nor received.

Received an invoice in the amount of $1220.96 from IT MGT for Supplies which were never ordered as well as a premium freight charge. They are asking for payment via electronic payment. Our company IT manager is listed as the point of reference as well.

Our company received an invoice from IT Mgt for *** printing supplies that we did not order. It looks like they might even have shipped the supplies without our consent, however we have not received the product. On top of all this, the supplies are grossly overpriced. I feel very sorry for anyone who falls for this scam. The back of the invoice says orders can be cancelled within 15 days by calling or faxing. I called and got a voicemail and left a message. There is no fax number listed on the invoice.
Product_Or_Service: None - Sent false invoice

Just like everyone else reporting IT MGT, I received an invoice for printer supplies. The charge is for 2 units at $598.99 a piece for a total of $1197.98 with a freight charge of $22.98. I also received the flyer that said I would get a $100 gift card if I sent in my name and extention with payment. Our company name and address are all correct so I gather they are buying information.

This business is fraudulent. We were sent an invoice totaling $1220.96 for printer supplies. They didn't even try to put a fake description of the supplies, plus freight. We are under contract with another company and get all of our supplies at no charge, per contract. Otherwise, I might have believed this to be a valid invoice, although I'm not that dumb. They should be in jail.

Same as the other complaints false invoicing same dollar amount $1220.96 When I called them out they called me back and gave me a cancelation # *** Hahahah. I informed Karen that they are all over internet for this and was told by Karen that you cant believe everything you read on the internet. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck it is probaly a duck Karen quack quack!!

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Address: 1805 N Carson St, Carson City, Nevada, United States, 89701-1216


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