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J B Electric Mechanic

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Review: I, [redacted], took my Lincoln Navigator to Mr. [redacted] who told me that he could fix it for $180. He has returned my van three times and the three times it did not work. I told him not to return it until it was repaired and what he did was forget about it. He did not fix it and told me to go pick it up. I spoke to [redacted] and he told me that he would give me a refund of $180 which he never gave me. He now will not answer my phone calls.Desired Settlement: I want him ([redacted]) to refund what he owes (and promised me).

Review: On December 13, 2014 I took my car to JB Electric Mechanic located at 6120 Central Ave SW in Albuquerque, NM and they advised me that my spark plugs were defective and needed to replaced. I spoke with [redacted], who told me he was the son of the owner and worked there, and he told me they checked my coils on another car and they all worked so I only needed new spark plugs. I paid $150.00 cash then I received a call from [redacted] stating my PCM was defective and I needed a new one. It took several weeks until they found the part and in the meantime they loaned me a car which I could not even drive because the registration was expired and the front driver and passenger seat belts did not work. When they finally found the part I had to pay them $400.00 cash for the PCM part and the reprogramming and then another $95.00 cash for the installation, which took about 3 1/2 minutes to install. When I went to pick up my car over 6 weeks later and I got on the freeway and my car would not go over 40MPH and the brakes were not working very well so I got off the freeway then it stalled out. I called the shop and I was very upset considering I just paid a total of $645.00 and it took so long for them to do the repair. [redacted] came and picked me up and took me home, and then he drove my car back to their shop. [redacted] told me that they did not know what else was wrong so he made an appointment with the [redacted] dealership in Albuquerque, which was approximately 11 miles away, to get it diagnosed. The evening after the appointment time, [redacted] told me the dealership had not called him back so I called them and they told me my mechanic had not told them what to do or had authorized the diagnostic. For almost a week, I went back and forth between the dealership and my mechanic and finally the dealership told me that my mechanic (JB Electric) told them not to tell me what was going on with my car, and secondly, the dealership told me they did not want to work on my car because of my car was not property put back together and they did not want to be held responsible. I then received a call from [redacted] telling me that the dealership called him and told him to pick up my car because the owner (me) had been harassing them. I called the dealership immediately and they told me that was not true, that they did not want to work on the car because they saw that some of the parts on my car were not put back to together correctly. [redacted] finally picked up my car from the dealership and after a total of two months at JB's my car was not fixed so I had to get it towed to another shop. I had my car towed to [redacted] Auto Service, which diagnoses it and charged me $275.47. The diagnoses revealed that my catalytic converters were plugged and scan PCM has [redacted] VIN mismatch, which meant the PCM that was installed was not even programmed for my car, which I paid JB Electric to do. The quote for the repairs from [redacted] Auto Service was extremely high and when I asked them why, they said they called the catalytic converter supplier and they suggested I replace all three converters, which I could not afford. I called [redacted] and he told me he would pick up my car, pay the diagnoses fee and replace the converters for much less. After a week I received a call from [redacted] Auto Service telling me they were going to have to start charging me storage and no one would return my call so I had to pick up my car and I took it to [redacted], and they replaced one converter and charged me $775.49 but the ABS light remained on and [redacted] told me that was because the PCM was not programmed to my VIN number. After several weeks I finally got a hold of [redacted] and he told me to take in to another dealership and he would pay me back the fee to reprogram the PCM. I called [redacted] and made an appointment to get the re-programming done and for them to check why all of a sudden my check engine light came on. They charged me $256.83 for the reprogramming and to clear the check engine light. The receipt from [redacted] stated "PERFORMED INSPECTION FOUND THAT IGNITION COIL BOLTS ARE MISSING AND ONE IS CRACKED." When I questioned this to the dealership mechanic, he told me it this would not hurt my car. I took my car home and after three days, the check engine light came back on and I called the dealership and they told me to bring it back. I immediately drove the car back to the dealership and after waiting about five minutes, the service manager called me back to the service area. He asked me if I had my spark plugs worked on and I told him they were replaced by JB Electric over two months ago. He said and I quote said "it was comical how bad the work was done on your spark plugs." He showed me where the bolts were missing and how one of them was cracked and in addition, one of the coils WAS NOT A MAZDA COIL. He also told me that this problem could cause gas to get into my catalytic converters and damage them and this had to get fixed immediately. I was upset because I had specially asked the service guy about the bolts missing and the broken coil and he told me it was nothing. The service manager Allen apologized for the mis-information and replaced the bolts for free for the time being. I told him I would call the mechanic that did the job which was JB Electric. I called [redacted] right away and told him about the problem but he insisted they didn't do it and that I had taken the car to other mechanics so they must have done it. I have all the receipts from the others shops and none of them ever touched the spark plugs so JB Electric is the only ones that is responsible for this damage to my car.

When I picked up my car from [redacted] on Friday, March 27th, I was charged $240.50 for replacing three coils and the service manager advised he mis-quoted me the cost to do the repair which should have been over $650.00 but he would stick to the orignial quote, resulting in them losing money. My car ran perfectly after this repair which confirms the fact that the spark plugs were installed incorrectly.

I feel if JB Electric would have installed my spark plugs correctly, most of the problems and the months I was without my car would have been avoided. I ask that JB refund me the money I had to pay to get the spark plugs fixed correctly; partial amount for the catalytic converter replacement because I feel they were to blame due to the defective spark plug replacement, the PCM re-reprogramming, and the addition amount I had to pay to the dealership due to the check engine light caused by the spark plug problem. The total is as follows and copies of receipts attached: [redacted] Auto Service RO#[redacted] $275.47-Engine performance diagnostic charge that should have originally been done by JB Electric Mechanic, [redacted] Invoice #[redacted] $275.00-partial amount for the catalytic converter due to spark plugs defective repair. The is $775.49 but although I think JB Electric may have caused this damage, I will not request full amount, [redacted] R/O number [redacted] $256.83-PCM reprogrammed and code for ABS had an incorrect VIN attached to it, [redacted] R/O number [redacted] $240.50-spark plug unit fixed due to previous work done by JB Electric in which bolts were missing, one coil was broken and one was not a Mazda coil part. Total requested is $1,047.80. The experience I had with JB Electric Mechanic was a total nightmare. They kept my car for over two months, which caused me so much frustration an difficulty because I go to school full time and work part time so finding transportation was very challenging. They did not property install new spark plugs from the beginning and continued to drive my car to and from [redacted], as well as take the car back to their shop when it first stalled out, which caused more damage to my car. I was lied to and forced to endure delay after delay due to their neglect to get my car property diagnosed and repaired. I feel I was cheated by them and they need to take responsibility for their actions. I mailed a certified letter to them on April 4th (copy attached) requesting the total requested amount and the reasons behind this determination but I never received any answer or payment. The certified mail confirmed the delivery of my letter to them on April 6, 2015. I hope that your office can checked into this matter, as well as the operations of this shop as soon as possible. I am also concerned for other customers that may go to this shop to get their car repaired.Desired Settlement: Pay back for charges paid to other repair shop due to JB Electric Mechanic faulty work.

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Description: Auto Repair - Maintenance

Address: 6120 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, 87105


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