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Review: On Oct 17th,2011 I entered into contract w/JC [redacted] Construction to do a complete master bedroom addition and bathroom remodel, secondary bath remodel, demolition of an existing room, as well as other updates throughout the house. In the beginning the owner was very good about any changes or additions that I wished to make, just wanting to make sure that I would be happy in the end with the finished product. I was told that weather permitting everything should be finished by Thanksgiving or early Dec., defiantly by Christmas. As we come to the end of July 2012, we have not had/passed our final inspection; there is still much that is incomplete. These are just A FEW of the matter's; our new shower is leaking and come to find out may have been improperly built/installed and needs to be redone, all interior doors had been replaced with new "special order" doors`-several had to be taken down and rehung due to improper installation but still aren't hung right, the AC/heating works poorly having almost no airflow in MB, poor workmanship of trim and interior paint, stucco applied to new addition has to be redone because they they put it on before they cut out the holes for the new windows and now looks like patchwork, new carpet has grease spots-it wasn't covered properly while working, the ceiling in the addition is uneven and needs to be repaired, the new white gutters were over sprayed w/tan paint while painting the over hang which they tried to touch up w/a roller-on gutters that were already a finished product and to top it off while doing this-white paint was dripped on the new tan stucco, exterior door was improperly installed so when it rained water came in soaking the carpet 2x before they addressed the matter, many of the subs left a mess when they were done for the day (which often turned into several days-now weeks before they returned w/o a word from the contractor) and my backyard resembles a junk yard as opposed to the "broom swept finish" stated in the contract. UNPROFESSIONAL!!

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Other (requires explanation)

After several months at attempting to resolve various matters I have contacted the state licensing board and am seeking another licensed contractor to fix and complete the inferior work done by [redacted] Construction.



Business' Initial Response

August 9, 2012

Permits were issued and work commenced on about XX-XX-XX with an expected completion date of 2-31-12, as stated in the contract documents, barring any unanticipated delays. We were told that the owner wished to have a pool built after our work was completed, or sooner, if we could coordinate the two constructions as not to delay our progress. We chose to begin the work on the new addition first, before the demolition of the existing storage room that was to be removed. This decision was made because we had to open up the roof at the addition area and frame in a new one before the rains began.

Footings were dug, formed, inspected and poured, and all the under floor framing was completed. All the under floor plumbing systems of drain, waste, and vents, and the hot and cold water were installed, and tested, ready for inspection, when the owner came to me and said she was not happy with the design and wanted to redesign the entire bathroom layout. It took several days to complete the design changes and work out all the dimensions for the new layout. The entire plumbing work that had taken a week to install had to be removed and completely re installed. This took a few more days to complete, resulting in a nearly two week delay in construction.

These types of delays became endemic on this project. Some examples of these delays include changes to the windows to special order windows with custom glass and venting, a delay of three and a half weeks; changes to the design of the bathroom lavatory cabinets which required removing the finished drywall and reconfiguring the plumbing from a two sink lavatory to a one sink lavatory. These also required changes to the positions of the lighting, along with the necessary drywall repairs and painting touch ups; We experienced delays to the painting project when six different custom paint colors were selected to be used in a bathroom and bedroom, quadrupling the painting time needed to complete the project; late selections of finish materials such as cabinets, carpeting, tiles, etc... with long lead times, or selection of discontinued items; or changes in materials requiring long lead times also factored into the completion.

The delay with the biggest impact on the job took place when the pool contractor was allowed to begin digging the pool right in the middle of our work, rendering the job nearly inaccessible to our forces. This went on for almost a month.

We achieved substantial completion of the Master Bath and Master Bedroom about the end of March. This means that the bedroom and bath were turned over ready for use at that time. We were held off of starting work on the second bathroom until punch list items and expanded scope items were complete or near complete. We began work on the second bathroom around May 1st and completed the work around June 6, 2012. All punch list items that I am aware of have been completed with the exception of 1 window latch problem that has been reported to the manufacturer and waiting for them to schedule an appointment to fix.

I never complained about, nor did I charge anything extra for almost any of the delays we experienced. And until recently thought that I had a great relationship with the owner. I explained to her that our schedule had been impacted by these changes and delays pursuant to other projects we had in progress but that we were committed to doing whatever we needed to complete the job to her satisfaction.

I am currently unaware of any punch list items that have not been addressed and I have received no communication or notification of any outstanding items . Pursuant to the Complaint Letter I would like to specifically address several items mentioned: The A/C System is existing, we only moved the register; The "stucco problem that looks like a patch" was caused because the owner decided to change the window to a different one after the stucco work was completed. Another last minute change; Gutters were not a finished product when over sprayed. Primed only, ready for paint; White paint dripped on new tan stucco was not white paint but white sheetrock dust, it washed off with a hose; Back door was not installed wrong, the door bottom needed to be changed because it rubbed on the carpet and would have ruined it. It rained the night it was removed and a small amount of moisture blew in to the carpet;

To this date I have never been notified of any problem with the shower leaking.

Consumer's Final Response

Before entering into contract with JC [redacted] Construction I told him that I had met w/a pool contractor (09/26/11) and plans were being drawn to build a pool. When we entered into an agreement he assured me that this would not create any problems and that he would willingly work w/the pool contractor. JCA stated in his response to the that a major delay was caused when the pool dig began, however JCA and the pool contractor were in communication and had agreed as to when the pool would begin being built. The initial dig was set to begin the wk of 11/07/11 but had to be postponed due to the lack of progress on the remodel. The actual dig did not begin until 01/03/12. Since the addition/remodel project started in mid Oct.this gave JCA a project lead time of aprox. 2.5 mo.before the pool was started. JCA has also forgotten that we met and entered into a verbal agreement to work together in early Oct. which is when he introduced me to an architect that he had worked w/in the past. Together we all set forth on coming up w/plan designs for the new addition. We ( JCA & I ) verbally agreed that his company would get a jump start on the project. They began gutting my master bedroom/bath while waiting for the permits since we had received architectural plan approval on 10/17/11. This is the day we officially signed our written contract, unfortunately I have realized that no specific "end date" was given, just an approximation of 120 days. In mid Oct. when work began, JCA verbally confirmed that we would most certainly be finished w/the project by the holidays so it would not be an interference / inconvenience. He was given his first payment on 10/20/11/ when work began and another on 10/26/11/ after permits were issued. It is true that I asked to speak w/ JCA near the beginning of the project, after the inspection of the footings but PRIOR TO THE COMPLETION of the under flooring and plumbing systems. At this time they did have some plumbing done and were working on the plumbing for the bathtub however, the sink/vanity were to be on the other side of the room and HAD NOT been started yet. Early one morning shortly after their arrival, I spoke w/him concerning "the possibility" of some plan changes and asked if it was already to late. I was told that - NO! , it was not to late and that if would be best to make any changes now before floor was in and the walls were up. He told me that he could/would do anything I wanted but that he would have to charge me for the extra time they put in. I was assured that he just wanted me to be happy w/the finished project. I gave him the design/ drawing that I had come up with using the original architectural measurements. My request for plan changes were for PART of the bathroom layout only and IN NO WAY changed the "entire layout" of the remodel/addition. As a matter of fact they began making the necessary plumbing changes THAT SAME MORNING using MY DRAWING for a plan. I don't believe that he ever consulted an architect to make adjustments to the old plan or to get a new revised one. I did in fact see the original plan along w/my drawing laying on the floor of the work area for some time. When framing for the addition began I was told that I should start thinking about what kind of windows I wanted, so I went to model homes to look. When I found what I liked I sent pictures to JCA's cell phone. When I asked if he had received the pictures and if I could get this style I was told yes. The windows I chose for my bedroom had grids on the top 1/2 only and for the bath I chose obscure rain glass- NO SPECIAL VENTING! It wasn't until framing was almost finished that I was told when he had gone to order the windows, the ones that I liked were special order and could take up to 3wks to get in. This meant that he would have to rearrange his schedule for some of the project. At this time he also informed me that there would be up charges for the windows I picked but if I really wanted them he would go ahead and order them and he would work on another area of the house while waiting for them to come in. This is when they started the demolition of the sun/storage room so they didn't fall behind schedule. There were never any changes made to the cabinetry as we had never picked any out before starting. It was the architectural rendition of cabinets that he referred to in his response. Ordering cabinets was truly a joke( for both baths). Since we were starting the project w/the new addition he suggested that I begin looking at cabinets I might want in the master bath. I found a brochure w/ones I liked and gave it to him showing the style and color. He told me he would check into it and get more details. After a couple of weeks passed he told me that he had checked but that they were very expensive so he was trying to find someone that could build them for less and in less time as it could take a few weeks to order through the company in the brochure. After another couple weeks passed it was apparent that he had yet to find anyone else that could make the style I liked. When we finally discussed it he suggested that I go with something else, but I decided that since I was already investing so much into the remodel that I might as well pay more and get what I really liked. He told me if I wanted it I could go ahead and order it. I ordered it, paid for it and brought him the invoice so he could schedule any work w/the arrival date. I was told I would get a credit towards the cost at the end of the job. I ORDERED THE EXACT ONE FROM THE BROCHURE I HAD GIVEN HIM MONTHS BEFORE, I had been waiting for him to "check w/his guys" before he finally gave me the OK to order from the store. It was the same when picking out counter tops using "his guys" and when it came time for installation they were no shows for over a week. Picking/ordering tile was the same scenario; I found what I liked and provided him w/the store name & location, the vendor, color, size and style name. I even bought samples of the accent tile for him so he would know exactly what I wanted. However, when it came time for him to make the purchase, it seemed as if he never quite got enough and WE (yes, even my family & I) were running to the store trying to get enough to finish the room(s). When I chose the tile for the secondary bath I was told that the selection I made was no longer available. By this time I was so fed up w/him that I called the store to verify and was told that it was indeed still available but it needed to be ordered. Instead of placing the order he waited a few days and then wanted me to go and make a new selection, preferably with something that was in stock. I was asked to pick out carpet and provided him w/ the needed info. When I inquired as to whether it had been ordered he said that he hadn't gotten around to it yet. When he finally did order it I was told that it was on back order and would be a couple weeks; they didn't have enough in stock for the size room I had. Then of course add more time finding and coordinating the installation. Yes, I did use multiple colors of paint, but 1 color was used for ALL ceilings and ALL new doors for the entire project. If you include the color for the outside(stucco) a total of 6 colors were used. I HAD HIS APPROVAL FOR ALL OF IT. In 08/09 I had a complete new a/c-heating system put in my home. The register that was moved was in the bath to accommodate a new wall AND a new duct and register WERE ALSO ADDED in the new bedroom. Multiple companies have seen the gutters that were destroyed by his subs, they were a finished product. The stucco looks like this because it was applied PRIOR to the bathroom remodel which included enlargement and new window installation. In the end of March, a month after our contract suggests we be finished, JCA requested permission to BEGIN work on the 2nd bath. I denied it because the master bathroom WAS NOT fully functional. I told him that they could begin when 1) I had a fully functional bathroom 2) they were closer to completing the MBR and 3) they finished replacing/repairing the walls in my living room that had been removed before the holidays. At the end of April I requested that he please order the tile for the 2nd bath. At this time I also requested he finish ALL the items on the punch list WHILE WAITING for the necessary items to complete the 2nd bath. Giving time for delivery and installation ( another 3wks), I asked that he have the project completed by 05/17/12. Also, on 08/02/12 JCA came to the house to check on the leaky shower. On 08/15/12, after JCA responded to the, he came to me and apologized for the way the job the been handled. He requested that I give him an opportunity to rectify the situation and asked that I allow him to finish the job. He said that he would finish it to my COMPLETE AND FULL SATISFACTION. Since I have already invested over 55kw/his company I have agreed and am hopeful as we move toward completion.

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