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J C Swain Enterprise

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Dec 14, 2019

Timeshare bait and switch scam. Jcs calls everyone who enters a raffle to trick people into timeshares promising 4 free plane tickets/cruise. It is a complete scam. The free vacations are NOT free, and almost no one can actually use them. Don't fall for this sham. Report JC Swain to the NH BBB.

Google: Jcs NH, John Swain NH

This company should be put out of business. Their sole purpose is to defraud unsuspecting people who enter to win a raffle. How sad is it that this world is so scummy that you can't even take a shot of winning a car or a free giftcard anymore. I entered to win a $5oo Kroger gift card and was called by JCS saying that I won the grand prize, 4 free plane tickets! But wait, I entered to win a gift card..? Wow, it's worth almost $5k? Jackpot! Not. Not one single thing I was told by JCS was true. They stole my information to try to hem me up in a Wyndham timeshare scam. The tickets were fake, the marketing company was sleezy and clearly comfortable running this scam day after day, month after month, year after year. When does this insanity end? Icing on the cake: I had to change my phone number because the ss at JCS will not stop calling. I have spoken with the manager and was told she would put me on the do not call list...2 days later I had another call from JCS. As soon as I put my info on that "raffle" ticket I was bombarded with solicitation.

Misleading required documents to attend Timeshare presentation and picking up winning package after driving miles to their locationI would like to file a complaint against J C [redacted] Enterprise, LLC at [redacted] NH XXXXX
I was contacted by them on 6/13/at my place of employment due to myself and my year old son attending a festival and filling out a form to win a prizeA message was left on my voice message for my son informing him that he had won the raffle and congratulating him(I also received the same message at my home number congratulating me and saying that I had won the same prize)I contacted the area code number backI informed the female caller that my son was and she informed me that the winning package would have to be transferred to my name if he was under I acceptedThe female customer service representative went on to explain the details of the package and informed me that if I wanted to JOIN the club membership that I would need to have a valid ID, credit card, and the confirmation letter to joinI drove miles from Manassas, VA XXXXX all the way to Alexandria, VA on Sat the 14th only to be turned away because I did not have a Major Credit CardNever was I informed that I would need to have a Major Credit Card to attend the PresentationA credit card was mention to join the club membership but not to attend the presentation
This company is very misleading in their advertisement including the email confirmation that was sent
In one section of the confirmation email it states: "
Please plan to arrive minutes early for registration and don't forget:
- Please bring your spouse (if married) or significant other
- You MUST bring this letter along with a photo IDWithout them, you won't be able to attend the presentation and receive your gifts
Thank you for participatingWe are sure you will have a terrific time and love what you see!"
Then it goes on to talk about Dining out vouchers and this is the only time that a credit card is mentioned in relations to dining out : "You will have a choice of popular restaurants in your area or various cities throughout the USLog on, search to find your favorite restaurant, print certificate and use, it's that simple
Restaurants may have various restrictions and some may require a minimum purchase in excess of the dining dollarsPlease see for details
This notice is non-transferable and you must present a photo ID (i.e
driver's license) and a major credit card
I urged you to demand that this company change their tactics in advertising so consumers can make an informed decision to use their products instead of misleading, misguiding, and trickery, to have consumers to agree to use their products
I would of never driven almost miles from my home address to their location if I had known that I had to have a credit card
Also, when I got there and the lady asked me for a credit card I told her that I was never informed and told her that I have a debit cardNot everyone uses credit cards these daysVery disappointed and would not recommend them to any of my family, friends, co-workers, or the average "JOE" on the streetPlease be careful when dealing with this company and ask very specific questions and repeat, repeat, repeat what they say.(EXAMPLE: If they say "X, Y, Z you then say "If I am understanding you correctly you just said" X, Y, Z"They are recording but you have to make sure you ask the right questions and read between the lines because they use trickery when giving you their spillAfter I called the company this morning on the 16th of June I was met with an Argumentative representative who not once tried to resolve the problem but was bent on trying to prove me wrong and had no sympathy what so ever
What ever happened to the customer is your first priority?

We are trained to inform you that you need in most cases a major credit card with the exception of ma, tn, la, and maybe one other state, in which case a debit or check book may be applicable . They probably told you that they have you bring the credit card in the event that you were interested in buying . That is the truth . I have sympathy for you driving the 50 miles that's a serious time investment . Other than your representative you would have had a manager also ask you if you had the proper forms of identification to bring which are a valid photo Id and credit card . (Debit or check book in few locations is acceptable) . Your story becomes questionable because there are suppose to be 3 sources telling you the proper things to bring with you . The representative the manager and the email . There is no way all 3 failed . What does that leave ?

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Description: Advertising/Marketing Agencies, Vacation Certificates & Vouchers, Timeshare Companies

Address: Laconia, New Hampshire, United States, 03246


+1 (603) 366-2791
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