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J. Hunziker Asphalt Paving

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Full driveway replacement
We recently just got our driveway redone by J. Hunziker Paving and could not be more pleased. The team showed up early, worked all day removing the old driveway and paving the new one - all in one day. All of the crew were extremely polite and went out of their way to help answer all the questions I had. We had them straighten out one side, remove a concrete section by the garage doors and expand the driveway on one side for additional parking. The new driveway is BEAUTIFUL. I wish we had done this sooner as the entire curb appeal of our house increased dramatically. Tim from J. Hunziker came out quickly to provide us with a free estimate and the pricing was extremely reasonable. If you want A+ quality work done, J Hunziker is worth the wait to get your driveway done by the best.
Full driveway replacement
Full driveway replacement
Full driveway replacement
Full driveway replacement
Full driveway replacement

Fake a phoney
This guy shows up tryin to sell a job to my wife stuttering obviously because he knew absolutely nothing he was talking about , he quotes a price that was thousands less than anyone so she gives him the ok and they proceed to do the job and all this guy dies is yell and scream at the guys who are ACTUALLY working he installs it with a machine he obviously has no idea how to use because thier was speed bumps everywhere from him cranking on this machine I came home to be surprised at what was being done and this jerk jumps off his machine yellin at some guy because he’s to fat to bend over to pick up a shovel and has the nerve to say to me I’m jay I’m the owner like really dude that is your approach to people, grow up nothing you have or do impressses me it was a all around circus with him anyway the job came out worse than it was it rains all the water comes directly into my home thiers so many pot holes and mind you he installed it with his machine haha what a joke this turned out to be , he was BY FAR the cheapest and simultaneously the worse DO NOT HIRE HIM even tho he’s the cheapest thiers a reason , snakes slither threw life


July 2019 after months of rescheduling and lack of contact, I paid 4500(-300 for a broken fence) for an approximate 2 car driveway, with a drainage issue. I was told by the estimator I would be given a barrier/berm on one side of the driveway, this has not happened, I am told every few months,: it will be fixed when we have another job in your neighborhood I now have a stream entering my driveway, due to the gully formed by the town was disrupted by this company, I was given a free seal-coat 1 month later for my troubles?, I now have large spots on my driveway. I would not recommend this company.


Well... it takes A LOT to make me angry but J. Hunziker Paving (owner Jason/Jay and Assistant, Tim) should be ashamed of their business practices. Last August we had them pave our driveway at our new home so that we can get Samantha (who as many of you know is in a wheelchair) into the house. The job cost many thousands of dollars. We asked for them to do an upper driveway that goes around a tree so that a car could drop Sam off where she can get to the main floor of the house. They made the circle big enough for a mini-cooper or a motorcycle but NOT a car. Last year they kept putting us off week after week until the asphalt factories closed down. They admitted fault and came and put stone down (see pictures) to get us through the winter. This spring we started the same song and dance for weeks and weeks - they can't come as it's too wet, or another job was priority, etc. TODAY - after all this time they claim Bill approved the driveway, which is a bald-faced LIE - he did not. He does not design or build driveways and has NEVER met the owner. They are now claiming they are not at fault, which is absolutely absurd. Please share this post far and wide and let everyone know that they should take their business elsewhere. Rant over - thank you for listening.


Review: Me and my husband have a small remodeling business. My husband has his own office in are basement of are house. Are driveway is in poor condition and my husband's customer's come to the office and complain about are driveway. Me and my husband wanted to put in a new driveway. He excavated are old driveway and install fabric and crush-stone and my husband did everything him self and [redacted]. just put down the blacktop it self. Me and my husband shopped for the blacktop itself. We had a few contractors give us a price of how much it would be! My husband didn't want to leave the crush stone open for the winter because we needed to clean the snow.

One day on 11/6/2012 my husband come home from work to get some work materials and his truck, he saw this company called J. Hunziker asphalt paving, doing somebody elso driveway. My husband stopped to talk to him [redacted] Hunziker, to get a price of how much it would be, [redacted] said he could do it right now for $4,000.00 and we gave him a deposit for $3,000.00. My husband said he has to go back to work and [redacted] said he is up the street, not to far away from us, he came to do the work in the same day, my husband said ok. My husband left me with a business check to pay him, after [redacted] got are deposit he gave me a invoice and ask me, just write my name not the business name.

He was upset that I didn't give him a different check. He said he will be back in the Spring to put a second coat, finish the driveway. He gave us a invoice and me and my husband have, never had a invoice that doesn't include sales tax!

My husband came back from work and he didn't like the way the driveway looked. The second morning, I had rain, [redacted] pinched 1/2 of the driveway to the street and the other side of the garage was 1/2 inches. My husband called him back 1 week later he came back, told my husband in front of our friends, that he would be back next year to take care of it. He is builded one side of the driveway higher than the other my husband asked him what to do about that now?

He said when the season open's in 2013 he will cut the blacktop that is higher than the other side and my husband told him that you never need to put crush-stone, he told him that he would fix it when he come's back next year. He took $3,000.00 from us and we tried to call him 5 time or more, he told us that he would be here on the date everytime I talked to him but never come or called. He wouldn't answer are calls. He wasn't very nice to us when we called him. When it rain's hard and nobody home to take care of all the rain that come's in to are garage, the garage is next to are house. When my husband called him, asked what day he was coming to fix the problem, he told him my husband is to pushesh, my husband told him if you don't want to fix it, I will get someone elso to fix the problem, he told my husband he can't do that because we have a contract with him. My husband told him that he can't live with all the damage's if he doesn't fix the problem's to are driveway!

My husband told him to have a good day and he said he will be talking to his law. In this point me and my husband don't know what to do, that's why I'm asking for help and the attorney general office for help. Thank you! Desired Settlement: I wanted my deposit of $3,000.00 back that I gave for my driveway to be paved!



I have told her that I am booked up and backed up due to the rain. She still owes me money and I intended on fitting her back into the schedule. She got too pushey, she's an hour from my business and I am backed up with work. I have all intentions of going back there to correct and finish the work and to be paid in full. Most of her statement in this complaint is false. I will be finishing the job by the end of August.

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