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J & J Jewelry Box

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Review: On or about June [redacted] 2013 I took a 14k gold bracelet into the store to be fixed, the clasp was broken. I was told he could fix it for $10 dollars, I told the young sales woman ok. She took my bracelet to the back to a guy who proceeded to fix it. I paid her $10 dollars and left the store. On June [redacted] I noticed by bracelet had fell off my arm, all I did was pick up the telephone and it fell off my wrist. On June [redacted] I took my bracelet back to the Jewelry Store and told him what happened. He told me that I broke the lock and he wasn't going to fix it for me. I explained to him I merely picked up the phone and it dropped off. He then walked anway and again told me he wouldn't fix it! I feel he did a shabby job, Im not the only one that had a bad experience at this store!!Desired Settlement: I would like my bracelet fixed properly, I paid $10 dollars and it didnt even last for 2 weeks!!! Thank you.



First of all. This Complaint should not have been sent to me as it makes no sense.

Customer came in and asked for a repair on a hoop that holds the lock. Please note that this is not the lock. So we did a repair and gave it back to her for $10.

Second of all. If this was our mistake she would not have left the store without checking if the merchandise was fixed or not. The fact that she left the store and used it can say many things as in, she could have mistreated it and it happened to break somewhere else.

She came in and asked for another repair on another part of the bracelet. It was not even the hoop on the side. She came in and said that the lock broke and that we should have fixed it. If it was the part where we did a repair we would gladly fix it and say we were sorry. However, This is not our problem as she came in with a different type of repair.

She is complaining that we charged her $10 and it didn't even last two weeks.

Our response to this is, That is not our problem because she is complaining that another part of the bracelet is broken. Fixing a lock on a bracelet is a hard job as it involves putting fire onto a piece of gold with a spring on the inside and we told her we can not fix it.

She can get her bracelet fixed and we will try to fix it. But there is no guarantee that we can get it done. Only for this one time. However, we cannot do this job for free as this was not the part of the bracelet she paid for.

This is our settlement. We will fix the bracelet with a new lock, if we keep the old lock that was on the bracelet and she pays for the $5 for soldering.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

This issue will not be resolved because he is lying. First of all the lock is not broken, its one of the gold hoops that attach the lock to the bracelet was missing ,the lock is intact, if he couldn't fix it or the job was too big he should have just said so!!

I did check the bracelet before I left the store and it APPEARED to be fixed. If I noticed that the bracelet wasn't fixed properly of course I would have told him. I do not do any physical work, I sit at a desk all day, I take very good care of my jewelry, it makes no since I would break my own bracelet, it just fell off my arm after answering the phone and luckily I was at work and not outside where it would have been lost.

I will not be bringing my bracelet back to his store as I now feel he is incapable of repairing it properly. I will not be returning to this store ever, and I will tell all my friends and family to never do business at his place. The nerve of him to try and charge me an additional $5 dollars for something that he should have fixed right the first time!!!

After the incident I talked to a young lady that works in the area at another store and she said she had a similiar experience, I told her she should have reported him. Stop letting these businesses rip us off with shabby work!!!!!!!

In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above.




If you want to report a business please, tell the truth.

Theres nothing to gain if we lie.

That goes for you too.

Heres one thing thats now bothering me.

In the first complaint, u complained your clasp was broken , now we are talking about your hoop?

Its a shame that it we had to come to this option however, you just have to know, if you used your bracelet for 2 weeks after repair.

then come back to the store. Its hard for us to say "ok we will fix it again" especially if the issue is now a different part of the bracelet.

If you do not like our store, so be it.

try out a different store.

Unlike you who know people that dislike our store,

We know people that do.

We tried to do what we do best and you were unsatisfied


"Stop letting these businesses rip us off with shabby work!!!!!!!"

You're making a complaint, not sending a text to your friend. Be a bit more formal.

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