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Review: I contacted j and k in March of to repair a tvThe service agent came to my home and assured me it could be repairedHe removed the tv's component and took it to his repair centerAfter hundreds of calls and over days later, an agent returned to my home and deposited the missing component in to my handsIt was not reinstalled nor was a given a refund.Desired Settlement: I would like the $refunded to me that was paid as a deposit
We understand the frustration of the customer regards the lengthy delay of the repair , caused by manufacture discontinue the product support and parts no longer available We will be gladly to refund the full $ even though our policy is to deduct out trip charge of $ Customer satisfaction is our priority
Thank you

Review: I called j&k electronics to repair my flat screen in [redacted]. The service man came to my home and determined that I needed a main board at a cost of 169.00 plus installation of 220.00 which I thought was expensive but I agreed. the repair man ordered the part and advised it should take a week to 10 days to complete the repair. the repair shop called me in [redacted] a month later to let me know the part was in and a repair man would be out. two day's before [redacted] the gentleman came to my house but they ordered thr wrong part. the serial number was givin to there office by the repair man not myself to ensure they were ordering the right part, to no avail.J&K advised the repair man to bring the t.v. into the office for further repair, which neither the repairman nor myself understood why he was bringing in the T.V. just order the right part. I agreed to them taking the T.V. I was advised it would take no more then a week to get the part and return my T.V. I called the shop on the 30th of december to get a idea of long it was going to take tto fix my T.V. A gentleman in service picked up the phone and I asked him how the rpair was going he said he was researching it. I asked for estamated time of repair he said in a very unprofessional way " I can lye to you or I can tell you I'm researching it and get back to you, It is your fault for buying a old T.V ([redacted]) from [redacted]" first of all the T.V. is only 4 years old but that's not the case if it was New I wouldn't need it repaired. I asked for his name and at first he said it doesn;t matter what my name is , I said but sir I am the customer and I have rights, he said so what!!. after going back and forward with him he finally said his name was [redacted] I asked to speak to a manager not knowing he was the [redacted] said the [redacted] wouldn't be in until [redacted] and hung up in my face.I called back but got the same answer from the desk clerk. I called back on [redacted], but got no help.this man was very rude and for almost 400.00 dollar he wasDesired Settlement: I would like to be handled with a little respect and have either my T.V. repaired properly or return it and refund my money.



To: drteam

Review: I called J&K at the beginning of the [redacted] to get some info about our TV that wasn't working. I was told that they did indeed service our area and that it was a $59 service call but that the $59 was applied to the bill if you ended up getting the TV repair done. [redacted] showed up and went to work on my TV on [redacted] 10th as scheduled. He diagnosed the problem to be a power supply. As we discussed pricing, he said the service call was $99. I told him that isn't what I was told but no problem because it was going to be applied to the repair anyway. Then he said it was not because I do not live in their main service area and that the service call can be made to be $79 but not applied to the repair. So I got a little ticked and faced with a 400 TV repair, I just told him to never mind, I wrote him a check for $79 and told him that I would be certain to post reviews about my poor experience with his company. He tore my check up and said, I don't want to have a mad customer. I told him, I'm just trying to understand all the things I was told and how they were different but really by the time we looked at his estimate, we were arguing over about $60. He called and found a refurbished part and so still a little uneasy about the way things had gone, allowed him to take the TV. He said it would be returned to me at the end of the week and I told him could he bring it middle of next week as we were going out of town that Friday. He said fine. The next week, as Friday late afternoon rolled around, I never heard from J&K electronics. I called and it went to voicemail and I left a message (the shop may have already closed by that time). That was Friday [redacted].On [redacted] I called and my TV was not fixed yet, but it would be done by Wednesday...I told the customer service person that it wasn't what I was told and could [redacted] please call me. No call came. I called on Tuesday and again, [redacted] was not available and he would call me. He did not. On Wednesday [redacted] I received a call saying my part was in. I asked to speak to [redacted] and he was not available and did not return the call. On [redacted] I was told my TV was done and FINALLY [redacted] called me. I told him I was unhappy with nothing being done as he said it would be and he told me he would deliver my TV the next week on [redacted]. I told him that wouldn't work as we had a party scheduled for [redacted] and needed the tv. He told me that he was booked up and his million dollar install couldn't be put off for one little TV. I was livid pissed! I told him that I would be down to pick up my TV the next day. At that point, [redacted] started telling me about a band across the top of the screen that must have been there before he picked it up where the picture is distorted. Aside from the TV being hard to turn on, there was NOTHING wrong with the picture prior to me sending it with [redacted]. So now, I've paid over $400 to fix a tv that came back in worse shape than when it left and because the owner couldn't be bothered to deliver one little TV, I had to take an hour of my time to go pick up his TV (which they didn't even discount the fact that they didn't deliver it after [redacted] made such a big deal about how the service call paid for the fact that I was so far out of his normal service area. After this experience, I started looking at the reviews online about J&K Electronics and while I didn't do so before I called them, I wish I had because it's filled with people who had nearly the same experience as I did. [redacted] is a nice guy I think, but runs a crappy business.Desired Settlement: Business had multiple opportunities to make this right and did not choose to do so.




I just want clarify that the prices that you have mentioned never happened and have never happened since the fifteen years I have been doing business. We try the best that we can to accommodate our customer's needs and fulfill their expectations. I am sorry that you feel this way and I wish you better luck with the future.




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

Business has DONE nothing but make excuses during this whole complaint process. They have made ZERO attempts to correct the issues I had complaints about and the best they can say is "good luck"?

How is OVER CHARGING, not providing timely service, breaking a tv you were supposed to fix and never communicating with the customer doing everything you can? How sad. I sorely mistook your character, [redacted].

Very Sad.


Review: My Sony tv lamp went out in [redacted] so I called [redacted] to have it replaced, they stated me a quote of [redacted], so I agreed to it. The man came out to replace my lamp I signed the paper gave him [redacted] and he left. [redacted] my tv lamp went out I called the place back the [redacted] asked me what the problem was I stated it, the she begin to tell me everything else was the problem and the she said that my lamp warranty was for * months, which I had no knowledge of, so I asked to speak with her [redacted] and she told me "he wasn't in, he will be in the following week",and that's what she been telling me every since [redacted]. So I have a broken ** inch tv that want work due to a lamp that was "supposed" to have been replacedDesired Settlement: A refund or replaced, I just want my tv fixed.



Dear [redacted]:

It was a pleasure speaking to you this morning regarding your TV issued and I understand you believe the lamp we install on [redacted] had went out. Unfortunately your lamp warranty is ** days from day of purchase that means warranty for the lamp has expired and the labor warranty is ** days from [redacted] has expired as well. All this information was given and sign by you, please refer to the bottom invoice.

Resolution: Are customer satisfaction is value to us to help with the situation we would more than happy to discount the lamp by $** off that would bring the cost to $[redacted] plus tax to $[redacted] plus tax.

Sincerely [redacted].

Thank You

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