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J L Firestone Construction

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I have a receipt that shows repairs and cost of services paid for, Included in this price was a diagnostic exam, which concluded that the master switch in driver's door needed replacedUpon originally picking my car up, it was stated to me by repairman the piece was not needed as told to me by ownerWhen the same matter occurred not even days later, and I returned, I was lied to and the matter was not corrected, The repair shop did not even have a copy of my receipt, and attempted to refuse to repair original damages, until I presented my receipt at which point they made a copy, which should have not been an issue, because my copy was a carbon-copy, which means the company should still have had the original receiptThe second time my window was not rolled up, and I was told to return when the original mechanic returned from his father's illnessI was telephoned by the shop to return my car the third time, because the master piece was in stockUpon returning my car and connecting the master switch, the replacement switch also was not operable, and I was told that my window could be rolled up, ,and they did not know the cause of the problem The window should have been rolled on the second visit while pouring rain, when I was told it could not be doneIf the diagnostic concluded the piece was needed as they are stating, why was that not completed originallyI have never had repair done on my windows to cause them to say that the metal pieces were from prior work,I partially video- recorded and took a witness on the third visit when the master switch was installed and deemed inoperableI also have the original metal piece that was never installed back into my door for my window, I also have an additional metal piece that was not installed on the third visit which was recordedThere is also another piece that was broken and not replaced on the driver's doorAfter rolling up the window on the third visit, the driver's window now incapable of rolling down at allI am demanding the window be fixed as I was advised the company would be liable for any damagesAt this point I am also demanding a refund of all monies paid, due to the fact my window inoperable, several pieces of metal needed for this incident have not been replaced and other pieces have been brokenI have phone records, video records, as well as witness on the sceneThis is the worst auto experience I have ever received, and for the owner to place my keys on the hood of my car and walk away, was very rude and unprofessionalIf this issue is not resolved promptly, I will do everything in my power to publicly expose the crookedness, thieving, lies, destruction, and damage done to my vehicle

Please forgive our delay in following up on the additional information that you have provided usregarding the customer's complaints.However, after careful review, it is our opinion that this is only a rewording of the previouscomplaint, which we addressed earlier.Again, the customer was charged for repairing a broken wire, which had caused the window motor not to workLooking at our repair order dated 6/22/15, you will see that we made notethat other problems could show up later as a result of the wiring problem.Her current problem is closely related but Is different from the initial wiring problemManysystems are related to each other, and a problem in one area can, and often does, lead to laterproblems in other areas.This Is what we tried to explain to the customerThe customer acknowledged this by signingthe repair order, which boldly stated this may happen.Thank you for reviewing our comments [redacted] ***National Auto Service

To Whom It May Concern:On June 22,2015, the customer brought the car in with complaints of having no poweron driver's side front and rear door, and the clock did not shut off when the car was offWeperformed a diagnosisThe driver's door cover was removed to inspect the wiringDuringremoval, it was found that someone else had removed the door cover prior to coming to ourshopIt was removed incorrectly, as we found a metal bracket that was broken off and partsduct taped togetherThe metal bracket was removed because it could not serve its originalpurpose, and left in the car for the customer to see.The wiring for the driver's door was found to be intactWith further inspection to theleft rear door, we found the wiring was broken at the hinge where the B pillar connects to thedoorWe repaired this wiring and the left rear window workedThe clock was caused due tothe vehicle not recognizing when the driver's door was opened or closedOn this vehicle, theaccessories stay on when the car is shut off until one of the doors open, indicating someoneleaving the vehicleOpening the passenger door would shut the accessories like the clock off,therefore, showing there may be a problem with the driver's door module or wiringAfterrepairing the wiring problem in the rear door, we put the driver's side door back togetherminus the now useless bracket, finding that the driver's door module was operating again; theclock was turning off correctly and all windows were working again as well.We called the customer and stated $plus tax for the repair for the wiring and alsotold the customer if there are further similar problems with the vehicle, there may be a need toreplace the master window switch and driver's door module, but we did not replace this part asall issues with the vehicle were operating correctly.When the customer came to pick up the vehicle, the technician who repaired the vehiclespoke to herHe stated that right now all windows are operating correctly and the clock isturning offHe told her what he did to the vehicle, finding the broken wire in the rear door andseeing the messed up driver's door assembly should be taken back to whomever took it apartbefore us to be fixed, and that he found the wiring for the driver's door to be okayIf the wiringis okay, normally the problem is the module or sensor the wiring connects to causing theproblemHe told the customer that there might be a problem with the driver's door moduleand master window switch that caused the problem with the driver's door not working, butright now since everything worked after putting the door back together he could not properlydetermine the problem and did not want to sell a window switch and driver's door module if hecould not confirm this and all issue were now working as they should.The customer was only charged with repairing the broken wires at the B pillar near theleft rear doorIn the receipt it is stated that the wiring was repaired and that the possible causefor the driver's door was the master window switch and driver's door module, however, thedriver's door wiring was okayThe technician wrote the receipt and spoke to the customerhimself.The customer returned on July 14, due to her power windows not working againItwas previously advised to the customer that if this problem occurred again, the master windowswitch and driver's door module would need to be replacedThe charge for the previous workcompleted on the vehicle was for the rear door repairs onlyThe customer agreed to replaceand pay for a used master window switch and driver's door moduleOur company made everyeffort to locate and retrieve a used part, but none were availableWe relied this to thecustomer.The customer did not want to leave the vehicle for repair and asked for a plasticcovering due to rainy weatherThe customer was concerned about damage of the tape to thevehicle's paint, so we did not place any tape on the vehicle, only putting tape onto the plastic.The customer then made adjustments before leaving.On July 17, 2015, the customer returned after we called and we worked on the driver'sdoor window and moved it up without chargeThe technician felt he was honest and explain asclearly as he could, and I stand behind the work and my employeesThe customer was notcharged for a master window switch repair, only for the repair to the rear door wiring that wasoriginally told to the customerThe driver's door and rear door are two separate problems.Thank you for allowing us to give our response to this complaint[redacted] ***National Auto Service

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