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J. T. Bryant, Inc.

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JT got me a 200k loan for a Truck - corrected my credigt score - got us a house financed in 45 days - he is the best - however - he had a serious issue w some stalkers due to a bad relationship - they called me - I caught in quick - JT is a great guy and I knew him when he managed Classic BMW -

Jt Bryant is incredible at credit - his pick for a fiance was a mistake - this women Emily Rivera should be put in jail -


Jt Bryant has fixed 17 friends and family credit- 4 mortgages approved - he is the best in the industry - we had Lexi gtin law previously-

Clayton Townley

JT Bryant is sue happy, too bad he just doesn't do the job he was paid to do

Sue happy- what is that mean , I used him for 4 years and yes he sued 2 collection companies - I'm 25 k Richer


I tried to send a statement and the system deleted it out, I will send it over in an email after speaking with Ms*** about it I will be sending it to ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.The company did not answer our attempt to contact them It's an automated call system, and when you pick a person, it sends you to voicemail after 'checking' to see if the person was available They still have not contacted us or provided any information resolving this issue In his reply, *** ** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***, he said the complaintant listed was a client from several years back if he knew who it was he could have worked to resolve the issue then before becoming unavailable for an indeterminate amount of time as the last reply stated His company did not do that This company constantly dodges communication and resopnsibility
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 10646775, and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute
I typed up a response in the system and then attached files and the system would not take the file and then deleted the response. I spoke to Ms*** and she suggested I send it to you via email I am listing a timeline for my complaint and I will attach the files to verify the timeline: October 23, 2014: I sent an email to JT Bryant stating I had gotten his name from *** *** and I wanted to speak to him about credit repair, that there were two things I needed removed, Advanta and Sears. These were old files and I needed them removed I received an email from *** *** stating: “Call JT, He is available (her misspelling) for the moment, He handles Realators (her misspelling), they are his pet pea - ) ?? I spoke to JT and he gave me an amount of $to do the credit repair. I am attaching the paperwork sent to me and in the paperwork, page 4, it states this amount and also their guarantee: “Guarantee: There is no charge for the credit restoration process if you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with your credit restoration/deletion/correction of your negative times we discussed and you have listedI.EIf we get out of negative accounts deleted *they stay off - DELETED**, PERMANENTLY, NO CHARGE, unless you are 100% satisfied-**175.00**-(WAIVED PER JTB) Will Be Invoiced if you AGREE” Page states “Unlike others JT Bryant Inc believes in Proactive Credit Repair:” November 5, 2014: Email from JT Bryant: “Your Portal/Web Site is now active - JT Bryant has us do DIRECT VALIDAIONS (Their misspelling) on some clients - Real Estate Agents being one of them - Your file now should go quickly and will begin updating immediately -“ January 15, 2015: Email stating they have updated my account……On the email a statement “Do not worry! Unlike others We Believe in Proactive Credit Repair:" January 18: Email to company stating my social security was wrong January 18: Email from JT stating “SS Number corrected” Interesting since this is the way they communicate with the credit bureaus, it has been two and a half months since they started January 18: (This email is attached to another email dated March 21) Email from JT , this email did not make a lot of sense, he stated he hired attorney Feagar and Friedman, I am not sure for what, it is a little weird January 21: Email to JT stating I can’t log into my account February 22: Email from JT (Still nothing more has been done) “Karen, When you have time, Please let me know when we can talk - Your results are not satisfactory to us and there is some question about the validity of what the bureaus sent back to us - You are a Realtor and I want you EXTREMELY PLEASED and have a SET ADVANCED PROGRAM to remedy this We call this “ADVANCED TACTICS” - We have over Clients with 800+ credit Scores and this is what we used Let me know a good time we can discuss - I will supervise they personally- Thank you JT Bryant “ It turned out the call was to ask for more money. I told him I would not pay him any more that he had not done what I had hired him to do in the first place. Everything went even more downhill from there March 16: Email from me to JT stating I had left a voice message and an email, that nothing else had been done March 18: Email from JT saying he was sorry he had been missing me and asked what he needed to prepare for, like I had never told him March 20: Email to JT asking if I should consider his work completed March 20: Email from JT, I believe this was after another conversation, telling me her wants every client satisfied……You just have to read it, it again does not make a lot of sense March 21: Email from me to JT asking how long it would take to get this done. Telling him I was attaching a copy of his email that stated he was not happy with my results. March 21: Email from JT stating no on can predict how long it will take… March 30: Email from JT saying a few things that are confusing. A statement, “I appreciate your business - but mam if this is going nowhere why waste your time” Really??????? April 14: Email from JT, I believe we had had another conversation, I can’t remember for sure. At some point I had told him I would report him to the, I believe that is why he responded in this manner, who know? This email put me over the edge to do something about his conduct and the way he treated me as a customer I am not sure why a business would threaten a customer instead of doing what they were paid to do, thank goodness this is the exception rather than the rule

I was in the hospital We have responded and turned it over to our attorney Thank you JT Bryant

I have referred this to our attorney B[redacted], - We cannot reply to I don't remember or spelling errors- We have offered her 2 extensions to rectify her issue, The debts she claims are hers - and she owes them , VERIFIED [redacted]  2 times in the last q0 days .She has Slandered us, with [redacted] as well as 2 clients of JT Bryant Inc-, Mr [redacted] will take appropriate legal action in this matter - We are sorry for the inconvenience and ALL OUR Calls are recorded- Mr [redacted] info is :

JT Bryant is not a credit expert. He is a crook and a drunk. He will take your money and not do anything. Beware

Look at the name ? This is obviously a kid playing games-This is slander and harassment against a handicapped elderly man- a FELONY- Since Aug 2016, I have not taken any new clients from the public sector-JT Bryant Financial had more than 6000 clients - There are no open complaints-

Ms [redacted] is a Referral and Client by [redacted], a Mortgage Broker that is a direct affiliate to JT Bryant Inc . JT Bryant Inc , and JT Bryant Interviewed Ms [redacted], who states she is a realtor working with [redacted] [redacted] - is listed as an Exclusive Affiliate of...

JT Bryant Inc, JT Bryant Financial and has discussed Ms [redacted] with JT Bryant and JT Bryant Inc.TO be perfectly Clear, JT Bryant Inc, Is NOT affiliated with a Credit Repair company and in fact is a "WATCH DOG FOR ROGUE" Credit Repair Companies reporting Them to State and Federal Authorities,JT Bryant holds Multiple Financial and Insurance License - He is a Certified Financial Planner,CFP®, CFA, ChFC, CDFA as well as a Certified Healthcare Broker and agent .As state down his site.Ms [redacted] returned JT Bryant to analyze her credit and financial condition and did so for 90 days. AlL information is 100% transparent to the client and to [redacted] her mortgage broker with our firm, JT Bryant Inc  is furnishing the technology (PRIVATE WEB PORTALS to MS, [redacted], JT Bryant Inc, and [redacted] as designated in her contract). All of the above can see that "WELLS FARGO " was in Fact Corrected and Express Recovery SVC Collection Compnay was DELETED by JT Bryant Inc due to these items being reported incorrectly to all 3 credit Bureaus - JT Bryant, A Licensed and Certified Financial Analysis, CFP, firm had these corrections done per the Federal Credit Reporting Act. MS, [redacted] did talk to T Bryant's Assistant explaining why her credit score was low , due to HIGH REVOLVING DEBT  and CURRENT LATE PAYMENTS. This information was also given to [redacted] her Mortgage officer who referred her to us. [redacted] did in fact tell JT Bryant personally that MS [redacted] WAS NOT REASONABLE AND DID NOT THINK SHE UNDERSTANDS THAT JT BRYANT INC offered her 2 free months of FINANCIAL COUNCELING AS A RELSULT of her not understanding -"IN GOOD FAITH " including communicating with each Credit Reporting Agency by Certified Mail asking for a "GOOD FAITH " Allowance for her late payments. Her Debt on Revolving Credit was explained in detailed and was also explained out her her by [redacted] a Licesed Mortgage Broker and 3 year Affiliate of JT Bryant Inc . As far as a 100% guarantee, It does say "IF YOU ARE NOT SATIFIED FOR ANY REASON WITH OUR SERVICE " We WAIVE THE 300.00 Fee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED - PERIOD - SHE DID NOT PAY A DIME OF THIS MONEY **As far as her comments that Mr Bryant is " NUTS". It is JT Bryant and our Company Policy  that this type of behavior is unacceptable, Further more Ms [redacted] in fact Defamed and Slandered JT Bryant Personally and his Employees, Company and his Affiliate. She also states JT Bryant, A Nationally Accredited 35 Year Credit Expert, Financial and Health Care Volunteer and Consultant for "GATEWAY CHURCH" The 3rd Largest church in the USA as "RUNNING A SCAM"? NS [redacted] also states "MR BRYANT 'SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS TYPE BUSINESS " Id frankly totally Unacceptable and gas has been reported to The National Association of Realtors" REMAX Imternational Cc: [redacted] ChairmanIn closing, JT Bryant, JT Bryant Inc  has forwarded this to all 3 of our corporate attorneys and will not tolerate: Threats, Slander, Libel, or defamation of character in any way or remarks that JT Bryant Inc found that COULD BE SOMEONE COULD BE UNSTABLE in dealing with the public. Thus we have reported this complaint Local, State and Federal Authorities including Homeland Security,JT Bryant also asks that he investigate this claim as per our attorney this is our stance to our firm legally, morally and as a christian organization. Mr Bryant ,  you’ve been defamed, you may receive a monetary award from a jury to compensate for your damaged reputation or lost business. You might also collect “punitive damages.” This is money awarded to punish the person defaming you for particularly reprehensible behavior- Period , This includes anyone who prints this or acknowledges this wit out PROPER FATCTS". In this Complaint, this borders on criminal and civil legal issues.After reading this statement, I suggest the have someone from the legal department call me personally on you have any further questions.I pray Ms [redacted] Seeks an Attorney as  I do read our complaints as as well as our  ENDORESEMENTS (5,642)  that are printed on Linkedin to our Web Site as well as the Several News and Internet Subcribers To JT Bryant Inc and our loyal Face Book, Twitter, and 9000 + Followers.I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you all at the for your support I would like to say , I am a 58 Year old father of 5 and grandfather of 8- I did not speak to Ms [redacted] , as I am Permanently Handicapped, I do work 10 ours a day , EACH DAY and would be happy to talk to her personally - This is a direct conflict with my attorney - But , she says she talked to me and 100% of JT Bryant and JT Bryant Inc calls are Recorded - This call does not exist, I do want an explanation. JT BryantCEO,JT Bryant Inc

[redacted] is unable to respond to any business transactions at this time.  please have the client call main line and ask for [redacted] or [redacted].  [redacted] will be out of circulation for a unknown amount of time and his associates will be able to answer all questions regarding accounts.  thank you ...
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute.
Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below.JT has not called or emailed us about this issue.  We do in fact have open emails to him that he never replied to, more recent than his last reply which provided no information or solution.  We sent him numerous requests for proof of payment and information about this issue.  

This client is from 2 years ago, We have NOT had a complaint or anything else from this client and have called them and emailed them to ask if there is an issue. [redacted]...

[redacted]  [redacted] 

Review: Was charged $1600.00 for credit repair service that was not done. Every time I would ask when this would be completed JT Bryant would state he would need more money. The contract I signed stated $475.00 to complete and I paid well beyond what the contract stated and did not receive what was expected and told what would happen. The contract stated $300 down and if satisfied a additional $175.00 to be paid.Desired Settlement: Would like to get my $1125.00 back he can keep the $475.00 the contract stated.



[redacted] contract with us expired 9 months ago as stated , The services we performed were settlements on charged off accounts , collection accounts and law suits . All were completed and and creditors have

responded as such. We no longer represent [redacted] and his balance is 1650.00 . We have charged this account off as "UNCOLLECTABLE " based on current law suits that we have currently received against [redacted] .

He did the same thing to us missing in action
Took our money and disappeared

This company has technology that is so easy, my fifth Grader could use it-

Bottom Line, I thought I had a credit Problem - What I have is a 752 Score after having a 550 score for 5 years - All this and [redacted] and his staff, which are the most responsive I have ever experienced, Had me in a house in 64 days - Just the best, [redacted]

Review: This guy starts off by telling you he will take care of you and that it will be taken care of. At first I could get a hold of him all the time. As a few months went by he started forwarding me to his receptionist. Which, didn't know anything going on with my case. They actually confused my information with another clients. Kinda scary when people are dealing with your social and don't have the right person. He actually called me and was like.....It's awesome your credit score went up 160 points!!! I thought awesome... I checked every credit score I could and it went up 2 points. His response was that the places I was looking at were not going to have an accurate showing of my new credit. Needless to say it's been a couple of months and my credit score has moved nowhere. I have called my bank and they told me the same thing. I really trusted this guy and I see it's hard to find someone who is actually going to take care of you. On top of everything this guy (Jt Bryant) sends you jacked up emails back talking to you like your stupid. He has been one of the most unprofessional people I have delt with. Be careful what you get yourself into, especially with Jt Braynt.Desired Settlement: Receive my money back



We apologise for any complaints we received no matter the fault. It is our goal to have 100% satisfaction with our Health Insurance Products, as well as our Financial Services. We have not had a reply or a complaint from Mr

[redacted] concerning this matter. I have addressed this with our employees and no conversations or emails have been negative. Per privacy laws, I can not go into to detail other than to say that he had 21 negative files we were asked to address for correction and verification. All our results are sent to the customer. Mr [redacted] has sent us 1 reply from Trans Union and 15 NEGATIVE accounts have been deleted. We have not received the other 2 results. The results on this case are considered excellent for a first response. As for for comments stating there were emails that were not professional, we have none to report on JT Bryant Inc side. Our contract clearly states, and I Quote "If you are NOT 100% satisfied ( NO RESTRICTIONS OF ANY KIND) You pay NOTHING" - Mr [redacted] is still inside his 4 month contract. We have not billed him and have had no response.

This guy is horrible

Review: I needed credit repair since my credit was poor so I saw an advertisement for JT Bryant Credit Solutions and contacted him. After spending lots of money trying to get my credit repaired, my credit is still poor and I want a refund.Desired Settlement: Since my credit is still poor and nothng was done on my credit then I want a refund back. I paid for service to get my credit repaired and it is not repaired. Time and money has been wasted by me and my credit is still poor. I want my money back.



[redacted]'s contract with us expired 14 months ago . There is no money back guarantee , there is a 175 fee that if the client pays if he or she is 100% satisfied. He did not pay that fee and his file was closed in 2012.We have had no correspondence other than collection agencies looking for [redacted] . Our documents showed he was moving out of the country and had no issue with our service and did not respond to our survey.

I had serious credit problems..Creditor Harassment daily..I turned to J.T. Bryant Inc. for help...Their friendly atmosphere of personal one on one treatment took tons of worry off my back....Quickly after seeking help the harassment stopped...Thanks to this company I am on the road to getting my life back and my credit back in order....

My Sincere Thanks,

Review: I signed up with JT Bryant to have him remove one collection on my credit. He told me he had an inside contact at ATT who would remove a $35 collection off my credit if it was paid. We agreed on the cost being $150 which included him paying the ATT collection and he told me it would take no longer than 10 days.

10 days later after calling and emailing many time, I could not get in touch with him, So I called ATT to find out if the collection had even been paid yet and it had not, so I paid it myself. I then finally got in touch with JT and he said he would refund my money. I waited and nothing and over the next 3 months he kept saying the check was in the mail and always had a different excuse for why it wasn't done the last time he said it was done. First he said him mom died, then he said he was in the hospital in the ICU unit which I don't believe you are allowed to user a cell phone to text while in the hospital and if you are in the ICU unit you are usually too critical too.Desired Settlement: I want him to refund my $150 as promised by sending me a check thru PayPal.



Be Advised ,[redacted] comlaint is the same as [redacted] is an AKA: She stated in her com[plaint she refunded his money ( 150.00) She hired us to represent[redacted] in a 32.00 Collection Account with ATT.JT Bryant Inc , Paid the 32.00 , and sent in [redacted] Receipt to the Bureaus . [redacted]His mortgage broker filed a complaint with you( TARRANT COUNTY and we replied . She is a Licensed Mortgage Broker in Texas , but resides in California ,She has been sued by a clients in Texas and we no longer do business with her . This file will be forwarded to our attorney ( Same as [redacted] file )and will be replied to . JT Bryant Inc lost 425.00 in this transactionand wrote it off to Goodwill- It was a 32.00 transaction that cost all involved , valuable time , money and energy . JT Bryant Inc IS NOT AFFILIATED AND DOES NOT ENDORSE AMCAP OR[redacted].

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Description: Insurance Companies, Financial Planning Consultants

Address: PO Box 818, Roanoke, Texas, United States, 76262


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